NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 25th, 2021

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Delta variant fuels surge of new cases across U.S., congressional investigation into January 6th attack, and wildfires reach more communities in the West.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Max G says:

    America is a very weak country, see what a low IQ conman is doing to your country and you can’t do anything about it, imagine the next one is a smart one I think your country will collapse

  2. Avatar Thomas Spencer says:

    If people don’t get vaccinated then the delta variant will eventually have its own variant and we will need a new vaccine. People not getting vaccinated is making more vaccines necessary.

  3. Avatar Monica X says:

    To the Arkansas lawmakers who are banning masks – DUMBASSES!!!!
    That drunk driver who ran over the mother and child better go to prison for a long time. WTF!

  4. Avatar Jaime Valencia says:


  5. Avatar Cary Sontag says:

    What a shame more fat people will die 😔

  6. Avatar Yukon Jack says:

    Joe Camel Up In Smoke🚽💨😹

  7. Avatar ratkat Barnes says:

    Only takes 10 minutes & 30 seconds to report the comments NBC wants us to believe?

    I should have known better.😝

  8. Avatar Mona Lupian says:

    I’m glad there were awesome people on the ready to step in and help. Thank God the mom and her baby lived.

  9. Avatar Mohamed Sidimohamed says:

    Thank you, US President John Biden, for his visit to the great Algeria, its history, and its support for liberation movements in the world, freedom and emancipation from slavery. Thank you. We are with you until victory and return, or human and democracy, the right of peoples to self-determination.

  10. Avatar Yukon Jack says:

    Sure hope they call those dozens of FBI agents to testify since they were Undercover inside the capitol on January 6th they got some excellent photographs didn’t they?😈👌

  11. Avatar Raine Musñgi says:

    First time Im not happy about this show. Juan’s reporting was far too chirpy for the misery. Tone is so important. And ending the show on the injury of the mother and child – and actually showing the video of them getting run over. Sorry, NBC Nightly News. I love you, but do better tomorrow.

  12. Avatar Mr. Greenjeans says:

    Some of this newscast is a repeat from yesterday.

  13. Avatar Liam Noah says:

    *The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left”*

    • Avatar Mark Louis says:

      He has been able to secure a steady inflow of returns off my crypto, it’s was a lost with this whole pandemic situation causing me my job, it’s just amazing to find Mr Wayne and there’s been no regrets ever since.

    • Avatar Hayley Forbs says:

      Mr Michael Wayne is a certified Broker I have worked with him for months now living all my trading worries on him to earn FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

    • Avatar Johnny Bandersnatch says:

      The poor don’t have money to spend or save.

  14. Avatar 1 says:

    Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it for a virus so deadly you have to be tested to know you have it

  15. Avatar Hayley Lorenzo says:

    Why isn’t Fauci talking about all the immigrants crossing the border at record numbers being bussed and flown to cities and not even being tested for covid? Why isn’t that an emergency?

  16. Avatar LordTrikke Dirtymurder says:

    NBC Nazi Broadcasting Channel

  17. Avatar Bruce Montgomery says:

    why so short??

  18. Avatar blue Jay says:


  19. Avatar sammavacaist says:

    Lol. Florida is going to be lit in a week!

  20. Avatar Cammi Ramos says:

    Red states he watching an hears your all thoughts count i told you ! Discount his powers o.k.

  21. Avatar Cammi Ramos says:

    All excellerating more faster then once it starts no going back ! Understand so comfy that that of cross over !

  22. Avatar Cammi Ramos says:

    Im disable got papers on that too papers are so important to you all meaningless i see like ten commandaments an millions of rules policies an regs !

  23. Avatar Cammi Ramos says:

    Dry thing crack so grab your plate ! An he see test y on you now !

  24. Avatar Cammi Ramos says:

    I am now myst sin in this world

  25. Avatar God’s Spiritual Poet says:

    2 Chronicles 7:14- and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

  26. Avatar Semmie Elston says:

    Have anyone died from these vaccinations? Has there been any disabilities caused by these vaccines? And if something does happen to a person who’s taking the vaccine who will be responsible?

  27. Avatar Ghirardelli Chocolate says:

    Apply some plain yogurt around ur mouth. Above chin will guarantee to close the veins.

  28. Avatar Ghirardelli Chocolate says:

    The rest were ur thanks if u know what I mean.

  29. Avatar Lake Safety says:

    Covid doing its job thinning herd. Less people, less cars, less pollution, less fires. Earth is happy!

  30. Avatar Salvador Jimenez says:

    The only one stealing the elections is Trump himself, and all his Republican enablers. Why is it that the average Americans in the secessionists’ Southern states of the Union are the ones who believe the lies?

  31. Avatar bluesuit5 says:

    DELTA is a off shoot of the ckvid vacc

  32. Avatar Ghirardelli Chocolate says:


  33. Avatar Ghirardelli Chocolate says:

    I can’t sneeze.

  34. Avatar Ghirardelli Chocolate says:

    Holding eggs in ur hands is today’s aristocracy treatment and to even explain what is happening – equality. Basically overvaccination or people that are shortened i podletsi est vezde.

  35. Avatar Melvin Grant says:

    This Nancy Pelosi is unequivocally the most corrupt and belligerent politician in our nation’s history…just peep at her 3rd world state!

  36. Avatar Avelline Allotrope says:

    Mental health workers are covert narcissists. Have you ever noticed that when you are having a life crisis of any sort they will step in and pick you apart and tell you what’s wrong with you? When life hands you lemons go to mental health workers and find that it’s all 1. Not really happening because it’s all in your head or 2. It’s all your fault because you did or didn’t do XYZ.

  37. Avatar sashamean1 says:

    A man name Antron Larashon Brown in Mississippi literally swallowed a whole blunt in front of a policeman..bad apples spoil it for all of us and had the nerve to get a lawyer…smh.. embarrassing..no credit to our race..D.U.I..glad the baby and Mother is alright

  38. Avatar Ghirardelli Chocolate says:

    Also long gloves stand for plain yogurt.

  39. Avatar Ghirardelli Chocolate says:

    Apply some plain yogurt up to elbows. If u fell off the window make sure our food is not poisoned. We live with the last criminals and have to tolerate this? What else is what.

  40. Avatar Ghirardelli Chocolate says:

    Aaron Schwartz.

  41. Avatar Ghirardelli Chocolate says:

    Ate shampoo

  42. Avatar Ghirardelli Chocolate says:

    They are basically shampoing everything. Ignorant running to intelligent saying we did it. We can’t eat anything.

  43. Avatar Ghirardelli Chocolate says:

    Without being poisoned. For awareness everyone is mentally ill. Conspiracy theories were probably not true worldwide or cross cultural comparisons.

  44. Avatar Ghirardelli Chocolate says:

    Roommate is a maniac please pick him up

  45. Avatar sofia says:

    Once again it’s not the people fault that didn’t take the vaccine!!!!! Like I said b4 the leader of the pack said you don’t have to wear ur mask if you already took the vaccine shot’s what’s wrong with this picture??? Wake up people, my opinion covid isn’t over n it’s never going away bcuz people don’t listen keep on partying going on vacation having get together like everything is alright, OMG WAKE UP…….JESUS CHRIST IS COMING SOON YOU MUST B AWARE

    • Avatar Man Up says:

      If you believe in Jesus, shouldn’t he be protecting you from the virus?

  46. Avatar Mr. Bison says:

    Start charging drunks with attempted murder and murder instead of assault and people with think twice about drinking and driving.

  47. Avatar matthew martin says:

    He did have to say Tokyo and Covid in the same sentence right? just BAM right out the gate!

  48. Avatar Justin Harris says:

    Fake News.. Disgusting

  49. Avatar Melinda Mullins says:

    Thank you for saving mother and her infant omg thank u Jesus for safe return.

  50. Avatar Howe Lau says:


  51. Avatar 5 flapjacks says:

    There is a bible teaching you tube channel titled ‘faith cometh by hearing” if anybody needs some help in faith building. Or if you are not as yet become saved by Jesus, there is a teaching series there titled, ‘change of mind’ which is more than able to teach you all that you need to know about eternal salvation in Jesus. The world is heading downhill fast, you might as well think about your next life….

  52. Avatar Jon Adams says:

    LOL… Unvaccinated doesnt matter. Rona infected several democrat reps from Texas that were already fully vacinated. Just 2 weeks ago they tried to claim no Vacc person had died, now it is .5%. Meanwhile BBC tells Brits that 60% of hospitalized cases are people with the shot. I’m a smoker that has had 2 varients 18mths apart.. Ya’ll are either crazy or gullible.

  53. Avatar Randall Trantham says:

    immediate news needed on investigation of the drunk driver

    if a repeat offender in the system…well, you tell me

  54. Avatar Sexy & Informative news from All over the world says:

    The COVID-19 virus continues to change and the Delta variant is more transmissible compared to the other virus strains. Listen to Dr Maria Van Kerkhove share what is known so far about the delta variant and how we can keep ourselves safe .


  55. Avatar SleepNo More says:

    09:46 How much of society is at fault for normalizing alcohol and the government’s fault for legalizing it? It’s time to stop romanticizing substance use

  56. Avatar Laura Malizia says:

    Okay.. this broadcast is only 10 minutes and 30 secondd.

  57. Avatar Dan broker says:

    You all gonna die man.

  58. Avatar Kim Broadie says:

    God is not playing the book of revelation is revealing

  59. Avatar Kim Broadie says:

    Praying for the mom and her daughter

  60. Avatar The Wax says:

    Wow watched 1 minute and it’s all left propaganda

  61. Avatar Ranger Annie says:

    Which vaccine has the least side effects? And if there are 2 vaccines that have substantially fewer side effects than other vaccines which one has the mildest side effects?
    Asking for a friend…

  62. Avatar John Starmore says:

    NBC news = evil .
    Nbc news = evil.

  63. Avatar J Wilcox says:

    Hi Lestor Nice looking suit. Have some fun while there. Peace.

  64. Avatar TU CORONA says:

    Jesus said: “He who is healthy does not need the physicians…” Luke 5:31 -THEBIBLE–Do you have Jesus Christ in YOUR HEART? – READ THE DAILY BIBLE! –Christians should evangelize the public! – Revelation 11: 3 – The last resort of SALVATION! 🙏🏽✝️🇵🇪🗺️ |
    |Watch w.TBN>ORG – 70 Satelites preaching tand teaching he Gospel of Jesus Christ

  65. Avatar nick nick says:

    no more short vids pls.

  66. Avatar Marc Lecarre says:

    Thin the herd and send their estate the hospital bill.

  67. Avatar Marc Lecarre says:

    Government is not your mother….your mother was supposed to teach you how to take care of yourself.

  68. Avatar Tashina Begay says:

    All tech in future and present scanned construction started

  69. Avatar Kathy Priest says:

    I never stopped. A bit relaxed,if I forgot,I forgot. I did sanitize hands,handles ect. We, as a family of 11, stayed apartish. My folks are vaxed. And we’re going into virus season and I put my mask on because of it ✌🙂

  70. Avatar MAXIMUS - says:

    We need a technological utopia without work & money. The wealth & class system must be abolished. Everything must become free. Sustainable & eco friendly agricultural & resource production made fully autonomous with minimal human labour required. Looking to space for precious metals and materials. Terroforming ecosystems to sustain this growth both for agricultural & wildlife protection. The struggle that is fiscal responsibility has to stop. It’s only logical when you compare this to the current state of throw away consumerism and trickle down economics.

    The monetary system is anthropocentric & short sighted… what is point in trading human happiness for a small percentage of people to hoard wealth… value is agreed upon is is not fixed by definition… eradication of money is the best thing that can happen

    you wouldn’t do anything because you aren’t motivated by profit? What is stopping you from turning work into a hobby or exploring other skill or travelling? I’m sure the millions of people in poverty and who have little happiness in their life because of wealth would agree.. why would you think negatively of a solution that creates mass equality and eradicates the crushing responsibility of wealth to which people are driven to crime and depression… inequality does not need to exist if technology can take the place of humans as a labour for production. What is wrong with a standardisation of living instead of wealth inequality when millions all over the world have nothing…

    A TU is a theoretical situation that is achievable. Civilisation is able to find this scenario under specific conditions, regulation & policy. The solution to human beings experiencing the difficulties of life is subject to a community, unified, living in a peaceful society.

    The monetary system is anthropocentric & does not have a logical groundwork now that technology exists. Trade & value are concepts that derive from production for the essential components of life. Materialism & Culture are a developed philosophical & creative aspect of the capacity for consciousness. They are given value & thus trade is necessary. Trade is also a key component in agriculture process & resource gathering. Value is a fictional economy of numbers. It is agreed upon by those involved.

    The monetary system is detrimental to human existence as it relies on the competitive side of human nature that we take from our ancestors who actually struggled as a product of their natural environment not their civilisations.

    Technology is an essential solution to human labour. Resource supply chain & production are able to become self sufficient, sustainable & effective. Without labour there is no need for incentive. Equality is achieved. It is an easy to understand formula for achieving happiness. Kindness is a good thing.

    A society that is full of happy people as a product of their environment will thrive. Progress in education, environment & reproduction is accelerated & perpetuates a positive ecosystem. Ecology is a focus prociding spiritual alignment, access to natural environment. This is the purest form of existence that human beings can achieve.

    Understand that you have no say in how you live unless you can take care of yourself in the wilderness. You are living in society which is governed by policies & laws. You are given these things until it changes because you are a citizen that does not have any power over changing society. If all of your assets were deemed worthless tomorrow – it would be legal. The wealth division in society is created by the conditions that are outlined & maintained by the minority of high worth individuals. They are deciding this for us. They are allowing poverty to continue.

    we live in a world where limitations are put on all.of our lives by the lineages and wealthy families that are keeping it this way. The people who created the system are the benefactors. I found it deeply ironic that fox is reporting on the building collapse the other day and the next story is in support of people who are lobbying against the infrastructure bill. The conservative way of thinking only supports the rich and wealthy. I honestly dont know how news reporters at fox get past their own morality to be in support of a minority of human beings that keep this world suffering. The only thing they represent is cruelty and distaste for the human race. Greed and self interest are their only motivation.

    you would think that most people would be in favour of a post scarcity economy but fox and every conservative peddling manipulator around that is spreading their bias views and fear based propaganda they would have the average citizen believe it sin their bets interest to be ruled over by a government lobbied to by the interest of the most wealthy people on earth… the monetary system is a unnecessary & outdated now that technology can dissolve the need for resource production and labour. It baffles me that people choose to ignore the fact that poverty is deemed necessary by the winners of capitalism. They use puppet corporations like fox to spread the false narrative that much is clear…These people do not have your best interest in mind when they make claims and push their propaganda. Human beings do not have to work. A post scarcity economy is a very real possibility.

    This is a documentary series worth watching: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE88E9ICdiphYjJkeeLL2O09eJoC8r7Dc

    You will understand that the monetary system is based on trust. How it is manipulated. Value is an agreed upon summary of exchange. Nothing more. An abundance or post scarcity allows us to thrive instead of being limited in health, security & means to live. It’s necessity is only important while the system that we consume remains & is based on an anthropocentric determination of human life. The manipulating effects of controlling a supply & demand process is highly profitable…

    The only way our world can change is a mass movement towards post scarcity & utopian ideals.

    What If Humanity Was a Post Scarcity Civilization? | Unveiled – https://youtu.be/n4hedYil2d4

  71. Avatar Adam Heredia says:

    Trump has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that justice is NOT blind, All Americans are not equal and the American dream of scaling up the socioeconomic ladder is fraught with built in obstacles with that in mind Why should I, an American Citizen, born & living in an American Caribbean COLONY! Believe anything Washington says. The Constitution applies only above a certain income and to certain zip codes, An income we are denied and zip codes where we are forbidden. Biden has already backtracked on campaign promises to us & millions of us living in the states

  72. Avatar rusty mugg says:

    Our American athletes will not be killed if they don’t win. Just making it to the Olympics is WINNING…OK.K

  73. Avatar William Page says:

    What’s going on in America its like watching a dumpster fire inside a train wreck. Why do you all I hate your country so much you are used to be so proud to be American? Now you’ve joined the rest of the world in Wanting America to go down.
    I guess CNN really got inside your heads.

  74. Avatar rusty mugg says:

    The police chief is quite handsome for an old guy…ooou( in my Blueface voice)

  75. Avatar steere otelia says:

    Reflecting on the couple’s childhood days

  76. Avatar Justin Enriquez says:

    A cult out of Antioch, California are attempting to undermine government and create an anarchy situation with satanism, animalism, and memes and casting themselves (the dead) into the ‘wood work’ to transcend into life and society with mass demonic and angelical beings converted from the damned and the dead. Possessing toys, especially life form like action figures. Most of the Earth’s population has already been memed. By overwhelming the human and animal radio receiver/transmitter with excessive energy’s of all or most lliving natural life forms and bodies so will not have the capacity, to access free thought intellect including self control and will power.
    The Christian churches, Islamic mosques and Jewish synagogues and their toy soldiers are by far the #1 threat to modern society. Positive consciousness from negative mindedness makes most of the difference.

  77. Avatar Toni Watkins says:

    The one’s that got the shot’s are the ones who are spreading it an a different type

  78. Avatar Stickguyanimator says:

    Hey Biden
    If your seeing this comment
    Then on the 7th of August when I go on vacation I suggest you start *RUNNING*

  79. Avatar Sonali Gupta says:

    Best YouTube channel ‘IID international’ for best update watch this only

  80. Avatar Daniel Enrique Hernandez says:

    DES in Maricopa County update your voter registry..
    One 🗳 per person per address.
    Not one ballot per evrey address ever registered under any1 person
    Vote in person always..
    I still have my extra 🗳 here in maricopa County..
    Dead ppl wer mailed ballots and they voted.. They mailed ballots to evrey registered addresses of democrats..
    the distribution of ballots..
    My extra ballot is cute

  81. Avatar Fredd Lopez says:

    HERE SHARE THIS; Everything is a great show and a great Hypocrisy! Manipulating Cuban’s feelings through politician’s agendas… Sadly Cuba is just another tool for the benefit of everyone but the Cubans inside the island who are in desperate need of help to eat and fight covid-19.
    How ironic, on the other hand, the United States can spend millions of dollars to re-establish the Internet in Cuba. Will the internet fill people’s stomachs? Or will it only serve the ghoulish interests of our empire? Taking advantage in a moment where all countries in the hemisphere are suffering the strike of a mortal epidemy…
    Why better yet use that taxpayers’ money instead to provide food to those people in need … Of course, this is so if this country really cares about the well-being of those people in Cuba. Many people try to distort reality, and although we should condemn the totalitarian regime of Cuba and its repression, perhaps; we should ask ourselves; Is the empire of the United States innocent? Or is it also largely responsible for the pain and suffering of a country that is struggling and suffering because of our manipulations and economic suffocation?
    On the other hand, however, while the Cuban’s government owes seized properties to the United States, How much more does the United States owe to those individuals or an entire country that have starved and died under our supervision for more than 50 years?
    Who will be responsible for compensatory damages to those families who have suffered all these years of blockade under our watch? While US government intimidates Americans about communism in Cuba, on the other side they do business with China, Russia and other communist countries… It is not about how much they care about people in Cuba, it is about their own interests…
    Hypocrisy! and lies!
    If there is no embargo on Cuba as some people say; So let’s ask the United States Congress to remove it once and for all, Yes, because it really exists! If you did not know, there are 184 countries that have been demanding that the blockade be removed for 29 consecutive years, and our country has being acting as a true bully that ignores the demands of the world … If you do not believe that this so-called BLOCKADE exists, I invite you to see the following link … https://news.un.org/en/story/2021/06/1094612
    FOR THE PEOPLE THAT ASK WHY CUBA WON’T ACCEPT THE HELP FROM USA? THIS IS WHY; Dignity is not begged, many have exchanged their dignity for a plate of food, a roof and a car, leaving their country to live here in the United States. Listen now; If someone makes your life impossible by preventing you from getting a job, or from doing business with other without being intimidated, suffocating you and leading you to misery, making your children leave your side by blaming you for being unable to provide for them, and then come before the Press and media pretending to be a hero… offering the crumbs from his table as a great help … Would you accept it? Or would you send him to get “His Help” where the sun does not shine on him? That is to have dignity, a word that many people today do not know …
    Why do the news channels silence and hide their voices about this great truth? Why do Americans keep this issue in silent complicity, when so many countries have been demanding justice? ..
    WE NEED YOUR HELP: If you really want to do something for those Cubans INSIDE the country let everyone know about this; copy and paste this information on other websites with high number of viewers … Let’s make this viral!
    Other interesting truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga6j4l7Gcgchttps://youtu.be/lDXCrrxPPcghttps://youtu.be/Mu5pWe8cQSohttps://youtu.be/6gNb5njTuyU

  82. Avatar Sara Barela says:


  83. Avatar Dave Fias says:

    I use my mask as a banana hammock

  84. Avatar Andrew Osborn says:

    I hope the a****** drunk driver goes to prison for the rest of his life

  85. Avatar Jonette Royer says:

    My son & I just got vaccinated today.Should have done it sooner. I was scared. But I dont want to be part of the problem. So My son & I decided to stay well.Im still going to ware my Mask. And keep sanitizing & keep the distance.God bless everyone

  86. Avatar Marie Civil says:

    Good job policeman 👮🏻‍♂️ 👍👍🌹👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍

  87. Avatar Marie Civil says:

    Thank you 🙏 for help them

  88. Avatar Oletha Carter says:

    I got both of my shot’s!

  89. Avatar RWHEEL FUN says:

    Fukishima, biosphere and Covid 19 are all hand in hand…..hide everything with a phony vacination

  90. Avatar RWHEEL FUN says:

    I got vaccinated by my LORD JESUS CHRIST, his blood runs through me. So I am good…😁👍

  91. Avatar RWHEEL FUN says:


  92. Avatar Sudie Sides says:


  93. Avatar Fabian Gong says:

    Nuclear fallout from Fukushima power plant…My God please be with all the Athletes…GOD bless America 🇺🇸🙏❤🙌

  94. Avatar Floridalma Lopez castellanos says:

    Good morning ☀️

  95. Avatar Lee Beckor says:

    Times are changing demos are loose

  96. Avatar Jerry Mcadoo says:

    No Matter how much percentages you put up I’m not getting a vaccine I’m good good you can let everyone else be your experiment if you didn’t know now you know

  97. Avatar Charlotte Raised praise jean Todd Leonard says:

    Your news are lies!

  98. Avatar Konrad Stimson says:

    Msnbc the poop news it’s worth one turd

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