Police Say Former NFL Player Shot And Killed Five People In South Carolina | NBC Nightly News

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Police say former NFL player Phillip Adams shot and killed 70-year-old Robert Lesslie, his wife Barbara, and their two grandchildren. He also killed a man working on the property and critically injured a second before taking his own life.
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Police Say Former NFL Player Shot And Killed Five People In South Carolina | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Tiffany Sky says:

    Ban the NFL. Too many players suffer from CTE because of this violent “sport”.

  2. Avatar Seon Hennix says:

    Mentally Ill or NOT! As long as people have guns this will never end!!

  3. Avatar Jack Truth Johnson says:

    This is all Hollywood scripted hoax !

  4. Avatar Len ney says:

    He murdered an ENTIRE WHITE FAMILY. Children too. This was a HATE CRIME.

    • Avatar Reggie TV says:

      I said the Same thing That Atlanta spa Shooting had nothing to do with race but the Colorado shooting was Arab killed 10 White people also

    • Avatar Joseph C. says:

      @Reggie TV wtf u on about? That’s fking insulting to the dozens of attacks on asians everyday while completely taking away from this tragedy to say something fkin stupid and political.

  5. Avatar Mat Ice says:

    Racist hate crime against white people.

  6. Avatar N Rosario says:

    The US has a gun problem….. crazy people get guns

  7. Avatar HilarityBribo says:

    Another Fentanyl Floyd

    • Avatar Valore Dramack says:

      Another Nazi Racist, calling the guy Floyd just because he has dark skin, you’re pathetic.

    • Avatar 4TH 19TH says:

      @Valore Dramack Cry louder.

    • Avatar Chandrachud Das says:

      @4TH 19TH case aint going so well for the pig, im satisfied justice is coming

    • Avatar Valore Dramack says:

      ​@4TH 19TH Crying requires being a White Supremacist, it’s not applicable to me but perhaps you should give it a try since guys like you are always complaining about how immigrants make life so hard for White People because you don’t have the education to get a job based on your own merits and qualifications.

  8. Avatar The Dangerous one says:

    Now is not the time to talk about gun control in America, let us pray

  9. Avatar Robert Jensen says:

    Oh come on, nobody knows this was caused by any CTE. Wait until some facts emerge. 99% of CTE victims never murder anyone.

  10. Avatar Inside Videos says:

    So why is this not a Hate Crime ? Black guy kills 5 white people .

    • Avatar C W says:

      Because Gayle King and CBS don’t see it that way. C’mon man!

    • Avatar Deuante Kelly says:

      Because he didn’t do it because they are white

  11. Avatar Neve O says:

    I’m sad for the doctors family but also for his, his dad looks like he’s in bits ☹️
    Tragic for everyone.

  12. Avatar G. Kenley Goins says:

    CTE 😢😭😢😭

    • Avatar Tom Phillips says:

      Yeah CTE. He was a great guy. Murdered little children but I’m sure he had no choice. No further investigation needed.

  13. Avatar John Walsh says:

    probalby had a fight with the neighbours and on drugs. went crazy. killed himself after the drugs wore off and the enourmity of what he did he realized.

  14. Avatar OzZie says:

    Crazy that contractor was working on the house at that time. Being from South Carolina I’m pretty sure that guy was a gun owner. I bet if he was a gun owner the reason he didn’t have his weapon with him was because company policies. People that work like him, exposing themselves to different scenarios and people all day should be allowed to carry at work for protection.

    • Avatar As The WOrld Burns we Mutter and Stutter says:

      @Native American Cowboy as we speak and type

      100 000 s died this morning I think
      There is a site worlwide death and births count live feed …u can see 👀 😏 it

      Obviously u live more in life then u work in a day ..
      So risk outside work is high

      We know that

      I know u don’t like the idea .
      I understand .i respect 🙌

      But ….outside work I don’t carry
      As I have no fear or feel edgy or paranoid .

      Is just going into a house
      Not knowing what’s inside …they frightens me ..

      Day to day life i embrace

    • Avatar Native American Cowboy says:

      @As The WOrld Burns we Mutter and Stutter So ultimately you just fear death.
      The bottom line is YOU FEAR DEATH.

      Interesting 🤔… But when a child is born, we jump up and down. We smile and laugh… 🤔

      We love birth, but we hate death. Our life logic is not balanced out properly. That’s the real problem right there.

    • Avatar Native American Cowboy says:

      @As The WOrld Burns we Mutter and Stutter You are looking to protect yourself from death, but you’re not looking to protect yourself from life.
      Yet they’re basically one in the same.

    • Avatar As The WOrld Burns we Mutter and Stutter says:

      @Native American Cowboy what part of i have duty of care of a blind wife and kids who depend on me ?

      I can’t die
      I pray not next 14 years I make it

      All me kids be men and woman and ready for the world

      I’m happy to go when I have full filled my obligation to my family and me self

      I can’t protect myself 247
      God can intervene anytime anysecond
      But it won’t be because I was dumb
      And walked like a gullible fool into a trap

      Is nice to talk to peacefully cowboy lol
      And native one a bonus heheh

    • Avatar Native American Cowboy says:

      @As The WOrld Burns we Mutter and Stutter 👍🏾

  15. Avatar Marcia Bradley says:

    I think about paranoia and the stories a person can tell themself. Who knows what he might have conjured up in his head?

  16. Avatar Ima White says:

    He a NFL player enough said. That league should be shut down ,

    • Avatar Bryan Smith says:

      Imagine if a regular business had this many violent criminals. They would be shut down.

  17. Avatar Ima White says:

    We need to take a close look at a certain type of people in this country .

    • Avatar Navy gurl says:

      @JeffOfori Pezzidem what type is that? Your ancestors are the worst type of f’kn killers that ever lived. Gtfoh.

    • Avatar Mike Larry says:

      If this was the other way around it be a race issue.. Wonder how come there is no marching or protesting or buildings get burned down. 🤔

    • Avatar Ima White says:

      @Navy gurl How do you know JeffOfori Pezzidem is black ?

    • Avatar All About Roofing says:

      @Navy gurl I really doubt his ancestors were black. Stop being racist.

    • Avatar All About Roofing says:

      @Navy gurl BTW, you replied to the wrong person as an fyi.

  18. Avatar kulik03 says:

    A black man killing innocent white people, but nobody brings up racism. Imagine if it was the opposite.

  19. Avatar Dylan Oconner says:


  20. Avatar Reggie TV says:

    This could be a Racist hate Crime He could of been Targeting White people

    • Avatar TheSouthAfrican says:

      But of course when the victim is white no one cares. That’s how it is in South Africa

    • Avatar IamExtremely Wealthy says:

      @TheSouthAfrican SHOUTOUT TO SOUTH AFRICA!!!!! lol

    • Avatar babybold3000 says:

      @TheSouthAfrican cause your ancestors invaded a country that wasn’t their’s in the first place

  21. Avatar Charles Xavier says:

    “He was a good kid and football messed him up..” — now who saw that one coming?

    • Avatar Lucas Barrett says:

      @All About Roofing do research into cte

    • Avatar Bryan Smith says:

      NBC and the rest the corporate will not go against their narrative.

    • Avatar Derek Nutt says:

      Aaron Hernandez had cte

    • Avatar All About Roofing says:

      @Lucas Barrett cte symtoms say nothing about murder. Suicide yes. Murdering seniors and children, not so much.

    • Avatar Jimmy Jaz says:

      @Silicon Slick Media He hated whites and he murdered them. What else you got?

  22. Avatar Accidentals: music & gear hacks says:

    A hate crime took place. Media: “Football caused this. White supremacy is to blame. Systemic racism. “.

  23. Avatar Tom Phillips says:

    It’s open season on white people and white children. Shot riding their bikes, thrown off balconies, kidnapped, tortured. Arm yourselves. Always seems to be a “mental health” issue when the narrative doesn’t fit. Victoria Rose Smith 3yrs old. Cannon Hinnant 5 yrs old. Conner Verkeke 9 yrs old.

  24. Avatar Marko Feller says:

    yeah, good kid, football messed him up xD how come football didnt mess up others

  25. Avatar Nael R says:

    CTE anyone????

    • Avatar Michael Atlas says:

      Nope, the only one’s who come up with that excuse are self hating white liberals and black supremacy supporters

  26. Avatar frobi6852 says:

    He just hated white people because that’s how democrats raised him

  27. Avatar Jack Motta says:

    He couldn’t knock em dead at the columbines so he took another approach.

  28. Avatar Just Coz says:

    A malformed beast…

  29. Avatar fastone 1 says:

    there goes that gun again.it just jumped up and strarted shooting.dont waste to much time on the victims there white.

  30. Avatar Bill Turner says:

    *If Hannity or Tucker get caught up in this Matt Gaetz fiasco, then its official, Santa Claus is real and he got my letters.* 🎅

    • Avatar grant towner says:

      Poor little leftist still crying.

    • Avatar Chandrachud Das says:

      @grant towner still crying about what?

  31. Avatar michael ogorman says:

    Diversity is our greatest strength.

  32. Avatar JeffOfori Pezzidem says:

    Hate Crime. But apparently they are allowed

    • Avatar IamExtremely Wealthy says:

      no its mental illness stop the bs

  33. Avatar apple tile says:

    Life starts and stops without reason……savor your time while you can because life is very fragile with its ebbs and tides, oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds. Sometimes you can’t avoid the rapids or the whirlpools. Rough seas, wind spouts, hurricanes and tsunamis mark ones life. Remember, no one ever got out of this planet alive.

  34. Avatar Indrid Flame says:

    Get your “He was a good kid” comments ready.

    • Avatar 90210Skye says:

      They left out the part where his father said that his heart goes out to the family. He wasn’t defending his son.

  35. Avatar Kevin Day says:

    He killed them because of their White Privilege to be living in a nice house — In other words it’s their fault.

    • Avatar Deeptrope says:

      He had money too but his mind was bunkers.

  36. Avatar m t g says:

    I feel for Phillip Adams. The doc must have dissed him or owned the newest pair of AJ’s

  37. Avatar Keith King says:

    This is happening with way too much frequency. It gets to the point as if we’re hearing of these tragedies on a daily basis. It’s a pandemic of it’s own. It’s absolutely heartbreaking for both families.

  38. Avatar Dylan Daley says:

    Phillip Adams is the devil incarnated.
    Prayers to the family that experienced this tragedy 🙏
    These shootings need to end.

    • Avatar Native American Cowboy says:

      You wasn’t saying that when you were watching football games and eating popcorn.

    • Avatar Dylan Daley says:

      @Native American Cowboy I think football is stupid and I couldn’t eat popcorn since I have braces.

  39. Avatar David Doherty says:

    Think he might be a racist

  40. Avatar Habib Gullam Alibaba says:

    This game needs to be banned now, already it doesn’t make sense big fat men running with a ball in their hands and calling it football now they go around killing innocent people.

  41. Avatar James Bell says:

    He quoted a Garth Brooks song and domt knowbit!

  42. Avatar GreenEyed Goddess says:

    Looks to me this is related to an opioid epidemic. This man needed extensive therapy and psychiatric eval after those concussions.

  43. Avatar D B says:

    sjw/blm?🤡🤡…My condolences to the family!

  44. Avatar James Pierce says:

    👋these are not the racist you’re looking for. Nothing to see here.

  45. Avatar HAWKEYE Montgomery says:

    Don’t worry, somebody will figure out a way to blame this on 200 years of white suppression of him and his family

  46. Avatar Yvonne Wallace says:


  47. Avatar Groove Fretboard says:

    No one mentions of it was racially motivated. Yet if he was white and they were black it would be a hate crime. Facts

    • Avatar Deuante Kelly says:


    • Avatar John Winchester says:

      @Native American Cowboy oh and for sure South Africa.

    • Avatar Native American Cowboy says:

      @John Winchester Well… Ultimately there’s no way to know for sure. I could either take your word for it (which I don’t) or not.

    • Avatar Groove Fretboard says:

      Native American Cowboy so if a B does it to 5 W including 2 grandkids they get a pass on it? Tbh it doesn’t matter as the guy was out of mind on concussions and drugs I bet.

    • Avatar Groove Fretboard says:

      If this guy was W and they were B it woulda been race riots

  48. Avatar money bird says:

    He was on them Drugs or having emotional problems not mental health let’s stop using them words too get out of shameless behavior

  49. Avatar Dark Star says:

    Seemed very specific, almost as if he targeted them.

  50. Avatar Michael Hanley says:

    Just another pos thug…

  51. Avatar Imaginary Person says:

    He did nothing wrong, it was obviously all the gun’s fault.

  52. Avatar Rachel Swanson says:

    Gun owners are cowards.

  53. Avatar All About Roofing says:

    He was a ‘good’ kid that cowardly took innocent victims with him. Blame football. 😳🙄

    • Avatar Native American Cowboy says:

      @All About Roofing if you support the NFL then you shouldn’t be talking. These athletes destroy their bodies to entertain you.
      And the more extreme the tackle, the more entertained people like you become.

    • Avatar Shadi Gif says:

      @All About Roofing admit you were itching to use the N word

    • Avatar Jimmy Jaz says:

      @Native American Cowboy So lets excuse this mass murderer and show our deepest sympathies to his family. This thread is full of lies and delusions.

    • Avatar Cheezus Christo says:

      @Shadi Gif admit you’re a race baiter

    • Avatar k cole says:

      @Shadi Gif stfu

  54. Avatar All About Roofing says:

    People wonder why I am strapped at all times. This is why.

    • Avatar YouTube Censors says:

      I had a vet go off on me because I carry. He said it gives him PTSD to see a civilian with a gun.

      I told him it gives me PTSD to know I could be shot by some crazy person while minding my own business. And if he is that traumatized…. go to the VA.

    • Avatar All About Roofing says:

      @YouTube Censors no one would ever know I have mine. Do you open carry then? If so, I respect that too but always been an advocate for being stealthy personally.

    • Avatar YouTube Censors says:

      @All About Roofing I have a permit to carry.

      It’s sad that we live in a time where I have to carry a gun just to shop at the grocery store.

  55. Avatar Smudent says:


  56. Avatar wuvlee says:

    And we thought masks were a hassle. Wait til we have to wear bullet proof vests, pants and helmets like we are in a warzone. 🙄

  57. Avatar Frederick0220 says:

    The response to the Phillip Adams mass shooting shows what’s so wrong with our society. When a blk man commits a shooting, people make excuses and defend him. When a wht man commits the same shooting, he’s a “domestic terrorist” and all whites are demonized.

    • Avatar John Winchester says:

      It doesn’t fit the CRT narrative. Just like “hate crime” hasn’t been mentioned once. But if the rolls were revesered “HATE” and “WHITE” would be in every headline.

    • Avatar chili doritos says:

      No it’s because of who he is

  58. Avatar Donna Moore says:

    This is sooo sad! Maybe it is something to do with trauma from his football days! Still so sad for everyone!

  59. Avatar Davonte Spain says:


  60. Avatar Edin Santacruz says:

    Football is a dangerous sport for health, better they play basketball or soccer ⚽🏀

  61. Avatar john K says:

    “He was a good kid” I feel bad for him. Let me take a knee for him.

  62. Avatar Sans Kipper says:

    Seems fishy to me…Democrat inside job?

  63. Avatar Andy Pozuelos says:

    70% of these guys end up broke 20% end up dead or in prison. Only 10% actually continue to succeed.

    • Avatar Chairman Jiao Bai Dun says:

      Ikr look at ocho cinco and other yards who dont know how to handle sudden wealth.

  64. Avatar Andy Pozuelos says:

    Wait he killed white people? That’s racism.

  65. Avatar Justin Humphrey says:


  66. Avatar fanzareli88 says:

    Isn’t race the most important thing in a case like this ???!!! Isn’t that what we’re told ohhh wait I get it

  67. Avatar fanzareli88 says:

    Anyone burning down roc hill ?? Oh wait nope

  68. Avatar rudyyy60 says:

    So he kills bunch of white people its not racist…white guy kills a couple Asians n clearly says not race motivated yet MSM media says racism was his motive 🤔 .

  69. Avatar dems says:

    This is clearly a hate crime wtf

  70. Avatar Bob Jones says:

    Somehow, it will be Trump’s fault — Sincerely, the Media.

  71. Avatar K Spear says:

    I know places like fake news nbc hate having to report this story that goes against their narrative. Now blame everything but the shooter in 3 2 1

  72. Avatar Ian The Man says:

    That’s what happens when you let these black supremacists out of jail.

    • Avatar Native American Cowboy says:

      Crazy football athletes are a creation of white males. Tell the truth.

    • Avatar Ian The Man says:

      @Native American Cowboy Hockey players also play a contact sport but I don’t see them in jail or involved in crimes all the time.

  73. Avatar Bryan Smith says:

    SAY HIS NAME! Phillip Adams!

  74. Avatar Troy Mosher says:

    Can’t help but wonder if he had that concussions disease they made the movie about.

  75. Avatar Bizzymom Hands says:

    Omg he killed the five year grandkid too??? I can’t believe the sickos out there and this won’t even be news by tomorrow 😢

  76. Avatar Chrizo says:

    Many will die this year. Covid and at the hands of your own.

  77. Avatar Simeon Simeonov says:

    Brought to you by BLM.

  78. Avatar Roderick Lee says:

    black lives matter

  79. Avatar Sumdumguy says:

    “He was a good boy.”???

    The father needs to get some hometown justice…

  80. Avatar Charisse Anjelica says:

    The trashy ash early brake because motorcycle perplexingly moan towards a rampant prosecution. taboo, afraid beard

  81. Avatar Chairman Jiao Bai Dun says:


  82. Avatar Chairman Jiao Bai Dun says:

    Good riddance just another woke thug gone.

  83. Avatar Chairman Jiao Bai Dun says:

    Money cant fix ghettoness

  84. Avatar Amazed by Kayy says:

    Neighbors, look somebody over looked something in this kid

  85. Avatar Daniel Glencross says:

    This was black supremesy. The don’t even mention the killer’s race unless they are white.

    • Avatar Native American Cowboy says:

      Lol… Most blk football players marry white women. And they play for white owners.
      Black supremacy nahh…

  86. Avatar Raji abey says:

    this is what happens when you pay millions and millions of dollars to these athletes and later cut their career away and force them to live a normal life

  87. Avatar Ryan Downey says:

    Darn all you , flips cards, white supremacist and your mass shootings.

  88. Avatar G. Kenley Goins says:

    Outlawed No but When guys like Nick BUNTICONTI who was a Phillip Morris Lawyer and Denied people justice , Because of the affects of Cigarettes in the end of his life capitulated and knew CTE affected the end of his Life. Now God says we are all Hypocrites but because of the ” Big Denial” by the NFL , CTE , has now affected the Civilian NFL community. Admission of CTE, compensation for it, then talks about medical care, signatures from players waving future claims then relaxation of hitting rules in football except for Kids and College too protect them. When you lie it makes Thugs WORSE NOT BETTER

  89. Avatar Josh Murray says:

    Ironically there’s no white lives matter riots

  90. Avatar Jimmy Jaz says:

    This guy killed 5 white people including 2 little girls. He hated whites, and he killed them.

  91. Avatar Doug Thomson says:

    Well, there you go, guns in the US again.

  92. Avatar Therese Duran says:

    Guarantee they’ll find massive brain damage upon autopsy. Gotta quit letting kids bash themselves in the head until they lose brain function just for a game. And yeah go ahead and tell at me about all the players who don’t murder people. Then check the stats on their lives after football. The amount of degerenitive brain disease is staggering.

  93. Avatar Eli Colón says:

    “He had a bad day”

  94. Avatar Eli Colón says:

    The father was approached moments after a tragedy. What else could he say. He gave his condolences to the families. I’m sure Jeffrey Dahmer’s relatives said he was a good boy too until…

  95. Avatar N.O.A YT says:

    Could this be related to Concussion?????

  96. Avatar Ken says:


  97. Avatar Quintin Warner says:

    My heart goes out to the families. However, what trips me out is how all white people would say imagine how the police felt when the police saw all them bodies etc etc.. However, they want say one word about all the black people killed in the South in the 1930-1960. What do think there families were saying?

  98. Avatar Satguy 141 says:

    The father blames football for this tragedy.
    “His mental health degraded fast and terribly bad,.’ “There was unusual behavior. I’m not going to get into all that (symptoms). We definitely did notice signs of mental illness that was extremely concerning, that was not like we had ever seen. … “He wasn’t a monster. He was struggling with his mental health” he said…. And nobody thought after these statements to mention his behavior to anyone? Now 5 innocent people are dead and one is fighting for their life, Plus the shooter whose life may have been saved if somebody had just spoken up. I don’t know how a person lives with that knowledge.

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