Myanmar police, army carry out increasingly brutal raids

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In Myanmar, a prominent Muslim politician has reportedly died after being arrested overnight by security forces.
Khin Maung Latt’s cause of death is not known, but as Al Jazeera’s Tony Cheng reports, the police and army have been carrying out increasingly brutal raids throughout the country.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar JAYKO LOKO says:


  2. Avatar Ar Rahman says:

    Good job Myanmar police

    • Avatar MS N says:

      They killed a Muslim politician according to the description box.

    • Avatar the king minn says:

      @MS N The police have killed at least 3 Muslim protesters since the start of the coup

    • Avatar pp pp says:

      @MS N this guy just likes to hate them for no reasons. since he is blinded by facts.

  3. Avatar ThePierre58 says:

    UN Security Council is not fit for purpose.

  4. Avatar Tanmay Patra says:

    This is so sad.
    Where is UN ?? UNHCR ?? Where r these organizations hiding out ??
    Basically they r powerless or may be slaves of China n Russia..

  5. Avatar Jerry 85g says:

    Someone needs to starr arming the Myanmar people

    • Avatar Hobo Ryan says:

      @xxxdieselyyy2 A “gun” can be two pipes and a bullet. It’s doesn’t take much to make a “firearm”

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      The second any one of the CDM picks up a weapon and starts fighting back, the Tatmadaw will come in and brutally slaughter them all. And because the CDM had picked up a weapon against them, the Tatmadaw will be justified internationally in their slaughter.

      The small number of people in Myanmar still part of the CDM need to learn when they’re in a battle they can’t win. They can’t win this,

    • Avatar xxxdieselyyy2 says:

      @TJ Marx that’s what Tatmadaw is doing now anyway !

    • Avatar Hobo Ryan says:

      @TJ Marx OH, so it’s better to get slowly murdered over time and shot in the night then stand up and actually fight back. Coward talk. The army is escalating the force regardless. These are people that think walking under women’s panties will ruin their lives. Go take a hike with this sheltered bs.

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      They Burmese are not getting “slowly murdered in the night”@Hobo Ryan not normally as a general rule.

      The minorities are getting murdered generally but that wouldn’t change with democracy and they mostly aren’t involved in the CDM anyway. The NLD supported continuing the policy to kill or push out ethnic minorities.

      This isn’t a movie Rambo. This is real life, in a country with a dictatorship that’s been in power for 61 years and a CDM trying to get them out of power with dinky barriers and photos stuck to the ground.

      Let’s get real about this mate, it isn’t the first time this has happened in Myanmar. They lost every other time too. Get your head out of the clouds, you’re being unhelpful

  6. Avatar Kyrshanbha Dkhar says:

    If the US could capture and kill Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Bin Laden, why not kill the Myanmar army chiefs? Is it because Myanmar has no oil?

    • Avatar joniro jonironin says:

      @Halflifex Syria doesn’t border China. That’s the big difference. Any military intervention in Myanmar will make China do drastic things. It’s like invading North Korea.

    • Avatar Naninoni Rocket says:

      Biden has no interest on Asians. Only if it’s black people 😂

    • Avatar Edfuad Mo [ The Phenomenal] says:

      No oil or not a Muslim

    • Avatar Ian R says:

      @Edfuad Mo [ The Phenomenal] America has dozens of Islamic allies
      You’re just trying to demonize USA.

    • Avatar Ian R says:

      @Mohammad Faisal Israel has given up more than 40%of its territory (for example Sinai back to Egypt) and is only interested in certain parts of the West Bank, which is a recent name. An ancient name of the region is Judea and Samaria, part of ancient Israel. Even the Quran says it belongs to this specific people of the book and your own Islamic clergy say so (or they just ignore it if they are enemies of ours and focus on other verses). Yes, Israel helps Kurdistan, and has other allies in the region, but there is no greater Israel project. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Look up Sinai.

  7. Avatar Ridzwan Tenno says:

    Is there oil in Myanmar?

    • Avatar Daryl Atkinson says:

      Yes, most countries have oil

    • Avatar Khantzaw Htet says:

      Yeahhh But u know china invests all of them soo??

  8. Avatar Abdullah Azizul hok says:

    Min Aung Hlaing. . This person Humans are the biggest enemy

    • Avatar Przemysław Frankowski says:

      @Saffy Hussian Yeah and you did not even watch the Muslim women praying for Suu Kyi…

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      @Przemysław Frankowski where is the Muslim women praying for Aung San Suu Kyi or is that another one of your delusions.

    • Avatar Przemysław Frankowski says:

      @Saffy Hussian Watch back the video, in the last seconds.

    • Avatar Khantzaw Htet says:

      Aung san su kyi had to choose between her nation and a population about 8 million people so yeah
      she would choose to save us ofcourse

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      @Khantzaw Htet and we have to choose between puting ourselves in harm’s away and taking a financial hit or watching you lot suffer. By your logic we to will stand by and watch the entertainment.

  9. Avatar Abu Zafar says:

    Rohingyas’ curse takes shape on the ground

    • Avatar CRAFTY ARTIST says:

      So true

    • Avatar TWICE, Red Velvet and SNSD give me life says:

      if that’s the case, why is the military who was responsible for the genocide winning?

  10. Avatar Ashwin Muttra says:

    Indian army can do many things for Myanmar people

    • Avatar topindian gaming says:

      Modi don’t care about there own people forget about helping Myanmar

    • Avatar Keracsv Minya says:

      300 Indian farmers have died, but no one

    • Avatar Khantzaw Htet says:

      Ok how can india help us i mean cmon we’re just happy even if ur condeming the coup

    • Avatar Andy X says:

      @Tanvir Zen : Pls do not drag China or Russia in this mess, thank you. India is super power since 2012 as Indian politicians claimed. However, China is still a backward 3rd world country that can never match India.

    • Avatar Andy X says:

      @topindian gaming : Modi can help Myanmar people get the treatment of India’s Northeast people who are under the gun point to get killed, raped and looted by Indian military.

  11. Avatar German Gunslinger says:


  12. Avatar German Gunslinger says:

    Thts wht they did with rohingya .now they taste thier medicine 💊

  13. Avatar Yusuf says:

    1:37 are those two Muslim women?

    • Avatar Tian Kustama says:

      Yes, ethnic burmese muslim

  14. Avatar IKHWAN NASRI says:

    Where is rohingya?

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      Most of them where killed or driven off and guess what these protester’s and their so called democratically elected government defended defended the killings..

  15. Avatar 조사하면다나와 says:

    총을 들때가 된거 같다

  16. Avatar Tanvir Zen says:

    People of Myanmar deserves this. USA should arm our Rohingya Brothers they will hopefully retain their lost land with the help of USA.

  17. Avatar Julius L. Angeles says:


  18. Avatar al cubz says:

    If China continue to support the millitary this would only alienate the protests and will make them get closer with the US. This conflict could easily be the next flashpoint for proxy war.

    • Avatar Keracsv Minya says:

      China hopes that the United States will unilaterally conduct military operations against Myanmar in violation of UN resolutions.

  19. Avatar Indo Railfans says:

    Get out myanmar from asean, shame on you

  20. Avatar Aurum Xau says:

    Buddha watch this people from gold statue.

    • Avatar Khantzaw Htet says:

      Yeah u guys seems to be really having fun celebrating for it not knowing that there will eventually be another Rohingya genocide once the military gets it’s power back

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      @Khantzaw Htet not if you are too busy fighting each other …

  21. Avatar En McKenzie says:

    Mentioned womens skirt. Sorry but someome should have proof read and fact checked. You know what they are called so perhaps a quick Google search. Not women skirts.

  22. Avatar Da da da blah blah blah says:

    Are you sure they are Police? they dont act like a Police. they act like thugs.

  23. Avatar Kuean Lim says:

    We are with you the people of Myanmar ✌🏻🇲🇲 stay strong 💪

  24. Avatar shannon newman says:

    I say Let’s go to War ” The USA “, Take Myanmar from the military , Give it back to the People !

  25. Avatar brednbudder says:

    everyone wants united states help until they actually come to help lol

    • Avatar Andy X says:

      @brednbudder : Syria, Iraq, …..we all see what happened to those countries after the US ‘help’ in the name of democracy and freedom

    • Avatar Technjx Official says:

      @Saffy Hussian ???

    • Avatar Technjx Official says:

      @Saffy Hussian do you have a lif3?

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      @Technjx Official yeah I have a life that’s why I make comments.

    • Avatar Technjx Official says:

      @Saffy Hussian hmmm okay? Should i even care? You wanna allahuakbar boi?

  26. Avatar Marcia L. says:

    this needs to stop now !

  27. Avatar Amin Shah says:

    During Ruhangya Killings, if anyone stopped the myanmar forces, This day would not be seen.

    • Avatar TWICE, Red Velvet and SNSD give me life says:

      @Kenny Chu you don’t even know anything about a country and then you still comment so much bullshit. Stop the clownery act.

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      @TWICE, Red Velvet and SNSD give me life what would you like the UN to do ?

      The last time UN was looking into your military your witch queen Aung San Suu Kyi defended the genocide .

      You can’t blame the UN when you appease evil .

    • Avatar TWICE, Red Velvet and SNSD give me life says:

      @Saffy Hussian they could summon the burmese generals to ICJ. Now they cannot hide behind aung san suu kyi. Let’s see how the monsters defend themselves.

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      @TWICE, Red Velvet and SNSD give me life why did your witch queen Aung San Suu Kyi let the extremist monks and general hide behind her ??

      As for summoning the generals they just would refuse to turn up.

    • Avatar TWICE, Red Velvet and SNSD give me life says:

      @Saffy Hussian if she doesnt, the coup would have happen sooner or she could have been assassinated. Use your brain

  28. Avatar Ali Garda Muhammad says:

    Why do we fund UNSC if they do nothing in return ???

    I want my tax money back !

    • Avatar Arshalan Arshalan says:

      I guess its their internal problem

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      You fund the UNSC to do it’s job.

      It’s job is not to act as world police. The security council is mostly a forum for countries to communicate with each other and negotiate for common ground to avoid wars. Or, where a majority of member counties feel their countries are being threatened by country X, to find means to first de-escalate the situation or failing that to have them work together in self defence.

      The UNSC does not ever attempt to force a country to act a certain way.

      Interference in a civil revolt against a long standing dictatorship isn’t part of their scope, not is it the scope of the UN at large.

      It 100% works at what it’s supposed to do, and has undoubtedly stopped countless wars from happening.

      The international community was never going to get involved in Myanmar, that was never an option on the table. Myanmar was always on it’s own. The revolt was always doomed to fail. The deaths of protesterswere always for absolutely nothing.

      Stop encouraging them to put themselves in harms way. There is nothing they can do to become a democratic country right now, they need to wait until the dictator dies and take advantage of the momentary power vacuum that occurs to force democracy

    • Avatar Ali Garda Muhammad says:

      @TJ Marx so the existence of peacekeepers are basically meaningless ? And all the guns, blue helmets, and their white armored vehicles are just for show ?

    • Avatar Andy X says:

      @Ali Garda Muhammad : Those ‘blue’ or sometimes ‘yellow’ helmets will serve its own purpose. Whoever funded those helmets and shields want to see turmoil, anarchy in Myanmar by fooling the innocent and naive young Burmese in the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’. It happened in Syria in 2011. It is happening in Myanmar now in 2021. Now more than 500,000 Syrian civilians are killed in the war, millions are homeless, the country is obliterated. Ask these countries, are they better off since the intervention by the western powers? Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Bolivia????

    • Avatar Ali Garda Muhammad says:

      @Andy X that doesnt make any sense. The failure of these nations are either due to socialism or terror groups.

      And egypt and ukraine are not even a failure

  29. Avatar Sidharta Akmam says:

    our prayer for the people of Myanmar.

  30. Avatar IDEA Generation Bd says:

    hahahah Lol

  31. Avatar Diaz Virdani says:

    *now, many Myanmar refugees includ Rohingya move to Indonesia🇮🇩&Malaysia🇲🇾 😣*
    *Adding to the burden of Asean amid the pandemic*

    • Avatar God Soldier says:

      It’s been 60 years not only Rohingya they target other ethnic minorities. But Majority Buddhist Burmese suffer too but lesser compare to other minorities . Now they are also suffering severely even in major cities. The whole country is under attack even ISIS still look after their population not this military they don’t care about anybody

    • Avatar TWICE, Red Velvet and SNSD give me life says:

      if ASEAN got involved much earlier, this would not have happened. It’s partly ASEAN’s fault for having weak leadership. If ASEAN leaders threatened the Burmese military to get their shyt together, they would not be so daring.

  32. Avatar IDEA Generation Bd says:

    1st slove Rohinga Issue Thn…

  33. Avatar Javid Rehman Rana adv 03334213909 says:

    It is revenge of nature

    • Avatar Khantzaw Htet says:

      Well yes But that revenge doesn’t go to the generals who actually killed them

    • Avatar Yahya Wolf says:

      @Khantzaw Htet it will its just a start eventually citizens will take up arms against the military..

  34. Avatar Irfan Rakhman says:

    are you freaking kidding me..they start attacking people at night?dang,are they really army or just bunch of thugs with guns.

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      They are a military dictatorship. They have been a military dictatorship single 1959…

      They’re doing what military dictatorships do when their is resistance against their rule. Quelling dissent.

      This is a dictatorship that in the past has been far more brutal, simply machine gunning everyone in sight. They’re showing enormous restraint right now, but if the CDM doesn’t end soon they will undoubtedly escalate to that point.

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      @Saffy Hussian The Rohingya barely rate in their history. People who go on about the Rohingya don’t understand the real history of Myanmar and the Tatmadaw

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      @TJ Marx well Burmese barely rate in the world’s history, so what’s your point ?

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      @Saffy Hussian My point is you’re making a fuss about the Rohingya as opposed to the truly awful human rights violations from Myanmar including genuine genocide, demonstrates that you don’t actually understand Myanmar.

      The treatment of the Rohingya is in line with long standing policy in Myanmar, and they were viewed as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

    • Avatar Andy X says:

      @Saffy Hussian : what Rohingya is experiencing is not unique. other minorities in Myanmar have been suffering the same atrocities for decades. These protestors in streets today are the staunch supporters of those atrocities yesterday and tomorrow. The only reason they do not support today is because they are at the receiving end today. Once these protestors are in power, they will do the military junta did. Remember their dear leader Aung San Suu Kyi defended the military in court at Hague? Remember ‘Burmese’ people rally in streets to support the military? Remember other minorities were even not given fair media coverage while they are subject to no less atrocities?

  35. Avatar Michael Tran says:

    Pope Francis needs to go there and end the violence literally Myanmar Army ain’t dumb enough to shoot the pope cuz if they did war on that general would be chaotic

    • Avatar kosa kata says:

      Myanmar army also genocide christian in arakan, they might be will kill pope too

  36. Avatar Faisal Chowdhury says:

    May Allah’s wrath and curse be upon these idol worshipers. Worst kind of animals in the universe.

    “Oh mankind worship your Creator, so that you may be righitous” – Quran

    • Avatar Yum You says:

      Haha wtf may Allah guide you to make peace with idol worshipers.

  37. Avatar ma s says:

    What you sow you reap

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      @J8878 my turn ? I don’t live a nation where you can be killed for your ethnicity or religion.

    • Avatar J8878 says:

      @Saffy Hussian if you’re really neutral, you won’t be chanting with excitement over the killings of innocent people in Myanmar when you’re repeatedly explained about the real situation. You just don’t want to listen to the truth. Are you really neutral?

    • Avatar J8878 says:

      Yes, your turn. All will change soon.

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      @J8878 I don’t believe the excuses of the cowards and appeasers.

      That does not make me evil . You on the other hand at best have been turning a blind eye to oppressors and at worse defending them.

    • Avatar J8878 says:

      @Saffy Hussian remember what you sow you reap.
      But no innocent one (regardless of a Rohingya or a Myanmar buddhist) should reap what the evil ones has sowed.
      You can’t just simply say “they get back for what they did” randomly.
      Remember each person is different.
      You should make that clear when commenting. If not you are at fault.

  38. Avatar chemon ather says:

    Same thing Going on in Bangladesh for Last 12yrs.

  39. Avatar Chinese-Russian nationalist friendship says:

    China should help Kachins, Karens, Shans, Rohingyas, Rakhines, Mons, Was, Palaungs and Kokang Chinese to gain independence or annex northern Myanmar. Never forget 1967 and Kokang Chinese persecution. Northern Myanmar was not Burmese before 1897.

    • Avatar Khantzaw Htet says:

      Hello ccp agent

    • Avatar Andy X says:

      @Khantzaw Htet : This is false flagged NGOs. The border between Myanmar and China has been officially marked decades ago. It is too late for either side to regret. Besides, trade and commercial exchange better serve China’s national interest than expansion and occupation. Good luck to Myanmar, whichever side you are with.

  40. Avatar Harukun Hokori says:

    Please the UN need to do R2P

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      As the witch queen Aung San Suu Kyi said during the last gencide it’s an internal matter..

  41. Avatar X Marks says:

    The Lungi Rebellion

  42. Avatar some abomination says:

    the fact that those jarheads haven’t been met with molotovs and bombs yet is nothing short of impressive.

    • Avatar Hobo Ryan says:

      @TJ Marx Didn’t answer the question. You tell me to come back to earth but you have never physically fought for anything in your life. You don’t know how brutal and hard this world can be. Grow up. Not everything can be solved by a bunch of rich goons in suits.

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      @Hobo Ryan You’re making so many assumptions it’s crazy. Someone has been watching too many action movies. The world doesn’t work the way you’re imagining.

    • Avatar Hobo Ryan says:

      @TJ Marx “You’re making so many assumptions it’s crazy” Imagine saying something like that, then saying something like this “Someone has been watching too many action movies.” Real big brain move. You are a child. If not in body, in experience. Go live a real life then talk to me. Go days without food. Physically fight for your life. Then talk to me about watching too many action movies.

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      @Hobo Ryan lol.

      Thanks for demonstrating my point yet again. Enjoy your comic books and action movies mate, just stop trying to apply them to reality.

      Also, you’ll look much less foolish if you stop attempting to big note yourself with experiences it’s clear to anyone reading that you have not had, and are likewise irrelevant to the conversation at had.

      This is where I stop replying to you, there is nothing to be gained from continuing a conversation with someone who can only be dishonest and offers no real insight.

    • Avatar Khantzaw Htet says:

      @TJ Marx What no Un won’t save us???

  43. Avatar HANDYPICK INDIA says:

    India people 🇮🇳 with mynmar people

  44. Avatar Barack Obama says:


  45. Avatar xxxdieselyyy2 says:

    Someone should start tossing molotovs from rooftops already.

    • Avatar Khantzaw Htet says:

      UN told us not to bro of course we really want to

    • Avatar Jorge Black says:

      Lol this will be a great excuse for the military to throw granades on random apartments imagine the familys that live in there, that whould be a stupid act.

    • Avatar Yahya Wolf says:

      @Khantzaw Htet do it

  46. Avatar Przemysław Frankowski says:

    Syria second part incoming man.

  47. Avatar Lionel Payette says:

    Give the people of Myanmar their democracy. This military must be put on trail for the world to see.

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      Last Aung San Suu Kyi defended the military … Who knows she might defend them again.

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:


      Where are they going to go on trial ffs? Who is going to “give” Myanmar democracy?

      You live in a fantasy world Lionel and your words are unhelpful to Myanmar.

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      @Saffy Hussian She undoubtedly would defend the Tatmadaw.

      However, in terms of the Rohingya, she didn’t defend them. She was in absolute agreement with them, as were the rest of the NLD. The attempted genocide on the Rohingya wasn’t the Tatmadaw running amok. It was the united policy of Myanmar to exterminate the Rohingya or force them out of the country..

      That’s been the policy against minority ethnic groups since 1959, why would you think the Rohingya would be any different? Especially when Myanmar viewed the Rohingya as illegal immigrants?

      Myanmar isn’t one united people, it’s a diverse set of ethnic groups that don’t get along.

      The democracy the CDM are after isn’t democracy for all, it’s democracy for the Burmese. The rest of the ethnic groups would still be locked out.

    • Avatar Lionel Payette says:

      @TJ Marx Well I guess by your point, the military cowards with guns should continue to shoot and kill the protesters. .

    • Avatar Khantzaw Htet says:

      @Lionel Payette Thank u sir people here are dare to protests even if those dogs are shooting .Some even requested their friends to donate their organs if they are found dead .

  48. Avatar T-90A Tank says:

    Cowards! Disgrace! You don’t deserve to be called soldiers nor police

  49. Avatar 莱蛙 says:

    China will always be on the side of the Burmese people

    • Avatar 莱蛙 says:

      I have to admit that the actions of the Burmese army have gone too far.

    • Avatar Khantzaw Htet says:

      I hope so bro but here’s the thing
      It’s hard to trust China bro
      becuz they are the main weaponary importer to the burmese military
      How can i trust China bro?

    • Avatar Andy X says:

      @Khantzaw Htet : Your military have started diversifying your weapons from Japan, India, Russia, South Korea,…. long time ago. Stop spreading falsehood by parroting the propaganda whispered by western funded NGOs….

    • Avatar Khantzaw Htet says:

      @Andy X Wow i never thought about that is this real?

    • Avatar Andy X says:

      @Khantzaw Htet : Yes. e.g. India ‘gifted’ Burma a submarine, South Korea sold a Makassar-class LPD(landing platform/dock), or Amphibious transport dock. Meanwhile, Min Aung Hlaing has on a tour trip to Russia, Japan, India and It is believed that some contracts have been signed. Besides, lots of small weapons are from Singapore, Israel, Ukraine and etc.

  50. Avatar Alice Aye says:

    To Myanmar all people do not give up keep fighting do not let military take over fight fight fight fight

  51. Avatar Rhoo says:

    Similar things happened in Belarus

  52. Avatar Ghale Raja says:

    Crazy police of Myanmar

  53. Avatar himanshu anand says:

    UN – – – >🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  54. Avatar Y- Fi says:

    We need world without militaries …

    • Avatar Ali Garda Muhammad says:

      And then nobody will help you in case your neighbors decided to raid your house

  55. Avatar Lil Zy says:

    Peace for Myanmar 🙏🏻

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      They would have had peace if they didn’t appease evil. Even their witch queen Aung San Suu Kyi defended the general and extremist monks during the last genocide.

  56. Avatar Gagan Mandal says:

    where is presence of human right commission ….!

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      You are acting as if this is new in Burma, when was there ever human rights in Burma ???

  57. Avatar Abhishek Srivastava says:

    In Pakistan people support marshal laws😂

    • Avatar Shaheer Shah says:


  58. Avatar Hobo Ryan says:

    Shows you the mindset of these soldiers; skirts having from a rope is the greatest defense against them. These “people” are so brainwashed and indoctrinated, they are like vampires from a cheap horror film. Reminds me of western conservatives that fear a giant boogie man in the sky.

  59. Avatar thepirateking says:

    Well they got back what they did on rohingyas I think on 5years the all rohingyas make dua to Allah that the myanmaar will be change and be good again and full of good Muslim and then they have so many many patience after 5 years Allah is now accepting their duas and you see what happen now to myamar its now changing we don’t what will happen next year so only we need to our life is patience the only thing you need is patience you need patience to get what you want mashallah subahnallah Allah is the best planners and great at all that why Allah is the true god no one god only allah

    • Avatar Ali Garda Muhammad says:

      That doesnt make any sense. The military are one who prosecute the rohingyas, not the people.

  60. Avatar TJ Marx says:

    Yep, right on track for the predictions I keep making in these comments. This is entirely predictable.

    Please CDM, stop. There is no way for you to win against the military. The Tatmadaw are going to be in power until Min Aung Hlaing retires and becomes a civilian dictator through rigged elections.

    There is absolutely nothing you can do to stop that, the CDM is only getting people killed for nothing. Dying for a belief that their death can’t help realise is a waste of life. Even more so when considering these are all idealistic young adults who don’t know what’s going on that are dying.

    Please, stop dying for something you can’t possibly win right now. You have to be patient. You have to wait for Min Aung Hlaing to die. He’s no spring chicken

    • Avatar Ian R says:

      @TJ Marx How did you feel the first time you heard about Qassem? If you don’t remember, Mohsen?

    • Avatar Ian R says:

      @TJ Marx 🙂

    • Avatar Ian R says:

      @TJ Marx and what are your thoughts on the funeral stampede that killed hundreds and the Ukrainian jet liner that was shot down killing over 100 people? Isn’t Iranian regime responsible for its actions?

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      @Ian R They’re not “answerable” by way of assassination ffs. Get lost troll

    • Avatar Ian R says:

      @TJ Marx You can do better than your lazy half answer buddy. And why would you call me a troll? 0:]

  61. Avatar The Maskguy says:

    You got what you deserve for what you did wiht rohingya. No sympathy for you

  62. Avatar Akutsu Zenitsu says:

    The real problem of Myanmar is education, humanity, and racism which is ingrained there coupled with the greed of the political elite there.

  63. Avatar bergleopard schneeleopard says:

    I got from friend several videos of police terror in myanmar destroying properties shooting in houses, bullying etc….
    Criminal bastards, nothing else then terrorists, this junta must be eliminated with all concequences, a fouly tumor in this beautifull country

  64. Avatar deshpremi says:

    Full support to Mayanmar Military 👍😂

  65. Avatar David Nelson says:

    The US forces will come in soon . . . .Time will tell.

    • Avatar OBELIX says:

      Yes, end then myanmar pay half their land for US as a cost.

  66. Avatar 민우・ミンウ says:

    Forty years ago in Korea, citizens fought against the military and lost their blood.
    As a result, Korea became a complete democracy.
    I support Myanmar’s freedom.

  67. Avatar Baby B says:


  68. Avatar Baw Kyaw says:

    Am I allowed to condemn the atrocities against the Rohingya and also want democracy in Myanmar or are those two things strictly mutually exclusive?

    • Avatar Ali Garda Muhammad says:

      as both things were commited by the military

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      @Ali Garda Muhammad but the witch Queen Aung San Suu Kyi defended the military when they where killing Rohingya.

    • Avatar Baw Kyaw says:

      @Saffy Hussian they’re going to need democracy and get out of military control before any changes can be done to save the Rohingya’s. Otherwise no one is safe, not even the Rohingya’s. Once that takes place then Myanmar can have a leader that is fair to all people including the Muslim minorities. I don’t know who that will be but yeah. I’m Burmese and Buddhist myself and I don’t agree with the nationalist treatments of its minorities. It’s not the way of the Buddha. We need peace. Myanmar is only strong when there’s unity among every ethnic group and I hope the people realize this.

  69. Avatar Abir Irfan says:


  70. Avatar Andy X says:

    Another Syria is in the making on the land of Myanmar…
    Civilians are killed, houses are burnt to the ground, cities are razed, the economy is ruined,…
    All are under the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’
    Who are the ones behind all these atrocities????

  71. Avatar Thomas L says:

    The government is terrified, if they’re scattered they won’t be able to unite. Do more hit and runs on the government, they will get tired of it all and collapse on its own. Keep it up 🤛

  72. Avatar Nak Suz Miky says:

    Something helps lamb in the hands of butcher😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  73. Avatar Enamul Haque says:

    When Aljazeera will broadcast brutal killing of Rohingya minority by Suu Kyi government and myanmar people?

    • Avatar Ali Garda Muhammad says:

      Its old news and not relevant to the current situation

    • Avatar TWICE, Red Velvet and SNSD give me life says:

      killing was not done by Suu Kyi government and the people. They were done by the military and the people who supports the military. Get your facts right.

  74. Avatar Konata Izumi says:

    No pity after I found out they are forcing foreign companies to leave Burma just to hurt the government.

    What the F with foreign companies had to do with Burmese politics?!

  75. Avatar Rajesh blog says:

    Terrorist group army’s

  76. Avatar Amelia Kamal says:

    Where all the monks??

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      They only come out when they can attack unarmed civilians .

  77. Avatar Carlie Aja says:

    Polis Myanmar🖕 you. 😈👿🇲🇨

  78. Avatar TWICE, Red Velvet and SNSD give me life says:

    Al Jazeera needs to make a video on how the NLD charmain , Khin Maung Latt, a muslim politician, was brutally murdered by the military a few days ago. The military fkers are a bunch of supremacist who will murder anyone who is not like them. They’re responsible for the Rohingya genocide not the NLD government. The NLD government has diverse members of different ethnicities and religious background unlike the USDP (the party supported by the military).

  79. Avatar OBELIX says:

    Soldiers is like weapon..
    Them dont feel pain when killing their pepole… (Cold heart doctrin).

  80. Avatar Mehedi Hasan Sumon videos says:

    Where were these media during the Rohingya genocide? I did not see any international media outlets covering the Rohingyas at that time, except for Al-Jazeera

    • Avatar Sky says:

      They pressure Aung San Suu Kyi to resolve issues they cant resolved in the Rohingya crisis when they know truly the millitary is in power. Now they have no scapegoat

  81. Avatar faraany3k says:

    America you want to bring some democracy like you do in middle East.

  82. Avatar Shaheer Shah says:

    Full support from rohingya to mayanmar military 😎😏

  83. Avatar Riyaq Mohamud says:

    Very happy with this situation its a lesson to what they did to our brothers rohinga

    • Avatar DZ says:

      Are you dumb or acting dumb?…pls read full of what happened before came up with that statement

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      @DZ if you appesee evil don’t moan when that evil is unleashed on you….

  84. Avatar Khin Nayi Min says:

    Military is changing their ways to not be obvious in international news instead of shooting people in protests, they are arresting people and beating to death and abondoning the bodies.

  85. Avatar jibraj Basnet says:

    Please Al jazeera chanel you’re the most powerful and popular channel in around the world…help for Myanmar listen and spreading news of truth what’s going on people…of Myanmar and day today life …🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      Yeah the truth is your witch queen Aung San Suu Kyi is reaping what she sowed.

  86. Avatar gutfinski says:

    These “soldiers” are nothing but murderers and rapists in uniforms.

  87. Avatar yusra badar says:

    Well done Myanmar army

  88. Avatar Edfuad Mo [ The Phenomenal] says:

    Nice 👍🏼

  89. Avatar Arif says:

    Myanmar military ruler behaving brutally like the ruler of Pakistan in 1971

  90. Avatar Harrow says:

    It’s alright for reporting by the journos and their point of view what about the innocent people,the children,sanctions are not going to do the people any good at all,they will only suffer,why the journos go and interview the General,he must have a lot on his atrocious mind.

  91. Avatar Sad Sad says:


  92. Avatar feel so good says:

    I want peace in Myanmar.

  93. Avatar 范伟良 says:

    The general is a tyrant equivalent to isis and Khmer Rouge. Time to end this madness.

  94. Avatar Jose Lozada says:

    Why genocide

  95. Avatar Jose Lozada says:

    I pray that God slam the hand on bad soldiers

  96. Avatar harry tse says:

    More and more evidence indicates that the Junta chief of Myanmar created a false image of China supporting the coup initially, particularly in the army, so that the people of Myanmar believed without a doubt and felt hostility toward China. When the people express to continuing siding with NLD to protest against his coup and request the prompt discharge of DASSK (Daw Aung San Suu Kyi), he realized that it’s unlikely to put forward his coup in an easy way. Meanwhile, on the other hand, China refused to recognize the legitimacy of its government. As a result, he, therefore, sent a lobbyist, called Ari Ben Menashe, to the US and told a different story. To my analysis, he intentionally aimed at dividing the West from DASSK, as well as China. In other words, he was trying to convey a message to the West that rescuing DASSK would be harmful to the West’s interest because “DASSK has been staying too close to China.” Also, he made a gesture that he would be more willing to cooperate with the West than DASSK. I can almost conclude that he may be running out of gimmicks from his pocket and hoping to convince the West to exchange for his freedom. With my understanding, the reason why he reacted just tremendously opposite to his actions all of a sudden because China, in a recent talk with him, advised him to return the power to NLD peacefully. However, he was depressed and didn’t accept the friendly proposition offered by China. Not surprisingly, he is now virtually saying to the US, “Come take my country and set me free; DASSK is a puppet government of China. I am just a decent friend of yours”.

  97. Avatar lsy620415 says:

    The people of the Republic of Korea are impressed by the courageous actions of the people of Myanmar. I hope that you will surely achieve democracy by fighting the brutal military.

  98. Avatar ASIS CICH 9912 TH says:

    ARMY​ MYANMAR ruthlessly

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