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Deepfake videos are becoming more common. These AI-generated fake videos are getting easier to create and more realistic. So what are deepfakes? How are they made? And should they worry us? #AJStartHere explains with Sandra Gathmann and the help of a special guest…

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hi everybody it’s me jennifer lopez

i’m so excited to be on start here my


favorite show let’s talk about my new


or we could talk about the dangers of

deep fakes

they’ve gone from look-alikes that seem

a bit off

this is a dangerous time trust in what

is genuine

and what is not to scary good videos

that have gone viral

we have now reached the state where the


are extremely well done extremely hard

to detect

i genuinely love the process of

manipulating people online for money

the technology behind deep fakes is

getting smarter

while new apps are making it easier the

better deep fakes

become the harder it becomes to assess

what is real and what is fake

so what are deep fakes how can you spot


and why could something as fun as a face


actually be the start of something way

more sinister


let’s break down the word itself the

fake and deep fake is pretty


while deep refers to deep learning by a

machine which is a type of artificial


and this is used to impersonate people

into making saying things you know

they’ve never said

or acting like that they’ve acted before

probably the best way to explain it

is to show you how we did it so i’m here

with haldoon start here’s graphics

genius and he’s taken a video

of me and a video of jennifer lopez so i

used a free software online called deep

face slab

the first step is to turn your video

into hundreds of images basically the


and the second step is to separate the


from the images so the software is

pinning my eyes

and my mouth to the center of the frame

so that it’s easier to align

with jlo’s face and then we go to the

step three which is the machine learning

i need to keep pressing p to update

because like it takes so much time i

just like put the die

on the pee and then put some weight on

and go grab coffee


and then we have the final step

basically is adjusting the

skin tune and merging the two faces on

the final result

the whole process actually took a few

days but making deep fakes is getting

easier as the technology improves

and it’s improving fast so what can we

do with it

well there are plenty of useful creative

and harmless applications

to all this deep fakery this

anti-malaria campaign had david beckham

speaking nine languages

malaria isn’t just any disease

this documentary used deep fakes to hide

the real faces

of lgbtq people in chechnya who were

afraid to be identified

there are slightly weirder uses as well

the website myheritage reanimates photos

of your dearly departed relatives

and some people find that comforting

what all of those examples have in


is that they’re not about trying to

deceive people and the people involved

are all in on it the problem is when

deep fakes are made of people without

their consent

and so often that means women there are

people out there using pictures of


and ordinary women and deep faking them

onto pornography actors

a study in the netherlands found that a

staggering 96

of the deep fakes online were

non-consensual porn

it’s women’s bodies uh identities um

and rights that are being transgressed

it’s humiliating it’s embarrassing and


with deep flex becoming so good it’s

very difficult to convince people that

that isn’t you because if it looks like

you it might as well be you

we we see big impacts on people’s mental

health uh depression anxiety

and it goes beyond the world of porn a

mother in pennsylvania has been accused

of trying to discredit

three of her daughter’s rivals on a

cheerleading squad where police said she

made deep fakes of them naked

drinking and smoking financial scammers

are using deep fake technology too

in 2019 criminals used ai software to

impersonate the voice of a businessman’s


on the phone they convinced him to

transfer more than 240

000 to a bogus hungarian bank account so

the dangers of deep fakes are already


and they’re adding to a whole world of


a world where it can already be hard to

know what’s true and what’s not

where actual facts are dismissed as

false conspiracy theories thrive

and powerful states run sophisticated

disinformation campaigns

most of the misinformation we see in

most of what people get affected by

is much lower tech things photos taken

out of context

things that are simple photoshop jobs

much simpler and cheaper ways of making

misinformation go

viral like this video of nancy pelosi a

senior u.s democrat who was made to look


just by slowing down the video it’s

really sad and here’s the thing

and i told this to the room it’s really


here’s the thing and i told this to the

room but the power of deep fake


takes it all to another level in the old


if you wanted to threaten the united

states you needed 10 aircraft carriers

and nuclear weapons and long-range

missiles increasingly all you need is

the ability to produce

a very realistic fake video what deep

fakes do

is create a climate of doubt to the

point where what’s

actually real can be mistaken as

something fake

that’s what happened in gabon


back in 2019 president ali bongo hadn’t

been seen in public for months

and when the government released this

video he didn’t really look like himself

turns out the president had suffered a

stroke that changed how he looked

but some people were convinced he was

dead and that the video was a deep fake

a week later a group of soldiers

attempted a coup

whoa so how can we spot deep fakes

well there are some signs we can look

for there might be differences in


or if you see ghosting around the face

or blurring around the ears or hairline

chances are a computer made it what i

tell people is if something makes you

feel a strong emotion

either really good or really mad that’s

the time to take an extra second

and check to see if it’s real but the

reality is

that as deep fakes get better they’ll

get harder and harder to spot

researchers at universities and

companies like microsoft and facebook

are working on automated software to

find and flag them

organizations like the un europol and

the fbi

are all actively looking into how to

counter deep fakes as a threat

we’re always in this arms race of kind

of a new technology

exists people start using it for bad

things and then we kind of

adjust our understanding and move

forward there’s nothing inherently bad

about the technology

but we know the harm it can do so what

you and i can do

is be more aware don’t be fooled by the

rocks that i got

or the face that i got either


if you want to see more start here

episodes subscribe to the al jazeera

youtube channel and our facebook

instagram and twitter pages where we

release new shows

every week see you there


この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar minicoopertn says:

    Bidens health is not the best with good and bad days. They messed up a deep fake on a press conference he gave by his hand passing through a solid object.

    • Avatar Miqdaad Zubayr says:

      Share the link please! Thanks!!

    • Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

      How much of a moron are you minicoopertn? Or are you just payed to spout BS on the internet?

    • Avatar chethi says:

      ​@Ben Ghazi 😂

    • Avatar minicoopertn says:

      @Ben Ghazi No need for hostility. It is not uncommon for health issues to be covered up for sitting Presidents regardless of their political party affiliation. It is critical to promote a strong image to other world leaders. It is clear that Bidens mental alertness is diminished compared to his younger days just as most people experience. Although Bidens mental alertness may be diminished it is not to the point that prevents him from carrying out the duties of the presidency.

  2. Avatar Fuzzy TURK says:

    Absolutely frightening

  3. Avatar rod axel says:

    Is this a trick question?

  4. Avatar klownyfrowny says:

    Biden is a deepfake president

  5. Avatar KoalaNotBear says:

    Deepfakes are great for Political Sabotage and Public Figure Defamation!!!

  6. Avatar lovely 1 says:

    Of course they are. No one has self control anymore

  7. Avatar Mdshihabul Haque says:


  8. Avatar Ibrahim Ali says:

    I was so annoyed that Sandra was substituted. Lol.

  9. Avatar Sara C says:


  10. Avatar Mahmudul Haider Siyam says:

    Starting was just🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Avatar rurutu M says:

    The cia will be starting wars with this

    • Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

      No no, this is more a Chinese and Russian thing, putting out doctored videos for the benefit of themselves.

      Who can forget MH17 debacle, where they downscaled a video, so an address in Eastern Ukraine wouldn’t be visible, and then claimed that they had enhanced it (which they didn’t want to show) and claimed it showed an address in Ukraine controlled territory.
      Or the Chinese using Hollywood clips to show their military might…

      The CIA lie to the US politicians through reports, that is all that is needed there.


      Created by the CIA to take the facial recognition of everyone who used it.

    • Avatar Mr. JohnDoe says:

      You’re crazy if you think that the government didn’t have this since the early 2000s

  12. Avatar give away says:

    Ms Start from here is fake too🤔

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  14. Avatar Narja says:

    great J Lo impression 👍

  15. Avatar LivesInReality says:

    *There’s high possibility that the upcoming Masseh Ud Dajjal* (The FALSE Messiah or the antichrist) will Deceive us through technology and deep fakes.

    *Dajjal means deception or Deceiver* be ready the time is near & Increasing ur self in iman.

  16. Avatar LivesInReality says:

    *Read the Qur’an Translation*

  17. Avatar jamdin dali says:

    pro-deepfakes and deepfakes apologist are a problem. mark my words

  18. Avatar Zacariah Zacki says:

    Now when they are caught they will come up with deep fake excuse just like photoshop 🤤

  19. Avatar Influens agama akan hilang jika tiada mahukanya. says:

    How these will affect us in our life?

    • Avatar David Owens says:

      Disinformation to start conflicts.

    • Avatar Influens agama akan hilang jika tiada mahukanya. says:

      @David Owens
      How big the conflict can be?

  20. Avatar Stephen Corsaro says:

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  23. Avatar Allen John says:

    Just keep wiping or moving your hand over your face when making a video.

  24. Avatar Narja says:

    My main fear is it’s use on average civilians, not public figures.

    As much as fake news has lead to rallying cries for zealots, those people were likely to be instigated by something else. After all the news has always been sensational and tends to omit important information.

    • Avatar Bear Post says:

      Yep! They already edit people’s words to push a narrative, along with click-bait titles, as corporate news tries to compete on social media. As is said; “a lie will travel halfway over the world before the truth has a chance to get their shoes tied”.👍

  25. Avatar Ronald Tindle says:

    Your a fake woman


    C.I.A have a lot to answer for this software of *deep* *fakes*

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  34. Avatar Florénce Yit says:

    Informative, yet chilling enough to make people think twice before posting pictures of themselves.

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  38. Avatar TJ Marx says:

    lol @ “if it makes you feel a strong emotion, either really, really good or very mad take an extra second to check if it’s real”.

    Yeah, because people experiencing strong emotions are definitely using logic in that moment and will think to check frame by frame for artefacts and ghosting before they join a bandwagon. lol. The rule in the 90’s was, don’t believe anything you see on the internet you don’t know what is and isn’t fake. It continued to be the rule in the early 2000s too. Then suddenly somewhere around 2010 people lost their minds and forgot that the internet is full of misinformation and fakery. If we just went back to the original rule, deep fakes online wouldn’t pose a problem to anyone.

    Hopefully deep fakes might also encourage people to care about their data, about who has their voice print and who has access to their photos. Maybe they’ll think twice about using that Russian novelty face swap app, or letting a major company/the government just have their voice print for “security purposes”.

  39. Avatar The EXCeLSiOR says:

    This robust technology is a great way for destroying people’s reputations.

    • Avatar Amerlad mad says:

      among other things, such as fabricating evidence, disapproving evidence and so much more extremely dangerous uses.
      you dont like a new government policy? oh look! we have a video of you having intercourse.

    • Avatar Narja says:

      @Amerlad mad with this technology there could be imposters among us in video conferences

    • Avatar Rivers Bliss says:

      It’s not new.

  40. Avatar X7SIOVIA says:

    Fun fact, Sandra looks better than Jlo 😂

    • Avatar Blaze says:

      So what? JLO can sing, dance, act, choreograph, and she’s got a better body. A woman’s physical appearance shouldn’t matter that much to you or anyone else. Stop comparing us like objects. It creates a competitive sense between females and we should no longer allow males to do this to us.

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    Putin will be excited, he can make himself look like Adolf Hitler not just act like him.

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      Or Biden can make himself Black like Treadeau

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    Fitnah coming soon

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    But this reporter is 100 times better looking than Jenifer Lopez just saying!

    Without all that make up Jenifer applies on her face!….and years of Botox injections lol

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    No deepfake with you.

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    Anyone wanna DeepFake KIM JUNG UN, and make a VideoCall to his General .

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    • Avatar Frankie david says:

      @Caterina James Thanks for his contact info, I’ll get to him right away

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    • Avatar Suleman Sheikh says:

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    LMAO! the beginning actually had me, I was like “WTF” And then I remembered what the topic was xD

  57. Avatar KING says:

    Deepfakes are necessary

  58. Avatar nick du preez says:

    Thank you! This is a very good overview on deep fake technology, the only of the thing you didn’t mention was the fact that realistic deep fakes are trained on huge data sets of images (10,000’s+) like the Tom Cruise deep fakes, where they have hours of footage with a huge range of facial expression and you need to map the face onto someone with a similar facial structure to achieve realistic results.

  59. Avatar solar slayer says:


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    I’m scared of the future

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    • Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

      No one is proven innocent in court. They are just not guilty. Big difference.

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    • Avatar Subliminal Messages TV says:

      @Daniel Wilson u right but shut up

  63. Avatar Human Errer says:

    There’s a really easy way to make sure you aren’t getting fooled by deepfakes: only consume information from verified, trusted sources.

    Problem solved!

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    • Avatar AstrahNOT says:

      Lol no, unless they use a deepfake while holding the head of a country and EVERY loyal member of that government hostage, so the deepfake can’t be confirmed as a fake. It’s not 2700BC, countries don’t go to war without a triple confirmation.

  68. Avatar Manna G says:

    Yes deepfakes Media IS dangerous.

  69. Avatar Arnold Layne says:

    I’m just curious why the stupid name deep fake stuck? Counter facing was the better descriptive.

  70. Avatar Abhinav K says:

    I will try this for my online exams 😜

  71. Avatar A Person says:

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  72. Avatar samba titoy says:

    They porpuse to do that for its own purpose… banned this app. Or program if some one cought using this put him her on a jail together with his client

  73. Avatar Doug Aldrich Fan says:

    any good free apps for deepfaking?
    For educational purposes of course 🙂

  74. Avatar Sultan Rayder says:

    Sandra! Thank you so much 🧡

  75. Avatar Muhammad Abdullah says:

    That is really interesting to know. Technology has changed everything. I hope law will be made on it to spot the culprits behind it.

  76. Avatar Michele Fortner says:

    Very interesting but terrifying at the same time I wouldn’t want that to ever to happen to me or my friends and family this isn’t good there will be so many problems with this

  77. Avatar siraaz1990 says:

    To me deep fake is nothing new. To me everyone is fake as fck……… me everyone has been deeply fake anyway.

  78. Avatar parker says:

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  80. Avatar Thomas Vavrusco says:

    Dear and Loved Sandra Gathmann;

    If someone is saying that he / she has your leaked video where you are acting like pornographic actress, but it is fake, then you are just saying that it is fake to everybody who will ask you. Such simple.

    • Avatar Thomas Vavrusco says:

      For example:
      – Hey Sandra, I have seen your leaked video where you was fooking with black herd;
      – Fake.

  81. Avatar Mundo Celular says:

    Internet will be used in near future to control and to manipulate mankind by evil to fullfill prophetic events of the Apocalipse. WW3 ia coming by “fakes” and or “trues” from technology. 2021 AI was used in battlefield for the first time and nobody noticed.

  82. Avatar Jarrod Yuki says:

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