Activists Denounce Increase In Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans | NBC Nightly News

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Community members and activists held rallies on Saturday to denounce the increase in reported hate crimes, harassment and discrimination aimed at Asian Americans.
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Activists Denounce Increase In Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Storm Vatican says:

    still no repent?

  2. Avatar Eddie Kane says:

    Donald Trump called the “China virus” the reason for the pandemic. No one talks about that? Or did they forget?

    • Avatar Arrell Ehn Israel says:

      Trump is not in office. Trump riled up the extremist. They focused their racism on ALL groups… But Liberals use other groups as a buffer class to oppress blkpeople. This whole situation is a lie.

      All groups are being weaponized against blkpeople.

    • Avatar XC says:

      And the person who were attacking the elderly are the POC from the blue states.

    • Avatar Arrell Ehn Israel says:

      @XC The people are Arab, Hispanic, and White.

  3. Avatar Vad Alarc says:

    they just need to start pushin old white nd blacks too

  4. Avatar Perry Newton says:

    the knockout game thing started all this, ,

  5. Avatar B P says:

    You can’t spell HATRED without a red hat.

    • Avatar Miem Elm says:

      Haha nice I don’t care what side your on that was funny yet true

  6. Avatar Pj Romanov says:

    Mainstream news seems full if stories abt anti Asian incidents. And I agree it’s wrong to attack anyone based upon ethnic or color or religious differences.
    BUT I can’t help but wonder why these stories now? China ordered them? They already tell Disney what to have in their movies to put China in a favorable light.. and they comply. In fact most Hollywood does.
    Why not also report on the human rights atrocities being perpetrated in communist China against ppl of color and different faiths?

  7. Avatar ade munandar there is my comment on youtube.a.s says:

    facebook add munandar munandar be diligent in reading on the facebook wall ade munandar munandar is very important to translate into english my comments ade munandar many more on youtube on news nbc msnbc youtube news and others america is very important america is in danger

  8. Avatar Dean Vaughan says:

    What happened to America?

  9. Avatar F D T says:

    Y’all cut that out it seems pretty ironic out the blue these attacks started happening I know asain don’t know but it’s definitely a suit a white person can put on to be black in all my years of being black I never ever have been are known no other attack like this seems funny and too random so if investigate means camera I’m sure that’s the same as the cops locking up the aisan reporter during blm movement after the death of George Floyd by the hands of police let me remind you as to which no have faced chargers none serious I would like a investigation into investigaters by real for the real black man ain’t gonna be hitting on no women and nah that ain’t a legit I’m black and I can tell you suki’s sujue ain’t getting nothing but massage From me and yet alot of corrupt from them cops progress congress just saying seem fishy!

  10. Avatar geo paulet says:

    America is a very very sick sick sick SICK nation!

  11. Avatar Tony Pitsacota says:

    I denounce ALL CRIMES. Wake up…

  12. Avatar wakeupwes says:

    As a black American this is just false nonsense. There ain’t no black people out here beatin up Asians because they’re Asian.. cmon now. Let’s stop this narrative.

  13. Avatar aara555720 says:

    Republican racism is disgusting
    At least no one will vote for them again

  14. Avatar GE Witchey says:


  15. Avatar Delores Vickers says:

    Injustice anywhere leads to injustice everywhere! If all Americans cared about violence aganist African Americans maybe I would feel some empathy.

  16. Avatar Joe says:

    I’m part asian and I’m not really for this movement:
    1:05 “We’re angry about how people perceive us”: People are allowed to perceive people how they they perceive them. Trying to control other peoples perception is trying to control another persons mind. I find this common with many asian people who try to control the perception you have of them, labelling any perception you have that may be true but exploit a weakness as “racist.” This is one reason many see asian people as a threat.

    1:24 “We clearly not accepted and we never belong”: Does he want people to accept “asian” people out of pity? Out of fear that if they don’t they are racist? It seems very manipulative to me and if I was a white person watching this video it wouldn’t give me a more positive impression of asian people.

  17. Avatar Sturgill Cobb says:

    This was all brought on by the Democrat congress & the media pushed it. The Democrat party weaponized racism to blame Trump & the right. King pins of racism like that nasty looking Maxine Waters & Peloci. The MSM still pushing the agenda and keeping it fueled. Oh, the lovers of government and their home team being led & directed by every MSM outlet.

  18. Avatar little misa says:

    Stand up Asians. Don’t be afraid. This is the time to stand up for ourselves.

    • Avatar Ellias Taye says:

      @Antonio Saldana thats just not true, there are plenty of white and black people who agreed and disagreed with blm, and thats the same as asians how do you speak on behalf of the 22m asians

    • Avatar 太平天國 says:

      Until today , so many brain washing Asians don’t care this movement!

    • Avatar XC says:

      @Antonio Saldana Guess its the same for every races. White, Black, Latino(You could argue if they are a race but i just add to the list), Asian and Native.

    • Avatar Tech Shabby says:

      Don let them ban the use of guns for defense. It is the great equalizer.

    • Avatar Antonio Saldana says:

      @Ellias Taye History shows Asians lack on involvement in civil rights movements.

  19. Avatar Notafratdude says:

    Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this.

  20. Avatar Skelebore says:

    This is disgusting and shameful. I’m appalled.

  21. Avatar TP says:

    to stop hate crime, need to stop the hate crime gang leader, Donald Trump!

  22. Avatar MiMi Tran says:

    You can’t fix stupid. Not much you can do about ignorance either.!!

  23. Avatar Adam Clark says:

    Wow the trump loving idiots are out in force

  24. Avatar Ovidio Garza says:

    I’m sorry that that is happening

  25. Avatar M C2012 says:

    Where are the Black communities standing on this?

    • Avatar Delores Vickers says:


    • Avatar Miem Elm says:

      @Delores Vickers thank you 🙏

    • Avatar M C2012 says:

      @Delores Vickers right next to you.

  26. Avatar M C2012 says:

    Hate crimes? Nah. Go to Chicago and take a look-see.

  27. Avatar Rob Donaldson says:

    GOOD NEWS!! #TRUMP2024 was endorsed TODAY!! My President! The Lord is Good!! #CPAC #cpac2021 #MAGA #AmericaFirst

  28. Avatar Wira Asensio says:

    United States people say … Asia:
    looks like they have to go to Southeast Asia instead 80% hate China

  29. Avatar David Bullis says:

    Stop Asian hate, stop hating . Love and acceptance are the only healers. It hurts just watching these crimes on Tee-vee.

  30. Avatar The GUILLOTINE says:

    3000 reports what black AMERICA has been under attack for over 400 years

  31. Avatar Julian Abdella says:

    You guys really drinking that coolaid.

  32. Avatar knight sword says:

    i miss the 90’s. None of this bs you see today. Society full of losers lol

  33. Avatar Charo20 02 says:

    Black americans are more racist…..

    • Avatar bryan sullivan says:

      we have a right to be

    • Avatar Mustofa lion Piranha vespaid Cave kalong fire semut says:

      They jelous n envy

  34. Avatar Logic Police says:

    This is the reality that the right denies and the left at least tries to fight against.

  35. Avatar Street Bum says:

    Everyone fetishizes Asians and all but no really respects them. They are silently crying out for help, but no says anything, calls for help, etc so not to cause a ruckus and because it’s the status quo, but they are slowly rallying up against this discrimination

    • Avatar Mr Wonder says:

      Who fetishized Asians? What does that even mean?

  36. Avatar Jim Corn says:

    That white guy beating on the Asians looks like a black guy, weird.

    • Avatar Delores Vickers says:

      The leader of “The Proud Boys” is now mexican🤣🤣🤣

    • Avatar XC says:

      They rather blame the asian and the Mexican than catching the culprit.

    • Avatar 2 Asian Guys says:

      Its a black guy

  37. Avatar Sniper Dog 308YT says:

    Open your eyes.

  38. Avatar Omaigad Brochacho says:

    Wow… this is horrible!! Gob bless us all!

  39. Avatar Sixgun says:

    NBC = Fake News

  40. Avatar Digvijay Parmar says:

    Welcome to australia from australia GOVERNMENT 👏👏👏👏👏👏 🙏💡🦘🦘🦘🍾,new country,we looking forward to your welcome to australia from australia GOVERNMENT.🙏

  41. Avatar Matt Ooi says:

    Asian lives matter

  42. Avatar john kidd says:

    Donald Trump is the virus that created this hate! Donnie needs to be convicted and jailed

  43. Avatar QS C says:

    Dirty souls inside out year: 2020

  44. Avatar AbelSFR says:

    Minorities attacking minorities.

  45. Avatar Faith You says:

    Trump played a big role in this crazy hatred towards Asian. Those trump supporters, it is about the time to wake up!

    • Avatar gorey4more says:

      Uh yes. “Wuhan flu” and “China virus” is rhetoric that does damage and emboldens people who then say “even our President doesn’t want you in this country.” And Asians supporting Trump doesn’t change the facts about the great increase of Asian hate crimes since the pandemic began.

    • Avatar Hell King says:

      @gorey4more everybody is racist

    • Avatar XC says:

      While the attackers are the racist black in the democrats state.

    • Avatar NV UT says:

      Not going to deny, a subgroup of the Trumpers are instigating it, but the sad part is a fellow minority (African Americans) treat attacking Asians (look at Bay Area crime even before Trump to today) like a sport. It also saddens me that many of our other fellow minorities after reading the comments are justifying saying “it happened in China, so they deserve it” just to normalize and justify an attack on “Asian Americans”–a group who immigrated here and has no relations to their ancestral lands most likely. It’s truly pathetic.

    • Avatar gorey4more says:

      @NV UT Good post, sir or madam. Thanks!

  46. Avatar Precious Davis says:

    Again read the books. If people still read.

    ‘Don’t make the black kids angry’
    ‘White girl bleed alot’

    And AGAIN be sure to share them with your liberal friends.

    Thank you. Happy black history month..

  47. Avatar Sandra Whitlock says:

    I cannot understand people. Some people are incredibly stupid, ignorant, and bigoted. Hate crimes are beyond despicable.

  48. Avatar Nancy L. Martinez says:

    These people attacking by shoving unsuspecting people to the ground are cowards, throwing elderly and women to hurt them when they don’t even expect it. No words for people like that. 😡

  49. Avatar Bong X says:

    The birth of Asian lives matter 🤜

  50. Avatar Poy Vlogs says:

    If that Liberty means to you guys then you should destroy your statue of Liberty.

  51. Avatar Edifier Bass says:

    Killing , hurting with no solid basis a pure evil

  52. Avatar Yansong Gao says:

    Chinese support racist dictator !sad

  53. Avatar Tikur Anbesa says:

    Sorry to hear anyone is being targeted by the color of skin its wrong. But i hope the Asian community understands this is small compared to what Black’s have gone through and are still fighting against. They are being attacked in isolated situations. Black’s have been being killed by the police at a high and alarming rate the last few years and been victims of systematic racism for 400 years and the ones who have killed and oppressed our people are so called government officals . Not to mention the racism we’ve faced from many Asians in our own country and communities. Also in China and other Asian Countries in the world. So welcome to our world. We also our ancestors was slaves and built the country. But we yet to get reparations. But Japanese Americans got $20,000 per family for ww2 detention camps. Which helped them be financially secure now through generations. So stop trying to take focus off Black America with this. Sorry its happening but its small compared to our situation

  54. Avatar May H says:

    This country was founded by slave owners, racism is in its DNA, for shame, America.

  55. Avatar Joseph Gerrety says:

    Obviously I’m not Omnipresent.
    I have not heard one single person utter a racial slur toward Asian Americans or any other race- in the thousands of human interactions I have had since the pandemic started. As I mentioned above I’m not omnipresent, And the core of this story would seem very unusual in the beautiful place called Cleveland Ohio

  56. Avatar Miguel Arson says:

    Only cowards do this type of harm!

  57. Avatar Tikur Anbesa says:

    Sorry again to all the Asians of our country. I don’t support it. Racism and Discrimination has to stop in our country. But being a Blackman who has witnessed Asian racism against us and saw how China started blaming the C-19 on Black’s and how bad Black’s are treated in so many Asian Countries can’t say all. But heard many stories from victims of it. I had to state facts along with condolences. Sorry Asian community i know u all aren’t racist against us and u don’t deserve that treatment

  58. Avatar Wilfred Dale says:

    Going to take some self-defense classes

  59. Avatar The Southside Choker says:

    Now, they want peace? After all their anti black behavior? They looked the other way…I will too.

    • Avatar Hope Moon says:

      If everyone looked the other way, instead of rushing staight towards physically attacking someone, there wouldn’t be attacks, so thanks.

    • Avatar The Southside Choker says:

      @Hope Moon 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️it means if Chun Li gets whooped, I’m looking away. Like she’s not even human

  60. Avatar JustSomeone Else says:

    Time to start a movement. If whites shout at asians to return to china and africans to return to africa, then they should RETURN TO EUROPE. Only the natives have the right to remain if they are insistent on origins

  61. Avatar Kobayashi says:

    This would be a great time for Asian Americans to start practicing their 2nd amendment rights

  62. Avatar Reyjay b. Archie says:

    Dont worry anime hero will be our ally hehehe sun guko!!😎 naruto!! Pen pine apple apple pen!!

  63. Avatar Reyjay b. Archie says:

    Smol eyes lives matter they say

  64. Avatar Jessica Winslet says:

    The legacy of racist donald

    • Avatar bryan sullivan says:

      more like the legacy of racist white america

    • Avatar Jessica Winslet says:

      @bryan sullivan Well, republicans in the US, the so called Evangelicals .. the Jesus party

    • Avatar Mustofa lion Piranha vespaid Cave kalong fire semut says:

      Now donald losst end he story

  65. Avatar TheLoveWorkout says:

    Please stop hate crimes against asians, they’re assets to our country.

    Im so sorry to say this but asians are hardworkers than us!

  66. Avatar SKYDreams says:

    It’s sad to say that Hate crime is increasing in the UK as well. We should all stand by each other and fight against the “Real Virus” Racism and Hatred.

  67. Avatar Joshua Lowe says:

    All because of a pandemic…..

    • Avatar bryan sullivan says:


  68. Avatar Joshua Lowe says:

    0:26 that is just DISGUSTING

  69. Avatar The Great BOI says:

    Just stay in groups and arm your self forget about protest

    Just defend and survive

  70. Avatar Paul TV says:

    I hope asian american NBA / NFL player speaks about this, the way they speaks about hate crimes on black people.

    In God we trust

  71. Avatar robmarley says:

    Buy a gun and protect yourself.

  72. Avatar Roger Kim says:

    Asians have never been accepted in white countries. We have to stick with the people we can trust because you never know who is against you.

    • Avatar campingfortheclimate says:

      Yes they are accepted. Whites love you guys and you get businesses, $ and help. Blackd dont get any oppurtunities in America or chance to become sucessful. Now your ppl are waking up to see whites are not your friend. blacks would stand with you always but asian chooses white ppl over us and stands with white supremacy instead of fighting with us.

  73. Avatar NickFalcoZ says:

    This is outrageous. As a half Asian & half European man. Trump really light the fuse on this. Created a genocide on Asian Americans. I dont crowl away. I’ll stand up and fight.

  74. Avatar Romeo Rosos says:

    What if we asian create hate crime about america?

  75. Avatar Chris Carter says:

    I hate what’s happening but really don’t care

  76. Avatar Monica Cornelio says:

    Funny how many did help for the Black lives matter but not in asians lmao

  77. Avatar bryan sullivan says:

    asians look up to whites

  78. Avatar Coach Naser ناصر عبد الستار ناصر says:

    What’s a surprise? It’s America! We know, I was in Iraq. Worst “humans” I have met. Killed a member of our family members for no provocation also.

  79. Avatar [unavailable] says:

    2021? More like 1921

  80. Avatar Lovlyoma Cooloma says:


  81. Avatar M says:

    Who is committing these hate crimes against Asians?

  82. Avatar Samil101 says:

    All they are doing is writing our take skills. They want to ride the waveAnd ride the wave of Black Lives Matter

  83. Avatar Joan Doe says:

    Why are Asian Americans complaining…..After all, there are 1.4 BILLION Chinese and an equal number of Indians in Asia alone…. they must use the SECOND AMENDMENT…. Fight fire with fire….

  84. Avatar Jasper Bequilla says:

    Japan should help this people understand asians by promoting hentai and anime 🇯🇵🇯🇵😂😂😂 Yamiteeeeeeeee

    • Avatar Mustofa lion Piranha vespaid Cave kalong fire semut says:

      Only maria ozawa japan i dont’t think so no

  85. Avatar michael chapline says:

    They make delicious takeout they make anime and some of the most popular video games in the world also have some of the most beautiful woman out there asian cultural is awesome no one deserves hate except democrats….

  86. Avatar . says:

    This is america and people can do whatever they want.
    People can protest and people can be racist.😍😍😍

  87. Avatar Josh Knoxville says:

    UM what hate crimes against Asian people? I have never heard of such a thing as Japanese, chinese, korean, Thai, or philippine people are always more popular from my experience. There is not centuries of division like there is between white and black people in some areas of the country. I think that the ccp assumes that because “western” looking people in China are discriminated against, that it must be the same here? Both Mitch McConnel and Biden have solid links to ccp-wallstreet influence. They want to to paint any talks against the CCP with racism. This is NOT true. Most of us respect Chinese and especially Japanese people. However, forcing millions of Muslims, Christians, and Fulon Gong into concentration camps, the on demand organ harvesting, and the complete take over of Hong Kong is what most of us are taking a stand on. The CCP wants to take any talk against the regime as racist. We should not allow this to happen. We do need to mend the wounds between the white and black community. I have a hard time believing that this is a real story and not propaganda to be used to focus the frustration of the chinese people on “racist Americans” instead of on the CCP regime or the mighty Winnie the Pooh bear.

  88. Avatar Tabia says:

    Satan is Red.

  89. Avatar ASARADEL says:


  90. Avatar 偽博士 says:

    Trump is the reason.

  91. Avatar Ruby Ruby says:


  92. Avatar Maikia Vue says:

    Treat others how you want them to treat you. I hope karma is real.

  93. Avatar Edward Law says:

    Use love and unity to fight evil. There are more than 800 hate groups
    in the United States, look at the racial makeup not a single one comes
    from Asia. That tells you something… think! Also which groups are
    the most violent out of the 800+? Aye. It’s all in the history book for
    our kids to see. Son, I am so sorry you were raised in the “Divided”
    States of America, but you still have a responsibility to spread our
    version of the human rights!

  94. Avatar Ebony judah says:

    What I miss who did some to them

  95. Avatar Eli W says:

    * yawn*

  96. Avatar felicia Robbins says:

    That’s really really sad

  97. Avatar khoo chee peng says:

    Asian love sick country, who to blame ?

  98. Avatar Mr_Gunz209 says:

    White people: Asian Americans don’t exist because it’s all (model) minority myth.

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