Elizabeth Holmes and Sunny Balwani’s puzzling partnerships: ‘Valley of Hype’ part 3

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#ElizabethHolmes #SunnyBalwani #ValleyofHype
Valley of Hype: The culture that built Elizabeth Holmes
Part 3/7
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#ElizabethHolmes #Theranos #ValleyofHype
Elizabeth Holmes became the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire as CEO of her biotech startup, Theranos. The former Silicon Valley darling now faces criminal trial and 20 years in prison over the Justice Department’s charges that she used the once-hyped blood testing company to defraud investors.
Yahoo Finance is turning the page on Theranos, examining arguments to be raised in Holmes’ defense and the culture that fueled her rise and fall. Interviews with a Theranos board member and employee who have never spoken out, as well as experts on Silicon Valley, raise the possibility that Holmes, rather than being a villain, is a victim of a Silicon Valley ethos that values a perfect pitch over proven results.

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  1. Avatar jacyln Allen says:

    This women should go to jail for fraud in investors and lieing to people health.

  2. Avatar L K says:

    Media is desperate to shove as much blame for Theranos onto Balwani as possible: Women in the media protecting woman Holmes.

    • Avatar P H says:

      @Abraham Villalobos me too!

    • Avatar Abraham Villalobos says:

      @P H you are getting cancelled? what for?

    • Avatar P H says:

      @Abraham Villalobos Did you see my reply to you, or did it get censored?

    • Avatar Abraham Villalobos says:

      @P H It probably got deleted, you know how it goes (can’t express an opinion different to YT’s)

    • Avatar Brie Lynn says:

      I worked in television back in the day. I know zero women in it currently that are supportive of Holmes.

  3. Avatar S L says:

    She looks crazy.

  4. Avatar whoisdickieschnabel says:

    Is this privilege? She doesn’t have to prove that her “vision” worked? You’d think that Siemans and Quest would be able to test the machine too, especially once they’re putting it in every Walgreens. You skipped logic and protocol for what? It’s FAKE. It NEVER worked!!! SillyCon.

  5. Avatar whoisdickieschnabel says:

    “Noble Cause Corruption”?? Really…wow. That concept is as insane as Holmes is.

    • Avatar Lisa Sinervo says:

      It’s just a new way to describe an old observation and/or tactic…The end justifies the means.

    • Avatar whoisdickieschnabel says:

      So it means nothing because it never worked. Got it. Right. You’re just corrupt.

  6. Avatar Stewie111111111 says:

    She got crazy eyes, looks like a sociopath.

  7. Avatar Gabriel Gonzales says:

    It’s pretty funny that now everyone, including the media, the investors, and Holmes herself, is like “I had NO IDEA this wasn’t the real thing!”

  8. Avatar walcoman says:

    Silicone valley? 😩 that’s where they make the stuff to blow up boobs, right? You need to learn basic vocabulary.

  9. Avatar DOCUMAX says:

    In the thumbnail picture to this video I think Elizabeth looks incredibly cute. The cutest of all pictures of her, in my opinion.

    • Avatar lisbeth salander says:

      Yes, her cuteness was her weapon to mesmerize and defraud everyone!

    • Avatar DoxyLady says:

      @lisbeth salander Cute? Oh, please. She never even combed her bleachy straw hair. 🤢

    • Avatar lisbeth salander says:

      @DoxyLady I give you that gladly

  10. Avatar walkingphilosopher says:

    Before her downfall, the media portrayed her as a heroine. After her downfall, the media portray her as a villain. In truth, the reality of a human being is always somewhere in between. The media is part of the problem.

    • Avatar Г.Анхбаяр says:

      Yeah its like Hero today, Scumbag tomorrow.

    • Avatar Goofus Maximus says:

      Far to many in the PC fee fee crowd desperately wanted this to be true. So much so, they would willingly allow themselves to be conned.

    • Avatar James Hahn II says:

      @Г.Анхбаяр In the media’s defense, Elizabeth was always a scumbag 💁🏼‍♀️

    • Avatar P T says:

      Nah. She’s a villain.

  11. Avatar Charles Darwin says:

    319: youngest self made female billionaire had to use a metoo defense and blame a man. She was a tabloid celebrity.

  12. Avatar Charles Darwin says:

    We, the people have been cheated by this fraud.

  13. Avatar Carolyn Wertelecki says:

    The pain she caused to rich people can never be forgiven.

    • Avatar Kelley Lynch says:

      Yes. I’m so sad for the war criminal known as Henry Kissinger, a bunch of corrupt war mongering government officials, and the “FDA.”

    • Avatar penny caldwell says:

      Carolyn Wertelecki, 😅🤣😄😄🤣😅😂🤣😅😆😅

  14. Avatar RexLexus says:

    Holmes managed to top her corrupt enron father. What a horrible family.

    • Avatar P H says:

      She was his puppet.

    • Avatar The Super Psycho Killer says:

      Rotten apples from rotten family tree

  15. Avatar Adrian Janssens says:

    Please stop showing the alluring face of this fraudster. Yes, she’s cute… as a cobra.

    • Avatar Goofus Maximus says:

      Cobras are cute. So long as you’re well outside of striking range.

    • Avatar Davy Roger says:

      Bro she looks like a freak

    • Avatar Nolite te bastardes carborundorum says:

      @Davy Roger Those eyes! Gimme the creeps!

  16. Avatar Wanda Torres says:

    Sunny looks the same. She looks haggard and beat. No sorry, Sunny did not control and dominate this woman. He was her sidekick

    • Avatar P H says:

      He was brought in as a henchman to do the dirty work for Elizabeth of the day to day running of an Enron/mafia style business. Pay off, intimidate, murder.

    • Avatar P H says:

      @Yahoo finance •Replied Will do!

  17. Avatar Inwere Thankgod says:

    For Dr.USELU HI on YouTube to make what men says is impossible possible, show that he is GOD in a human form. Thank you doctor for delivered me from herpes 1&2 with your herbal supplement, and keep saving lives sir

  18. Avatar signalfire6 says:

    I’d like that idiotic board member to be indicted too. What a con artist he is, ALSO.

  19. Avatar noythanongsay says:

    What do you get when you have a con artist and a gold digger?

    • Avatar Utube Allday says:

      Her next role is to act like an abused woman lol. Only idi*ts would believe and sympathize

  20. Avatar SHIZZLE says:

    Pretended to be the genius of Steve Jobs, only thing genius about her was her ability to bamboozle a plethora of ‘smart’ men out of millions for 15 years and make herself rich and famous

  21. Avatar Niang Pao says:

    Her father, Christian Rasmus Holmes IV, was a vice president at Enron, an energy company that later went bankrupt after an accounting fraud scandal.

    • Avatar Raine Lanas says:

      It runs in the family

    • Avatar Abdul Abdul says:

      Proud daughter! 😂

    • Avatar P H says:

      And he worked for the government, which was key to the fraud. He was dirty in multiple theaters.

  22. Avatar Sukhdev Johal says:

    Fake it until you make it

  23. Avatar Saadia Laureano says:

    to me her test was working for some stuff. they push too early or they are framing her to keep her technology is the health industry.

    • Avatar Utube Allday says:

      Some stuff = yeah only one stuff, the herpes. But it was NEVER MENTIONED until they got exposed. To me, she is the mastermind.

  24. Avatar Tony B. says:

    She’s no victim. She’s a psychopathic con😐

  25. Avatar Khaldoon Masud says:

    Theranos = Thanos

  26. Avatar Derek Edington says:

    another American debacle

  27. Avatar Sale dakata says:

    Thanks Dr IGUDIA On YouTube, your herbs really worked in curing me from Herpes infection after so many months of battling with this illness

  28. Avatar The Stream of Life says:

    The media should be held accountable. Bottom line it’s mind boggling how the media creates these people

    • Avatar Steve Zelaznik says:

      Walgreens should be held accountable. I don’t expect an underpaid reporter to verify that a blood test machine is working properly. I do expect a machine in a drugstore to be properly vetted.

    • Avatar Nolite te bastardes carborundorum says:

      “…it’s mind boggling how the media creates these people” What else have they got to do?

    • Avatar Drew Ainge says:

      Fortune magazine should be held accountable as well.

  29. Avatar wolfen244 says:

    The moment I found out that the scam lawyer David Boies was involved I knew it was a scam.

  30. Avatar Utube Allday says:

    She’s a great con artist. Now she’s acting like an abused woman. 🙄 Only idi*ts would believe and sympathize

  31. Avatar Utube Allday says:

    They won’t go after her because those rich investors were st*pid believing in Holmes and they were actually part of the making of this great scam.

  32. Avatar Lucy Montes says:

    If this woman is not charged, and does not GO TO JAIL after scamming thousands of people, and almost stealing billions of dollars. AND emotionally crippling people who were told by her Walgreens tests that they had a decease, when they NEVER had one to behind with. I swear to GOD! Let’s see what this woman gets away with NEXT. What a SOCIOPATH. Telling her scientists to LIE. Making a FALSE lab to show off to BIDEN. Changing her VOICE. Wearing turtle necks because she wanted to emulate other genuine geniuses that she knew she could not BECOME. What a FRAUD, LYING disgusting HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Avatar Heavy Distortion says:

    Elizabeth Homeless.

  34. Avatar rhizomeman says:

    It’s interesting how the media who bought into her lies, without any hint of research, pass the blame onto others for their lack of journalism.

  35. Avatar Michael Johnson says:

    Looks like a Elizabeth set up “Sunny” as the “Fall Guy” from the beginning. Justice unlikely to be served, again…

    • Avatar Brie Lynn says:

      I disagree. Nowadays, jurors can go online and see the facts. Holmes is going down.

  36. Avatar Maitreya says:

    Is she in prison now? what happen to her after the scandal? Did she get away with it all and still a multimillionaire?

    • Avatar Zett⚡ says:

      Her networth now is 0$

  37. Avatar David L says:

    She didn’t steal money who needs the money. She took the money away from the people who stole from the poor, who NEVER will need the money.

    • Avatar Emily says:

      There were cancer patients affected by her tecnology, false miscarriages, fals hiv diagnosis….real people were affected just as much.

  38. Avatar P H says:

    When she goes to prison, we won’t be saying goodbye…too soon 🤣

  39. Avatar Adventure Baby Boomer says:

    “Nobel cause affliction”

  40. Avatar Roberto Rosales says:

    Es increíble, engañar a la humanidad, acosta de dinero, por un avance que nunca existió. Merece la pena máxima, como un ejemplo para que nunca mas vuelva a suceder. Yo soy consiente, de que existen muchos fraudes, pero no a este nivel. Ya que arrastro a grandes mentes a su mundo de miseria, engaño a gigantescas empresas de divulgación cientifica/tecnologica y de hay siguió y siguió… Y seguirá hasta que no le pongamos un alto. Hasta compararse con Steve Jobs, que gran falta de respeto la verdad, el permitir que la humanidad le de tal honor, a base de mentiras… Y lo peor es que sigue mintiendo para escaparse de la justicia, hasta donde quiere llegar es la pregunta. Y porque jugar con la SALUD de la gente…

  41. Avatar B T says:

    My uncle said people that are sitting by the rail track are yahlloo, they scratch their armpits and smell it

  42. Avatar Janet Weyers says:

    How on earth is she married with a kid 🤔

  43. Avatar steve El says:

    I don’t know why anyone would even believe it worked in the first place. Especially Walgreens. Do they not have people on the payroll to scrutinize this. Right off the bat capillary blood from the finger is night and day from blood from the veins…

    • Avatar The Super Psycho Killer says:

      It’s physically impossible that a drop of blood is an accurate representation of what’s going on in your entire body. A drop of blood from your finger isn’t a good representation of what’s going on in your trouble areas like your kidneys.

  44. Avatar Tony K. says:

    Holmes is and was a complete fraudster, without any question or debate, and should be sentenced to a lot of years in prison if there is to be any true justice delivered here.
    As for Balwani, he likely is and was also a fraudster himself, but just to what extent still remains debatable at this point.
    The past relationship between Holmes and Balwani is irrelevant and should have no correlation whatsoever to the long list of fraud charges in question.

  45. Avatar Cint Roberts says:

    He knew it was a scam.

  46. Avatar Brie Lynn says:

    100% FRAUD!

  47. Avatar Sarabeth says:

    Only the polymerase chain reaction, a test for DNA or RNA (RT-PCR) can be accomplished with minute amounts of material (in this case, blood). Most blood tests are assaying for specific proteins, sterols, and lipids, which mean you can’t use PCR at all. These are quantitative assays and each require far more material than PCR, which is why anyone who understands medical diagnostic technology would know even then that she was a fraud. In fact, all the biotech VCs just laughed at her when she pitched to them. Only the dumb money invested in her (DeVos, Koch Bros., Waltons, etc), thinking that they got some sort of insider deal.

  48. Avatar Allen Robinson says:


  49. Avatar Thanos Prime says:

    When she was exposed , nobody was more relieved than the blood vessels in her eyes .

  50. Avatar Thanos Prime says:

    She was CEO for 13 years ! How did she get away with making ZERO profit for 13 years ?

    • Avatar Hot Toymania says:

      Amazon did not make any profit for almost all of its years in existence. The investors just kept pumping money into it hoping to pump up the stock and hopefully one day cash out big time.

    • Avatar James Hahn II says:

      Amazon didn’t make a profit for well over 20 years and now prints money. Silicone Valley got so excited by this story, unprofitable companies flooded the market. Uber has yet to make a profit and some wonder if it ever can. Companies like this exist solely on valuation hoping investors will believe the long term vision and keep giving them money until they break through. Tesla wasn’t profitable until last year. It’s an ideal environment for sociopath scammers like Holmes. Tell a good story, wear a black turtle neck, sound like an androgynous Mark Zuckerger with the underbite of a British Bulldog, and you too can one day have had been worth billions!

  51. Avatar Onward & Upward says:

    Very suspicious that the investors who got ripped off are not seeking legal action.The investors must be afraid of what gets revealed about them in court.If Kissenger has invested over a $100 million then there is definite military/intelligence involvement and the suicide in 2011 all makes grim reading.

  52. Avatar BayAreaNewMan says:

    I’d eat my lunch in their parking lot… just sayin

  53. Avatar henry lee says:

    Wow it’s like Magic

    Meet Theranos CTO…Mr Harry Potter!

  54. Avatar Hot Toymania says:

    Those crazy eyes are a dead giveaway that she is a psycho and conman just like Trump.

  55. Avatar James Hahn II says:

    6:42 “It’s not a lie if you believe it, Jerry.” – George Costanza

  56. Avatar James Hahn II says:

    After watching a couple videos I’m like yeah Alexis is for sure from the midwest. Turns out she went to Michigan State University and Loyola and Northwestern. She has a 100% chance of warning you to watch out for deer and icy bridges. ha!

  57. Avatar abhilash kotagiri says:

    She reminds me of Robert California from the office 🤣

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