Living in Mexico’s kill zone | The Full Report

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Michoacan state is an epicenter of Mexico’s violence. While cartels, vigilantes & authorities fight, the population’s trapped in the middle. Al Jazeera spent a month on the ground in the state to investigate.

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  1. Avatar raveneye12 says:

    We really would have done Mexicans a favor if we had just taken over the whole country and not just California and Texas.

    • Avatar Edison Draxler says:

      How about just ending the bullshit war on drugs and stop intervening militarly in latin america

    • Avatar raveneye12 says:

      @Edison Draxler sure let’s have meth dealers selling to our kids at school. Sounds like a great plan, if that’s how you like to live just go to Mexico . You heard how they threatened the girl to sell drugs. Sounds like your kind of place.

    • Avatar Wayne says:

      Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming also.. How about Americans stop selling 200,000 guns to the cartels every year. Look up operation fast n furious if you don’t know it. It don’t go well anytime Murica invades another country.

    • Avatar Noe Cazares says:

      You can boast but just remember that a Russian Invasion is bound to happen in American future.

    • Avatar Zain Chupacabra says:

      Then there would probably only be about a fifth of all of them left, because there are very few Native Americans left today as well.

  2. Avatar Kevin Eboso says:

    Good job Paul 👍👏

  3. Avatar TheLocalLt says:

    The Mexican government is the most corrupt in the entire world, and that’s saying something, especially considering this started right as Mexico became a parliamentary democracy around 2000. At least a corrupt dictatorship has a linear structure that can be worked with and is an extension of the state. In Mexico since the fall of the “perfect dictatorship”, the new parliamentary state has basically been turned into an extension of the criminal drug cartels. In no other country in the world, even Colombia, is such a dynamic present. The cartels have completely taken over the country’s life in the last 20 years, and made the Mexican government a puppet for the cartel kingpins.

  4. Avatar John Beige says:

    The armed public is the best way to end the cartels but Mexico wonts the drugs business to grow so they can get more money

  5. Avatar John Beige says:

    Mexico needs a 2A

  6. Avatar Mentor Timothy says:

    Coming to America folks…..PREPARE.

    • Avatar Noe Cazares says:

      Nay, the Russians are first to come neighbor.

  7. Avatar Licensed Drug Dealer says:

    All these cartels cloak themselves with false heroic propaganda. Nothing changes as the nature of cartel is always about making $ by ruining others lives.

  8. Avatar The Wolf says:

    The unspoken war right next door to USA.. scary

  9. Avatar ucnhtmenow1 says:

    Forget those stickers. Whoever has those stickers are literally a target for any person or group that doesn’t like him.

  10. Avatar yz yz says:

    Biden should bring democracy on here. gavernor and some people they meet in usa should be face with anti corruption organizations.

    • Avatar A MAC says:

      They have to fix us here first

  11. Avatar Snowboat392 says:

    the way u ask your questions u have huge nuts

  12. Avatar JeepZJ 101 says:

    It looks like an Afghanistan warzone

  13. Avatar KRAIG FIERCE says:


  14. Avatar Azn Mien says:

    mexico should ask the US for help.. oh right they are all corrupted so it wouldn’t work.

  15. Avatar Fidan Rexhepi says:

    the police are scared in Mexico as they should be the cartels ambush them all the time respect to the good ones the brave ones.

  16. Avatar Victor Salgado says:

    My family lives in Morelia & trust me the cartels. Run everything even during COVID they make the lockdown rules even in rocky point at 2am theirs not one person in the street or you get picked up & killed they are in charge of Mexico

  17. Avatar gato gordo says:

    Stop buying drugs look what you fuel with your awful habit.

  18. Avatar Graeme Glen says:

    If I was a cartel boss, it would be in my best interests to keep my crew from interfering with the local people and businesses. You do your business, I’ll do mine. You stay out of my business, I won’t machine gun you in the street in front of your family. But, I guess becoming a cartel boss is not the kind of job sane, far thinking people aspire to.

  19. Avatar Brian Kiama says:

    Gun running must be a very profitable venture.Guess it’s part of the reason these scenarios occur the world over.The gangs are very similar to ISIS and co in their mode of operation.Could be coincidence but whatever it is,people are reaping from the suffering of innocent civilians

  20. Avatar CHARLIE TAYLOR says:

    But guns are illegal in Mexico does this gun control doesn’t work lmao 😂

  21. Avatar that dude says:

    legalize drugs, idiots.

  22. Avatar Peter Irungu says:

    They’re about the shits

  23. Avatar El Toro says:

    My family is from Michoacan it’s sad with everything that’s going the violence. it’s the reason why I havent visit it’s just too dangerous out there

  24. Avatar brent lund says:

    I DON”T GET IT. Where is the Mexican Army ?

  25. Avatar John D. says:

    So it’s plainly obvious why the boarder wall is necessary. Not to mention why Americans want to deport illegal immigrants!

  26. Avatar seppomuppit says:

    Who would win, the Italian Mafia or the Cartels?

  27. Avatar HunterShows says:

    Stay out of our country.

  28. Avatar Seraphim L says:

    This will never end, self defense forces will become the next cartel even after they take out the cartels. Maxico is lawless country should b wall up n isolated from the world. The cartels can only b destroy an invasion lead my intentional military.

  29. Avatar Isaac says:

    The US should invade Mexico …. and take over south America its probably the only way to fight the cartels

  30. Avatar Old ManWillyBoy says:

    Los povrecitos de Mexico! No se deservan essa vida!

  31. Avatar Mel Tyson says:

    Mexico is a complete failed state and sad to see a beautiful country with a great culture, fall in the hands of criminals

  32. Avatar James Allen says:

    Where are they getting all of the weapons and ammo from? America. Where are they getting all of their money from? America.

  33. Avatar John Tanner says:

    Can you imagine we are just a porous border away?

    • Avatar Harris S says:

      It’s scary

    • Avatar John Tanner says:

      @Harris S I live in a border state. I can see how they can buy over the neighborhood to ply their trade. I am seeing that and there is nothing I can do unless something really bad happens.

  34. Avatar Andres Manuel Lopez Pablo says:

    This is what the government corruption had done with this region of Mexico. PRIAN corrupt political party, has alway been coluded with drugs traffic, this region is call the Golden triangle, here is where the drugs laboratory are operating, and this is the main route for drug trafficing to USA.

  35. Avatar əvāsive says:

    legalize drug’s and this problem ends Narcos wont beat the U.s at making drugs, since weed is legal now they pretty much stopped smuggling it the demand aint there and our weed is better and forcing out a corrupt polician

  36. Avatar Major Cbass says:

    Such a shame, imagine how much economic growth Mexico could have without all the government corruption and cartels.

  37. Avatar Gerald Arnoult says:

    Are you an American citizen?, unless your involved in criminal activities like the Cartels, an American citizen has a better chance of being murdered in the U.S. then Mexico, how much are you paying these people for the interview?

  38. Avatar Harris S says:

    This is very sad , I hate drug and drug dealers.

  39. Avatar Joaquin González says:

    La violencia en México 🇲🇽, es causada por los narcotraficantes, que producen y trafican para el mercado estadounidense 🇱🇷, que son compradores y consumidores mundiales de drogas… Los Estados Unidos no hacen nada por arrestar a sus traficantes en suelo gringo.

  40. Avatar peter hompot says:

    Texas in 3 years under Biden.

    • Avatar ApeMan California says:

      LoL… I’m still waiting for u pu55y militias with your 2nd civil war 2 BS talk… Funny your such an IDIOT!!! Under your Law and Order president, we was getting a lot closer to that kind of violence. Even attempted kidnaps of governors…

  41. Avatar Tracy Martinez says:

    Really!!!! Elections are a joke in the entire world. Specially in the US and Mexico!!!!
    What a joke and laughable!

  42. Avatar Anonymous Anonymity says:

    The cartels work with the government of the US too, secret societies split up in different regions of the world. You don’t believe in the illuminati? This is just the edge of the ice berg, down a dark narrow deeper than the abyss itself.

  43. Avatar EMILIO Rubio says:

    Is somewhere ln the world! So not a big city or nothing

  44. Avatar Tjano Cruz says:

    Mexico is not the Mexico that the world knows right now it is full of corruption, extortion, rapist, drug lord who plays a hero on their state, what happen to their government who use to be protecting them,its so sad Mexico had to suffer this kind nightmare right now

  45. Avatar Georgen Baldomero says:

    Some of us just have it bad or even worst…

  46. Avatar luis andrews says:


  47. Avatar Robert Mindolovich says:

    when you see them with american m249s you know the CIA sent those guns

  48. Avatar 300 T.O.N says:

    Interviewers Work Wit
    Da Government & Dey Fones Ping & Show
    Yalls Location!!!

  49. Avatar King Ping says:

    And corona virus!!!✅🙆🏻‍♀️

  50. Avatar John Tron says:

    Everyone hard till the run into the cartel . They don’t play and the Mexican government is like American politicians. Bought .

  51. Avatar Twins22 says:

    At 10:32 you can hear something

  52. Avatar Juan Cervantes says:

    Can we get the cashapp info for that family on the run?

  53. Avatar Ray Q says:

    People don’t understand that democracy and freedom only work in advanced civilized society. Countries like Mexico do not fall under that category. What really will help the Mexican people is a smart and ruthless dictator like politician who can crack down the opponents from root – including Cartels which are biggest threats to their ruling and has the wisdom and willingness to put revitalizing the economy as the first priority. Only after the drug business are replaced by the legal ones like manufacture or services can democracy and freedom rising up to replace the “strong man” dictator. Always choose the system that fits for the situation.

    But there is one big big factor that needs to be taken into consideration – US… In order for this to work, the new leader must obey the US even more than they do today to avoid being assassinated by CIA and also able to convince the US gov that it’s better for the interest of US for him to rule Mexico than the Cartels. That means the drug problem in US has to get worse to a point that it becomes first priority or the part of economy of US that depends on Mexico becomes so significant also are being jeopardized by the Cartels, so the US gov would rather have a “strong man” as ruler of Mexico who can unite the country and provide a strong economy than a divided Mexico whose sovereignty is in the hand of US. Timing is everything.

  54. Avatar David says:

    All this misery and death because of America’s insatiable appetite for drugs.

  55. Avatar Ricky Bachman says:

    I’m not sticking up for Narcos but a retired couple living in Colima that I know said they were being extorted by a cop for $40 each week when they drove to get groceries. They were quietly complaining about it at a restaurant.

    The next day at 6am, a truck turned up at their home. A tall man with a cowboy hat had a photo for her to view. It was the cop. He told her in very good English that it’s unacceptable and she’ll never have to worry about him again. She was worried, assuming they killed him. Nearly a year later they were at a police substation and to their amazement, there he was. Working a desk job. They saw each other and the cop averted his eyes to the floor. The Canadian couple said they spend nearly $22K USD in Colima. Cartels protect tourists more than they harm them. Classic story of corruption.

  56. Avatar Genevieve Caro says:

    Just think, they are headed our way and no one is able to stop them.

  57. Avatar Sy jin Goon says:

    mexico looks like a failed state.tsk

  58. Avatar Elmonster says:

    Remember this is done by Christians in a Christian country – dont even come for a second and say they are different. Why aren’t The western nations making a coalition to invade Mexico and liberate the country and give them democracy? Ohhh they have no oil? Resources? Or are any political / military demographic worth tanking?

    • Avatar Noe Cazares says:

      What does Christianity have to do with your point?

  59. Avatar Tsvetoslav Shalev says:

    Sad, but also infuriating. Wasted lives and opportunities.

  60. Avatar Jet Black says:

    trump wouldn’t shed a tear for these people.

  61. Avatar MrKratos31 says:

    That’s the democrats for you sure let all these illegals in are country we got tax payers who will take care of you…SMFH

  62. Avatar lel olel says:

    Lol “auto defense” they are the cartel there are very few auto defense groups that aren’t blatantly corrupt it started with them needing funds for guns so they decided to move a few loads to fund themselves and from there they just decided to keep going

  63. Avatar The D Hive says:

    If you come from a place like this, don’t ever run to America and have the nerve to talk down to African Americans in any way, shape, or form. Clean up your own house and then come talk.

  64. Avatar Unknown _ says:

    This is what I fear of for my parents who are trying to work these foreign lands and return to their native land. I would hope they stay here and live within my future home but sadly that may not be the case as they want to go to their previous home.

  65. Avatar Teatua Lasi says:

    Ask the USA to fight the cartel if you cannot eliminate them

  66. Avatar Armed Deaf Boi says:

    Maybe this will awaken the people to why every citizen should be armed so that the criminals will never have an upper hand, not for a moment

  67. Avatar B Polo says:

    You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  68. Avatar sudin shrestha says:

    There is no solution until there is corruption we can clearly see that.

  69. Avatar Octavio Lopez Sr. says:

    Big big business that started with Ronald Raegan and his “war on drugs”
    Drugs are big business fir America. They allow cartels to prosper (gun sales) then the government sizes the money. The police gets funded to “fight the war” but the solution is very simple: Legalize drugs and use funds to treat addicts instead of jail. …but, where is the money on that?

  70. Avatar American Liberator says:

    Isn’t the Mexico kill zone, like all Mexico.

  71. Avatar Speedway jay says:

    Long story short don’t bother them they won’t bother you they already have there territories just let them have it 🤷🏽😂

  72. Avatar 이광열 says:

    I pay tribute to your sacrifice and wish you a spring as soon as possible.

  73. Avatar dika2saja says:

    Oligarchy build by cartel family

  74. Avatar Robert Vilaylack says:

    I often ask myself how would i handle if this happened in my city? Answer is idk alots of ppl that don’t know always like to compare us vs Mexico maybe instead compare ourselves with the victims of the drug cartels living as refugees in the US.

  75. Avatar stailleos says:

    I visited Cancun, quintan Roo good place no voilence

  76. Avatar one man highlight reel says:

    The world and by proximity the USA have a endless demand for drugs. It’s not to hard to figure out. The war on drugs is not helping anyone.

  77. Avatar Johnny Makarony says:

    The only chance to stop the narcotics and the crimes is to bring the army and start a war, those people need help and mexico loses a piece of land and hundreds of people every year

  78. Avatar ricoaztec1 says:

    Fix poverty, fix crime…no matter the country.

  79. Avatar Patriot 01 says:


  80. Avatar Susnata Ghosh says:

    Those green tip ammos😱

  81. Avatar Udig entertainment says:

    Mexico can easily take down the cartels but the government is part of the cartel

  82. Avatar Warmonger87 says:

    Arigatou Gozaimasu Super Awesome Al Jazzera

  83. Avatar Rfdddf Fftgyyghh says:

    Legalize drugs no money to them !!

  84. Avatar MikeDukes says:

    I am greatful to be living in Mexico city and thankful of my parents because I was born here. It is a very peaceful and opportunistic place to live

  85. Avatar Stefan Steffens says:

    Mexico is a failed state!

  86. Avatar blitzkrieg459 says:

    So much for gun control in Mexico.

  87. Avatar Taha Ali Uthman says:

    But Mexican citizens refuse too rebel

  88. Avatar Historical Redemption. says:

    It’s all bs propaganda

  89. Avatar ado.br0z says:

    They need a dictator. They can never solve that via Democracy.

  90. Avatar LNK says:

    The USA “Liberal Democrats” are in bed with the Bigger cartels. At least since the foundation of the Clinton Foundation, with a $200m donation from Al Capone, in exchange for a full pardon.

  91. Avatar John John says:

    The Cape Flats has entered the chat….

  92. Avatar Roshan Jose says:

    Why America is silent when their neighbours are suffering???

    They always act against iraq,iran,afghanistan, cyria, palestine …

  93. Avatar john175the2nd says:

    Gotta use that bi pod to rest the light machine gun. That thing is heavy, especially loaded.

  94. Avatar king salbaje b says:

    Look on how pres duterte did.on drugs in the philippines, senator, generals and other govt officials involved were punished.

  95. Avatar Geo Neo says:

    Maybe Biden can invite them to America

    • Avatar Ryan Roy says:

      Anything for power. Even if it means using these folks as pawns due to the sheer confidence they will likely vote Democrat. Whatever it takes says Bidens teleprompter.

  96. Avatar hugosophy says:

    Dude got spooked legit at @10:35 lol

  97. Avatar Sean Gleason says:

    I feel for these people

  98. Avatar mark baker says:

    Government can wipe them out using military and help from other countries , it definitely will take some some time.

    But corrupt Government and officials won’t do it instead turned a blind eye.

  99. Avatar MadLightsProduction says:

    Mexican Military is one of the strongest in the world, but unfortunately, Money is much stronger than those weapons.

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