Cathie Wood on Tesla, the chip shortage, and buying $56 million worth of Zoom

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ARK Invest’s CEO Cathie Wood joined Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi for an exclusive interview to talk about the chip shortage, Tesla, and buying $56 million worth of Zoom.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar ClubXXXPoison says:

    Her funds are doing poorly since the February hype evaporated.

    • Avatar Fred Psimas says:

      Your time horizon is too short…if your expectation is that her funds should stair step up month after month you are not an investor…I recommend you just buy gold

    • Avatar videogaminglmao says:

      who cares about short term, cathie has different style of investing, to find disruptive companies that will pay in future. ARKK is up +600% from last 5years i think she knows what shes doing

    • Avatar So Ho says:

      She’s wouldnt of done well without the fed. Once the fed raises or taper her funds will go belly up .

    • Avatar Andre Rodriguez says:

      When I first noticed ARKK etf in 2018, it was 45 dollars a share. I don’t see it doing poorly at all.

    • Avatar So Ho says:

      @Andre Rodriguez stock market has done well since the fed came into the market everything is up if you haven’t noticed man lols

  2. Avatar Ken Powell says:

    kitchen table? Yahoo finance hurting?

    • Avatar Corin Lee says:

      its a nice kitchen though lol

    • Avatar Production Junction says:

      He chose it for the “window on a cloudy day” lighting. It was a vanity not a background decision.

    • Avatar Corin Lee says:

      @Production Junction most of the time a producer chooses, not the reporter

  3. Avatar Michael Jordan says:

    Wow!!! Imagine trading and stocking up Bitcoin from now till then!!!!

    • Avatar Mitchell woods says:

      I’ve worked with four traders in the past but None of them is as efficient as I want so I guess it’s time for a change

    • Avatar Barry Cuddle says:

      How can I contact Mr Dean Michael

    • Avatar Richardson Janet says:

      Bitcoin increased today and I’ve not
      invested yet, now I’m in regrets I’d like to invest now How can I talk to Mr Dean Michael

    • Avatar Collyer sara says:

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  4. Avatar Fred Psimas says:

    Kathy is right again as usual…don’t bet against her!!!

    • Avatar Andy Phoenix says:

      I followed her action on PLTR few months ago, and now I made good profit with it

  5. Avatar Fred Psimas says:


  6. Avatar K. LaBorde says:

    i am a GM Person… But since the Bolt has been catching on fire, and the huge recall. I am waiting until the battery mess is resolved with GM.

  7. Avatar Growing Thick Skin says:

    I used to think she was a genius and knows what she’s talking about but… Man she really needs to start talking about something else . she’s a broken record hiding under this magic word “Innovation”.

  8. Avatar Adam's Atoms says:

    If your supposed to sell 100 chips and can only come up with 50 that’s
    a missed opportunity and your customer will look for other suppliers or
    go the way of Google/Qualcomm ‘Chip shortage pump ALL the POS stocks’
    most of them will miss or have drastically lower ER’s for a few quarters.
    All of this is infomercial type trash pumping and dumping where basics
    get tossed in the trash for nothingburger hype.

  9. Avatar Alpha Beta says:




  10. Avatar Arkson says:

    ON Semi conductors looks good…

  11. Avatar Maura Mc Carthy says:

    I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn’t mean security rather having different investments is the real deal.

    • Avatar Lindsay Nakai says:

      D7R published a new update for the following idea Bitcoin (BTC). It’s all about volumes

    • Avatar Michelle George says:

      Growth Fears, ECB, Jobless Claims, Olympics Blow-What’s Moving Markets

    • Avatar Dino Pablo says:

      This pandemic hasn’t taught people anything. People are back to sneezing their hands

    • Avatar Arkson says:


    • Avatar FinanceInvestNetwork says:

      Pandemic brought to me remote job, that’s nice thing

  12. Avatar J T says:

    Tesla is garbage

  13. Avatar Big D says:

    Yahoo a dead search engine that sucks as a finance channel.

  14. Avatar Ibukun Ogunfeitimi says:

    Capitalism-Socialism Innivationrs. Perhaps: one’s a generation ahead as Pioneer of how about SOCIAL-CAPITAL Innovation ✍️ IPRs

  15. Avatar Zero Narrative says:

    I’ll drive my 2014 ICE auto until it’s dead on the side of the road, and then will use my “auto savings” money towards whatever Tesla I can get at the lowest price – will lease something cheap until estimated delivery date and Uber if left with a void of manu. flex.

  16. Avatar So Ho says:

    She’s the bubble

  17. Avatar Jelena Catherine says:

    Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune, investing puts money to work,the only reason to save money is to invest it.

    • Avatar ken jay says:

      @Benjamin Cowen You’ve got to get up and make a move,because the world will never see you till you do, no, they don’t really care what you’re going through.

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    • Avatar Benedict says:

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    • Avatar Benedict says:

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  18. Avatar Eben says:

    Blowing bubbles. 🙂

  19. Avatar Greatkohaku says:

    Good questions Sozzi!

  20. Avatar Juan Felipe says:

    Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that’s why i trade with Magdalena Ferguson, her skills set is exceptional.

    • Avatar Steven Philipe says:

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    • Avatar Pukes says:

      Stupidest bot comments ever.

    • Avatar Spend Your Money and Keep it Too says:

      Trading world yes! investing world, No! Anybody can beat the market with a little bit of diligence. Many different models to follow that work. Warren Buffets 3 wonderful business & Jim Cramers 5 Diversified stock portfolio are two examples. Or you can just buy an S&P 500 index fund (Which beats most professional investors)

    • Avatar SportsReel HD says:

      @Pukes I’m getting pissed

  21. Avatar Jaishiyun Maccohack1 On Telegram says:


  22. Avatar rema judge says:

    Yahoo Finance have always so embarrassing questions…. they are not prepared for interviews or they have missed the point LAST YEAR when Tesla has share split? They are repeating this “mistake” so many times on Yahoo Finance, really unprofessional or maybe just feeding on fabricated negativity…

  23. Avatar Marek Giedyk says:

    Why not 30k for Tesla ;);) Its getting hiliarous. Wonder if Cathie will appear in interviews in 5 years. I believe not.

    • Avatar Skyliner says:

      Yeah it is crazy to tell such bs and no one seems to care

    • Avatar Production Junction says:

      Competitor is good for investors

  24. Avatar Michele Ruggiero says:

    She’s so woke

    • Avatar polyethylene123456 says:

      She’s..a trump supporter lol. So not that woke.

    • Avatar Madhukar Koratagere says:

      Still optimistic with this 8 months of inactivity??
      We have to deal with crap for next 3.5 years

  25. Avatar Mia A says:

    With the price of gas in Canada
    You would be stupid if you buy ICE car

  26. Avatar Philadelphia Tim says:

    I see Crypto as ultimately becoming a reserve currency for banks, playing much the same role as gold did in the early days of banking. Banks could issue digital cash with greater anonymity and lighter weight, more efficient transactions.

    • Avatar Kevin Neekor says:

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    • Avatar Lucas Benjamin says:

      @Alex Ken Yes I can believe that, I got victory with him, I was so sad after receiving the first try knowing I invested so low with fear😓😫

    • Avatar Alice Grayson says:

      So y’all gotten in touch with James Walters 🇺🇸? Wow 😊 I also made contact and I must confess he’s a genius💯

    • Avatar FinanceInvestNetwork says:

      Yes, crypto needs more regulation

  27. Avatar Sofia Quentin says:

    *The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich*

    • Avatar Jimmy S. Fuller says:

      That’s is a very big opportunity I wouldn’t like to miss. Can some one share the contact again. I wanna be sure before texting him…

    • Avatar Jocelyn Kelvin says:


    • Avatar Winston Cohen says:

      Thanks guys for sharing this opportunity… Am very lucky today to meet this…

    • Avatar Winston Cohen says:

      I will message him right away..

    • Avatar FinanceInvestNetwork says:


  28. Avatar Barouch Krakauer says:

    $3,000 WHEN ??

  29. Avatar avantgardeaclue says:

    She’s that Heather from the show A.P. Bio.

  30. Avatar The Electric Man says:

    The chip shortage is going to lead to car companies raising prices

  31. Avatar Interior Transmission "PLUS" Auto Repair says:

    Keep with the plan>……💎🙌TESLA

  32. Avatar janet sanders says:

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    • Avatar Jaime Clement says:

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    • Avatar genious00 says:

      Lol 😆

  33. Avatar f h says:

    yahoo finance can’t get their facts right. 7,000 price target was ancient and pre-stock split. Doesn’t seem like the host is aware…

  34. Avatar Hx.kevin says:

    Tesla is bot as impacted as Ford and others by chip shortage because they are producing 500k cars.. everyone else is above 10M….

  35. Avatar 郭家銘 says:

    zoom requires BMC chip that made by TSMC

  36. Avatar 郭家銘 says:

    If everything will go digital in the future, that means all device need semiconductor, that chip made by TSMC

    • Avatar harvrindrsingh says:

      What do you think the best semiconductor stocks

    • Avatar 郭家銘 says:

      @harvrindrsingh look at the majority of US semiconductor company, they all rely on TSMC for advanced chip, And Intel is lagging behind TSMC in terms of advanced chip process technology

  37. Avatar Herr Wahnsinn says:

    If you listen to any of these financial illiterate misfits you are more than likely going to be taken for everything you have. If Palantir says they are buying 50 million in gold for black swan events I imagine there will be those events.

  38. Avatar James Harris says:

    I’ve been telling friends, relatives, and acquaintances to buy Tesla since 2010 and so far I don’t know of anyone who actually bought 1 share. I even know a guy who considers himself a ‘stock guru’ who insisted in 2012 that Tesla was a dog. He begged me to sell but I told him I plan to hold no matter what… I lost track of him – I wonder what he thinks of his reluctance now?

  39. Avatar Shadowman says:

    I wish the Philippines would sort out there vehicles, and have a stronger drive towards going green.

  40. Avatar james aiaz says:

    Dear Ms. Cathie D Wood,
    How Much is MSFT worth per share since we both own it ?
    You said TSLA is worth $ 3,000 per share is also MSFT worth $ 3,000 per share.
    Good Bye

  41. Avatar John Koslo says:

    Miss Wood has to stop with her pump and dump game! Now she has a forecast of $3000 for Tesla. Come on, be realistic! Other car companies will increase their market share tremendously in the near future, the big China players like NIO, LI, XPENG that will come to the international market, and have way better cars than Tesla will ever have. And beside this, we have our own fantastic car producers like Ford, Volvo, VW, BMW, Mercedes.. Tesla will be worth between $500 and $1000 at max. Cathie should stop playing her games to make a quick profit. She does that all the time, she recommends a stock she bought, then one week later she sells it.. This is criminal!

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