Louisiana Residents Facing Difficult Conditions After Ida’s Devastation

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In the wake of Hurricane Ida, Louisiana residents continue to face brutal heat and widespread power outages while the death toll is still rising. In Houma, lines for vital supplies are taking hours.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Louisiana Residents Facing Difficult Conditions After Ida’s Devastation

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar DONNIE Trump says:

    Dam covid strikes again

  2. Avatar super dave says:

    Difficult is no power. No roof is past difficult.

  3. Avatar toto says:

    This is punishment from God repent America you went too far.

    • Avatar Sandra Sullivan says:

      So God is to blame?
      James 1:13

  4. Avatar Sherry O'Bar says:

    Lord help them please. Bring relief from the weather. Thank you for the power being turned back on! Bless the responders in Jesus name amen 🙏

  5. Avatar noe chavez says:

    They were told to leave. 🤔

    • Avatar noe chavez says:

      @TONIE SEDRICK where ever just not there putting yourself and other’s at risk is not a wise choice.

    • Avatar Chris R says:

      @noe chavez because everyone has a vehicle and the extra money to relocate? Ok….

    • Avatar George Green says:

      @Eduardo Flores $15? That’s crazy 😝 Accountability?? Nah…..this is the new America. Apathetic and giving zero f#ucks. Watch…this catastrophe will be at most a 3 day news story. This is the end of America as we have known it.

    • Avatar NOLAgame says:

      Actually no, many weren’t.

  6. Avatar Peter Krom says:

    I have a free room

  7. Avatar Soundgarden 7 says:

    So, is Morgan going to pinch and buy tarp and take it to her?

    • Avatar Najerea says:

      exactly. camera man?? crew?? somebody . or are you just there to “use her” for her story. her need should be met if they are right there, in her home, on the couch with her and hearing her need first hand. bring her back a tarp y’all!

  8. Avatar TooBadThatDidn’tKillMe says:

    Like Democrats say about abandoning American citizens and allies in Afghanistan… they were told to leave!!

    • Avatar T BZ says:

      Ummm… a lot of people said it. Just like idiots getting sick with covid were told to get vaccinated. Freedom to do whatever you want comes with consequences.

    • Avatar A. Settje says:

      The U.N. had a conference in Lisbon with many nations represented to sign a compact agreement to end the war in Afghanistan that was to take affect 4 years ago. This was going to happen, and it was agreed upon by many nations years ago. Now the media and political parties are using it to mitigate the corruptions of both parties. It is just another money maker slight of hand. People should ask themselves just why are the news stories are opinion based targeting the destruction of our country now? And just who is making money of this? To many people are just reactionary, and not looking for the facts.

  9. Avatar Arianne says:

    Oh my bless my hometown of New Orleans and all of Louisiana.

  10. Avatar Frank Bobby says:

    which would be great for tree services it would increase productivity for any kind of business I willdownload the free demo and check out the TOC manual

  11. Avatar Michele Boyle says:

    I keep crying and crying for all these poor people! It’s just heart wrenching!

    • Avatar Queen mommie says:

      APTTMHY HalleluYah May The King 👑👑👑 Reign FOREVER ♾️. God is doing amazing things over the earth 🌍.

  12. Avatar Doug Ohaver says:

    For the most part, this is what homeless people face on a day-to-day basis yet how many of you turn your heads when you see homeless people and simply say oh they’re drug addicts or alcoholics? This is a terrible situation but then again, there are terrible situations going on all over the United States right now.

  13. Avatar The Devil says:


  14. Avatar William Bowers says:

    Texas you next… Karma not finished yet 😒

    • Avatar A. Settje says:

      I understand why you feel that way, but your using karma in a way that is vengeful. It’s just not a good thing. Better to hope that the people of Texas figure out and change what they can for their betterment.

    • Avatar William Bowers says:

      @A. Settje 😳… Welllll isn’t that what karma is 🙄

  15. Avatar Run CM Punk Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD says:

    I still don’t know why Fox Sports is making the big mistake of still advertising to donate to the American Red Cross even though it’s a proven scam…

  16. Avatar Koenigsegg Agera R says:

    Be safe friends.. More power to you. Luv from 🇮🇳

  17. Avatar kimshortordercook says:

    Praying for all of you

  18. Avatar frankel lamtarra says:

    Climate change is fake….as long as you are rich and not affected.
    But for how much longer?Is it until the drought and wild fires start to directly affect those that deny and their families?The intensity of blizzards and snow storms that will eventually impact agriculture esp.cattle,vegatables and fruit crops but it will not affect you.Yea,you believe in the likes of the Murdoch media and the rich is always right!!
    So very sad to see these average and normal people under so much strain through no fault of their own.And the bigwigs in the fossil fuel sector.those involve in deforestation and their paid actors on social and mainstream media would mot bat an eye.They will push other things because you’re hooked on their doctrine,politics and philosophy.
    Hope all persons and their families can recover very soon

  19. Avatar God’s Spiritual Poet says:

    Proverbs 28:18- He who walks blamelessly will be delivered,
    But he who is crooked will fall all at once.

    Philippians 2:15- so that you will prove yourselves to be blameless and innocent, children of God above reproach in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you appear as lights in the world,

  20. Avatar Ianthia Anson says:

    Please help these people Lord

  21. Avatar Elena Velasco says:

    My heart always hurts for our southern sister state LA, having been homeless 2x in 6 mos to mother nature, with my then 2 year old I can tell you it redefines you…

  22. Avatar mee mee the cat says:


  23. Avatar Jackie Paper says:

    Time for a Green New Deal.

  24. Avatar Tati ana says:

    Morgan 😍😍

  25. Avatar Mary Jemison says:

    God Bless The Louisiana Coast 🙏🙏🙏🙏



  27. Avatar Arctic Dragon says:

    Any part of Louisiana not hit by hurricane?

  28. Avatar marqus muir says:

    see how? silly a mask MANDATE is…

    • Avatar A. Settje says:

      Check out the newest variant in South America, and then complain about masks. This is about what saves lives, and not the convenience, ease, or opinion of anyone. Stick to fact, please.

  29. Avatar A. Settje says:

    A hundred beds….. hah. They should start with a thousand. And hand out some masks, get some showers, clothing, food, and some doctors available. Sounds like their service managers think low budget; the lowest. Do it right, or not at all.

  30. Avatar hobolove2468 says:


  31. Avatar CHANGE says:

    Lord jesus please help these folks!

  32. Avatar Marius M says:

    It’s America/ we are doomed. Science illiterates and climate/vaccine denialists we are the extinction level events- don’t think someone will save you. That’s just for the upper 1 percent. 🦖☄

  33. Avatar Bongo Fury says:

    “Biden hates black people……..”

  34. Avatar Justin Ardoin says:

    I feel for these people. I live in Lake Charles,LA and my house got hit by both hurricanes (Laura and delta). It’s been a year, my house has not been fixed, and still waiting on the insurance to finish paying for the damages. I’m not saying it’s gonna happen to these people but I wouldn’t look forward for the insurance for help. Most of us had to sue them just to fix our house. My prayers are with these people. They have a long road of recovery.

  35. Avatar Sidney Mathious says:

    They was hit hard in Louisiana and Mississippi, but the people in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania was hit harder by this deadly storm.

  36. Avatar Dildo Shwagins says:

    I’m without power without data and probably for another month it’s duckin hot

  37. Avatar Sarah Jorae says:

    Don’t allow people to rebuild in areas where they will have to rebuild again in 5 to 10 years. It is a WASTE of Federal $$$.

    • Avatar NOLAgame says:

      That would be every area susceptible to hurricanes. The entire Gulf Coast from Brownsville to Sarasota, Florida, and the entire East Coast, Miami to Boston. Can’t forget nearly everyone in California, Oregon and Washington due to wildfires, then the double threat that whole area faces from Volcanoes and earthquakes. Let’s not fail to ban anyone from living in Arizona or New Mexico either, because of summer monsoons. And lest the farmland providing much of your food be excluded, we would need to ban farms and farm towns in the midwest in the watershed of the Missouri river and Mississippi River due to spring flooding. Finally, let’s not exclude the ever worsening tornado season which affect Tornado Alley in the midwest each spring and Dixie Alley in the deep South in late Winter. See how silly and duplicitous you sound?

  38. Avatar Lori Anne Hancock says:

    What is the safe-word for Mother Nature’s wrath? How will we not feel small in the wake of these shows of force from an Earth sucked dry for money? How is the pandemic not from her to rid the parasitic crusts, which ARE US? Have we not latched onto her like a newborn suckling and drained her of her richness rather than take only what we need and allow the rest to flourish for another day? What about the little yellow trucks daming the waterworks? What about fracking and jacking her around at every level? When you take your knee, take it for her. When you pray, pray for HER. Also, the Divine Feminine is rising and there will be no more patient waiting, gloved hands, folded in our laps.

  39. Avatar Chris Berry says:

    Good job.

  40. Avatar Queen mommie says:

    APTTMHY HalleluYah May The King 👑👑👑 Reign FOREVER ♾️. God is doing amazing things over the earth 🌎. He is sweeping off our lands. To give it back to his chosen people. Not ish.

  41. Avatar Larry Wright says:

    You take 850 elderly people, half don’t know their own names, no information about their medical needs or even who they are and going, stick them in a warehouse on cement floors and even if they did have A.C.,which I doubt and the few people takings care for them could not because they were all laid out side by side do you think that’s a good chance for disaster???

    • Avatar Choose Love says:

      Hopefully, the owner and LDH will go down for that. They have a criminal investigation going on for the man that owned the 7 nursing homes and the warehouse were he housed them at, and the Louisiana Department of Health Officials is also being investigated because they allowed the people who ran the facility to block them from inspecting the facility. They did have a.c. in there at least, but one of the caretakers said part of the warehouse started leaking so they had to cram those 850 people in one area on top of each other.

  42. Avatar Cristina Lexy Reef Tank says:


  43. Avatar Becky Madrid says:

    Look at all the stick homes

  44. Avatar L Hernandez says:

    This is why preppers – prep

  45. Avatar L Hernandez says:

    In our prayers & donate if you can to the “right” charities

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