Afghanistan fighting: Taliban capture capital of Nimroz province

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Taliban capture city of Zarang, the capital of Nimroz Province in the south west. This is the first regional capital captured by the Taliban in the last five years.
An estimated 20,000 people have fled across the border from Nimroz into Iran overnight.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Christopher Graham says:

    Afghanistan is starting its 5th century revival movement. Get the cars of the roads, goats on the streets, women in the houses!~!@!

    • Avatar point tobe noted yes point tobe noted says:

      how the slipper wearing Taliban has destroyed your modern latest technology military system of USA AND NATO all most all 50 countries 😀😀😀😀

  2. Avatar NEMO says:

    Taliban gonna start doing air strikes soon but then again they don’t want to blow their cover

  3. Avatar Why Not says:


  4. Avatar Shehriyar Khan says:

    Yes keep stealing the salary of soldiers stupid afghan government.

  5. Avatar kara bool says:

    bharat is merciless country , one should not so coward , we have sheen long hundered years bloodshed by islam , one should be decent with decent people , when you see in afghanistan they have taken away flags from temple and sihk temple , and in pkistan temple is demolished , then you reply to the 1000 mosques , if you dont do these fools will become more foolish braves , how long you are afraid from mad dog so long his bravery will increase , when you show your muscles in right time , then he dont have any option to take his tail in legs and ran away , they dont know the language of decency . islam should must go away first , and we need balanced moral theory not god made day dreams , religions not giving ous rational logic pitch

  6. Avatar 678 678 says:

    Al-jazeera is delighted to share this news to their terrorist friends next door.

  7. Avatar md rony says:

    Taliban ❤❤❤❤

    • Avatar Inkan1969 says:

      That’s like saying you love the Nazis.

    • Avatar md rony says:

      @Inkan1969 i love zionist terrorist Whose killed innocent Palestinians 💔💔

  8. Avatar Jean-Pierre Dollier says:

    Taliban will conquer all afghanistan’s teritory and they will continue their advance until they liberate al quds

    • Avatar Inkan1969 says:

      Nothing about the Taliban tyranny is a liberation.

  9. Avatar Siraj Ud Din says:

    الحمد للّٰہ۔ اللہ اکبر

  10. Avatar Ahmad says:

    India has abandoned us Afghan.
    They are not backing their promasis.

    • Avatar David Wong says:

      The Indians 🇮🇳 are the first to flee 🏃🏃🏃only good in Bollywood 😂🤣😂🤣

    • Avatar Mohammed Muadh says:

      Those who put their trusts on mushriks and non believers will be humiliated.

  11. Avatar Lasno Lasno says:

    Western Military superiority could not able to conquare the heart & mind of Afghani Taliban people. After 20 years of fighting on the battle grounds : The will of Afghani people would come true.

  12. Avatar mert maeva ܣܧ says:

    Taliban terrorists groups will not successful in Afghanistan. Why the world is silent poor innocent civilians specially children are suffer because of greed of power conflict of terrorists groups and Afghans forces.

    • Avatar hyperactive99999 says:

      they are freedom fighters not like the real terrorist us nato illegally invading other countries & killing millions of innocent people

  13. Avatar Zaheen Khan says:

    Great.. well done taliban Mujahideen.

  14. Avatar Muhammad Q says:


  15. Avatar Sush D says:

    How can a terrorist organization overrun an entire country. Looks unbelievable. This is not possible without Pakistan’ support – supply lines , fighters , medical help.If Taliban controls Afghanistan a terrorist organization will be running the country. Is the world ready to deal with terrorists on a day to day business basis. If not then the world should take immediate steps to stop them from coming to power. Place arms embargo and sanctions on their sponsor Pakistan immediately to weaken them so that Afghan forces can win over them. Western nations should also immediately start providing air support to Afghan forces.

  16. Avatar hyperactive99999 says:


  17. Avatar Ethaniel Lim says:

    It’s hilarious because i keep switching from videos of Afghan Army “setting up defenses” over to these type of videos

  18. Avatar Ishowshorts says:

    They used to say that the afghani government is good, it’s the best, we want American. But now when Taliban are taking over and the US leaves them, they’re saying that both US, Taliban and the afghani government are our enemies and neither one of them are good😂

  19. Avatar K Kodikara says:

    How many F35 s defeated Taliban ? Asking for a friend .

  20. Avatar Mujeeb ullah Nizamkhel says:

    This are not taliban pakistan is sending Daily thiere special forces to fight again afghanistan

  21. Avatar Javaking CaliMan says:

    Taliban are the new Rulers . Corrupt Government taking as much before their downfall

  22. Avatar David Wong says:

    Afghan 🇦🇫 Troops better run for your life 🏃 🏃 🏃 if you still have one🤣😂🤣😂

  23. Avatar sekhar chetry says:

    All Unrest in Afghanistan is because of Pakistan.

  24. Avatar Masud rana Mojumder says:

    My request to al Jazeera is to make a report on the development of Bangladesh

  25. Avatar goo turner says:


  26. Avatar Chef, how do I? says:

    *The Afghan Talibans conquest of Nirmoz Province is so important that it has vanished Indian and American plan to counter China’s Pakistan Economic Corridor. Back in 2014-15 with the backing and Support of America, India started developing Economic Corridor and Chabhar port with Iran and Afghanistan’s Puppet Government, to counter Pakistan’s Gwadar Port and China Pakistan Economic Corridor but today with the conquest of Nirmoz Province of Afghanistan whole of Indian Investment in Iran have become useless. In Future, China will takeover Iran’s Chabhar port. Thanks to China, Iran isn’t Anti-Pakistan and Anti-Afghan Talibans anymore. China is investing 400 Billions $ in Iran and Afghan Talibans Government in Afghanistan will help Pakistan and China to expand their economic corridors in Afghanistan, in Central Asia, In Russia and it will increase connectivity of the region. Today AlhamDulillah Afghan Talibans, Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran and Central Asia are working togather to make South Asia and Central Asia free from Western Intervention and Influence. And our Alliance will be a major blowback to American Empire and Western Hegemony in the world.*

    • Avatar Gagandeep Singh says:

      @Nan Hin Ting Yeah that is true US and NATO destroyed, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan and even Palestine just to de-rail them from development. They did so in Africa as well. God knows why they are so violent.
      I also believe in Asia rising, a united effort from middle East to East Asia including India to enable rational power sharing with west rather than being their slaves. But the thing is India does not have even a fraction of Power that china has, so we can’t make changes, changes have to come from China to setup new geo politics and economic growth. But sadly India and China see each other as enemy.

    • Avatar Nan Hin Ting says:

      @Gagandeep Singh India and China had co existed peacefully for thousands of years not until the British colonized India that border skirmishes happened. A large part of Tibet was annexed by the British into Indian territory as part of raparations imposed on the Chinese by the British under threat of further attacks. Both nations had suffered much under the British Imperialist but not anymore. The tide is slowly changing with certainty. We’ll just have to be patient.
      Because of the historical actions of both the US and UK, most countries in the world are more vigilant on these both countries and especially those NGOs under their directions.

    • Avatar Gagandeep Singh says:

      @Nan Hin Ting You are very informative and positive person. Thanks for your positive view about both countries. We need more people like you.

    • Avatar Nan Hin Ting says:

      @Gagandeep Singh 🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍❤❤❤

    • Avatar Chef, how do I? says:

      @Gagandeep Singh
      Ap India ky Panjabi bhi chahtay tu Powerful ban skty thy, q ka kisi ka under rehna bhot bari bewakoofi ha. Ap logon ki tu Indian Army ma achi khasi tadad thi woh elehda baat ha ka Modi ka anay ka baad Hinduon ki tadad zaiyada ho gai ha. Agar ap log thori effort krty tu India ma apko koi taang krny wala na hota. Acha sirf unky sath bantay hain jo log achy ho. Buray ka sath kia acha ban’na. Socho zara aj Modi or RSS ka India ma sab sa bara Target Musalman ha agar kal ko Sikh baray Target ban gy tu kia kro gy? Eik Nation ka Lia Future planning bhot zaruri ha. Ma yeh nahi kah raha ka ap India ky khilaaf Bgawat kro, jesy Pakistan ma ISI or Army ma, Establishment ma zaiyada Punjabi hain esy ap ko bhi India ma hona chahiye tha. Aur agar Sikh India ki Establishment hoty tu Pakistan or India, Dushman na hotay agar Dushman hoty bhi tu itny zaiyada Aggressive Dushman na hoty. Aur dono ma eik dosray ka lia thori bhot respect hoti. Ab Hindu India ki Establishment ha woh tu Pakistan ko 24/7 Galiyan dety hain. Woh hmaray Religion ko bhi Galiyan dety hain. Jb woh esa krty hain tu humain bhi gusa a jata ha hum bhi fir react krty hain. Har waqt inki yehi koshih hoti ha ka Musalmano or Pakistan ko necha dikhaya jaye. Jb ka Sikh fir bhi tameezdar qoum ha kam sa kam woh Sikh jo Pakistan sa Nafrat bhi krty hain woh Pakistan ko bilawaja provoke nahi krty or hmaray khilaaf Propaganda nahi krty.

  27. Avatar Bhoot Fm Official says:

    Al jazeera we hope you will publish true news, we believe you

  28. Avatar Shahid Iqbal says:

    That means people are with taliban

  29. Avatar Istanbul Funs says:

    Fuckikg Pakistan

  30. Avatar air con says:

    Useless America why did they leave they should have stayed to die till the end even it took them a hundred years.

  31. Avatar AAA! says:


  32. Avatar 3maanave says:

    Awww the Taliban are gaining prominence in Afghanistan. I say good on them. For far too long the foreigners, US n Russia, occupied n stripped n enriched themselves of its resources, in the name of democracy. No, no, no, let the Afghanis sort themselves out. Let the Taliban rule the land. Their success or failure is in how they rule the good people of Afghanistan. Good luck to the people of Afghanistan.

    • Avatar Jack Lee says:

      You are an idiot. Do you want to see another 9/11 in the West???? If the Taliban would not sponsor terrorist groups then you wont see any US troops over there for last 2 decades.

    • Avatar 3maanave says:

      Haha good to be called an idiot 🤣 thanks. Look at the situation with ur own mind…the mighty US has been at it since the 1980s, its CIA helped Afghanistan fight dem Russians. So with all that ground experience, years of military involvement, n, the mightiest military in the world and yet they still loose, just like they lost in Vietnam. Cmon beloved, the mighty US has to ask themselves…why?

    • Avatar 3maanave says:

      Forgot to mention , the Russians fought all the Afiganis. No help at all. The mighty US now have helpers in the form of the Afghanistan Govt.
      And they still exited with tails between legs? Enough sed.

  33. Avatar Lost Mk says:

    Allah Akbar

  34. Avatar Iqra Naeem says:

    Taliban ❤️🔥loves

  35. Avatar Abid Kamal says:

    Afghan Taliban Zindabad

  36. Avatar Abid Kamal says:

    Long live the Afghan Taliban! ❤ 👍

  37. Avatar Ahanger Ayoub says:

    Pakistan zindabaad pak foj zindabaad isi payendaabad.

  38. Avatar Ahanger Ayoub says:

    Afghan Taliban zindabaad.

  39. Avatar Ahanger Ayoub says:

    Ya zoljallal e vol ikram…..

  40. Avatar M gronich says:

    People ask, how can a 300,000 strong Afgan army with billions of dollars of US military aid plus air strikes be defeated so easily by 75,000 Taliban fighters? (who get smuggled arms from Pakistan?) The answer is obvious the Afghan govt not only do not have the support of the people of Afghanistan, the govt doesn’t have the support of the Afghan army, who surrender when they out number the Taliban invaders 10:1. The leaders of Afghanistan of now busy getting their visas to flee to a western country. And soon they will take the salaries of Afghan soldiers with them. Military equipment left by the US for the Afghan army are now being bombed by the US airforce to prevent it from falling into Taliban hands. The quick victories b the Taliban is due to the internal collapse of the US supported regime not to military victories.

  41. Avatar kashh WANI says:

    Afgan People should sit with taliban and talk. You should know that these foreign occupiers are not going to help you. Its taliban Who are future of afg. Sit with them and talk find solutions. And dont listen what the media is saying especially Western and indian media.





  44. Avatar Md Tech Tricks says:

    Long live Talibàn
    Long live Islam 💚

  45. Avatar Gold Tau says:

    Afghanistan for Afghans

  46. Avatar hindu says:

    Atangwadi jihadis talibani

  47. Avatar Kabul Nights says:

    If US government doesn’t recognize Taliban as their allies, they should get them all in Doha where they are living like a king under US security!

    • Avatar قاهر الطواغيت⚔ says:

      Those are just delegates not Taliban, ask your pupp-et government fighting in the cause of America and killing Afghans people

  48. Avatar endia lun ty says:

    Alhamdulillah 👌👍😎

  49. Avatar abdulrehman abdulrehman says:

    taliban.zindabaad💪💪🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰(america.and.india.murdabaad)pa***pakistan.full support.taliban.****

    • Avatar Hatim Ahmed says:

      Shut up!!!! We Pakistani’s don’t support taliban

    • Avatar Hatim Ahmed says:

      Your not a Pakistani so stfu

    • Avatar Hatim Ahmed says:

      Afghanistan and India murdabad inshallah

  50. Avatar Adnan Saeed says:

    well done Afghan Taliban.

    • Avatar Ben says:

      Go move there terrorist sympathizer.

    • Avatar SaveAChildKillACaucroach says:

      Streetshitter malding

  51. Avatar Lovethe Deen says:

    Why the taliban don’t invade Doha Qatar or Dubai

  52. Avatar josef apple says:

    Taliban are animals they have no mercy to children and women they kill anyone on their way

  53. Avatar Jamshid Khan says:

    A chinese proverb says

  54. Avatar rahil khan says:

    Ye Taliban wale shaitan Afghanistan ki janta ki Jaan to aaise le rahe hai aur sab barbaad kar rahe hai to afghanistan ki janta hee inko sabak sikha dena chahiye

  55. Avatar Bitter Truth says:

    Taking over the palace of Abdul Rashid Dostam is another biggest set back of Afghan puppet government. Very soon party 🎉 will be over.

  56. Avatar Jean Moulin says:

    Good news .

  57. Avatar Muhammad Saad says:


  58. Avatar JATIN SANKHLA says:

    Now al Jazeera called the peaceful religion innocent and always blame indian Hindus for everything from criticising our PM Modi ji who is doing everything against Taliban not like pakistan and china or other islamic countries who have nothing to say about this also not talk about human rights in Afghanistan only they talk about kashmir

  59. Avatar Asif Mohammad says:

    Need indian army in afghanistan to beat taleban ,oh sorry I’ve drunken.😁😁😁😁😁

  60. Avatar Zulqadarr Rashid says:

    Long live the Taliban Freedom Fighters.
    We trained them.

    The Oldman 😊

  61. Avatar Shabeer Akram says:

    We kashmiri welcome Taliban

  62. Avatar Al Kraus says:

    Let them take Kabul…then Nuke the M’fucker!

  63. Avatar TRUE FACE OF MO says:

    Allah’s cult fighting ALL’ahs cult… Good going

  64. Avatar Psm says:

    Talibani tv aj

  65. Avatar Psm says:

    Hinding behind innocent women n children’s r Islamic warriors?😢😢

  66. Avatar Stone flb Stone crew flb says:

    Stone Flb 👽

  67. Avatar Lifecare Servant says:

    Taliban, Al-Qaeda & ISIS is Un Educated Wild Dog Animals, Human Killers Beheaders, Death to Taliban.

  68. Avatar TabIsh90 says:

    Taliban takeover is inevitable. Israel fears that day

    • Avatar Sexy Aizen says:

      Pakistan loves Isreal!

  69. Avatar Mohammed Saleem Khattana says:


  70. Avatar Grupo Bayan says:

    Failure of stabilizing Afghanistan will repeat another 911.

    • Avatar Liala Liala says:

      Afghan was never did 9/11 you don’t know nothing

  71. Avatar Sexy Aizen says:

    Wow they captured a desert area with barely any people! bravo! (sarcasam)

  72. Avatar Arindam Paul says:

    I am Indian and glad to see other countries people pain .

    • Avatar Not Interested says:

      And we all laugh together at india lol

  73. Avatar Darrel Kenn th says:

    Biden’s administration better give visas or body bags for Biden’s administration deserted allies , Trump wasn’t a politician , but he talked facts not fiction,

  74. Avatar Liala Liala says:

    Congratulations Taliban ✌️and support Taliban 💯 love from Australia 🇦🇺

  75. Avatar AHMED BALOCH #Shorts says:

    May Allah save my nimrozi baloch brothers and sisters from terrorist Taliban

  76. Avatar Manzoor Sadiq says:

    Taliban are the only legitimate force in Afghanistan rest are puppets and thugs

  77. Avatar I daresay says:

    Afghanistan has to be destroyed.. Afghanistan people are reaping thier own planted crop… Karm… No mercy..

  78. Avatar Henry Torrrs says:

    Well time arabes help there own why us Americans nd to get in it we did our job now they do there,s im not racist just saying

  79. Avatar Anni chanel09 says:

    and the bad of the Taliban, they execute women if they wear tight clothes and go outside without anyone accompanying them,

    you know, Allah Most forgiving servants who are wrong and want to repent, should be warned, not killed,.Horrible

  80. Avatar Muhammad Azeem says:

    There are so civilians killed by American and NATO from 20 yrs (no Afghan in 9/11) but still B52 used, there is no human right, no women, no children these bomb knows. Know Real Terrorist ?

  81. Avatar Mufti Mackoojee says:

    US 🇺🇸 spent 20 years and couldn’t defy the men of the religion of Allah. So leave the country to them…in fact path the way for men of God to establish the religion of peace-Islam-around the world

  82. Avatar Rony RH says:

    Taliban’s are the rightful owner of Afghanistan … traitor GHANI & his follower should leave the country!

  83. Avatar Chhai Lamb says:

    where is US army?

  84. Avatar BIDADARI SURGA DUNIA says:

    Nice info News 👍❤️

  85. Avatar Ned Grey says:

    So much for Bidens declaration to the Afghanistan government that they are safe from any Taliban takeover , ” oops excuse me another mistake ” …..😂

  86. Avatar Kyaw kyaw Kyaw says:

    တစ်လတ္ငင်း တာလီဘန်တွေ

  87. Avatar Tron says:

    China should use the Taliban as training for their military. 😗 🇨🇳

  88. Avatar Mohamad Rafet says:

    Afghanistan puppet govt is corrupt to the core. No progress even with tge Americans being there for past 20 years. What was America there for, one would ask. To bring peace?

  89. Avatar marc layne says:

    build a wall around afghanistan….& let them deal with each other…..a steel cage match……hahahaha

  90. Avatar Mahmood Bahram says:

    Al jazera looking so happy

  91. Avatar Anjuman Ara Rani says:

    Taliban jindabad

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