Former U.S. Gymnastics Coach Found Dead On Day Of Arraignment | NBC Nightly News

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Michigan’s attorney general announced that 63-year-old John Geddert took his own life on Thursday afternoon. He was charged with human trafficking, sexual assault, racketeering, and lying, all in connection with his tenure as a coach in Lansing, Michigan.
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Former U.S. Gymnastics Coach Found Dead On Day Of Arraignment | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar V I says:

    Jim Jordan should be in jail wtf!

    • Avatar Christina Bradford says:


    • Avatar Salesad Mieze says:


    • Avatar Kelly Harper says:

      @Salesad Mieze Men’s wrestling in I believe Ohio. College level. Coach there. Jordan has never come clean about what he knows.

  2. Avatar John Douma says:


  3. Avatar CVArts says:

    doctors used to be a respected profession.

  4. Avatar Emmaline Reddick says:

    How selfish of him. Disgusting!

  5. Avatar Sherry DeCosta says:


  6. Avatar Paul Machowski says:


  7. Avatar Red- Rum-Zz2 says:


  8. Avatar damoulton says:

    Saving some tax payers some money..bye bye

  9. Avatar Billy C says:


  10. Avatar Billy C says:

    Gym Jordan should be next

  11. Avatar Cybr Friends says:

    what about Jim Jordan?

    • Avatar Salesad Mieze says:

      You must be a Democrat. What does Jim Jordan have to do with gymnastics?

    • Avatar Cybr Friends says:

      @Salesad Mieze I am not feeding your ignorant brain. Look it up.

    • Avatar Kelly Harper says:

      @Cybr Friends Thank you. 👍

  12. Avatar lxr says:

    He gave himself the death sentence

  13. Avatar Yellow says:


  14. Avatar Grant Galloway says:

    another epstein, i assume he just followed that mentor.

  15. Avatar Cole Hunter says:

    He must’ve been in knot tying class with Epstein

  16. Avatar Cindy DeMarche says:


  17. Avatar John D says:

    Wake up Democrat’s…. hang yourselves before you wreck yourselves

  18. Avatar Jonquil Jones says:

    May he be an inspiration to others like him.

  19. Avatar Belinda Paul says:

    For all the people who are leaving comments about how great this is… please remember that John’s death probably means that his victims will robbed of the opportunity to confront him and to tell their stories in court.
    He won’t ever be found legally guilty and, for some, that may mean living their lives feeling live justice wasn’t served – that they don’t have closure. It also leaves the gate open for the inevitable ‘Geddert Supporters’ who will crawl out of their holes and shout down survivors. Don’t think that won’t happen because it happened with Nassar even though he got banged up for a few lifetimes.
    John Geddert has been described by some as ‘The Devil’ so don’t forget that. He held many secrets about what went on in the USAG world and now there is zero chance of him even giving up any helpful information.
    His suicide may also have a very negative impact on his victims. Those who are still processing may now feel weird about coming forward. Those who have spoken may feel experience feelings of guilt. NOT THAT THEY SHOULD but they may. The relationship between victims and their abusers is complex so please remember that many victims may still hold a place in their heart for this man and could well mourn his death.

    Please remember his victims and his children before you comment. Please be respectful and remember that there’s nothing to celebrate here and that many organizations and individuals have still not answered to the court regarding this matter. Many never will.

  20. Avatar Carl Morgan says:

    Good riddance. You can still charge even after death.

  21. Avatar roan33 says:

    dime for a dozen

  22. Avatar SWSIREN says:


  23. Avatar Christina Bradford says:

    The cowardly way to be a man. Obviously guilty! Sorry for the victims.

    • Avatar fems are evil says:

      False accusations drove him to suicide.

  24. Avatar Craftycutie84 says:

    As a sexual abuse victim I stand with these young ladies and pray they find peace and just know that justice is served. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  25. Avatar Glenn Farris says:

    Are you going to cover Andrew Cuomo’s sexual assault allegations or do you only do that to Republicans?

  26. Avatar paul pascoe says:


  27. Avatar J says:

    Nassar got 175 years

  28. Avatar ipressedabutton says:

    jim nasty

  29. Avatar gayle mc says:

    Now go after gym Jordan.

  30. Avatar Joseph Wallace says:

    He KNEW.

  31. Avatar yaakcon says:

    Why did it take so long? What kind of justice is this?

  32. Avatar yaakcon says:

    Just imagine what happened to Russian, Chinese, and other countries little gymnastic girls. I wonder if any of those girls will ever come forward?

    • Avatar Jen says:

      Horrid..they have less say and no support.

    • Avatar Adidas Love says:


    • Avatar Adidas Love says:

      @Jen How do you know that for sure?

  33. Avatar SiriusGD says:

    Let me guess… Republican?

  34. Avatar Christine King says:

    My first thought returned to the horrors of Penn State.

  35. Avatar Rose wright Wright says:

    What was he hiding. Well what would you think????

  36. Avatar Jon Whick says:

    Why wasn’t he held without bail?

  37. Avatar Ocean Rock says:

    We can’t trust coaches anymore! Or Boy Scout leaders! What is happening?

    • Avatar Parker Hilton says:

      In the old days it was called flirting. It’s NO big deal! Get over it

  38. Avatar keithsy75 says:

    Pays to clad clean underwear.

  39. Avatar Sexy Scorpio says:


  40. Avatar Towva lee says:

    Not surprised a pervert would take the cowards way out…cause if he didnt do it the inmates would have.

  41. Avatar Betty Lo says:

    Why was he not detailed without bail ????

  42. Avatar Cee Dee says:


  43. Avatar Toni Olson says:

    POS! Saves taxpayers a lot of money!

  44. Avatar Manderson says:

    Keep cleaning house, America!

  45. Avatar Yogui 1028 says:

    What about Jim Jordan? Plenty of evidence at the University.

  46. Avatar Mystic Artist says:

    Too bad he didn’t at least leave behind info to help other kids.

  47. Avatar Linda Masso says:

    When is Jim Jordan time. He talks loudly so no one pays attention to what he’s accused of. Taking the spot light off of him. Keep a eye on him and keep him in the spot light

  48. Avatar Vegas Rebel says:

    Another Epstein suicide.

  49. Avatar Thomas Magnum says:

    👍another dirtbag down 👍

  50. Avatar david giddens says:

    He also new a lot of high ranking people ??? big names

  51. Avatar David Simmons says:

    “Sure” he took his life better yet murdered to protect some powerful people

  52. Avatar mike askme says:

    well i saw that coming.

  53. Avatar Betty Hoo says:

    Good one less person wasting court time and money. Hope his estate is sued.

  54. Avatar Jessica Smith says:

    Larsen belongs in prison.

  55. Avatar Hiding Insight says:

    Wow. I rewound just to get a second look at the fabulous Lady Brienne security guard. Jaw dropped, properly in awe, fab-you-luss!!

  56. Avatar digitalbookworm5678 says:

    …why didn’t Q know anything about this? 😀😁😂🤣

    • Avatar Kelly Harper says:

      GOP. Jordan has been crooked for years. It comes down to one thing, investigate who you vote for. Don’t just vote every 4 years for President. Vote local and once you vote, stay involved in politics.

  57. Avatar CJ Krug says:

    Bidens buddy

  58. Avatar Mathieu Castro says:

    Families don’t get their closure. At least mine is knowing he probably was crying like a baby when he took his life.

  59. Avatar Anna Grace says:

    All the victims should have his assets frozen until the courts sort out this tragic situation.

  60. Avatar Yeanar Meene says:

    Yep that’s what cowards do.

  61. Avatar Jay Bruce says:

    Sounds like another epstien situation………..what ever happened with that…….it sure got quiet really quick

  62. Avatar H R says:

    Yep. Not surprised.

  63. Avatar Parker Hilton says:

    Attention girls, in the old days it was called flirting. It’s NO big deal! Get over it

  64. Avatar J M says:

    HE GOT OFF EASY !!!!!

  65. Avatar Stephen Forbes Jr says:

    Olympic coaches and Catholic Priests…smh?! Cho-Mo’s all around!!

  66. Avatar Sherry Hesner says:

    Everyone gets what they deserve. 🌃

    • Avatar Annapurna says:

      oooh…those girls didn’t deserve that treatment.

  67. Avatar El R******* says:

    They ain’t gymnasts, so who made them coaches!?
    All pedophiles must be put to death effective immediately
    Comprende !?
    It’s bigger than covid with longer lasting effects
    Disgusting western lie we are forced to live in

  68. Avatar Wen Chai says:

    John was an excellent coach. We will miss him at the next Olympics.

  69. Avatar Yasir Khalil says:

    Nice 👌

  70. Avatar Samtagri says:

    Accused of “lying”?? If that was such a crime then Trump should get the death penalty.

  71. Avatar Joyce 31202 says:

    Well, I declare, he didn’t know this would follow him? Cognitive dissonance for real.

  72. Avatar flon57 says:

    Good saves money on a trial and the anguish of the girls having to be in court

  73. Avatar Alpha & Omega says:

    I just saved $20 on my car insurance.

  74. Avatar Samoht Renyar says:

    These are the people you know about , how many more out there

  75. Avatar Guguj says:

    Still no justice…

  76. Avatar Shyts Ngiggles says:

    🎶Fa la la la….

  77. Avatar Zak says:

    At least we know the answer and also don’t have to waste tax money on imprisonment. However it is also disgusting because there will be almost NO CLOSURE because of his suicide.

  78. Avatar Georgia Lynn Jones says:

    Georgia lynn jones. boulder co6463399607.

  79. Avatar Kenneth Kestner says:

    MaLe gymnasTics coaches have aLways been given a pass when iT comes to touching the girLs. I was never fooLed. They need a femaLe coach on each team,& the maLe coaches have2b under a no touch EVER4ANY reason ruLe. Every time they do a rouTine the maLe coaches geT 2 “congraTuLaTe” the girLs wiTh Long bear hugs. How sTupid r? the! parenTs. JFC

  80. Avatar Tanisha W. Wilson says:

    Turn this to blue if you ifinate sorry to god

  81. Avatar I.K Rico says:




  83. Avatar steve woodward says:

    Did he make Hillary mad at some point ?

  84. Avatar Terry Sharkey says:

    What a coward

  85. Avatar Brandon Matthews says:

    Cant be that difficult to make it look like suicide 😉

  86. Avatar Wm Ryan says:

    How can this be stopped? So we don’t have future victims?

  87. Avatar Wm Ryan says:

    How can this be stopped before these crimes happen? They seem to be growing?

  88. Avatar MG Massey says:

    Ninety percent of survivors don’t come forward because of men like this.
    It’s time to hunt pedophiles like they hunt children.
    I’m sick of 64 years of this

  89. Avatar Kim in Seattle says:

    A coward to the end.

  90. Avatar Kristi Hunt says:

    the trash took itself out.

  91. Avatar N Hoff says:


  92. Avatar Janica LeFlore says:


  93. Avatar Richard Zozobrado says:


  94. Avatar Doreen Macdonald says:

    Piece of crap

  95. Avatar Adidas Love says:


  96. Avatar James Lee says:

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  97. Avatar Big Smoke Guitar says:

    Another deplorable Person taking advantage of young People, gone.
    Chalk up another for decency

  98. Avatar Chris Davies says:

    Sexual predation of the young is arguably the worst crime a human can commit.

  99. Avatar Cloud9 Media Tv says:

    Another Epstein let me guess he shot himself TWICE in the head

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