Swedish PM Lofven loses historic no-confidence vote

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Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Lofven is facing the choice of either resigning or calling a snap election, after losing a no-confidence vote in Parliament.
The vote was triggered after the governing coalition fell apart in a dispute over proposed rent reforms.
Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Mariam M says:

    أختكم من اليمن , أبي متوفي من 3سنة بسبب الحرب وعندي 4أخوات وحالنا يعلم الله فيه واني متكفلة فيهم , واني الان قمت بعمل قنات وربما أربح منها لكن ينقصني الكثير من المش تركين .

    واتمنى ما تسخروا مني , وأعرف إن هذه الطريقه غلط لكنها الطريقه الوحيده اللي اقدر من خلالها اكسب نقود حلال 💔💔 لا سامح الحرب اللي وصلتنا لذي المراحل،𝗈𝗄

  2. Avatar James Hecht says:

    Good job Sweden! Rent control is imperative for the people.

    • Avatar Fellan Deluxe says:

      @Josephine Nilsson Sluta sprida falska rykten, majoriteten av människorna i landet är missnöjda med regeringen och folk kommer inte lämna landet på grund av detta.

    • Avatar LZBS Calle says:

      @Josephine Nilsson There is no fascist party in the Swedish riksdag. Why do you believe Trump is fascist btw? Because of his policy or rethoric? His policy is barely any different than Bidens at this point, and rethoric-wise, Löfven is more similar to Trump than Åkesson as he and the Socialdemocrats has called the opposition “pigs” or other degrading words and “racists” for decades, although copied their politics because their own was failing. Quit lying unless you can make real arguments, the government was built on parts with completely different politics but didnt want 18% of the Swedish people to have a say. That is not democracy, this day has been a democratic moment in Swedish history.

    • Avatar Rick Rick says:

      @Josephine Nilsson you need to wake up from your brain washed night mare. You are a pity fooled woman.

    • Avatar Cpt Cap says:

      Josephine Nilsson Don’t listen to Josephine, she is missinformed and spreading lies so ignore her.

    • Avatar Erik Ivar says:

      @Josephine Nilsson yes please do leave!

  3. Avatar alakija(cash app(gman123 says:


  4. Avatar Gurra says:

    Great day

  5. Avatar eu unul says:


  6. Avatar auguaauaguga 6 says:

    Sweden is very beautiful country.
    Jag elskar Sweden/ Sverige
    I fall in love with this country.
    I hope to visit Sweden as a tourist since my dream is to be a traveller.
    Love Sweden very much from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    • Avatar auguaauaguga 6 says:

      @Apollo Ciach
      Sorry I didn’t understand your comment. Did I make any grammartical mistake?

    • Avatar auguaauaguga 6 says:

      But brother I have no plans to settle in Sweden. I just want to go Sweden as a tourist. Do I have to face racism as a tourist? Another thing I am not a Black. I am an Asian. Do I have to face racism as an Asian too?

    • Avatar auguaauaguga 6 says:

      @Norse drengr
      Thank you very much
      TACK. I am learning Swedish and know some words and 1 sentence in Swedish. I fall in love with Sweden after watching some YouTubers specially Jhonna Jinton. Do you know her? And I have a favorite singer too. Her name is Britta Zetterstrom but unfortunately as far as I know she is not famous

    • Avatar auguaauaguga 6 says:

      I can have Swedish keyboad from language settings. Thank you very very much for your advice you are giving it at midnight.
      TACK. I am learning Swedish and know few words and 1 sentence. I fall in love with Sweden after watching some YouTubers specially Jhonna Jinton. Do you know her? I have a favorite singer from Sweden too. Her name is Britta Zetterstrom. But unfortunately she is not famous as far as I know.

    • Avatar Norse drengr says:

      @auguaauaguga 6 No that’s exaggerated, Swedes aren’t very racist, it’s just tentions that has been created through the years through identity politics and influential people that are race-baiting. You will be absolutely fine

  7. Avatar Puro says:

    what a wonderful day. hopfully this can be a start to the end of the “i wont talk to him! REEEEEEE” politics weve had last 7years(12 maybe)

    • Avatar Wilma says:

      Hopefully we get another Löfven government for the sake of Sweden.

    • Avatar Jackie V says:

      Talk to who?

    • Avatar Brasse Malmberg says:

      @Wilma the first Swedish prime minister to loose a confidence vote, not sure we want to repeat that

    • Avatar Wilma says:

      @Brasse Malmberg He’s also the only primeminister to win a confidence vote for the last 7 years.

    • Avatar Brasse Malmberg says:

      @Wilma Isent he also the first prime minister to loose a confidence vote in the last 100 years?

  8. Avatar Francis Ko says:

    Hopefully Malaysia would do the safe

  9. Avatar Iqbal says:

    Allah Hu Akbar

  10. Avatar A.H Octavius says:

    Did anyone bother to research this? The King is the one that will call for elections if no other party presents him a working majority that can take government NOW….. everyone at Jazeerah is a dummy

  11. Avatar Joakim Andersson says:

    Best day ever here in Sweden!

    • Avatar magneticz07 says:

      @Josephine Nilsson haha ”majoriteten”. Vilket skitsnack, har du några källor som ditt påstående bygger på?😂

    • Avatar Pedro Verastegui says:

      Skål för fan!

    • Avatar Red Panda says:

      @Gypoo Ni 2 är barnsliga.

    • Avatar Gypoo says:

      @Red Panda va menar du,

    • Avatar Red Panda says:

      @Gypoo Ni bråkar om praktiskt taget ingenting.

  12. Avatar Daniel Boss says:

    To late 😭

  13. Avatar miles says:

    That gavel is downright comical.

    • Avatar Sarah Adams says:

      Came here to say exactly this – I had to skip back to rewatch that part 😂

    • Avatar Roobidoobie says:

      When I saw this live (I’m Swedish) I had a good laugh about that gavel. Hahahaha

    • Avatar Eh says:

      He banged it after every sentence as well

    • Avatar Franklin says:

      oh you should´ve seen how hard he hit it after declaring the results of the voting XD

  14. Avatar Winston Smith - Ministry of Truth says:

    Great to see the left resist neoliberalism

  15. Avatar ILL State Fishing says:

    I wish Sweden could work with leftist governments in Central and South America and the Caribbean

    • Avatar LZBS Calle says:

      we already are, we have good relations with North Korea as well

  16. Avatar Hmotumgh Study mooch says:


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    • Avatar Kayla Wood says:

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    • Avatar Donald Frank says:

      I need someone like this man, i need to win too

  18. Avatar Dewy says:

    ‘bout time given his government’s catastrophic handling of the pandemic…let’s hope Tegnell also gets a replacement: one that doesn’t put lives at risk by ignoring a well-established consensus on public health measures!

    • Avatar Benedict Zwartzneger says:

      Tegnell is a murderer.

    • Avatar joselo 3112 says:

      Uuuuu were your mask buddy or don’t go outside your room !!!

  19. Avatar Rave Dubin says:

    I’m glad. A Social Democrat from Sweden endorsed Pete Buttigieg and said a Bernie Sanders rally sounded like a Left Party rally. They’re hopeless.

  20. Avatar Joanna Karlsson says:

    This useless collection of red cells should have been gone long long time ago. There is not one positive thing that could be said about this government not one. From handling immigration crisis to pandemic one disaster after another. I only hope that Tegnell is going to be next.

  21. Avatar Iwan Egerström says:

    Thus always for Tyrants! 🇸🇪

  22. Avatar Naveen K says:

    I thought Swadeshi was written there 😑

  23. Avatar E M says:

    Now time to do this for biden

    • Avatar Tim Pathos says:

      If Trump was acquitted twice, good luck getting Biden impeached and convicted. Not going to happen.

    • Avatar Cpt Cap says:

      They will most likely have him step down because of him not being mentally capable and pass it along to Harris, mark my words. It’s only gonna get worse and worse.

  24. Avatar LumocolorARTnr1319 says:

    Half of Sweden bought cake today!

  25. Avatar Daniel says:

    Sweden at this point is basically a muslim state, i dont think theres hope there anymore…

    • Avatar Jessica Johnson says:

      @DUDMAN_ Itsme you dont work or help Sweden out, you expect Swedish people to pay for you we dont to do that, again Sweden are the Swedes country nobody elses, Swedes and foreginers that wants to help is who this country belongs to

    • Avatar Akillesursinne says:

      @Mukhtar abdi Total lie. Immigration to Sweden took place once Sweden had reached a wealthy and functioning society, not before that. So pretending like you are extra special and you came here for noble reasons of helping us out, stop pretending.

      So yes, we were, and are, much without you. So yeah, perhaps you should shut up?

      In any case, I think most Swedes are okay with immigration, but we want it on levels that are acceptable to us. It’s our native land, after all, and you probably agree that natives have the right of the land. In other cases, you would probably not argue for the native rights of your own people in their own lands, right? =)

    • Avatar Shine On you Crazy Diamond says:

      It’s definently not

    • Avatar DUDMAN_ Itsme says:

      @Jessica Johnson When i came to Sweden and lived here for 7 years i BECAME swedish. I go to school in sweden, my parents work in swedish company, we do everything a normal swede would do. I identify as a swede, idc that i’m not white or that i wasn’t born in sweden or that racsist swedes belive that a country they were born in belongs to them like sweden is an object?????

    • Avatar Akillesursinne says:

      @DUDMAN_ Itsme That depends. Being a Swede is both a nationality and an ethnic group. Just because a Swede, like me who’s got his entire ancestry from here, is okay with immigrations doesn’t mean he has to be okay with the idea of giving up his identity to strangers.

      I would never tell someone from Tibet or a Kurd that now, all of a sudden, I am a Kurd, and that I have the same claim to Kurdistan as kurds do. That’s plain insanity and it goes against international law.

      International law says the people who have the best claim, in other words: Are native, have the definitive claim to the land if conflicts arise. Native Swedes/sami and Tornedal-finns are the natives, and the claimants of Sweden.

      That doesn’t mean others don’t have the right to live here, but it means that if any other group that came later ever said “this is our land”, that claim is illegal and an assault on the rights of the natives to their own land.

      You may very well identify as an ethnic Swede, but don’t expect people to view it as you do. Just like a kurd wouldn’t say I’m a kurd. I am, though, all for you being a national swede. But those are two separate things.

  26. Avatar zizo 246 says:

    Are the Swedish reacting..?!
    Anyway, it’s late. Sweden is no more Sweden…!

    • Avatar Josephine Nilsson says:

      Sadly, that’s true.

    • Avatar Jessica Johnson says:

      @Josephine Nilsson we can get our country back now tho I hope even tho its late

    • Avatar Hugo Gustafsson says:

      @Jessica Johnson of course we can

    • Avatar Jessica Johnson says:

      @Hugo Gustafsson we must! We have to fight for our own country

    • Avatar Cpt Cap says:

      Jessica Johnson It’s not gonna be easy but if we all stand up and fight together then maybe, MAYBE there’s still some hope left for Sweden. Löfven is out finally but there’s still much left.

  27. Avatar Robin mozilla says:

    I am Swedish and can confirm he and his party is a shitshow and sadly naive retards keep voting for him even though they are ruining our country.

  28. Avatar Magnus Andersson says:

    Sweden Democrats 🇸🇪💛💙🇸🇪

    • Avatar ליאל סודרברג says:

      SD isn’t likely to be part of the next government. M and KD (and maybe even Liberals) are ready to co-operate with them but if only it’s from the outside.

  29. Avatar Steph M. says:

    The worst PM in Swedish History…he destroyed Sweden

    • Avatar Steph M. says:

      @Jessica Johnson it will be, some day!! Sweden is an amazing country and produces everything needed and other countries wants!!!

    • Avatar Rick Rick says:

      But Reinfeldt did the pre work for it.

    • Avatar Cpt Cap says:

      As a Swede I’m ashamed of what has become of Sweden but seeing this gives me hope.

    • Avatar Kyrxon says:

      What are a few things he ruined?

    • Avatar Jessica Johnson says:

      @Cpt Cap as a fellow swede I am also ashamed to what has happen to our country

  30. Avatar Blueniter says:

    They required 175 votes to bring him down and got total of 181.

  31. Avatar Peppe .J says:

    Finally the idiot is out of the house,,,

  32. Avatar Hampus Jansson says:

    The best day in Sweden on looont time today

  33. Avatar Ainsley Harriot says:

    he destroyed sweden. he gets so much money from refugees, then saying there is no problem with refugees. when there is 700.000 people living on our welfare that does not do anything to improve our socicety

  34. Avatar Torbjörn Larsson says:

    Best decision ever…

  35. Avatar din bror says:

    Finally !!

  36. Avatar Leo says:

    Skills? Trust me the only skill he have is lying! Nothing else. Sweden is on fire becuse of his bad leadership

  37. Avatar Sir Skynets says:

    get rekt sossar

  38. Avatar Anders Olofsson says:

    A wonderful day, a day of joy here in Sweden, we must try to rebuild this country .. IF now these fools disappear … Socialism has never worked anywhere. Sweden was once a prosperous country .. today we have a bad reputation which is 99% due to unauthorized individuals.

    • Avatar Anders Olofsson says:

      @Joshqim The socialists in Sweden owe their own citizens to pay for the misery of other countries … most recently it was SEK 150 billion … I see daily how Sweden decays …

    • Avatar Raghav Menon says:

      @UCzZXr2bbyQ9PoHbYmR5DjAA You’re still paying for your “free” healthcare you not very educated person. You are paying a lot more through taxes than 10 lifetimes worth of medical bills were you living in a less socialistic country.

    • Avatar Michael Gothenburg says:

      @Joshqim Not free at all unfortunately. With all the taxes you pay, plus the (relatively low) cost of health care you still have to pay, and most importantly, the fact that it nowadays works badly, it’s expensive. 6 to 12 months waiting time for an operation was normal before covid-19, now it’s 2 years to 3 years. It was good, it was. Now it’s bad despite the high cost we pay for it.

    • Avatar MrRavmoor says:

      Sweden has a fantastic reputation. You just need to get off your internet circles for a bit and check out the real world.

    • Avatar Anders Olofsson says:

      @MrRavmoor We don’t have a fantastic repuration…. people in Canada, England, Spain and so on thinks we are insane.. Sweden is gone as we know it… too late. because of cretins who don’t belong here

  39. Avatar SuTen says:

    Best thing that could ever happen to Sweden – today is a day to celebrate…

  40. Avatar Fair and Balanced says:

    Sweden now has the highest crime rate in Europe after 7 years with Löfven as PM.

    • Avatar margarita novytska says:

      @Fair and Balanced maybe that’s true but as Swedish person who also studies sociology and statistics at university, it’s hard for me to believe that we have the lowest retirements pay in Europe 🧐maybe in Scandinavia but not in whole Europe.

    • Avatar amigo says:

      @Roobidoobie they changed the laws regarding rape . Please check about it. Please look on it.

    • Avatar Roobidoobie says:

      @amigo I will. Thanks.

    • Avatar Fair and Balanced says:

      @margarita novytska I don’t know the exact number. But what Sweden spends on pensions as a percentage of GDP ranks very low in comparison with many other countries.

    • Avatar Shine On you Crazy Diamond says:

      @Rick Rick rape is probably not right tho. We have another law system and not report it. Other thing are true I think

  41. Avatar LZBS Calle says:

    Democratic moment in Swedish history

  42. Avatar Roobidoobie says:

    Stefan Löfven is a liar. He says in the clip that all he’s ever done is in favor of the Swedes. NOTHING can be further from the truth. And that is WHY he’s being shown the door…

    • Avatar Matt Fortress says:

      He should’ve been going out that door since last election imo.

    • Avatar Cpt Cap says:

      If the people of Sweden voted with their brains he wouldnt have won another time in the last election but hopefully people have learnt their lesson now.

    • Avatar Roobidoobie says:

      @Cpt Cap Actually, he didn’t win the second time. The people were betrayed by Annie Lööf (C) who claimed during her campaign she would endorse Ulf Kristersson (M) if it came to it. But she went against her own words and even betrayed her own voters. It took 5 months for the government to form because of the chaos. Probably why her point are so low she won’t even get a seat in congress next election…

    • Avatar Matt Fortress says:

      @Cpt Cap Lot of votes got thrown out the window because they were for SD(nationalist party) , but the fact Stefan&co still got to keep their power in spite of everything does not look good either.

    • Avatar MrRavmoor says:

      @Cpt Cap It’s not like the presented alternatives are any better, lmao. They’re all trash. Every single one of them.

  43. Avatar Swedi says:

    Here’s the Ö if you want to spell his name correctly: Ö ö (Should be Löfven)

  44. Avatar Swedi says:

    Stefan Löfven has been horrible to Swedes. Finally he’s gone

    • Avatar Roble Yusuf says:

      Hes a good statsminister

    • Avatar Rick Rick says:

      @Roble Yusuf are you an Islamist or just a dreamer?

    • Avatar Roble Yusuf says:

      @Rick Rick wow, just because u like Stefan Löfven your an islamist, ur just braindead thats it

    • Avatar Kjell Bergh says:

      @Roble Yusuf Would you please answer the question. Are you an islamist?

    • Avatar Roble Yusuf says:

      @Kjell Bergh are u deluded asf, yes, yes you are🤣🤣

  45. Avatar Martin Andersson says:

    Good Riddance!
    Now it’s time for Sweden to heal and get tough with the criminals and terrorists that hold Sweden under siege!
    Remember and Rejoice cause this has never happened before in Swedish history!
    What a political feat, going down in history as the worst P.M EVER!

  46. Avatar Jackie V says:

    Gonna leave way for the leftists to get more control. No lefties like Löfven either.

    • Avatar Noa Holmgren says:

      Or it could lead to a right winged government. Like he Said in THE video the blocks are about equal in terms of votes. I just hope we end up getting something positive out of all this.

  47. Avatar Tomasz Zach says:

    Hura hura hura !!!

  48. Avatar Oscar Andres Gaviria Larsson says:


  49. Avatar Mathias Sätherström says:

    Finally He would never have been elected. there is probably no more stupid leader than him

  50. Avatar Mats Larsson says:

    WONDERFUL TIME! Finally!

  51. Avatar Rick Rick says:

    That muppet has just been downvoted and is still talking about leading the country. It has never been easy for him to get the message.

    • Avatar Ka Fon says:

      I just don’t know how you English are so good at talking trash. I hate that I’m envious. It’s why I hate England too.

  52. Avatar Andy N says:

    He is not our prime minister!

  53. Avatar Norse drengr says:


  54. Avatar Slavic Affairs says:


    • Avatar Emlu Emlu says:

      Best comment!

    • Avatar MrRavmoor says:

      The irony of the comment is amazing, too.

  55. Avatar Cpt Cap says:

    As a Swede I can tell you all that this is the best thing that has happened in Sweden in a loooong long time.

    • Avatar Alessa Love Horses says:

      Samma här

    • Avatar Novellus says:

      Can you elaborate?

    • Avatar Fäderneslandet says:

      ​@Novellus Are you not following the development in Sweden over the past seven years when Löfven took power? He failed to solve the rise in crime, he failed to solve unemployment and the housing shortage, he failed to solve the migration crisis and only made it worse, taxes are higher than ever, people die and suffer as they wait for treatment, our elderly are so underpaid that they end up on the streets, doctors and police resigns en masse because of low salary, the military is on their knees and is in desperate need of funding, the list goes on. And then we have the censorship implemented by Löfven which have collided with freedom of expression the last few years. Swedes are not allowed to criticize Löfven and those who do are labeled racist. If you share an article on social media considered critical, they will send the Security Service on you for hate speech. There is even a guy called the Online Hate Speech Monitor who sue people on social media for voicing their concerns. Löfven also actively target alternative media and by going through Google he usually have them shut down or their videos censored. And to make it worse he force the Swedish people to pay for his own state-funded public service that is acting as a mouthpiece for him to spread propaganda. Public service often embellish stories and even manipulate statistics to keep the Swedish people in the dark of what actually is going on. This censorship is the reason why it took so long for alot of Swedes to wake up.

    • Avatar 최규화 says:

      @Fäderneslandet As an expat living in Sweden.. BS. we are living in the middle of pandemic and impeaching prime minister. wtf..

    • Avatar 최규화 says:

      @Fäderneslandet Now we all the vaccination volunteers are fed up with ignorant Swedish claiming freedom of expression against vaccination…

  56. Avatar Cpt Cap says:

    Most people outside of Sweden have no idea how awful our country has become and much is because of Löfven so it’s AMAZING news that they’re removing him.

  57. Avatar Cpt Cap says:

    This is a victory for Sweden but there’s still alot more to do to save it.

    • Avatar Steph M. says:

      i aggree but finaly its a start. Dont forget that for a least 10 years Sweden was something like Country in Pause and if it made 1 step forward, the same time it took 3 back

  58. Avatar Lodiana says:

    sweden should stop american imperialism on this planet

  59. Avatar Fredrik Engström says:

    Controlled rents will cause less housing to be built.

    Why are the “free market” party voting basically in favor of rent controlled?

    Dumb. He should have been voted out long ago but for completely different reasons. Imagine every piece of damage he did to this country and this is why he’ll get thrown out? He’s getting off easy

    • Avatar Cloud Seeker says:

      I can actually understand the issue here. The problem in Sweden is that there has been a housing shortage for the past 20-30 years or so. Sweden have been nominated to the Guinness World Records for the longest queue lines for housing in the world.
      People have to borrow millions just to afford a 1 room apartment.

      If flats were allowed to be set according to a “free market” it will just go insane. Sweden have to pay a lot for everything. We pay 70-80% in taxes and a burger menu at McDonalds cost around 10-12 USD. A free market is not going to solve anything because housing is built on such a bubble that if it burst so does the economy. The housing market never crashed like it in the rest of the world during the 2008 crash. So it is a economic bubble that is still there since 2008.

  60. Avatar Alex Fox says:

    Is he the one taking all the cheese?

  61. Avatar Robin Kjellberg says:

    No leader has managed to ruin a whole nation in such short amount of time.

  62. Avatar Roy says:

    Why are they still wearing masks. Its rediculouse.

    • Avatar Cloud Seeker says:

      Dude. Based on how poorly the Swedish government have handled the pandemic I don’t think it is safe for them. Go to your favorite watcher and look up deaths / 1mil pop.
      Then look for the ranks of:

      Sweden have the highest amount of dead for all of them.

    • Avatar Henrik L says:

      @Cloud Seeker
      It’s not the Swedish goverment that’s running the fight against COVID-19.

      It’s the Folkhälsomynigheten and it is like all state agency in Sweden not controlled by the goverment when it come to stop the spread. It’s like the goverment can change the law but not release a suspected criminal.

      And make a lockdown was also against the Swedish law so it was not possibe to make a lockdown in Sweden before spring 2021 when there was a temporary change in the law.

    • Avatar Cloud Seeker says:

      @Henrik L Apart from that it is.

      Folkhälsomynigheten are not doing anything. All decisions are made by the politicians and not anyone else. You can not dismiss their responsibility to be the leaders of a nation by using a agency as a scapegoat. Folkhälsomynigheten do not have the authority to put any measure into effect. The buck stops with the government as it is them that make all choices based on the recommendations from Folkhälsomynigheten. Know and learn the difference.

      Don’t matter. We are not talking about lockdown vs not lockdown.
      – The fact all disaster preparation storages was dismantled has nothing to do with a lockdown.
      – The fact Sweden didn’t care about tracing the infection early on has nothing to do with a lockdown.
      – The fact Sweden went out and said “there is no evidence that preventive measures have any effect” has nothing to do with a lockdown.
      – The fact that Sweden dragged its feet with any kind of preventive measures such as wearing a mask at all has nothing to do with a lockdown.
      – The fact Sweden was unable to get testing started fast enough has nothing to do with a lockdown.
      – The fact the Swedish strategy of “flock immunity” require that a majority of people are infected first has nothing to do with a lockdown.

      To just think this is a lockdown vs not lockdown issue is disingenuous. The failure of the government is much much deeper then this. What they have done is to sell the fire extinguishers and the life preservers because they needed the money for some other reckless spending.

    • Avatar Henrik L says:

      @Cloud Seeker
      If you don’t want to talk about the Swedish goverment but instead talk about the pandamic and how Folkhälsomynigheten have handle it then that’s a different thing.

      In 2020 there was 7,6% more Swedish people’s that died but don’t forget that the year ended in middle of the second wave in Europe. That numbers is in the bottom of Europe and much lower then country’s with really hard lockdowns.
      But all the country’s you counted had lower, Germany with 5,3% more dead then normal years. Norway is the only country in Europe with less dead in 2020 then normal years, that really strange. To be able to have less death in a pandamic.

      But if we look at Germany they did stop the first wave really good and had much lower reported COVID-19 death in 2020 then Sweden but Still they ended with 5,3% more dead 2020, that gap should have been bigger if you only look at COVID-19 numbers.
      That show us that many of the reported COVID-19 death in Sweden was old and sick people’s that was reported as COVID-19 death but would sadly die in 2020 anyway.

      In 2021 the reported COVID-19 death numbers in Germany increase when they was hit really hard in the second wave, much harder then Sweden.

      So yes, Sweden had more dead then the country’s you counted.

      But we know that even Sweden stayed more opened then many country’s the things we did to stop the spread had big impact on the country.
      Much less cancer have been found in 2020 then normal, how many will die in untreated cancer the next years.
      The childrens education have been less good then normal, how will that effect the life and health for them. We know that lower education gives shorter life expectancy.
      The people’s economy have in some cases been really bad and that also gives lower life expectancy.
      And so on, like every hour you spending in your sofa looking at TV lower tour life expectancy and that increase in a lockdown.

      If Sweden would have a harder lockdown would that gives even more of this problems?

      Would Sweden had the same death numbers as Denmark with the same tactic or would it not had any impact like in other country’s in Europe with harder lockdown then Denmark and still more death then Sweden. Those question about what would happening if Sweden done a lockdown we Will never get a answer on.

      But My children had a not so bad year 2020, been most of the time in school with Friends and did get a good education.
      I been living My life in a pause way. Working and done things I needed but slow down and pause the social things.
      My 75+ parents are happy that their grand children have been able to live their life as normal as possibe, that their children not lost their work and have not destroyed their economy.
      When not been able to Travel and party my economy is even much stronger now then normal years.
      My parents and all eldery I know have been living in a self lockdown but been free to take a walk if the want or visit us, outside with distance.

      It’s sad that we not been able to protect the eldery at those homes but that’s a problem in many country’s with high death numbers and with lockdown so it would maybe not save them. We need better homes for them that could handle a pandamic and need more storage of medical and protection equipment. There is alot of things Sweden could done better but many of the things is long term changes.

    • Avatar Cloud Seeker says:

      @Henrik L Do I need to remind you that you are responding to a comment that talk about the pandemic and not the Swedish government. Maybe you should know what YOU are responding to because talking about the Swedish government is not the subject of this comment.

  63. Avatar andorifjohn says:

    Go Nooshi!

  64. Avatar M B says:

    Today we celebrate.

  65. Avatar Figge Berglund says:

    Words can’t describe how extremely useless this creature is.

  66. Avatar Stibba says:

    why do they call him loffen lol

  67. Avatar Vera Sevet says:


  68. Avatar Enigma Codebreaker says:


  69. Avatar Mia Nilsson says:

    A real and honest democracy!! Free Alexei Navaljnyi and hundreds Russian politicians in jailed, repressed and arrested!!

  70. Avatar Moi Suomi says:

    Do the same with Sanna and her leftist coalition. Get Perus in ASAP!!!

  71. Avatar Gunnel says:

    So happy today finally!!!

  72. Avatar nate-d28 says:

    I’m not a swede, could someone tell me what he did (neutral pls)

    • Avatar Cloud Seeker says:

      I can try, but I have to explain the last elections so you get the big picture. I got a TL:DR at the end if you don’t care about the political big picture.

      2010 Election:
      In the 2010 election a lot of people where very dissatisfied with how Sweden handled problems around immigration (a problem recognized by every single party at the time) and the fact there where a lot of attacks on Swedish culture as a whole. As an example: The Prime Minister at the time said “Swedish culture is pure barbaric” in 2006, he said that while he was in office. As a result. The Swedish Democrats (SD) came into the parliament in the 2010 election, and every single party had a complete meltdown in both ethics and morals.
      This was when the “Exclude SD at all cost” policy was adopted by all political parties. Insane policies was pasted and they even doubled down on bad immigration policies from before only as a reaction to SD. They knew it needed reform, but it wasn’t done due to SD getting in. Due to the Arab Spring and other events, there was a lot of immigration Sweden wasn’t able to handle before and after the election. It was said that Sweden had to either focus on immigration or a welfare state as there was not enough money for both, and traditionally Sweden is a welfare state.

      2014 Election:
      In the 2014 election the Right Wing block was replace with the Left Wing block and Stafan Löfven came to power. This was not an easy time as well as an extra election was announced due to the fact government was not able to pass the budget as they were unable to get a majority for their budget (159 for, 190 against). This was resolved after the Right Wing voted for the Left Wing only because SD was voting against the Left as SD themselves are Right Wing. As a result of this the “December agreement” was made and it can basically be summed up with.
      “All parties agree to vote against whatever issue SD wants to ensure they never get any power through seats they gained in the election”.
      It was basically an undemocratic agreement which goal was to ensure a democratically elected party should not have any power within a democracy. This agreement held until the Christian Democracts broke away from it as they didn’t want to take part in it anymore. After that, every other party also broke away and it was declared to be a mistake.
      In 2015 we also had the immigration crisis due to the war in Syria and everything else with ISIS. When it came to the Swedish response the childish “SD wants X so we do Y” was still in full effect. Sweden answered with trying to get as many refugees as possible. They didn’t really care about if they were refugees or not allowed basically anyone claiming to be a refugee to come in. This was not Sweden able to handle in any way. The problems were swiped under the rug with the excuse “How dare you! How can you not have compassion!”. This came back to bite Sweden years later, especially after the Paris attack. It turned out that Sweden had tried to pick both immigration AND a welfare state.

      2018 Election
      In 2018 resentment of how the Swedish government had behaved up until now was still growing, and SD was growing in response. Every single county was now out of money and on the verge of bankruptcy. My own county was out of money in January because all of that years budget had to go to pay the debt from the previous year. It was a fun time to know that.
      The “must exclude SD” policy was still in effect, but was cracking somewhat when it came to the Christian Democrats, but they were not willing to make the jump.
      The election proved to be a complete mess. The seats were allocated the following way:
      Left Wing: 144
      Right Wing: 143
      SD: 49
      No side was able to gain a majority without the support from SD. But the Right Wing refused to work with SD. The Center party (Right Wing) and the Liberals Party (Right Wing, Yes, Liberals are right wing in Sweden) refused to work with the Left Party (Left Wing) or SD.
      This resulted in a deadlock that lasted for 4 months. It was only broken when the Center Party and the Liberals decided to break apart from the Ring Wing Alliance and join with the Left Wing. This was however not the complete story. The Center Party refused to work with the Left Party, but the support from the Left Party was 100% required to gain a majority. So the agreement was that the Left party should vote for everything the government coalition wanted but without having any political influence or being part of the government. Basically. They were asked to be a doormat that did whatever the government wanted no matter what it was just so they and SD can be excluded from political power and influence. Yes. It is very ironic how much political power both of those parties gained here.
      The Left party only agreed to this but stated that there was a few issues they will not tolerate in any way, and those issues were key issues to keep the Center Party support.
      Recently one of these issues came up. The Center Party were not going to back down because they needed to show that the Left party was excluded from political power in Sweden. But the Left party knew that only their support kept the government in power at all. So they asked for a vote of no confidence and it was past.

      The government was elected on a extremely unstable and weak coalition. A impossible equation so to say. A coalition that both excluded and required the support of a key political party that disagreed with some fundamental goals of the coalition government. When one of these issues were brought up and the government was not willing to give the key player what they wanted because they were forced to exclude them from political influence, a vote of no confidence were held and the government fell.

    • Avatar nate-d28 says:

      @Cloud Seeker Thanks alot very informative!

  73. Avatar Kjell Bergh says:

    Svensk media är helt eller delvis finansieradd av den svenska regeringen (inte Wikipedia)

    • Avatar Henrik L says:

      Menar du Statligt mediastöd?
      I såna fall är det ju inte den svenska regeringen som delar ut en pott pengar men de har satt upp vissa krav som skall uppfyllas, det är ju press från höger kanten till vänster kanten som får stödet.

      Det är kanske kraven du inte håller med om.
      55% måste vara eget material. Får inte sprida felaktig eller manipulerad information, uppmanar till brott eller vilseleder kring etablerad vetenskap och kunskap.

  74. Avatar Frederick says:

    I love how they pronounce Löfven “loffen”

  75. Avatar mohammad iqbal says:

    H&M grande economy

  76. Avatar Benjámin Kurilla says:

    Ye sure: politics and important social questions….
    But how come the Swedish prime miniser looks totally like actor Timothy Spall (who played Wormtail in Harry Potter, and Churchill in The King’s Speech) ??

  77. Avatar MS3300 says:

    Why do people dislike him?

    • Avatar Cloud Seeker says:

      @MS3300 Maybe because he build his government around the idea to exclude other democratically elected political parties, and he have failed to lead the country in a positive direction.

      – When he was elected the so called “December agreement” was made between all parties other then the Swedish Democrats. The aim of that agreement was that all other parties should make sure to vote in such a way that whatever the Swedish Democrats (SD) wanted to do in any issue should always be voted down and deny them any political influence.
      I want to remind you that SD is a democratically elected party, and this is very much undemocratic behavior. The agreement was eventually broken because of how undemocratic it was, it has also since been been denounced as mistake.

      – He have also failed hard in his role as the leader of the country. In less then 10 years Sweden have gone from having among the fewest lethal shootings in Europe to be the only country in Europe where lethal shootings are increasing instead of decreasing.

      -Under his leadership the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) study excluded so many low preforming students that they had to pass special rules for Sweden and now it has been declared cheating.
      Under his leadership and under his government the study was for the first time handled by the government and not Universities. What happened was that they excluded immigrant children that had poor grades. They excluded anyone with poor grade. They excluded anyone that did not want to do the test. They excluded anyone they thought will preform poorly, and they also handed it in after the deadline. All of this was to cover up how poorly the schools have been mismanaged under his years in power.

      – Sweden have had a massive amount of gang violence which is now out of control and can’t be handled. Sweden have real “no-go-zones” and they are well over 200 zones by now. This problem did not exist before in Sweden and have been created within the last 7 years.

      There is a lot to dislike about Stefan Löfven. If you wish to see how Sweden is. Go watch Tim Pools report about it when he visited Sweden. Or 60 minutes. The crew was attacked just for being in a no-go-zone.

      EDIT: I also want to inform that the attacks on religious people that sound a lot like Jewels (have to censure due to Youtube bots) have been on the rise. A lot of Jewels are fleeing from Sweden because of how unsafe it is to be a Jewel in Sweden.
      Even many refugees complain that it is safer in Syria then some parts of Sweden. So you go figure that one out.

    • Avatar Henrik L says:

      @Cloud Seeker
      Was that not 2 right party that is more to the middle ( C and L ) that did exclude other party, the SD right Wing party and Left Wing party ( V ) and not Löven?

      They did not want included left Wing or work with right Wing SD. The stadsminister Löven and the S party have never before hade any problems to work with the left Wing party Vänstern ( V ).

      The only way Sweden would get a goverment after last election was depending on C and L. They needed to vote together with one wing party, left or right.

      The thing that did this mess was that S make a deal with C to get their vote for power, but they also needed V vote.
      If C included V they could maybe done a deal also.

    • Avatar Cloud Seeker says:

      @Henrik L No. Before 2018 every single party excluded SD. Unless you have been living under a rock, S have been instrumental in trying to exclude SD. S do not seek cooperation over party lines without reasons. To just behave like it is C and L that wants to exclude SD is revisionist history and outright laughable since it means you do not remember more then 3 years at a time.

    • Avatar Henrik L says:

      @Cloud Seeker
      I’m not, that’s only normal politics.
      All party don’t work together.

      The right politics like M or KD would never included the left Wing V.

      So you can’t be angry at V, S or MP to not included SD. If a party is to extrema for other party then they can’t work together.

      Yes SD are a big party but how many years have not S been the biggest party and still not been in power so size don’t change anything, in Swedish politics you need Friends and SD did not had any right party Friends in last election, don’t blame the left party for that.
      And still in last election M, KD wanted to included SD in the same way L, C, S ,MP did with V. Vote together to get power but not included them in the goverment. But we all know what Side was biggest

    • Avatar Cloud Seeker says:

      @Henrik L What are you talking about? No. M and KD did not want to include SD in some way because they literally stood on stage and said that they were not going to work with SD. The only one that even came close was KD and they said.

      “We may consider it, but only when SD get more compitent and serious politicians. But as of now, we are not working with SD and instead want a government with the Alliance.”

      M and KD was not open in any way. You do not have a working memory if you think that. M only came around to it in the past 3 years as political realities was clear when C and L showed that the Alliance was no more. It was the break up of the Alliance that forced M and KD to actually seeks support from SD.

      Also. This is not normal politics. Not working with is not the same as working to exclude. Not wanting to live in the same home as you is not the same as trying to prevent you from having a home.
      You are extremely dishonest by even trying to make them the same thing.

  78. Avatar Alianger says:

    Stefahn Loffen!

  79. Avatar Vardek Petrovic says:

    That the commuist part voted against the social democrats is something new. Perhaps (unlikely) we can have a free sweden. If life is good and allah is great i might live to see it.

    • Avatar Henrik L says:

      It’s like in 1990, so it’s new.

  80. Avatar server1 says:

    Hitler also came to power through a minority “coalition” 🙂

    • Avatar Cloud Seeker says:

      But he only gained real control after setting fire to the Reichstag, arresting all communists & detractors and then having a snap election while the communists were under investigation to give himself emergency power to abolish elections. They were also never shy and tried to hide that their goal was to remove democracy.

    • Avatar Henrik L says:

      From 1971 Sweden have had minority coalition all election except in 3 election and still Sweden and still Sweden is not like Germany then.

  81. Avatar Råttan Sweden says:

    Hi hi hi

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