What’s behind the global chip shortage

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Daniel Newmann, Futurum Research Analyst joins the Yahoo Finance Live panel to discuss the chip shortage.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Sergi Medina says:

    Intel to the rescue!

  2. Avatar Manuel Alvarez says:

    Damn Joe Biden bringing manufacturing back to the states.

    • Avatar Reg M says:

      American manufacturing is hindered by pesky union labor. Any domestic manufacturing will only be later outsourced.

    • Avatar Dynamic Solution says:

      I bet a million buck joe thinks his legislation has something to do with potato chips

    • Avatar Robot Man says:

      Would you rather give China more revenue than it deserves, especially considering it’s a communist country that has an abusive government that’s forcing unfair laws on their citizens.

    • Avatar Julia Lerner says:

      @Reg M That happens with manufacturing that is capitalist owned, with or without unions, but it wouldn’t happen if the manufacturing was done by worker owned co-ops.

    • Avatar Rooster Dog says:

      There’s nothing stopping people from creating ‘worker-owned’ businesses.

  3. Avatar Porchen Hund says:

    Why is my TSM stock isn’t rising like 3 times more ? They should raise the price and invest more fabs in the US. Demands for chips will always be there for the following decades.

    • Avatar J C. says:

      Try asx. Might get more gains from here.

    • Avatar ARK Daily says:

      TSM is a great company

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      Fabs take many years to build, and every piece of equipment inside the fabs is also customers built and takes multiple years to build.

  4. Avatar ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ says:

    Why is this a political issue?

    • Avatar Adam L says:

      Probably related to national security. Our financial, defense, and utility systems are run by computers.

    • Avatar Jeffrey Haines says:

      Economic competition to the top. Also US is banning chip technology exports to China.. High Tech supremacy will determine which country will remain in power, USA vs China.

    • Avatar Padam Sandhu says:

      Chips are new oil, and if there is a shortage of chips economy stops.

    • Avatar Jeffrey Haines says:

      @Padam Sandhu it’s not that there is a shortage.. it’s that companies didn’t order enough to meet “unexpected” demand.. but somehow some companies like Toyota ordered enough and companies like GM under ordered cause they thought people would be less cars.. Xbox and Sony ordered the more than last gen.. and they are getting the chips. But they aren’t getting more because they didn’t order more. And demand from consumers is skyrocketing. The cause is different than war prevent oil shipments

    • Avatar N Hinton says:

      Because it means we’re collapsing

  5. Avatar M_ore Fake_News says:

    Lol..🐽🐽🐽.the result of trade war, decoupling and short term profit mentality of the west. 😭😭😭

    • Avatar MrKeyframes says:

      You must be Chinese, are you? If you’re a Chinese person living in America. GTFO! Hopefully one day we’ll root out the spies and traitors soon.

  6. Avatar Raven Bishop says:

    Trump was making America great

    • Avatar Raven Bishop says:

      @Stephan Fiebich Biden stopped the keystone pipeline but he supports the Russian pipeline. What does that say?

    • Avatar Ionut DU says:

      @Jeffrey Haines How did he mess up his administration basically made the vaccines.

    • Avatar Jeffrey Haines says:

      @Ionut DU he didn’t do a thing, Trump personally… in fact he personally made mistakes not telling us the truth and saying it will go away.. Trump didn’t make a vaccine… scientists did

    • Avatar Ionut DU says:

      @Jeffrey Haines Trump is responsible for not locking the economy and creating a fast vaccine that helped the entire world by your stupid logic a President never does anything because he doesn’t directly do it. Trump will remain as the president that helped lower tensions with North Korea, saved the world with a fast vaccine , helped the economy grow , lowered the influence of terorist grups and brought the troops home , gave tones of new jobs to people and did all of that by protecting the freedoms of people like it or not. Media manipulation of young stupid people really won this time unfortunately. Biden is the supporte of the people that attack there own history, small businesses and protectors.

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      @Ionut DU that’s hillarious, research for a coronavirus vaccine started 10 years ago, and the company that came up with the first vaccine got ZERO funding from the US and wasn’t part of Trumps warp speed project. As someone else said, scientists brought you the vaccine, not Teump.

  7. Avatar dawngang4life says:

    Bitcoin mining. huge demand. nvidea, Intel, etc.

    • Avatar Joel Imbergamo says:

      @Jeffrey Haines Yes, they cause it, because there are only a few fabs in the worls who can produce chips, and for example samsung shares fab with NVIDIA (GPUs for mining) and Qualcomm and AMD also share fab and AMD also produces GPUs, so it’s a huge problem.

    • Avatar Jeffrey Haines says:

      @Joel Imbergamo orders for chips are place well in advance. Like for the entire year. At least that’s how it works at TSMC. This is why Apple doesn’t have shortages and others are struggling because usually graphics/game consoles isn’t in absurd demand most years

    • Avatar Joel Imbergamo says:

      @Jeffrey Haines Exactly, but TSMC for example has a limited capacity for every manufacturer if only one was experiencing huge demand, in one product they could expand production of that one taking capacity from others, but the problem is that all silicon products are in huge demand, and that affects the ability of other products to expand production, it wouldn’t be a fast process but if all products have shortages its basically impossible to increase production.

    • Avatar Jeffrey Haines says:

      @Joel Imbergamo I think is is mostly a consumer shortage… finding them in stores. Because, for example, console are selling record numbers. Graphics cards are up because Bitcoin market is up.. unlike when Bitcoin market crashed and 2000 series Nvidia was available. Has less to with Nvidia being able to buy from TSMC and Samsung and more to do with consumer demand. Cause again they placed orders for each entire year in advance

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      @Jeffrey Haines tesla, gm, ford, Chrysler have all had shutdowns also. The problem is everything requires a chip these days, and the problem isn’t because of the fabs. The problem is in the substrate/packaging part of the market. Fabs are sitting on tons of finished silicon they can’t package or mount.

  8. Avatar _____dre_______ _ says:

    IBM intel

  9. Avatar Maawma Opa says:

    CCP purchase all the stock to control US chip user..

  10. Avatar Daniel P says:

    Just get chips from aliens

    • Avatar J C. says:

      Now that’s thinking outside the tinfoil box. 🤣

    • Avatar sequri says:

      They stopped making them 2.5 billion years ago when they busted Moore’s law. Even if they had any inventory left on some dusty shelf in a galaxy far far away, their technology is mostly Carbon and AlInGaP based and the packaging and interfacing is very unusual. Then there’s the security implications (Huawei x1000000) and using their payment gateway, which is barter based (money, like us, is alien to them). Need I go on?

    • Avatar Daniel P says:

      @sequri What are you , from another planet?

    • Avatar sequri says:

      @Daniel P Nanu nanu. 👽🖖

  11. Avatar D'Angel -0 says:

    Tell Biden it’s because of Proof of Work Cryptocurrency Mining like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    There are non proof of work Cryptos like XLM and XRP that do not require massive amounts of computing power and electricity to keep going.

    Chinese crypto miners buy up all the high end graphics cards for gaming computers as well as gaming laptops with the same or similar high end chip sets.

    And manufacturers of dedicated crypto mining equipment are buying up all the micro chips to meet the demands of crypto mining.

    Bitcoin is not sustainable or green.
    The longer it runs, the more resources and power it needs to run on a daily basis.

  12. Avatar Nice Trade says:

    Thank you to all Crypto Schmucks !

    While the crypto fiasco was happening, i bought 1000 shares AMD & price went from $10 pre Crypto boom to $100 in 2 years.. Pretty awesome return ! 🤑

    • Avatar Lirst Fast says:

      Having a smart engineer for a CEO helps

    • Avatar Nice Trade says:

      @Lirst Fast yeah ever since Dr Lisa Su took over AMD she’s done an awesome job..

    • Avatar jeff0247598 says:

      Wait….what? BTC return on investment smoked AMD over the past year. 🤔

    • Avatar Rafael Carmo says:

      90k profit

    • Avatar Nice Trade says:

      @jeff0247598 not really my friend, at the time i could of invested $10.000 to buy 2 Bitcoin @ $5000 & tho eventually it worked out to be pretty much the same return as buying $10.000 in AMD shares..

  13. Avatar L. Martel says:

    Excellent news for NNMD! With Nano dimension technologies you can make them in house!

  14. Avatar Jeffrey Haines says:

    The chip shortage is a lie…

    • Avatar St Eve says:

      Everything is probably fake to you…. Better get into reality more …

    • Avatar nel c says:

      Round Earth is fake, actually flat.

    • Avatar CaptainCosmic says:

      @nel c wrong, the earth is a donut, it was discovered and proven by Professor Homer Simpson

    • Avatar N Hinton says:

      We’re either collapsing or a malthusian crisis is near. This isn’t a lie.

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      No, there was a 35% increase in demand, theres plenty of silicon available, the problem is in the packaging/substrate part of the market. You can thank capitalism and just in time manufacturing for the problem. No one wants to sit on inventory, so when demand increases, the supply just dries up.

  15. Avatar Jeffrey Haines says:

    If there is a war over Taiwan, the world will deplete in semiconductors… good luck getting an iPhone, computer, car, Xbox..

    • Avatar Jeffrey Haines says:

      @J C. we outsourced all sorts of essential chips.. memory chips, electric control chips etc but we still make our potato chips 😉

    • Avatar Jeffrey Haines says:

      @Rujo Onye oh yes as important or likely more important… humans without TV and music are unhappy humans… there’s alternatives to oil

    • Avatar TheMrgoodmanners says:

      @J C. no you dont. The little that you do serves the military not civillian mkts. The US practically gave up on analog chip production decades ago

    • Avatar J C. says:

      @TheMrgoodmanners Best pricing and performance on all my last orders were texas instruments analog semi’s. I do tech work as a hobby. We have excellent capability, but the global market is huge.

    • Avatar Sage says:

      @Rujo Onye if we don’t have chips, chaos will happen. Almost everything in our modern world uses some sort of transistor to run, cars, even bulbs now use transistors your phone, your phone charger, pc, mac, etc. A lot of things rely on chips to run so I’d taiwan is unable to manufacture those chips everyone in the world is screwed.

  16. Avatar Francis Yawson says:

    Why is the idiotic female reporter asking if the shortage is more about Trump trade policies, whiles we are in the middle of a global pandemic.

    There is a global shortage not only in the US. That usually doesn’t happen and industries were hit to some extent.

  17. Avatar Huzaifa Khan says:

    Damn, where his eyebrows at? 🤔

    • Avatar munyumba mutwale says:

      Okay but honestly what the heck happened to this dudes eyebrows.

    • Avatar George Mirchev says:

      There’s a shortage.

    • Avatar CaptainCosmic says:

      @George Mirchev call an ambulance because i just died 😂😂🤣

  18. Avatar munyumba mutwale says:

    Bitcoin Minning has also gone up so that’s taking up a lot of chips.

  19. Avatar Robert Cox says:

    Stock Market doesn’t reflect “reality”.

    • Avatar Living Alone says:

      some stock does

    • Avatar Tom Lace says:

      Thank the fed for that

    • Avatar george says:

      Stock market reflects the future not present reality.

    • Avatar St Eve says:

      If Market bakes-in the Future, then why the random spontaneous pull-backs spurred by emotional fear of mostly ineffectual “bad” news?
      Seems the Market is indeed reflective of at least immediate knee-jerks due to pessimism in the ranks.

  20. Avatar Robert Cox says:

    Maybe use “production numbers”, but is that “secret”?

  21. Avatar Robert Cox says:

    “Financial Considerations” are wrecking human civilization.

  22. Avatar Daniel Gagne says:

    while figuring this out Sleepy Joe is looking into how to promote TPP without looking like a hypocrite.

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      Problem was known about 18 months ago, Trump didn’t do a damn thing either. Everything uses a chip today. Theres been a 35% increase in demand in the last year as everyone got stuck at home and needed computer equipment for work at home and school. The companies that create the silicon ignots/wafers haven’t planned any new manufacturing, just price increases 3 years in a row. Those price increases then get passed off to the fabs, their customers, and then to you and i.

  23. Avatar Mats T says:

    Shortage arrived just in time…

  24. Avatar Bayesian Dude says:

    who is that lady?

    • Avatar nel c says:

      She is damn hot right?

  25. Avatar TenWest626 says:

    Bitcoin mining

    • Avatar N Hinton says:

      Yeah, bitcoin mining will magically grow rare earth metals out of the ground

  26. Avatar trey graham says:

    The wild action geographically melt because war electrophoretically print forenenst a ruthless woman. petite, cowardly kayak

  27. Avatar Cassidey Ousley says:

    FAB construction and production is usually a multi-year thing. Some can take a decade to spin up. If demand doesn’t drop off eventually, this will be alot longer than 6 months.

    • Avatar TheMrgoodmanners says:

      Exactly its not something that can be done thru executive orders

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      It’s also not a silicon shortage that’s the problem, it’s the shortage in the substrate market, the materials they need for mounting the silicon onto. There was a 35% increase in the entire electronics market due to people being stuck at home and buying anything and everything they needed for work and school. Even the used parts market is bare or selling at or above the original msrp.

  28. Avatar daciefus jones says:

    hey dummies, arm does not manufacture chips they only design them.

  29. Avatar KiatLeong Len says:

    During pandemic = increase demand for chips? I wonder how long will they suppress the truths.

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      it’s not hidden, there was a 35% increase in demand for chips, theres no silicon shortage, problem lies in the packaging/substrate market.

  30. Avatar lonny self says:

    they should have never left hear

  31. Avatar William Kreth says:

    So glad I updated my laptop right before the pandemic hit!

    • Avatar FUCK OFF says:

      Yeee i should’ve done the same… i have a trash alienware and a desktop with a 6700k and 2070 super…. its annoying, but i refuse to upgrade ANYTHING with such inflated costs…

  32. Avatar { kilowatt: the_godbody } says:

    Wait a minute, so J. Biden is now forced to implement D. Trump’s “America First” policy??

    • Avatar Joel Imbergamo says:

      @Americanknow One aims to discriminate the rest of the world and the other aims to improve American competitiveness. Short term the two have the same results, long term only one can work, and spoiler trump’s approach isn’t it.

    • Avatar Stephan Fiebich says:

      Yes only this time we have a president that really intends to do something with a plan and not just bully people

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      It’s a world wide problem, the US can’t solve it on its own.

    • Avatar Joel Imbergamo says:

      @Michael Keudel But if you can make Americans understand that USA isn’t the entire world I’ll be very surprised.

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      @Joel Imbergamo well WE the US only make up just under 5% of the world’s population, so theres that. So I guess if we’re asking companies to come back to the US and ignore the other 95% of the world as a customer, then it doesn’t sound like a smart investment to me if I were a business.

  33. Avatar Nickson Sicnawa says:

    Huawei is the best

    • Avatar ClipCast Vid says:

      Ur not millionaire to get scare by Huawei,

    • Avatar Joel Imbergamo says:

      @ClipCast Vid Yes, but I value my privacy, I like Huawei as much as I like google, I am not saying don’t use their products, I am here in youtube, but just keep in mind it’s not all white or black, Huawey like google is more like dark gray.

    • Avatar ClipCast Vid says:

      @Joel Imbergamo Huawei phones are Great 🍁🤘

    • Avatar Moustapha Diallo says:

      @Joel Imbergamo Actually I can trust Huawei more than I can trust Google. Although both companies give your information to their governments (with extremely questionable), one is headquartered thousands of miles away from me.

    • Avatar Joel Imbergamo says:

      @Moustapha Diallo yes, which is worst is already personal opinion, but I would recommend choosing nether when possible.

  34. Avatar wils says:

    Shortage is due to the fact that German cars used too many chips to run defeat software to cheat emissions tests.

  35. Avatar Americanknow says:

    Trump’s policy of limiting the export of chips to Huawei caused fear to every company, and they stockpiled the chips they need. Toyota is no exception. That caused an immediate shortage of chips for everybody including American car manufactuere.

  36. Avatar ТурбоТОП says:

    There is a shortage of eyebrows too evidently

    • Avatar King Covey says:

      lol you’re wrong for this.

    • Avatar ClipCast Vid says:


  37. Avatar Isse Mexfincano says:

    Bullshit, Trumps idiotic policies prompted China to stockpile preventing sanctions. Shortage is only in the US…

  38. Avatar Sanda Mkhize says:

    Hi, i came from Germany. can i start trading on binary with 5000 euro for the trail and would pleased to invest more if everything work’s out good

  39. Avatar TheMrgoodmanners says:

    Its not easy transferring such high level tech from overseas to the US. Taiwanese japanese and south korean manufacturing is light yrs ahead of what exists here. Its not aomething you can easily do through executive orders

    • Avatar xGen720 says:

      All the tools/softwares used in semiconductors fab are from us, that is why china fab can’t go to 7 nm process due to us sanctions

  40. Avatar FabiWan says:

    I’ll save you the trouble to watching this video: The government extended and no longer needed lockdowns are behind the shortage of everything in the market, not just chips!

  41. Avatar Michael Lenczewski says:

    Gotta blame Trump, or at least try.

    • Avatar Mall Ninja says:

      When I was a kid, the GOP prided themselves on being “the party of personal responsibility”. Now you guys are “the party that blames other people at all costs”. What an embarrassment you’ve become.

    • Avatar snacky 1253 says:

      @Michael Lenczewski it’s the same way with biden
      most trump supporters do is blame everything on him

      And take stuff out of context

      Or automatically listen to overly exaggerated false info

    • Avatar Michael Lenczewski says:

      @snacky 1253 um, no that isn’t the case. It’s clearly cuomo, whitener, lightfoot, … We blame the right people for their mistakes.

    • Avatar snacky 1253 says:

      @Michael Lenczewski wtf are you talking about wtf is lightfoot,whitener and cuomo
      Clearly we are talking about two different things

    • Avatar Michael Lenczewski says:

      @snacky 1253 dude, you said we blame everything on Biden, which is a stupid moronic comment manufactured by a brain of poor quality. Would that be your idea, bruh? You want to support that with evidence?

  42. Avatar Generalx5 says:

    United sanctions of America is behind it.

    • Avatar N Hinton says:

      @Moustapha Diallo No. Are you? There’s gold and phosphorous on the moon. Why don’t we mine it?

    • Avatar N Hinton says:

      @Moustapha Diallo We went to the moon multiple times. Quit wasting money and resources just to stay on the moon and come back. We need a permanent colony.

    • Avatar Moustapha Diallo says:

      @N Hinton WE HAVE GOLD, PHOSPHOURS, AND RARE EARTHS ON EARTH. Why spend so much to get it from the moon?

    • Avatar N Hinton says:

      @Moustapha Diallo We will witness peak phosphorous and oil before 2050. Rare earths are economically unviable to recycle with current tech. Rare earths are needed for solar and hydropower, and if we are to avoid peak oil and food prices skyrocketing we need to mine the moon.

    • Avatar N Hinton says:

      @Moustapha Diallo Common sense. phosphorous and other resources are getting scarcer by the day. If you want a dark age, political instability from hyperinflation and resource depletion, be my guest. I value progress.

  43. Avatar Ultirian Heavy Industry says:

    out_of_stock(NVIDA, AMD)

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      Tesla, gm, ford, etc… the entire electronics industry is short of substrate and packaging materials, it’s not a fab problem, it’s being able to try and meet the 35% increase in demand over the last year. Shortages were predicted 18 months ago, before the pandemic even hit.

  44. Avatar Nihon Young says:

    fake media

  45. Avatar Stanley Kania says:

    Government is in bed with China.. Or any higher bidder !! WTF do you think is going on ?

  46. Avatar GaryVolts says:

    Seems crazy to me to shut down a car factory because they can’t get particular chips when a half a dozen engineers could come up with a new design that used available chips in a month or 2. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. These companies aren’t lacking for chips so much as lacking resourcefulness.

    • Avatar Bear Grylls says:

      You’re kidding, right?

    • Avatar Stephan Fiebich says:

      It all boils down to cost, also there are up to fifty chips in every high end vehicle. All that tech that people want in cars comes at a cost.

    • Avatar GaryVolts says:

      @Bear Grylls Not so much.

    • Avatar Moustapha Diallo says:

      Chips are not as reusable as iron or most metals. They degrade with use and no car company is willing to have their name associated with the use of second hand and technical obsolete parts on their products.

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      Theres more than just designing a work around involved in bringing replacement parts to market. You also need a chip supply, new circuit boards, a new production line to make the new boards, new equipment. It takes over 5 years now to start designing to final production of a CPU. Theres no quick fix.

  47. Avatar Dexter Speights says:


  48. Avatar N. Keith Byerman says:

    Silver is the reason for the season…

    • Avatar Bottleflask says:

      Shouldnt we see a spike in silver price then?

    • Avatar N. Keith Byerman says:

      @Bottleflask All things require time in order to exist. All in due time…

  49. Avatar RonFella says:

    These chips and batteries can’t be made in the US because of environmental laws. China is bathing in heavy metals because of it. It would be crazy to bring that poison here!

    • Avatar Rooster Dog says:

      It’s ridiculous to believe that electronics can’t be manufactured if there are environmental regulations.

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      @Rooster Dog not when you believe in capitalism, which worships cheap labor, minimal costs, lack of inventory, and just in time manufacturing to maximize profits for high exec pay and shareholder dividends.

  50. Avatar Lucifer Morningstar says:

    Perfect timing

  51. Avatar Terrell Cole says:

    Stop the ridiculous amount of IoT devices, your refrigerator does not need to be connected to wifi….

    • Avatar Rodrigo Oliveira says:

      Why not? My cell phone needs to show me what is inside my refrigerator so that I don’t need to open the door and cause global warming due to the energy wasted to cool it again once the door was open.

  52. Avatar ClipCast Vid says:

    Manjimbu? Rival of goku?

  53. Avatar Scott Campbell says:

    Geopolitical with security concerns with Chinese chips, huawei security issues. Covid, China hoarding chips, etc

  54. Avatar Scott Campbell says:

    European autos starting to sell again way earlier than expected.

  55. Avatar Scott Campbell says:

    6 months backlog

  56. Avatar Scott Campbell says:


  57. Avatar Scott Campbell says:

    TSMC is a bottleneck

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      No it’s not, wafer production is on schedule, the packaging/substrate market is the cause of chip shortages.

  58. Avatar Scott Campbell says:

    We need more manufacturers in USA

  59. Avatar Scott Campbell says:

    From toasters, airplanes, rockets, etc

  60. Avatar Eric Jovenitti says:

    This is the worst reporting ever an executive order to review will do nothing, bringing manufacturing back here is absolutely unequivocally impossible and reporting it is truly ignorant.

  61. Avatar valkry007 says:

    Just in time supply chain, single source supplier, hmmm, what could go wrong.
    Chinese computer chips in our guidance systems, fighter planes, satelights and communications systems, electrical power grid, nuclear power plants ……. ok then.

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      That’s the price of capitalism, mergers, cheaper labor costs, lower inventory, all so the execs and shareholders can just keep sticking up all the wealth.

  62. Avatar dennis richards says:

    A storm in a teacup south east asia controls the semiconductor industries not the yanks and China will eclipse the rest of the world in about two years in this industry , don’t worry there will be plenty of chips for all !!!

  63. Avatar tina key says:

    The chips in debit cards today are no more than sims and that ppl have financial info on their phone it’s easy to steal phones use chip number and forward link ip extender it’s not safe to use any card on line but ppl who have no transportation have no choice so take a chip a craft razor cut the chip replace it and bam new card .. new name … New fraud … New charge literally … Yeah bad joke

  64. Avatar N Hinton says:

    Resource depletion is the cause.

  65. Avatar Pekka Ahonen says:

    cartel decides availability and prices

  66. Avatar Clem Zahrobsky says:

    just in time inventory caused this problem

  67. Avatar Ahsan Mohammed says:

    Too shrill

  68. Avatar Carolina QUANONNE says:

    Projection manufacturing constant parts name brand USA immigrant one fits all american

  69. Avatar Bob Brown says:

    Intel’s also still stuck on 14nm….. So there’s that..

    • Avatar Bob Brown says:

      @Kylo Ren but AMD is the better buy, at least until 11th gen is released

    • Avatar Federico Bossio says:

      @Bob Brown Even with 11th gen would be the best buy. I don’t need Ryzen 5800x performance at 100 Watts more.

    • Avatar Federico Bossio says:

      Yes and not. Fortunately I need cores for the work I do, which is 3d modeling. Thanks to my dad pcs I’ve experienced high end stuff from my childhood, even Intel’s extreme platforms, when 10 cores were the 64 cores of today. All considered, I just buy whatever is the best, not only on the performance side. Efficiency is quite important for me, because I tend to run machines for 12/14 hours a day.

    • Avatar Bob Brown says:

      @Federico Bossio If efficiency is a factor, I’d consider the 5800X – things do change all the time and as of writing this, 11th gen benchmarks have leaked online, not a massive jump over 10th gen. Ryzen 5000 supplies are stabilizing. At which point its down to mainboard, if you already have the Intel board, go with that, otherwise AMD might be a better choice.
      Personally I’m all for the higher core-counts as I do mostly work with some gaming on the side time permitting.

    • Avatar Federico Bossio says:

      @Bob Brown I have a 5950x on the way home, upgrading from a 9980XE. For a gaming machine a 5800x is going to be a good choice for the next 2 years, but if you have the possibility I think a higher core count will be much more future proof

  70. Avatar Gluten Free Gam3r says:

    It will actually be closer to 2 years before the silicon market stabilizes.

    • Avatar drekson23 says:

      that time, bitcoin is on bear market cycle. Adding the supply of miners selling their rigs. Right now, its just too OP. I think this is just rehearse, making story that sound believable.

    • Avatar Michael Keudel says:

      Will take longer than that to build out and expand existing manufacturers and the supply chain. If your talking fabs, even longer, because every machine inside a fab is custom build, and we’re already backlogged 18 months on orders.

  71. Avatar aku daikan says:

    America destroyed Japanese semiconductor industry during 1990s and now suffer the shortage. Serve you right!

  72. Avatar Waichung Sham says:

    If china was allowed to buy from amsl they could help meet demand.

  73. Avatar arebolar says:

    President Biden doesn’t even know what a chip is!

  74. Avatar Frank Blangeard says:

    The United States has been trying to choke off chips to China. That has nothing to do with the shortage of chips to the U.S. Correlation is not causation.

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