Disaster feared as fire-hit cargo ship sinks off Sri Lanka coast

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A cargo ship carrying tonnes of toxic chemicals and plastic is sinking off Sri Lanka’s west coast, threatening to spill oil into the surrounding waters.
Conservationists have described it as one of Sri Lanka’s worst environmental disasters after plastic pellets from the Singapore-registered MV X-Press Pearl washed up on shore.
The ship had been on fire since May 20 before the blaze was extinguished.
Rescue teams had been trying to tow the ship out to the deep sea when it began to sink off Sri Lanka’s main port of Colombo.
The disaster threatens the country’s fishing and tourism industry.

Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Somenath Paul says:

    Is there no way to totally stop fire on ship?

    Because as i know Indian and Sri Lankan Navy ships went to fight the fire but the ship still been burning and sink spreading pollution.

    • Avatar Swarnima Mudgal says:

      Lol, and what agenda is this? 😂

  2. Avatar Desi Rock Metal says:

    Indian sailors strike again.

    • Avatar Ranil Abeyasinghe says:

      @oa prime Ship was headed to Singapore from an Indian port. Loading of containers with Nitric Acid was done in the Indian port. The loading procedure needs to be investigated, as it was after the ship sailed from the Indian port that the Nitric Acid leak was discovered.

    • Avatar oa prime says:

      @Ranil Abeyasinghe I think so but the container is not India’s

  3. Avatar Liam Huckins says:

    Xhina has all but trawled it out anyway.

    • Avatar Thomas Scream says:

      Singaporean-owned ship and (highly dangerous)cargo dooh. You sinophobes and your conspiracy theories smh…

    • Avatar Manila Vanilla says:

      @Thomas Scream are u a filthy small eyed wumao too 😂🤣😂

    • Avatar Thomas Scream says:

      @Manila Vanilla Nah, just a third party who’s been to China, and is disgusted by the irrationality, ignorance and in some cases(like yours) sheer racism of war hawks like yourself. Notice how you couldn’t come up with a counterargument to a factual refutation of the original comment.

    • Avatar Manila Vanilla says:

      @Thomas Scream me no speak engrish. U say François. Wumao

    • Avatar Jack Robert says:

      @Thomas Scream seems like the US has created the next war with China already

  4. Avatar Geo MS says:

    Built in 2021 … by the Chinese …

    • Avatar Thomas Scream says:

      That’s a bit of a prejudiced view. The ship builders couldn’t matter less here. A ship of immaculate build quality would sink with the right cocktail of reactive chemicals on board, and a subsequent leak, explosion, fire and acid damage, as was the case here. Whatever/whoever caused the container leak is more at fault here, to the extent that an accident is anyone’s fault.

    • Avatar Not John Wick says:

      Sabotage by India

    • Avatar Not John Wick says:

      @Aditya Chauhan yes the the ship did belong to Singapore, but sabotage by India

    • Avatar Not John Wick says:

      @Aditya Chauhan but India is part of this incident, please read the full article about this incident

    • Avatar Bat man says:

      It was literally a Singaporean ship, not everything is about China

  5. Avatar Jim B says:

    I heard an initial report about unregistered cargo? is that what caught fire?

  6. Avatar Vendetta says:

    Prayer for Sri Lanka. Let’s hope they can limit the environmental impact.

    • Avatar Mohammed Sadiq says:


    • Avatar Son of Satan says:

      @Mohammed Sadiq 🖕

    • Avatar Hans Bjorkman says:

      You think prayer will help, sorry to burst you bubble but prayer never make any i pack on environment, never! Reality does, fantasy like religion makes no impact, sorry.

    • Avatar eric vulgate says:

      oo ‘hopes’ and ‘prayers’ 2 nothings for the price of 1

    • Avatar Bat man says:

      @Hans Bjorkman atheist cringe

  7. Avatar Mazhar Sayeed says:

    Most dangerous creation: human being

    • Avatar Droupodi says:

      Stop wearing clothes….lets start eco friendly dress like taarzan

    • Avatar Olivia Monteque says:

      Caring sharing. Don’t just say human. It is certain humans that is poluting the world, and for what? More and more money to do what? Distroy more and more!

    • Avatar KHRN Star says:

      Some human beings are bad. But not all…Do you see the phone you’re using? The internet, the clothes you’re wearing, your haircut, the house you’re living in, the restaurants near you, the shopping malls, etc. Etc. Made by human beings! As the creator gave them the mind and sense.

      Look, I’m not looking for a debate here and atheists here can STHU and go away, these people have trapped themselves in an ocean of doubt and absurdity. Nothing we will gain by getting vague statements from atheists. They are clueless and we’re gonna get clues from them!?

    • Avatar Saint Fentanyl Floyd says:

      @Caring Sharing Without chemicals modern life is not possible.

    • Avatar Tekka579 says:

      Greedy humans

  8. Avatar Anhar Miah says:

    Good News for Buddhist Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 the ship 🚢 cremated itself ✅

  9. Avatar Satyendra Tiwari says:

    David 😁

  10. Avatar Satyendra Tiwari says:


    • Avatar Tharindu Dakshina says:

      Why You Liked It??

  11. Avatar Neroz Mah says:

    deliberately: by yndia

    • Avatar oa prime says:

      It is Singapore conpany not indian

  12. Avatar Raj S says:

    Honestly… i guarantee you, the government don’t give a fk. They’re probably thinking of how to pocket some of the clean up money.

    That’s no their job. You need professional fast cleaners. Should’ve been there day 1. Should’ve had a barricade around it.

  13. Avatar oa prime says:

    It is Singapore ship not indian don’t be happy pakistani 😂😂

  14. Avatar Sabrina Rahman says:

    This is confusing someone wants to stir trouble in Asian?

  15. Avatar Manila Vanilla says:

    Housewarming gift to Sri Lanka from China port city 😂🤣😂🤣

    • Avatar Mkenya Halisi says:

      So why is the RSS in power?

    • Avatar Mkenya Halisi says:

      @Aditya Chauhan China will always be ahead

    • Avatar Mkenya Halisi says:

      @Aditya Chauhan People worshipping cows shouldn’t despise other religions

    • Avatar Mkenya Halisi says:

      @Aditya Chauhan RSS is only good at bothering minorities. India deserves better

    • Avatar Mkenya Halisi says:

      @Aditya Chauhan Try respecting other people’s religion as well.

  16. Avatar Manuel saal says:

    Everyone talks about the owners of the ship, but no one about how the ship officials asked for help in the ports in India, and previously in *UAE*, as they had alreadt damage, but got rejected by both countries. Curious that no press mentions that

    • Avatar Facts, Figures and Fun says:

      @Ranil Abeyasinghe Peace bro

      BTW how is covid situation there now ?

    • Avatar Ranil Abeyasinghe says:

      @Facts, Figures and Fun Not good. Much community spread of the virus. We are in an indefinite lockdown here. Also we have a severe shortage of vaccines for now, but as months pass we expect to bring more stocks down. What about you?

    • Avatar Facts, Figures and Fun says:

      @Ranil Abeyasinghe Here Covid cases are falling, Thank god. Still we are in lockdowns.

      Also there is shortage of Vaccines here too . . .

    • Avatar Ranil Abeyasinghe says:

      @Facts, Figures and Fun I see, most places in our region appear to be suffering from large outbreaks now. Need to take every precaution possible. Stay safe.

    • Avatar Facts, Figures and Fun says:

      @Ranil Abeyasinghe Stay safe, Don’t take covid Lightly 😊

      You might have saw what happened in India during peak .

      Take care ❤️

  17. Avatar Thyme Laka says:

    If sri lanka wins the legal action, I pray that the money be used to the public and the restoration of the damage instead of the pockets of politicians.

    • Avatar ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

      Everytime there’s infrastructure bills to pay for middle class or workers public services it gets taken out of the people’s cash reserves then yoinked into private equity by the same monopolies and third parties that operate and lobby or by some arbitrary system created by the fed. Surely they’ll take responsibility and not cover everything up with executive confidentiality and consultants.

    • Avatar Hans Bjorkman says:

      Nice wish but it’s a third world country and that is not the way things turn out. Third world countries worst enemies are always their own politicians that live in luxury. Sri Lanka is extremely corrupt and lawless. I visited the home of a high ranking lawyer in Colombo once to look at his car collection and was invited back to see more, it’s was no chance of that, he was executed just a few days later.

    • Avatar Shads _ says:

      Surely you’re on crack 😂😂

    • Avatar ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

      @Shads _ if crack makes people wake tf up 🙈🙉🙊

  18. Avatar James Hecht says:

    Maybe we need to stop shipping volatile materials overseas and do so by air.

    • Avatar Saint Fentanyl Floyd says:

      @James Hecht Its possible but entirely cost prohibitive. And would end up causing more pollution as the numbers of aircraft needed would be mind boggling.

    • Avatar Bat man says:

      Then if a disaster happened in air it would be 100 times worse

    • Avatar BTS x Blink says:

      @Bat man it’s better in air ,the ocean won’t get polluted and kill those creatures

    • Avatar Bat man says:

      @BTS x Blink but if an aircraft gets badly damaged the disaster will be 10 times worse

    • Avatar BTS x Blink says:

      .it’s better if its debris falls on land,u can clean it easily. but in case of ocean,it’s almost impossible to clear those debris

  19. Avatar cabthegreat87 says:

    It took so long for Sri Lanka to recover from the tsunami. Now this.

    • Avatar Nalin says:

      4/21 attack in 2019

    • Avatar rajandran suppiah says:

      It’s Karma

    • Avatar Bat man says:

      It isn’t as bad as the tsunami which killed 1000s

    • Avatar Bat man says:

      @rajandran suppiah karma for what? Are you salty your ltte lost the war?

  20. Avatar Caring Sharing says:

    Now’s the time to go green. This would never happen in ancient times where life was eco-friendly. We call ourselves an advanced civilization, yet unable to live without chemicals or put out a conflagration. Sad!

    • Avatar Tapas Rout says:

      What your solution….we go back to stone age ….without a solution don’t talk wishes

    • Avatar Caring Sharing says:

      Going green is since it’s a sustainable eco-friendly living

    • Avatar Joe Xavier says:

      Still also,no to green populism

    • Avatar Saint Fentanyl Floyd says:

      @RI.A4HR Is that why the planet is greening in many places? Humans have made enormous advances in environmental protections and we continue to improve. Stop letting media dictate your thought process.

    • Avatar Loy71 says:

      @Tapas Rout no need for stone age, we know what to do but greed is still stronger than sanity

  21. Avatar Dio K says:

    Polluting the sea,😠 crazy people. We here from the South Pacific Ocean are very angry. This will affect the whole ocean. Thank you humans for killing our own home, earth. 😢

  22. Avatar anonymous says:

    Arch Bishop allows it or not all gone in to sea
    May be he can covert more Fisher men to christianity by helping them with some money

  23. Avatar Mkenya Halisi says:

    So sad

  24. Avatar GENARAL ANYTHING says:

    Itz very hard for us to recover with covid 19…

  25. Avatar irfan guttedar says:

    There will be no losses to multinational companies…..it is only loss to common man

  26. Avatar j.k. k. says:

    Al Jazeera news channel should also be broadcast in Hindi and Urdu language.

  27. Avatar Hamzah Iftikhar says:

    When you ally with india Allah punishes

    • Avatar Bat man says:

      Sri Lanka has been more allies with Pakistan than ever with India

    • Avatar Rima619 says:

      # Allah is a Lier GOD

    • Avatar Loy71 says:

      Who is Allah? 3rd world still believes in gods, right?

    • Avatar Rima619 says:

      @Loy71 believe is lie.why allah cant save people ?

  28. Avatar lewisdean22 says:

    Headlines says it’s sank but report says it’s still afloat 🤔

  29. Avatar Prince 0030 says:


  30. Avatar joselo 3112 says:

    It is hard to give thumbs up to bad news

  31. Avatar Carlos Spicyweiner says:

    Lets just fk this whole planet for capitalism!

  32. Avatar Graham Wishart says:

    Pellets not pallets for those who may be wondering. Aussie speak!!

  33. Avatar Ken Fu says:

    oh no dude what the f

  34. Avatar True Belief says:

    If the ship was sailing from India to Singapore, why was it heading to Colombo port? Was it a schedule stop, or was it because they had found a container leaking nitric acid & needed help.

    Yet the ships previous two ports, Hazira India & Hamad Qatar, had refused permission for the ship to return citing lack of facilities to deal with the leaking container. If the leaking acid was the cause of the fire then surely these two ports have questions to answer in not helping a ship in trouble.

    • Avatar Bat man says:

      The crew contacted Sri Lanka for distress and the government helped them, it wasn’t suppose to come here

  35. Avatar melvin ho yk says:

    How can this incident ever happen so frequently? Chemical can’t sell, just set off fire and claim the insurance big money? This reckless accident had cost massive destruction to the environment and to other countries.

    • Avatar melvin ho yk says:

      Please sue that corporate company who handling this dangerous material. A threat to the environment lawsuit, a threat to marine life lawsuit, and huge massive work for that country shore lawsuit.

  36. Avatar Ranil Abeyasinghe says:

    Before we talk about expanding free trade, we need to ensure we have the infrastructure to support an expansion of free trade. That includes the handling of hazardous cargo like this at ports. This ship was denied entry into Indian and Qatari ports, citing a lack of technical expertise to handle the dangerous cargo on board. A disaster like this could have been prevented if due care was provided into how the cargo was loaded and contingent measures in case of emergencies.

  37. Avatar Mohamed Ifnaz says:

    Stupid uneducated government of Sri Lanka they don’t have a proper plan to deal with it

    • Avatar Mohamed Ifnaz says:

      @Bat man 🤣🤣 am at Colombo am a Sri lankan but I hate this government

    • Avatar Bat man says:

      @Mohamed Ifnaz oh ok that’s your opinion so, vote for your for favourite next time then

    • Avatar Mohamed Ifnaz says:

      @Bat man no used to vote everyone are same they don’t take care public and I am shame to living in Sri Lanka

    • Avatar Bat man says:

      @Mohamed Ifnaz then leave here and go to UK and beg to be a part of white people, people like you only know how to complain and complain just shut up man

    • Avatar Mohamed Ifnaz says:

      @Bat man get lost without saying anything like mad

  38. Avatar BarnCat Farm says:

    I’m sure money will solve the problem, just dump cash into the ocean and tell it to repair itself, right?

    • Avatar Bat man says:

      Money will get the the equipment needed for repair and compensate fishermen

  39. Avatar Andrea A says:

    good job, corporation. while we fighting ourselves for racial and social conflicts caused by the consequences of human and environmental exploitation perpetuated by the companies, while we are committed to fighting a timed virus that monopolizes and distracts attention from what should worry us, they do what they want undisturbed , without anyone protesting for the environmental disaster in siberia (tons of fuel dispersed and forests burned in the last 2 months) amazon fires, australia fires, mauritius oil disaster, whale sanctuary disaster in italy, bagjan disaster in india and many others only in the recent months, as soon as there is the slightest news of a disaster, incredibly the general interest is diverted to something more comfortable for them. Do you really believe you are fighting on the right side when you pour anger on the enemies that are provided to you by the media? you go home convinced that you have fought for freedom when you play the game of those who took it away from you forever without you even noticing.
    So go out and shout you rage and frustration agaist some cop, or try to fight the illusion of the white privilege, while the real Masters of ourselves are watching giving us something to want or something to hate, like you Give your dog something to chew.

  40. Avatar Leah B says:

    You shouldn’t order freight ships at alibaba. This ship was 6 months old

  41. Avatar 3517 alt says:

    Chinese quality

    • Avatar Loy71 says:

      if Chinese quality is so bad, why everyone let them manufacture everything and buy and invest in western companies? Now it’s too late… they’re on the brink of being the new world’s superpower.

  42. Avatar Siron says:

    The crew was hindu?

  43. Avatar Ajan Antonyraj says:

    Compensation will go to Rajapakses pockets

  44. Avatar 1 says:

    There is no accountability for these ships it’s such a joke.

  45. Avatar Oh happy day says:

    Made in China.

  46. Avatar Boje Gospodi says:

    Rich companies and rich people will destroy the planet earth.

  47. Avatar Chris Dean says:

    First the Suez Canal then a massive tanker stricken by fire, can no one see the similarities of a planned agenda?

  48. Avatar Indian Hindustani says:

    They are banning the hijab in future sri Lanka will face more disasters.

  49. Avatar BraniusBalki says:

    Find the owners and execute them.

  50. Avatar Bab Kubwa says:

    Oil floats, just build a buoy barrier around the ship and scoop.

  51. Avatar Shahzada Zulfiqar says:

    I Want To Be Burried In The Yard Of The SaadBinAbiWaqas In China After My Death, Can You Help Me For This ?

  52. Avatar Real Talk says:

    Captain planet come save us!

  53. Avatar Pamela Homeyer says:

    Singapore flag ship with flags of convenience never passed inspection and should not be hauling hazardous chemicals

  54. Avatar Pamela Homeyer says:

    The oil spill is minor compared to the chemicals they were carrying

  55. Avatar Jason Hayes says:

    Why don’t they just pump the oil into tankers before it gets below the water line 🤔🙄🤯

    • Avatar Dark Fire says:

      No one can reach to the ship, in this moment , it’s dangerous

  56. Avatar Emmanuel Quiros says:

    this is why im going to mars

  57. Avatar Prince Baba says:

    Can’t Helicopters airlift remaining Oil containers with Their Big Clamps.

  58. Avatar Discharge Summary says:

    Would’ve been great if it happened in Singapore

  59. Avatar e r says:

    Compensation is not the issue. This is an ecological disaster. Mankind is faced with pandemic on land, and if a virus develops in the sea, causing marine life to die it will be the end of us all.

  60. Avatar Marie Ruth says:

    God will curce this gawerment

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