Scorching heat in Kazakhstan turns farm fields into grave site

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A heatwave in Central Asia is making a severe drought in Kazakhstan even worse.
Record temperatures have had a major effect on farmers’ livelihoods.
Al Jazeera’s Jillian Wolf reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Chris Dovrik says:

    This is extremely sad.

    • Avatar Grey Lazy says:

      No its good soon ther will be WAR!!!

  2. Avatar Fiction Beast says:

    This is terrible. I wonder where Borat is right now?

    • Avatar Gavin Yong says:

      obviously in Pamela Anderson’s house.

    • Avatar Sersomeone says:

      Pete’s pizzeria and abortion centre

    • Avatar korea trouble maker says:

      tien shien swimming pool

    • Avatar Adineatha says:

      Borat? You mean the Jew playing a Kazakh in Romania?

  3. Avatar Kawakeb Astra says:

    why is this happening .. i have a good idea

    • Avatar Askari says:

      what idea you have..?

    • Avatar vaishak viswam says:

      Climate change……these change are happening all around the world in recent months on.

    • Avatar korea trouble maker says:


    • Avatar aminu aidara says:

      Only God can answer your question not Richard Dawkins and he’s friends

  4. Avatar najib madadi says:

    It’s all about global warming

  5. Avatar Danuta Grakowski says:

    Yet each year human population of the world increases by 100 million people.

    • Avatar Danuta Grakowski says:

      @Narja how many billions people can the earth feed?
      1920 2 billion.
      2020 8 billion .

    • Avatar Art Compilation says:

      We have Corona now

    • Avatar vaishak viswam says:

      U rightly nailed it.

    • Avatar Doomsdayrs says:

      10 billion is the max for the planet in a healthy scale.

      If you didn’t have inefficient markets handling resources, plausibly 20 billion or more

    • Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

      @Doomsdayrs Good that we will end around 10 billion then

  6. Avatar Narja says:


  7. Avatar Abdul Moiz says:

    yeah its too late anyways just enjoy life and dont have kids

    • Avatar Mohammed Muadh says:

      You should ask your parents why they bore you.

    • Avatar cutting edge says:

      @Mohammed Muadh same can be said about you also

    • Avatar JitzyJT says:

      @cutting edge and you as well

    • Avatar cutting edge says:

      @JitzyJT you as well

  8. Avatar Kj Jan says:

    Solugo brother

  9. Avatar segujja says:

    Rosy and hopeful they will comeback in robust from this peril

    • Avatar Samurai Tabernac says:

      They won’t, their civilization will die

  10. Avatar Rimas Kautsar says:

    This is crazy

  11. Avatar george almaraz says:

    horse burgers

  12. Avatar Edmund Au-Yeung says:

    Not the only country that is in climate crisis sadly

  13. Avatar Adrian Hudek says:

    It is coming.

    • Avatar G I R says:

      Whats coming? You peasants throw out vague lines like you’re about to say something wise yet still fall short of just that.

  14. Avatar Muhammad Naguib says:

    Dajjal is coming…

    • Avatar Middle East History Channel says:

      What makes you say that?

    • Avatar E R says:

      I agree. The end of this civilization is coming to an end. Technology has ruined our planet and has made us lazy. Too lazy to actually use our minds and think.

    • Avatar Mohammed Muadh says:

      1/3 drought in the first year. And in next 2 years the earth will not produce

  15. Avatar Alpha F says:

    The animals should be relocated to a surviving climate✊

    • Avatar Aden Abdille says:

      And what about the people? More climate refugees?

    • Avatar mariofretz says:

      @Aden Abdille why?

    • Avatar Anton Shvyrkov says:

      ​ @ameer amr A forest in the Kazakhstan steps? Seriously? Do you want to completely ruin the local ecosystem?

    • Avatar Liars says:


    • Avatar michele langston says:

      @Aden Abdille there is a possible way but must be tested first….and it is not a cheap investment for a farmer but long term it is sustainable……

  16. Avatar Isamu Nakamura 中村勇 says:

    hey, Syria, Egypt and Morocco are not Arab, they are Orthodox Christians and Israeli Jews 🇸🇾🇪🇬🇲🇦🕍⛪👎🕌🕋

    • Avatar MD Aslam says:

      @Isamu Nakamura 中村勇 No, Syrians speak Levantine Arabic predominantly, Syriac Aramaic is spoken roughly only by the Syriac Christians in Malloula and Aramaic speakers are only around 21000 in Syria.

    • Avatar Isamu Nakamura 中村勇 says:

      @MD Aslam Yes, but it is becoming an extinct language, so you have to save it with …Communism

    • Avatar MD Aslam says:

      @Isamu Nakamura 中村勇 Communism has caused rivers of blood, for example in the maltreatment of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, the forced state atheism on people,etc. Atheism is by far the most nonsensical concept I have ever heard.

    • Avatar Isamu Nakamura 中村勇 says:

      @MD Aslam that’s moism, i reafierer to marxist leninist form

    • Avatar MD Aslam says:

      @Isamu Nakamura 中村勇 Marxist Leninist form was also the same, they were the one who influenced the Chinese to communism, they also imposed state atheism in Russia destroyed Mosques, Churches and imposed religious restrictions.

  17. Avatar Kammy A says:

    Signs of end times

    • Avatar Apang says:

      Earth has encountered 5 mass extinction. This disaster isn’t even close

    • Avatar Arada T says:

      @Apang shhhhh

    • Avatar G I R says:

      Atheists be like:

    • Avatar Juan Cenobio says:

      Humans bring upon there own problems
      Who would have thunk working together would be beneficial
      Where greed takes us, self destructive

    • Avatar Joe D says:

      @Apang ,Its close !

  18. Avatar Darwin R says:

    poor horses

  19. Avatar Rr Riyan Ahmed says:

    it is coming

  20. Avatar Regina Andelt says:

    Hope people help each other!

  21. Avatar Koach 777 says:

    Keep voting conservatives. We were being warned for over 40 years. This is the result of climate change denial. Good luck everyone.

    • Avatar E R says:

      Completely agree. We have been getting warnings for decades up until now and no one believes. In Revelation, it says everything on earth will be burned. I guess it’s all coming true. I hate myself for not listening when my mother would tell me these things.

    • Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

      @E R Climate change denial is mostly driven by stoking religious lunatics. Don’t be one.

    • Avatar Joe Xavier says:

      So ur telling left was swift in action..bullshit ..they are also doing same thing

    • Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

      @Joe Xavier Just stop. There is no equivalency here.
      Just look at who is championing tax breaks for the oil companies. It’s Republicans.

      And who would want to change their ways to save the earth, a conservative or a progressive?
      It’s like English isn’t your language…

    • Avatar Koach 777 says:

      @Joe Xavier fair enough, let me rephrase. Climate denialism has been Predominately a right wing propaganda narrative over the last 40 years. (Much like many other incorrect/false narratives)

  22. Avatar Oh Wang Jing says:

    😰😭😭 relocate!!!

  23. Avatar Some guy with a Mosin. says:

    Meanwhile South East Asia is getting more terrible storm and rain, it’s like a freaken jungle in my garden over here.
    Can’t we pack grass in water tub and transfers them to our neighbor?

    • Avatar Ivares Kesner says:

      *Like* a jungle? Mate. It *is* a jungle where you are 😁 A tropical jungle during a monsoon season.

    • Avatar Some guy with a Mosin. says:

      @Ivares Kesner Is a jungle right now, my yard is a jungle and there have been three thunderstorm this week already!

    • Avatar Paulchen Penelino says:

      @Some guy with a Mosin. Stay safe! 😔🙏🏼 Greetings from Germany

    • Avatar Grey Lazy says:

      They will come to youre territory … kill you and will feed they stomak and they horses will feed🙊🙉🙈

    • Avatar roobi says:

      @Grey Lazy mongolian style

  24. Avatar Kulmi says:

    سبحان الله العطيم على نعمتك

  25. Avatar Art 4. says:

    Please! Someone, see!

    • Avatar Art 4. says:

      May the digging create arteries and veins of water throughout the planet, for if man can move mountains, they can do that, trees are burning everywhere, would rather have seen them cut so it does not happen so as well.

  26. Avatar Rove Veor says:

    The worst is yet to come…

    • Avatar FriendlyWater says:

      @Lata Lal your face is an antichrist

  27. Avatar korea trouble maker says:

    al jaxeera supporting extremism

  28. Avatar Bhaswar Gupta says:

    Maybe Borat can help?😎

    • Avatar Middle East History Channel says:

      Borat aka Sacha Baron Cohen aka Mossad agent 🤮

    • Avatar korea trouble maker says:

      @Middle East History Channel yes..very niceee

  29. Avatar ashif hossain says:

    May Allah help Kazakhstan and fulfill this place with Borkat and Nyamat. Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    • Avatar ଓଡିଆ ଝିଅ ଅଳକା ନାୟକ says:

      Who is allha

    • Avatar ALEM QUTBASY says:

      Assalamu alaikum, Ameen. May Allah bless you and your country

  30. Avatar 21st Centuryguy says:

    I felt sad for all the dead horses, until they said they kill them and eat them.

  31. Avatar Rbia labiad says:

    Kazakhstan is not an Arab country

    • Avatar Middle East History Channel says:

      Captain Obvious

  32. Avatar Abdulmonem Aziz says:


  33. Avatar Michael Nablo says:

    Human the plague of earth

    • Avatar korea trouble maker says:

      Can’t agree more

    • Avatar G I R says:

      Speaking as if you’re not a human. Getting real tired of this anti-human propaganda the lizard people are spreading to simpletons.

  34. Avatar Theeraphat Sunthornwit says:

    Kids, if you eat only grass, you will be like that horse.

    • Avatar Arjun ArjunSingh says:

      Without grass livestock will also not able to live and eating meat make more carbon emission in the atmosphere which directly leads to rising of global average temperature

  35. Avatar ajay.f says:

    I wish they had a gofundme page!

    • Avatar Grey Lazy says:

      No they need brain😂

  36. Avatar sanjuansteve says:

    Humans are a virus on Earth.

  37. Avatar E R says:

    And people STILL don’t believe in climate change. Our own ignorance will be the death of us. The end is coming. Everything in Revelation is coming true 😭😭😭

  38. Avatar ameer amr says:

    Everyone running behind money meanwhile everyone forget about nature.if we want live we want a good nature. Good Nature can feed everyone. If you have money you living iinside desrt how you can survive!!!!!!

    • Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

      You are right, but the rich will survive the longest, which is all that matters to them.

  39. Avatar Axxess Mundi says:

    Wow what a pessimistic channel.

  40. Avatar Vegan4life1 says:

    Horse meat shouldn’t be eaten that’s disgusting.

    • Avatar Mohammed Muadh says:

      Eat once. You’ll become strong.

    • Avatar MD Aslam says:

      @Mohammed Muadh Is it permitted for us to have horse’s meat?

    • Avatar wasim khan says:

      @MD Aslam how is it teast like.. Like. Kamel. Beef. Or deer

    • Avatar Daniel says:

      @wasim khan I think like camel.
      It’s halal

    • Avatar Mohammed Muadh says:

      @MD Aslam yes it’s permitted to eat but cannot be sacrificed on Eid al Adha

  41. Avatar just_jane says:

    My heart breaks for those horses they’re seriously starving to death. Terrible.

    • Avatar Jaw Shark says:


    • Avatar EivenKim ちわ:D says:

      You know who never starve and causes this very climate change? Cows, pigs and chickens. Stop pretending you care abou animals if you send millions to slaughterhouse to be murdered for unnecessary reasons.

    • Avatar Grey Lazy says:

      Why its normal for that region🙈🙉🙊
      Than humans take oil from undeground they put ther WATER…
      Later humans ask ther are water?
      Ther you put it, its undeground you morons!!!

    • Avatar Mohammed Muadh says:

      @EivenKim ちわ:D what is the benefits of those animals if not consumed? Eventually they will die and rot.

    • Avatar adhd cure says:

      Oh, really, it’s terrible? What you gonna do about it? Let me guess… nothing

  42. Avatar Sailor Doc says:

    Fine horses .. such a pity

  43. Avatar Professor Prestome UngYoBrock says:


  44. Avatar alvin chin says:

    And the developed countries are throwing millions of tonnes of food each year!!!

    • Avatar KRAIG FIERCE says:


  45. Avatar Linda Burchell says:

    Somebody send them some grain and hay.

    • Avatar I am 333 says:

      They are lazy to educate themselves from modern technology

  46. Avatar Жаксылык Пирназаров says:

    People seeing what’s happening, but politicians are blind in a Central Asia, and very corrupted!

    • Avatar Liars says:


    • Avatar ଓଡିଆ ଝିଅ ଅଳକା ନାୟକ says:

      @Plata O Plomo to slave you

    • Avatar JitzyJT says:

      Didn’t the Kazakhs bend the knee to China?

    • Avatar Liars says:

      @JitzyJT kazakhs should support their dna brothers the Mongols instead of getting brainwashed by middle eastern Turkish culture or Slavic Russian culture . Central Asians have lost their Mongol culture .

    • Avatar Grey Lazy says:

      Population of humans will be lover for 60% or 90% soon🙈🙉🙊

  47. Avatar Makine Samson says:

    So sad 🙁 we crossed the point of no return some 20 years ago!

  48. Avatar Aaron Oneal says:

    If you’re looking for away to help the environment you can switch to ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees.

  49. Avatar jamirocat says:


  50. Avatar Stephanie Romayne Hebert says:

    It’s not just heat, they just need a cover for the real reason for infertility of soil. It’s a multifold issue.

    • Avatar Grey Lazy says:

      Than humans take oil from undeground they put ther WATER…
      Later humans ask ther are water?
      Ther you put it its undeground you morons!!!

  51. Avatar jamirocat says:

    Give them some carrots at least!

  52. Avatar Mariana Belean says:

    SOS horse 🐎 help help help this beautiful animals ❤ 😢

  53. Avatar T. Meriadoc says:

    The corporations, the powerful, and the wealthy of the world profited from the looting of our planet, and should be held accountable for the coming climate apocalypse.

  54. Avatar books from Windblown says:

    Why do people even continue to live like this?

    • Avatar Daniel says:

      Tradition and honest living. Self sufficiency. Can always travel to a nearby town for anything one needs, quite free living….
      Sadly not so much anymore

    • Avatar D.J MAMBA says:

      Should every human being become urbanized? How dumb can you be when looking at extreme homelessness in the major cities and rampant crime. Fools like you pity me

    • Avatar D.J MAMBA says:

      Not accounting that most of the food consumed in the world is producer by farmers like these dummy

    • Avatar Liars says:


    • Avatar books from Windblown says:

      @Liars blame climate changes. Living in urban is gonna more problems. Rural areas are declining, if you live in farm sector that can work if you got college education of agriculture.

  55. Avatar leslieparker1234 says:

    Very dangerous and heartbreaking times we live in. These global issues are a result of SIN

    Make no mistake Jesus said these prophetic events would happen before his return. Only He can bring ultimate peace
    (Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13.)
    We’re living in the last days. If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord & savior👉 today is the day.
    Jesus loves you🙂 and died on the cross for your sins and mine. He rose the 3rd day so we could have a relationship with him and have life even after we die. Pray to Jesus Christ and
    Trust Him He will not let you down!
    God bless each and every one of you
    If you declare that Jesus is Lord, and believe that God brought him back to life, you will be saved. By believing you receive God’s approval, and by declaring your faith you are saved.
    Romans 10:9‭-‬10

    • Avatar JitzyJT says:

      Can we plese stop with this Jesus thing? Poor guy had to leave this planet after all the atrocities he faced from us humans.

  56. Avatar Ajay Patel says:

    Climate change

  57. Avatar sinidu Shimels says:

    Ohh my God, the horses should be relocated. Somebody do something!

  58. Avatar Ahmed Mohamed says:

    Horse meet is that legal in Islam ?

  59. Avatar Ricardo Pontes says:

    Nature is paying back

    • Avatar G I R says:

      For what? Nature is a force we do not control yet you are arrogant enough to believe that a forever changing environment on earth isn’t nature itself.

  60. Avatar Theweatheris Aokay says:

    This is so sad to watch. These animals are so pitiful it’s break my heart.

  61. Avatar Per Nielsen says:

    Tale as old as time: in the old days they would have been murdering and pillaging their neighbours by now…

  62. Avatar slayer40sw says:

    Borat can’t save Kazakhstan this time..😬

  63. Avatar Selko A says:

    😭 omg I can’t see poor horses suffer 😭

  64. Avatar Patel Yousuf says:

    This tyrent fires his Ag minister, as if th new appointee will bring rain.
    Stupid dictator

  65. Avatar L DC says:

    Kazakhstan is one of the mayor gas seller in the world … so should protest with governamento for the climate change

  66. Avatar Nasrullah Afridi says:

    Lazy people

  67. Avatar L.A. Crochet says:


  68. Avatar Bladimir Rojas says:

    I thought horse meat is not consumable to people .

    • Avatar New York Wanderer says:

      We have eaten horse meat for thousands of years , we use to ride them into battle ,after the battle the wounded horses would be slaughtered and eaten .in Europe horse meat is very expensive, and here in America we round up wild horses and export them to Europe for food.Humans eat everything from locusts to Elephants and everything in between.

    • Avatar Anton Shvyrkov says:

      I tell you more: horse’s milk is drinkable too. 😉

    • Avatar EivenKim ちわ:D says:

      Watch Dominion documentary to know what you consume

    • Avatar EivenKim ちわ:D says:

      @Anton Shvyrkov imagine an adult human sucking horses breast. Sound ridiculous same with cows, why would a human adult need to breastfeed from cows or horses after lactation age? LMAO

  69. Avatar Jarrod Yuki says:

    unite the fergana valley and destroy russia.

  70. Avatar Jamie Barry says:

    Why don’t countries, who are suffering like this, look at building more desalination centres!! It would give countries all the water they need then

  71. Avatar drift away77 says:

    Don’t worry central asia will have a fruitful winter.

  72. Avatar The Prancing Halla says:

    I get you’re going for the shock factor to get views, but to show that image as a thumbnail is a low blow for those of us that regularly work with animals and love them, good grief

  73. Avatar A says:

    So sad

  74. Avatar Middle East History Channel says:

    Kazakhstan should cut off diplomatic ties with Israel.

  75. Avatar NBA says:

    The Hour is approaching.

  76. Avatar Liars says:


  77. Avatar JUMP JUMP says:


  78. Avatar JUMP JUMP says:


  79. Avatar JUMP JUMP says:

    ☔ ☔ ☔

  80. Avatar Teffy GR says:

    Laa ilaaha ill-allaahu, waḥdahu laa shareeka lah, lahul-mulku wa lahul-ḥamdu, wa huwa ‛alaa kulli shay’in qadeer

    “None has the right to be worshipped except Allah, alone, without partner. To Him belongs sovereignty and all praise and He is over all things omnipotent.”

    Oh Allah, our Creator, Al Jabr, Al Qudus, Al Qawy… to You belong the best and most beautiful names. You alone we worship and trust, and to You alone we call out to and return… blessings and salutations on our noble Mursaleen, their families and their companions – may our entire Ummah be true followers of Your Religion and of Your chosen leaders and enjoy the intercession of Rasul’ul Allah s.a.w.

    La hawla walla quwata ila bilah – Pour in our hearts the neverending concern and objective of pleasing You. Make taqwa be the center of our existence and provide us with all that we need to pass our tests delightfuly. Please shelter us from all that displeases You and make The Straight Path our home and our way of life while we are here. Increase us in knowledge and steer us clear from that which does not benefit us.

    Oh Allah Jella Jalaluhu, You know everyone’s needs best and You are the best of planners, so fulfill them lovingly and make us content and grateful with what You decree. Provide us with deep understanding, free us from debt and cleanse our sustenance by supplying us with the highest of halal opportunities in all their forms. Do not deprive us from fulfilling all 5 pillars during our life time nor from visiting Your Holy Lands, and gift us with the priviledge of enjoying the end of our days in the one You choose for us.

    Oh Allah Azzawajjal free Your creation from all forms of suffering, lead us into tawba and the wisdom of asking for forgiveness and the nobility of forgiving.  Oh Al Aziz, return Your Masjids to Your rightful servants, and protect our ulamah by keeping their teachings alive and having their students apply what Your Quran and our Nabi’s Sunnah have established, for us and all future generations.

    Elevate our status and purify our past, our present and our future… and grant us victory on that Day. We beg you Allah Ghafur AlRaheem for forgiveness for our sins… wipe our accounts clean to recieve our book on our right hand and allow us to be from among Your pious allies. Oh Allah we seek refuge in Your perfect words from every fitnah, and every form of evil You have created… every devil, every vermin, every illness and protect our Ummah from Shaytaan and his agenda against humanity at large.  Allahuakbar!

    Please purify, strengthen and unite the Muslim Family in ways that exceed our expectations and envelope our hearts and souls. Save us from the punishment of the grave and make Jahanam Haram for us at all times. Grant us a blessed death upon being submitted to You, after uttering the most sincere ‘la ilaha il Allah’ , and aid us in answering the 3 questions that define our destiny. Unite us with those whom you love most upon the resurection and enter us into every level of Jannah until we are able to finally enjoy Al Firdeous, closest to Your Glorious presence and Your eternal Company. Amin, amin ya Rabbi Alameen.

  81. Avatar Michael Mwaura says:

    They have oil $s what happened? Why can’t they relocate them to Russia ?

  82. Avatar Pons Yu says:

    It is because there is no forest exists to sustain the ecosystems.
    Learn the techniques from China on how to reforest the desert.

  83. Avatar AP EL'STELLAR says:

    This has never happened in the driest of desserts in texas… This is caused from inequality and greed

  84. Avatar David Conine says:

    Lord have mercy on this country

  85. Avatar Annie E says:

    surely other countries could help?

  86. Avatar TISH KerrVille says:

    God I hate to see those beautiful creatures 🐴🐴 suffer !!!!!!

    • Avatar EivenKim ちわ:D says:

      Oh watch Dominion, it free on YouTube, it will show you the way to stop contributing to it.

  87. Avatar 12shzarmai 55 says:

    Reminds me of the famine in Madagascar….

  88. Avatar Christina L says:

    I’m so sad to see what’s happening to this world at the moment, hope international aids will do something to this, I think at the moment we must drop the guard and helping to each other, share what you have to poor people who needs help 🙏

  89. Avatar الشيخ عيضه بن طناف المنهالي says:

    Poor horse, it’s literally starving. You can see it’s bones. At least the Bactrian camels are well adjusted for this

  90. Avatar Olina Young says:

    Oh that’s so so sad!

  91. Avatar Marvin Labalan says:


  92. Avatar EivenKim ちわ:D says:

    Eat plants and stop using animals for profit.

  93. Avatar Grey Lazy says:

    Than humans take oil from undeground they put ther WATER…
    Later humans ask ther are water?
    unser – Ther you put it its undeground you morons!!!

  94. Avatar JonJon says:

    Send these horses to someone who can take care of them..

  95. Avatar Sean Smith says:

    im so sorry for those horses as well to human being that the world is experiencing a massive scale of catastrophies from forest fires floods drought typhoons and climate is changing seriously God help us

  96. Avatar Voice of Silence says:

    Then why you lock them in fences while u can’t feed them 🤔

  97. Avatar Stanley Y.C. Lee says:

    As an investor I see an opportunity here for technology (and infrastructure upgrades) to lead the way

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