How inflation may shape the next phase of the stock market

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Oxford Economics Chief U.S. Economist, Greg Daco, joins Yahoo Finance’s Myles Udland, Julie Hyman, and Brian Sozzi to discuss the state of the economy and what a weak employment report would mean for the labor market recovery and inflation.
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  1. Avatar Millionaire Mindset Club says:

    Hyperinflation is a trending word on google this morning. People need to take a chill pill 💊

  2. Avatar Frederick Miles says:

    Reverse Repo’s will just fuel the everything bubble – you will not create good lending (inflation) until wages increase and debt is paid off or bankruptcy events occur where bad debt is destroyed allowing for the creation of healthy debt. First step is stopping QE and for the record I would be more concerned with deflation as inflation is transitory due to supply chain destruction and labor shortages; both crunch profit margins as cost increases cant be absorbed by consumers and good and services increase due to scarcity of material.

  3. Avatar STOCK GORILLA says:

    Here are some facts on all crypto assets..

    1. Useless tokens that sit ontop of a blockchain with no real world value or value that’s attached to the underlying asset. No shareholder rights, no voting rights and no rights on liquidation

    2. All of the eth bnb mining fees are based on the individual investors swaping one useless token for another useless token (meme coins). These companies have no real turn over. These useless coin sales are the only thing keeping the lights on.

    3. All defi dapps are based on leveraging/trading one useless token for another useless token, resulting in no real world improvements.

    4. No cryptocurrency name/protocol is unique, I can fork my own chain from btc or rip the exact same code from github, develop my own blockchain exactly like btc, put a token ontop of and call it bitcoin.

    5. Blockchain tech is not new and doesn’t need a useless token to sit on top of it. Using ibm hyperledger which is open source and runs circles around all blockchains out there.

    6. A vast majority claim to be decentralised but are far from that. Xrp ada included.

    7. Skewed morals of Majority of the investors involved “crypto bros”. They talk one min about “decentralised the world bro, help the small people” and at the same time knowingly and actively being involved in a ponzi scheme to rob novice small investors.

    Shaky foundations, never end well.

    Some one prove me wrong.

    • Avatar James Peter Brannan says:

      Sure thing:

      1. Useless tokens isn’t a fact, that’s your opinion. Many people would say that the inability for central banks to increase supply of some cryptocurrencies e.g. bitcoin is great. Further, the divisibility and ability to send it across countries and settle to another account in minutes without FX fees is extremely useful 😉

      2. Mining fees aren’t based on swapping tokens, they are based on the work required for validating transactions on the blockchain. Without this fee there is no incentive for validation of transactions and solving cryptographic problems.

      3. Incorrect statement in many ways, but DAPPS have many different uses including lending, borrowing, gaming, enhanced IP and copyright protection as well as smart contracts. You need to dig into this more if you want to understand how they can become revolutionary for removing costly intermediaries i.e. banks from the parts of the process through automation.

      4. No crypto is unique and you can copy them? Sure you can, but not everyone’s going to follow you and buy your crypto. Equally you can go and start your own line of t-shirts, but I wouldn’t go and criticise t-shirts just because anyone can make them.

      5. Hyper ledger is indeed very interesting and seems like a great open source project. I don’t know enough to comment on better vs. worse. However, small simple blockchains with defined functions can be faster to implement and gain trust than a constantly changing hyper ledger with endless potential but no clearly defined use case, product or service. It’s more of a tool.

      6. Agreed.

      7. I can’t speak for all cryptos but a Ponzi scheme is different in that the owners of the scheme tends to actually control where the funds are located and can simply take off with the money once it reaches a certain level. With crypto like bitcoin, sure a whale could leave with 1 million bitcoin, but at best he’s taking 5% supply. I suppose if your definition of a Ponzi scheme is other people paying more for something bought previously for less, it would apply to every valuable asset in history.

  4. Avatar Nobody says:

    BTC 😉
    Ray Dalio got BTC, sold bonds.

    • Avatar avarmauk says:

      Btc is the only safe asset out there right now

  5. Avatar Jay M says:

    I’m rich. County Tax Assessor says my house value has doubled!

    • Avatar Sam Smullen says:

      Yes, you are rich but going to be poor after paying double the property tax, school tax… since your house value has doubled.

    • Avatar Benjamin Cheney says:

      That’s only if you sell it, otherwise you are just going to be paying higher taxes.

  6. Avatar Communist-Business Is-Corruption says:

    Capitalism = Parasite 🦠

  7. Avatar Communist-Business Is-Corruption says:

    NO economy since 1984!!!!

  8. Avatar Communist-Business Is-Corruption says:

    Inflation = Fake made up elitist variable = criminal variable!!!!

  9. Avatar Communist-Business Is-Corruption says:

    Once ALL Americans are paid livable wages of $25/Hour and up for all jobs in America + 3% increase faster than fake inflation elitist variable, THEN everything will smoothen out! Otherwise; Americans will continue NOT to participate in labor exploitation and civil unrest is coming!!!! Americans are sovereign and do not put up with bullshit! ⚠️🚨

  10. Avatar John Ruscito says:

    Gdp is just another word for government spending without paying down debts Explains why we are having huge “growth” and huge deficits even though we have the biggest economy by gdp. The trade deficit just shows this economy has been dead for a while. Trade deficit gets worse and worse every year. It’s been how long since a positive trade balance sheet? A strong economy would have positive trade. A good economy wouldn’t have extreme crashes every ten years then just have another bubble blown up by the fed. But they want you to believe this Cinderella story the fed concocts right before every major crash. Everyone believes it and then gets crushed. How many times will the stock market fall for this. They act like the bulls of bulls a wizard bull trader or whatever lmao but any sign of a market down turn they get fucking crushed and then bailed out. Except for the traders who believe them. Just like in 2008. Now there’s a new batch of these idiots. Ready to get burnt. But the thing is they are inspiring new traders with warped out looks again. Sucking them into their bs and end up getting them crushed as well except they don’t get the bail outs. Stop bailing people out. Let these people get crushed so the get flushed out of the system. Enough with government spending they are destroying or already destroyed each and everyone’s lives who are poor or middle class. They say they care about the poor by just throwing a monthly check that doesn’t really do much.

  11. Avatar Rob Perry says:

    Greg ‘Mr. Feel Good’ Daco. Reminds me of the cartoon of the dog in the burning house saying that everything is fine.

    • Avatar CRYPTO For Canadian says:

      D, O, N, T ,,,, F, O, R, G, E, T ,,,, T, O ,,,, S, U, B, S, C, R, I, B, E
      W, H, A, T, S, A, P, P ,,,, M, E ,,,,, F, O, R ,,,,, G, U, I, D, E, L, I , N, E, S ,,,,, A, N, D ,,,,, I, N, V, E, S, T, M, E, N, T
      (+) (1) (8) (4) (8) (4) (8) (2) (4) (0) (4) (6) ..•

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  13. Avatar Money Man says:


  14. Avatar Sarah Heavener says:

    how can you base anything about money on out right lies. i can’t believe people still watch this garbage.

  15. Avatar DONALD MARK says:

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  17. Avatar Full Spectrum says:

    What happened to Get X? I guess we don’t matter or we got canceled?

  18. Avatar Tejas Shah says:

    Do you believe FED leadership is in hands of prudent?
    The end result of massive toxic assets purchase is definitely NOT what they had anticipated
    Tapering must be done now to avoid much bigger problems

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    Great video!

    But i don’t know who need to here this,but with the current state of our world, saving money is outdated. Investing is the future.

  21. Avatar Josh1091 says:

    Checking in to see what Mr Market thinks. As ever, absolutely no idea

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  26. Avatar michael mikey says:

    the democrats are destroying the economy, giving people more to stay home than work, opening up and destroying the southern border, now illegals will take the jobs that are paying less than unemployment and then Americans will be out of unemployment payments and no open jobs

  27. Avatar Kaeden Truong says:

    That’s all the news ever talk in about inflation.. stupid ass narrative..

  28. Avatar Kaeden Truong says:

    What does a jobs report or inflation have to do anything with stocks going up or down.. it’s called demand.. if you have money u buy it if you don’t.. dont.. stupid ass narrative

    • Avatar Erp Na says:

      Hhahaha you are just some one who do not know what market depends at .. inflation report is one the key and basic ingridents of market show … why ? Do your homework and findout why

    • Avatar James Lee says:

      @Erp Na do you like inflation

  29. Avatar Erp Na says:

    Crypto is bogus thing will crash more this yeat … its just like chips that you buy in the casino and before you get out cash them at the counter because you cannot use those in real world .. do not gamble your hard earnings on something that has no intrinsic value in real world

  30. Avatar Erp Na says:

    It’s better by gold or some commodity that has real face value that you can feel in your hand not crypto at all

    • Avatar James Lee says:

      Crypto an bitcoins better

    • Avatar Erp Na says:

      Thats you think because you don’t know the future is yet. Do you know what is going on at the legal end for the crypto? What the US govt pursue for. If you give the answer I would know you really follow crypto … so plz let us know

  31. Avatar Erp Na says:

    As soon crypto exchanges will get registered with the government or IRS they must have to report all the transactions that they make in those exchanges will be reported to IRS. Therefore, the future is not so bright for crypto anymore they will fall further down this year. The case is pending in the court of law and chances are the government is going to win that case soon

  32. Avatar Erp Na says:

    Invest in growing Markets economies that are growing very fast. at the moment find out their stock exchanges, get registered in those companies, and invest where markets are booming. Currently in Asian economies there are few countries there stock markets are booming more than crypto, crypto is not so close to them

  33. Avatar michael mikey says:

    unemployment doubled in the past year way to go Biden, with thousand of destroyed jobs

    • Avatar James Lee says:

      He hasn’t been in there for a year you sound funny

    • Avatar george meadows says:

      @Michael—— Your Math is very impressive . Turning 4 mo magically into 1 year.
      And “ Unemployment doubled “ — what !!! Yes way to go Biden—- with determination
      pushed thru a stimulus pkg to put direct payments into American hands— Unemployment
      dropping rapidity—- Unlike Trump and his GOP gang giving the largest tax cut in History
      to Corporations and the Wealthy while throwing bread crumbs to everyone else
      Not to mention the worst management in the World re- COvid. Yes Biden thank-you
      for saving so many Lives from COvid.

  34. Avatar michael mikey says:

    when people are keep Locke down what else is going to happen, so now the dollar is worth less

    • Avatar James Lee says:

      I think it’s bs what about you

  35. Avatar eWorkNOW says:

    Don’t know how I stopmed onto this. Anyway Damn good clip ❤️. I also watched those rather similar from MStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these stuff. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had amazing information about similiar money making things on his channel.

  36. Avatar mdb123 says:

    Why has the price of gasoline gone up 60% since November of 2020 for me? 60% since Biden won the election!!!!!!
    Not 20% or even 30% but 60%.

  37. Avatar Jessica Printke says:

    The Common American isn’t consumed by the Stock Market.

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