India COVID-19 deaths could touch 1 million by August: Lancet

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For the second day in a row, more than 4,000 people have died of COVID-19 in India.
UK medical journal The Lancet has warned the death toll could reach one million by August.
India has already the third-highest COVID-19 death toll in the world.

Al Jazeera’s Pavni Mittal reports from New Delhi, India.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Shaheer Shah says:

    MashAllah beatyfull scenes these endian are happy on palestine isuee I would love to see toll crossing 10 M 😎

    • Avatar Ajab Ali Korai says:

      Inshallah Billion.

  2. Avatar Boost , says:

    what is the Indian government doing, they are useless, not helping people at all

  3. Avatar CryptoConcussion says:

    So sad. I love you India 🙏❤️

  4. Avatar Jason Blacklock says:


  5. Avatar Maria Sanchez says:

    Jesus is coming soon the rapture is near

  6. Avatar John Slugger says:

    I have noticed that I have not got one telemarketing-scam-call in the last 3 weeks. I wondered what happened?

    • Avatar Jessica H says:

      @Yunus Abdul The “your Amazon account has been hacked” are freaking persistent, they must be able to telework.

    • Avatar John Slugger says:

      @Jessica H Yup, that one is pervasive too. I did some study and most of those scammers are child molesters and alcoholics and are allowed to drink on the job. They are “NUMB” and dumb. Getting a high paying job in India is REALLY hard with a criminal record. Tela-scammers are the very lowest trash, creepy!

    • Avatar Yunus Abdul says:

      @John Slugger check out Boda, Elma Fisher is hilarious senior lady🤣

    • Avatar Yunus Abdul says:

      @Jessica H yes they are , I some times call them and waste their time.😁

    • Avatar Yunus Abdul says:

      @John Slugger Check out scammer payback too.

  7. Avatar CK Yau says:

    We can pretty well predicting the conditions in India. Many don’t have their mask on, many not wearing it right even in the crowded hospitals. Even the India Reporter above, she with her educational level, is not wearing a mask

  8. Avatar Grim Desaye says:

    New Attack on India by China the vaccine will do.nothing to this get the Chinese vaccine India you will find some are very different then the rest of the world:(

  9. Avatar Rashid Ahmad says:

    SHAME Modi government SHAME

  10. Avatar 刘杰 says:

    If one million lives costs would wake up the nation,reunited and reform their system ,it’s a good thing. But I don’t think there would be any change. That’s the saddest part

  11. Avatar Lau Kc says:

    All Indian should br armed, march to Modi’s home and ask for justice!

  12. Avatar Mr. Tom says:

    They may already have exceeded 1 million, there is no reliable count so the true number will never be known.

  13. Avatar Lord Mephisto says:

    Let’s be honest here. Who wouldn’t want less of these people in the world…

    • Avatar Adam Eve says:


  14. Avatar Nolram Onairam says:

    Here in the Philippines you even get paid by the government if you had Covid.. hospital and medical people get really rich of Covid..the government wants Covid forever because they want to control peoples lives.

  15. Avatar pawan raj says:

    It has surpassed 1 million , Thousands of death are going unreported .

  16. Avatar guyver 36 says:

    Please god someone help this country nobody deserves this

  17. Avatar Kris Brand says:

    India has china to thank.

  18. Avatar D S says:

    It’s already at 1 million.

  19. Avatar Adam Eve says:

    Bikhari Surrendra modi have sold Endia to Endia’s sugar daddy USA including oxygen💩🇮🇳🐮

  20. Avatar Adam Eve says:

    india is a poverty ridden beggar sh*thole country💩🇮🇳🐮

  21. Avatar Adam Eve says:

    Endia should beg their sugar daddy USA for oxygen hold on a second USA outright refused to send any medical equipment😂😂😂😂💩🇮🇳🐮

  22. Avatar mY JJJ says:


  23. Avatar ryan salazar says:

    30,000 die each day in India 365 days a year 11,00,000 15,000,000 MILLION DIE A YEAR AND THEY CAN COPE WITH THE NORMAL BURIALS …… ”you film secretly”?? my Mother is Indian- stop showing the same burial grounds and disrespecting the dead….. as for the news across the world of a woman dead on the street from corona was the exact same woman that died in a gas explosion years ago. LIARS FEEDING FEAR.

  24. Avatar Herlita Lita says:

    Pm modi azab Allah yg membunuh org2 sholat mrsk
    Rmh allah

  25. Avatar Democracy 2020 says:

    India stop export India variants to whole world

  26. Avatar Meyli Grg says:

    Please repent and believe in christ only he is the one who can help n save us please this is your opportunity to seek the true way of heaven n return to your saviour

  27. Avatar Meyli Grg says:

    Few weeks ago I dreamed about india n Nepal there big sea was covering all over India n Nepal that’s mean God kingdom is coming there n indian Nepali believe in creator who is Almighty God not on his creative like animals trees or any stone or river God is in u so let him to work in ur life

  28. Avatar Rocky Stellone says:

    Bigfoot released the virus

  29. Avatar Total GAMIX says:

    Nit to mention mutations. Its going to get bad

  30. Avatar Manmeet sharma says:


  31. Avatar Bhargavv Jani says:

    WHO knew this and they are fully responsible with China to spread this.. I feel for my fellow countrymen…

  32. Avatar Bk says:

    The government is killing their poor to them they are useless to the society

  33. Avatar long truong says:

    Too late.

  34. Avatar BPJ says:

    excess motality is the only way we can really know how many have died in india. this will take time until next year

  35. Avatar Debbie Downer says:

    Thank you Shiva, purge these scammers with the C Virus

  36. Avatar Pink Panther says:

    We know who is behind lancet .. just dram about it .. the wave will be under control by 2 nd week of June

  37. Avatar Sabrina Rahman says:


  38. Avatar Angeli Alvares says:

    1.2 million people die EVERY YEAR from AIR POLLUTION that causes respiratory distress. So what’s new? Why hype up a déja vu event? Clean up the air…pass laws to limit carbon monoxide exhaust poison in our air by limiting car use to the minimum, stop open cast coal mining that releases the virus (PM10 and PM2.5) particulate matter that is released from mining coal in the open and also from using coal to provide electricity, make sure strict laws are put in and followed to clean up the air by factories and other human activities and limit microwave radiation from cell towers to 700MW frequency or less and start a massive emigration back to the countryside with people engaging in farming and interacting with Nature as they were meant to. Then we will see a ray of hope….otherwise you are just staring at Human Extinction and it will be here faster than you think.

  39. Avatar Sabrina Rahman says:

    😞😞😭😭😭Hey Allah mercy them..Can’t tolarte anymore

  40. Avatar The Wishmaster says:

    Population of India is out of control

  41. Avatar Syed Ahmed says:


  42. Avatar Narendra Singh says:

    Already more than 1million they are hiding the data.

  43. Avatar CAA says:


  44. Avatar shaheed cv says:

    Most of the indian media not reporting actual situation of india.. Govt hiding covid death. All other nations make pressure to modi to resign the prime minister post and appoint an educated person on that place

  45. Avatar 西川政広 says:


  46. Avatar Michael Stapelberg says:

    the wrong people are dying! the rich dont care in their ivory towers!

  47. Avatar Ajab Ali Korai says:

    Kashmir ke logon ke sath zulam kiya tha naw ab tm logon ke uper zulam hoga. ALLAH ki pakar bht khtarnaak hai sub maro gay.. abi to 2nd way hai inshallah or bi ahen gi bht see.

  48. Avatar Yunus Abdul says:

    More like 10 million. India is lying about numbers to save Modis Image.

  49. Avatar Garage Qeys says:

    More like 1Million X 5+… the real numbers are never relayed to the World media.

  50. Avatar Shah RA says:

    A wise man once said ……

  51. Avatar farazio de Baigo says:

    1 million reported deaths means 1 billion Real deaths.

  52. Avatar Tarot Revela says:

    Why did they go political campaign religious gathering? We all need to take responsibility
    When government lock down
    you call for human right! This is not india Canadiens do not want lock down.

  53. Avatar Aravind R A says:

    I think India already crossed 1Million fatalities.

  54. Avatar Sanjib k. Nayak says:

    local news channel

  55. Avatar Kit kat says:

    Kashmiriyo ki badua lag gai es Hindustan ko

  56. Avatar hungrybearcircus says:

    Already crossed a million. We might already be at 1.25
    Edit : By August If this trend continues india will cross 2.5 mill

  57. Avatar christine holly says:


  58. Avatar Bil Kho says:

    Hope Indian people got a lesson . Modhi .shah and yogi are uneducated . Modhi said “ I do believe in hard work but not Harvard! He took experts prediction concerning Covid for granted.

  59. Avatar outsider ! says:

    Thanks China.

  60. Avatar Besa Bes says:

    Population control is ugly ,but good for everyone

  61. Avatar Balaji Mehetre says:

    This is media creating fear and many hospitals converting non covid deaths as covid and do u know death rate in india that is huge.

  62. Avatar Hen1 says:

    Hahaha 🤣

  63. Avatar Akash David says:

    My aunt died today morning for covid

  64. Avatar Mat Salleh says:

    Modi join Quad to contain China now the virus is containing India

  65. Avatar gang zhi says:

    Better to be late than never. Western countries, esp. US should make vaccine cheap and available to developing countries around the globe through WHO.

  66. Avatar Wubin Yang says:

    This is the massacre made by Modi

  67. Avatar amirul asraf says:

    So?…that just less than 1% of their population

  68. Avatar Aliby Montana says:

    Hi I’m from India please help me to buy oxygen for my mom before she dies
    you can send me cryptos as fast as you can thank you my government is useless
    God bless you 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  69. Avatar Dua Kids Show says:

    No dought Situation is very bad,Gareeb Admi ko koi poochney wala nahi,Rashan card bhi bus name ka hi hai,Stay connected.

  70. Avatar Sahr David Lebbie says:

    Set India 🇮🇳 free o Lord. Free from covid 19

  71. Avatar 2100BLF says:

    Unofficially, several studies are estimating it to be just a little under 1 million, all the way to as much as 2 million covid deaths now. The official COVID deaths are all what you count in hospitals.

  72. Avatar Ak Sharma says:

    There are still many unreported covid deaths.

  73. Avatar FlyAKite says:

    He’s lucky to have kobe at a time like this

  74. Avatar Manuel Arellaga says:

    Kunti Lang Yan gawin nyo 20 milyon

  75. Avatar mohammad rafsanjani says:

    War never changes.

  76. Avatar Smitha Susheela says:

    Lancet is China’s paid media spreading false information who wants to take political advantage and create panic in the country

  77. Avatar TheProBush says:

    Countries that supresses their minorities will get hit…
    Anyway, India can afford to lose 400 million people, n will hv 900 million left…

  78. Avatar Michael defox says:

    covid dead thrown into the bihar/ganga river :well, soon we will have covidH20…water pantogens….welcome to india..if the air dont kill you than the water and fish will…covid originate in china and movidh20 comes from india…its modi variants…modi is like trump wants to inject you with chlorox

  79. Avatar The Truth Hurts You! says:

    More like 15 million.

  80. Avatar yahataru says:

    the more are burned…the better

  81. Avatar Red x says:

    India saw this coming

  82. Avatar Coffee Lover says:

    Indian people please try to drink hot ginger tea and try stesm bath , theres no thing wrong if you only give it a try if you have a mild symptoms!

  83. Avatar unofficial reporting says:

    Biggest threat to land is breeding population where any country find tough to set balance in growth over country land. Many can guess this corona virus is created to bring down economy of many countries. India is never prepared for any such Pandamic when Indian Politicans always have mindset of vote bank and breeding population is the biggest threat for anycou try to turn one of the biggest poorest country. It’s failure by all government till date who played vote bank. If one govt try to bring rule to kick out immegrants then lakhs of ppl oppose and same people would cry for food and job in coming years.

  84. Avatar Juicy Fruit says:


  85. Avatar Mani kant says:

    Indian prime minister only fond of camera and photoshoot, if cameras get banned in india, modi will resign…
    For coron handling, he is doing nothing.
    Worst government I have ever seen.

  86. Avatar Abdul Mumith Laskar says:

    Sorry🇮🇳 India🙏 is bleeding.
    The Government of my motherland🇮🇳 🇮🇳 INDIA has Lost control Over both the PANDEMIC And the ECONOMY.
    Allaah❤ Bless us All❤

  87. Avatar Akim Amin says:


  88. Avatar ritika rawat 28 says:

    Mera desh badaal rahaa hai
    I m really shocked that Indian media is busy covering exit poll !

  89. Avatar mpolanetz says:

    QUESTION:- Are ALL those who are dying from coronavirus the ones who got the vaccine ?
    QUESTION:- Are ALL those who now got the coronavirus been near those who got vaccinated”

    AS one of the SIDE EFFECTS from these mRNA injections is that those who have been vaccinated can GIVE the coronavirus with those people they come in contact with !! It is called SHEDDING !

    STATS AS OF 01 February2021
    CALCULATED PER CAPITA !!!!!!!! Have a good LOOK AT INDIA the most HIGHLY POPULATED country with the LOWEST DEATHS !!!!!!!!!
    Population of India – 1,380,004,385

    10,758,619 tested positive, that is 0.7796075952323877 % of the whole population
    10,604,191 people SURVIVED, that is 98.5646113130319 % Survival Rate
    154,428 deaths, that is .01119039922470971 % of the whole population

    Take a close look at India, which has a high poor population, The slums have NO lockdowns , No wearing masks NO social distance or have curfews, yet they have the lowest number of people testing positive for the coronavirus and the lowest death toll then any country !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Population of England – 67,886,011
    3,7800,000 tested positive, that is 5.568157480927845 % of the whole population
    3,674,000 people SURVIVED, that is 97.19576719576719 % Survival Rate
    106,000 deaths, that is 0.1561440986715216 % of the whole population

    YET everyone has forgotten that in 2018, 8.3 MILLION caught INFLUENZA in less then TWO WEEKS !!!!!!!! That is 12.226377537487068 % of the population got influenza in two weeks !!!
    COMPARE that with coronavirus of 3,7800,000 tested positive, that is 5.568157480927845 % of the whole population of the whole population in a YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Population of America – 331,000,000
    26,761,838 tested positive, that is 8.085147432024169 % of the whole population
    26,309,646 people SURVIVED, that is 98.31031037554297 % Survival Rate
    452,192 deaths, that is 0.13661389728096676 % of the whole population

    YET in 2018, In America, 35.5 MILLION caught INFLUENZA and more than 16.5 million went to the doctors and 490,600 hospitalizations



  90. Avatar cat videos says:

    For the geographically challenged, if one million Indians died of COVID, that would be 0.07% of the population. In other words, that’s a 99.93% survival rate.

  91. Avatar Md shafiq says:

    🤣🤣🤣Corona say maraiga Pakistan 🤣🤣

  92. Avatar Md shafiq says:

    Pakistani says we stand with Indian # Indian says we stand with Israel # me say i stand with Corona in Indian #🤣🤣🤣and win the match 🤣🤣

  93. Avatar Adnan Aslam says:


  94. Avatar ummu Yousuf says:

    Who head will be responsible for this.

  95. Avatar SAIKAT MAJUMDAR says:

    Unofficial death toll as of today exceeds 1.3million.

  96. Avatar Yaseen Ba says:

    And china says only 80 thousand has died 🤣🤣🤣 i think more than a million has died in china as will

    Note: not making fun of dead people. Im making fun of the bullshit in numbers

  97. Avatar David Yudisha says:

    Pavni …. where is yr mask ??

  98. Avatar Lieu Phan says:

    stupid India government just make people cry.

  99. Avatar pubg mobile says:

    Mor sasara

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