Turkey fumes after Italian PM Draghi called Erdogan ‘dictator’

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A dispute has broken out between Turkey and Italy over an embarrassing moment during a meeting in Ankara recently.
Italy’s prime minister has compared the Turkish president with a dictator.
Al Jazeera’s Homera Choudhary has the story.
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  1. Avatar Arda Fire says:

    If Erdogan was a dictator, he wouldn’t have chosen

  2. Avatar crapTV says:

    Sensless, pointless, without content and empty

  3. Avatar shray says:

    a dictator will be called dictator, what should we call them priest?

  4. Avatar Rashid Khalid says:

    I think it’s the same person who put Salah in front of Ramos🤔

  5. Avatar M3Acedmy says:

    Carry on Sultan erdugan whole pakistan with you try your best to come back as new othman

  6. Avatar Umar Farooq says:

    Interesting thing is that EU commission is not a sovereign country leadership but a representing body of a union …lets say its a sovereign state how come there be two head of single state ? ….. as once a US president asked, “If I have to talk to Europe (EU) who should I call” …..

    • Avatar herIes says:

      The EU is not a state but rappresent 27 having multiple positions of power is not a bad idea, and europe isn’t unique in it either

    • Avatar Umar Farooq says:

      so who is eligible for protocol of head of state …. ???

    • Avatar herIes says:

      @Umar Farooq it’s not like this was a never before done occasion, this was either gross incompetence or malice.

  7. Avatar Fahim Alamin says:

    This is EUROPEAN commission Propaganda. 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  8. Avatar Farhana Islam Shuvechchha says:

    Calling a wanna be dictator a dictator is an insult to the actual dictators.

  9. Avatar byron 2456 says:

    evryone hates the truth

  10. Avatar FALCON girl says:

    It such a petty issue .. common u can’t critisize for these silly things 😂

  11. Avatar İskender Karslı says:

    Ahm ı love erdoğan ❤️

  12. Avatar Independent Kurdistan says:

    He’s not just A dictator, he’s also a nationalist, fascist, and racist.
    Believe it or don’t he Created & support Islamic State (IS) I just hope people took the time to do research, and not just use another man opinion, words, or thoughts.

  13. Avatar Fdj Winner says:


  14. Avatar F.F. Sarah says:

    Hey Draghi… Maybe u showed review ur refugees kick out campaign!… and uninvited guests should definitely get a sofa to relax their self respect!

  15. Avatar Udayvir Uppal says:

    That’s true that Erdogan is a selfish dictator who could destroy Turkey to maintain himself in power. Good for nothing , Turkish President.

  16. Avatar syed monowarul karim says:

    This kind of dictator need all over the world.

  17. Avatar Ak. Mahin says:

    she deserve it 😉

  18. Avatar Medopfe says:

    If the west is concerned, then know that these countries are doing good.

  19. Avatar Isbat Ul Kareem says:

    i see, west has strong issue with turkey n doesnt take them too easily…though its muslim majority n run by erdogan which has strong influence over islam..

  20. Avatar Azhar Yasin Hashmi says:

    Europeans to start respecting other.
    European union declined Turkey’s membership on religion bases. Americans alongside European tried to topple turkey’s government couple of times. And still trying to destabilize turkey, but Turk understand their devilish tricks and is ready to respond.

    • Avatar zvx zvx1 says:

      you are a genius you have understood everything from life

    • Avatar Azhar Yasin Hashmi says:

      @zvx zvx1 aslamoalaikum
      Dear, Thanks for the compliments.
      However, Genius and experience are two different things. IQ…. (by birth) while experieother by age. I am an old man.

  21. Avatar Afzal Anaam says:

    According to the west any leader who doesn’t become their puppet is a dictator. They did the same with Gaddaffi and Sadam Hussein. People are so dumb to believe in Western propaganda 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Avatar herIes says:

      from reporters without borders:
      ” _The witch-hunt waged by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government against its media critics came to a head in the wake of an abortive coup in July 2016. After the elimination of dozens of media outlets and the acquisition of Turkey’s biggest media group by a pro-government conglomerate, the authorities are tightening their grip on what little is left of pluralism – a handful of media outlets that are being harassed and marginalized. Turkey is the world’s biggest jailer of professional journalists. Spending more than a year in prison before trial is the new norm, and long jail sentences are common, in some cases as long as life imprisonment with no possibility of a pardon. Detained journalists and closed media outlets are denied any effective legal recourse. The rule of law is a fading memory in the “New Turkey” of paramount presidential authority. Censorship of websites and online social media has reached unprecedented levels and the authorities are now trying to bring online video services under control. Turkey’s military involvement in Libya and in Syria (along the border and in Idlib), and the migrant issue have expanded the range of topics that are subject to censorship and self-censorship and have increased use of the judicial system for political ends_ “(2020)

      i’m sure you will consider this also propaganda ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  22. Avatar sıla ulukaya says:

    sen diktatör görmemissin erdoganın 2 hatası var 1 cisi ekonomı 2cisi askerımıze kalkan eller ve dıs ulkelerın askerımıze karsı operasyonuna bazen ses etmemesı eger bunlarda bıraz dışli olsa gercekten ulke olarak kımse gıtmesını ıstemez acık ve net

  23. Avatar Luca Pilia says:

    Women in Islamic countries are often seen as objects of service to meet their own needs. many times they suffer all sorts of humiliation, creating a gap between strong and weak men and women where the law of the strongest is in force. The true man does not humiliate, but welcomes. Women generate life, many times we forget that we have mothers, sisters, wives that we must take care of and respect every day.
    Taking care of women and minorities is an act of humanity and nobility of soul. Long live Italy and women from all over the world.

  24. Avatar Akash Yadav says:

    Dictator’s get angry if you call them dictator but kuddos to Italian PM for standing to the truth.

  25. Avatar Adam Jefry says:

    And he is a dictator

  26. Avatar Pastafazoo says:

    Al Jazeera soon to be bombed with Iran like Iraq. Israel and US just waiting for enough votes: 70%

  27. Avatar DIMITRI Kalas says:

    Erdogan is a Dictator how long for Europe to understand it? Germany needs to grow some balls and stop been scared of the refugees Erdogan is threatening to release upon Europe.. This joke went far enough..

  28. Avatar The Unknown Nova says:

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu was also siting on the chair opposite her. So are you saying a women is more important than a man or are they both equal..?

  29. Avatar Zakaria Akob says:

    Live presiden Turki 🇹🇷💖🇹🇷🥰💖😍🤩

  30. Avatar c dallas says:

    That a nice way to settle differences

  31. Avatar XIX IXI says:

    Comunque è stato Michel a superare Erdogan e Ursula Von etc… e a rubarle la sedia, dovrebbe essere lui a vergognarsi !

  32. Avatar Yoav Yoav says:

    Well done Draghi! Finally a PM thats calls it as he sees it.

  33. Avatar Francesco Bray says:

    Perché questi statisti (Erdoğan, al Sisi) sono al potere? Chi lo permette? Perché arrivano a occupare quei posti di potere ? Di chi è la colpa?

  34. Avatar Maurizio Merlini says:

    Ma che minchia vuole la ursola ha anche la poltrona!

  35. Avatar Chris Russo says:

    Turkey is not even in the EU….why was she even there??????

  36. Avatar serhildan says:

    Dictateur islamiste fasciste.

  37. Avatar inconnue says:

    man i hate France

  38. Avatar Shukri 786 says:

    ÈU has problems and they are very gòod pointing fingers to the other counties

  39. Avatar L.R Vlogs says:

    There is only one detractors in this world Bangladeshi pm shake hassina

  40. Avatar 5000friends says:

    With or without chairs Erdogan is a dictator considering the amount of innocent people in turkeys jails.

  41. Avatar Tomy Toma says:

    Erdogan is the best lider on earth man, his like an angel to humanity and a light in the darkness dude, his the drop of wather in the desert his the most handsome and inteligent man on the planet, Turkey belongs to Erdogan and soon all of europe will belong TO SULTAN Erdogan.

  42. Avatar Göktuğ Alparslanoglu says:

    Italia : Erdogan dictatoorrr
    In truth : its 2021 and Italie recieves incomes from countrys that they have colonize but they call that democratie 🙂

  43. Avatar Hulupu Hahaha says:

    İtalya’nın amk

  44. Avatar Deep Blue says:

    Who is this guy? Droghi?? Is he elected?

  45. Avatar Dani awais says:

    Typical western propaganda against Erdogan.
    Love you Erdogan

    • Avatar zvx zvx1 says:

      Typical Turkish answer. I love you Sultan

  46. Avatar KAYI says:

    Draghi is a one big Joke 🤥

  47. Avatar Bibo lotfy says:

    Why is he fuming? Does the truth hurt?

  48. Avatar shueyb Mahamed says:

    Peace over Gold

  49. Avatar GREEN MIND BANGLA says:

    Europe and amarica always cries for democracy but not for humanity.

  50. Avatar Али Дамир says:

    Belgium, Denmark Ítalya prezdent no diktator, Erdogan diktator, feyk minister)))

  51. Avatar Али Дамир says:

    Kings no diktator?)))))) Euro???))

  52. Avatar Pursuing Purity says:

    If being sat on a sofa rather than a chair is Italy’s definition of a dictator, what do we call Mussolini and his other European counterparts?

    • Avatar Simone Dylan says:

      The difference is that the war happened 80 years ago, turkey instead is still stuck there thanks to their religion mostly

  53. Avatar Fish n Chips says:

    Draghi said nothing wrong.

  54. Avatar ALISTAIR THOMPSON says:

    Al Jazeera won’t like what the Italian said as they agree with every single thing erdogan does

  55. Avatar Funder james says:

    Ya he his

  56. Avatar esfhan alam Kherani says:

    Erdogan is a stupid psychopath who desperately wants to become Khalifa. .

  57. Avatar Dear says:

    If ordogan is dictator all of world leaders are dictators first look at theirself before judging others Allah bless turkey Russia USA and whole world thanks

  58. Avatar Person Sales says:

    EU should not support Turkey,

    • Avatar Dear says:

      Why what benefit you’ll get from it Allah bless turkey and it’s friends Russia Iran jarmany itely Japan Ukraine Indonesia Pakistan USA India Nigeria ksa south Korea Egypt Jordan France and whole world

  59. Avatar Dear says:

    In my opinion it would be disrespected act when she didn’t get sofa and she would have sat down on the floor Allah bless whole world thanks

  60. Avatar VIV ViV says:

    Sanctions have driven Turkey to bankruptcy, can’t even provide chairs to diplomats.
    Hope the dictator starts taking things seriously to save his economy, as Qatar and China are slowly deserting the Ottomans!!!

  61. Avatar C T says:

    Says the man who plunged the European union in the largest debt that people will have to pay for. They just hate Turkey because Turkey is independent in its positions and decisions and European union clearly does not like it. Like Iran or Russia, they will demonize him.

    • Avatar zvx zvx1 says:

      So if she is so independent why has she wanted to join the EU for 40 years?

    • Avatar C T says:

      @zvx zvx1 Turkey fulfilled all the conditions to join the EU and did believe it would join but Europe has always opposed it because the country is a Muslim majority country despite being secular which is a crucial condition to join. Now Turkey understands it so it decided to go their own way. And because it is doing so it is becoming the enemy to get rid off. Any country in the world that does not bend to the EU, it’s allies and USA and is a growing power is being demonized. It’s just a fact.
      I don’t have anything against Turkey, nothing against any country in the world, just stating the fact. As soon as a country resists, the west attacks. It’s actually incredible to watch how much they don’t live up to their own principles.

  62. Avatar Madhavan T says:

    She should have walked out. No use shouting after the humiliation.

  63. Avatar Linda Mvungi says:

    Erdogan keeps adding powerful enemies to his list!

  64. Avatar Nur thenur says:

    They don’t want a strong Turkey

  65. Avatar jamil kazi says:

    According to one of the articles in the German weekly Der Speigel, titled “How the EU is making a fool of itself on the world stage,” laid the fault with Michel, rather than the EU’s Turkish hosts, who have repeatedly underlined that they had prepared seating arrangements in line with the wishes of EU protocol teams.
    Receiving considerable media attention, the “scenes of a bizarre power struggle” between Michel and von der Leyen amounted to a fiasco, according to the article.

  66. Avatar Dilip S says:

    This people are not well mannered.

  67. Avatar Zade Xavier says:

    I think right now NATO should concentrate on Ukraine, not on musical chairs.

  68. Avatar Nak Suz Miky says:

    Draghi have right… erdogan kind attitude is good x halifat in 1600,,in ue woman have same right…not Sharia …best erdogan come back to cammilla and beduine Village,,…never turkey in ue…

  69. Avatar HasbihaL . Org says:

    Dizim dururken ne koltuğu 🙂

  70. Avatar international hitman says:

    Not a good move when u want eu membership

  71. Avatar Adjei Kuffor says:

    Turkey US and France kill Gaddafi because of oil

  72. Avatar Gianni Corallo says:

    Draghi literally sold italy to europe during the last 30 years.. Erdogan sent to jail thousands of people… i wouldn’t stay in a room with neither of them. I feel sorry for Turkish people and ashamed to be associated with Draghi… the economic reichfuhrer of this financial fourth reich.

  73. Avatar E & E says:

    Draghi is the best!

  74. Avatar Sameer Aumeer says:

    She should have been shown her place since long! Denying Turkey of EU membership since ages is NOT dictatorship and tyranny ?

  75. Avatar Hank49 says:

    In Turkey, anybody calling the President a dictator will be jailed.

  76. Avatar Gaurav Lingwal says:

    Turkey is new Syria and Pakistan this bullshit country need destruction

  77. Avatar AWESOME Panda says:

    Italian PM is a CLOWN then…

  78. Avatar Wasee e says:

    Erdogan literally said he didn’t believe men and women were equal lmao what did you expect

  79. Avatar Dirk official says:

    Erdogan a dictator?sure but so is the E.U .the pot and the kettle.

  80. Avatar Fahad Khan says:

    If he is dictator according to them🙂then he is sultan according to me
    Love erdogan from Pakistan ♥️🇵🇰

  81. Avatar Dirk official says:

    Ladies first but who says this woman is a lady

  82. Avatar Simone Dylan says:

    Womans still wearing burka in Turkey…. What a backward country, still following their ridicoulus religion law.

  83. Avatar Wafel Strawberry says:

    Not erdogan giving italy millions of money during corona

  84. Avatar awab abdullah says:

    Well said….Eordagan is spreading chaos in Arab countries

  85. Avatar Bernd Das Brötchen says:

    Sure the slave of Goldman Sachs and ECB have to point out bad person hahaha 😂😂😂

  86. Avatar Emil Rustamov says:

    LOL Italian PM why? Triggered?? cry dudee wait will we complete Sultan Fateh’s Vision

  87. Avatar Bernd Das Brötchen says:

    If Draghi really is a gentleman, why he couldn’t stand up and offer his chair? Maybe he’s a Sexist dictator

  88. Avatar Wadani Tm says:

    Anyone ready to call Putin a dictator too?

  89. Avatar Tohifjgs Jfjkf says:


  90. Avatar Italian Mapping says:


  91. Avatar RAJESH UPADHYAY says:

    In–wanted press and media focus on sitting arrangements…….

    Focus on discussion……that is more relevent…..

    International events are meant for Business Discussions…….media should not un-necessarily try to create disputed statements….

    Erdogan is Long term political ruler…..his focus is on Agenda always.

    New ITALIAN PRIME MINISTER is an ECONOMIST and that matters more ……..
    So any FEMALE visits in the meeting with ECONOMIST PM OF ITALY & PRESIDENT ERDOGAN then its focused on BUSINESS & FINANCE IN EUROPEAN UNION…….

    Rather talking irrelevent points of thoughts……….

    What matters is work related talks.

    11—4(April)2021 Sunday 15.09 pm

  92. Avatar Shaikh Asif says:

    When u lose in musical chair

  93. Avatar Wonky Gustav says:

    People hate the truth hey

  94. Avatar proud atheist says:

    Erdogan is a radical islamic ditactor

  95. Avatar Andy Panteli says:

    Endogan was expecting her to seat on his knee

  96. Avatar common sense says:

    The sultans of the ottoman empire let these bastards live and grow and only for them to attack and try to destroy Turkey how we wish we could turn back the hands of time when these Europeans leaders were hiding and never had the balls to say anything against the Ottomans

  97. Avatar Edvin Bukvic says:

    This is big news?!? When will it be big news on how badly and corrupt they run the union?

  98. Avatar Kars says:

    Bruh what is the big deal? Yeah it might have a subliminal meaning but seriously is it really a problem?

  99. Avatar zvx zvx1 says:

    If you still think the problem is a chair you’re an idiot … simple

  100. Avatar Ace K says:

    Turkey is the best thr world is jealous

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