I believe in the estimates that bitcoin will eventually hit $1 million per coin: CoinDesk

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CoinDesk Learn Editor Ollie Leach joined Yahoo Finance’s Adam Shapiro to break down his thoughts on the cryptocurrency market and why he believes bitcoin could reach $1 million per coin.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


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    Bitcoin will become the unit of measurement.

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    BTC’S competition is BCH, and LTC and DOGE. ETHEREUM has no supply cap.

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      BTC has no competition… it is digital gold with a very limited supply, hard cap. Eth has so much competition in Cardano, Solana, etc.

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      Doge has no supply cap, ETH will become deflationary and it’s being estimated around 120m eth will ever exist do some research

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      @JAKEDOWN999 It will come down to 100m eth.

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    BTC to $1 million is all fine and dandy, but doge is going to $100

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      @M. S. BitEth yep.

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      Mondy. Market cap bro do the math and tell me that again

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      @Sean Connery btc at $1,000,000 is 20t market cap. Dogecoin at $100 is 14t market cap. What other math would you like me to do for you sir?

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    Where does the confidence come from?
    You don’t think this will blow up in all of your faces?

    • Avatar Leaf Odan says:

      How can the dollar perform when it’s just constantly being printed? How much value can it have when there’s no scarcity? It’s bound to lead to massive loss of value. The reason money used to be based on gold was because it was considered valuable due to its scarcity.

      Also Bitcoin solves the issue of banks being needed at all. And banks are a bane to democracy, which we should all have noticed by now. They consolidate wealth and influence and become to big to fail.

      And bitcoins finite amount of 21 million means it will always appreciate with growth of population and adoption.

      I don’t see how people don’t get it.

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  29. Avatar Dave Peartree says:

    so many people with crystal balls in the comments below.

    • Avatar Daniel McArthur says:

      It will peak on a drizzly Tuesday!

  30. Avatar Loy Machedo says:

    No No….This is a very modest estimate. It will hit $1 Trillion per coin. Just wait and watch.

  31. Avatar Lauren Nicholas says:

    *People will be kicking
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    I sure hope this kid is right!

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    bitcoin is amazing

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    According to the report, there are 46.8 million millionaires worldwide, and they collectively own approximately $158.3 trillion. If they transit 10% of their money to bitcoin (which holds 40% of the crypto market) then assuming 21M of limited supply the value of each bitcoin would have to be(without counting future growth) $300K. The assets grow with a rate and bitcoin is not equally flourished yet so if we take an account of 5% growth of assets in 25 years then, total assets would be $536T which gives–>$1.02M accounting just the millionaires. If we consider billionaires, their total wealth stands at $13.1T, which has grown at a rate of 15% since 2013. say it grows at a further rate of 5% then the total amount would be–>$44T+$536T=$580T, which gives a per coin value of –>$1.1M. This is just the start, the actual value of bitcoin in 50 yrs of time frame can lead anywhere between $2-$10M.

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    If I was the government and saw that suddenly “decentralized finance” was taking control away from me, I would never let it happen.

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      Imagine running a company as a CEO and you can’t actually be certain that all your funds are being handled correctly by the people below you.

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    • Avatar Timothy Azbill says:

      The whole point of decentralized blockchain so they can’t stop it. You’d literally have to shut down every computer and the entire internet.

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    crypto is a true free markets if you do your research in the wrong project and it crashes 50% overnight there will be no bailout so do your research before you fomo into S coins

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    Everyone going to be billionaires? Lol

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