‘Up to 90 percent’ of UK petrol pumps dry amid panic buying

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The UK government says it’s working to ensure fuel supply issues are resolved, following days of long queues at petrol stations, with many forced to close.
Pressure is on the government to solve the problem as tension increases and polls suggest voters believe the government is mishandling the crisis.
There have been reports the army may be brought in to drive tankers, because of a shortage of drivers.
Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons reports from London.

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  1. Avatar Nilufar Begum says:

    Brexit seems to be a curse.

  2. Avatar Bellerophon challen says:

    funny, they kick out the Eastern Europeans who come here to pick vegetables, labour on building sites and drive trucks, and bring in Hong Kong’ers, Somali’s, Afghans, Syrians, Libyans etc, then start buying 4 + 5 bed houses for them, giving them benefit and paying for lawyers to allow them to fight the extradition system.
    The whole place has gone mad.

  3. Avatar dov struzer says:


  4. Avatar Ahmad Baidhawi says:

    This is the end of transportation. Phase one. Distrupt oil distribution.

  5. Avatar wasim khan says:

    Same like Lebanon
    Uk+lebAnon=dry fuel

  6. Avatar Pajeet 🐮🍺 says:

    This simple answer for this is simple , UK should offer free visas to India. We will help the British out like we did in ww1, ww2 and in the 60s.

  7. Avatar Country Roads 04 says:

    Me on my Tesla 👍👍👍👍👍😎

  8. Avatar muzammil shaikh says:

    Such news from the wealthiest country ?Fake..

  9. Avatar WIP work in progress says:

    Crying for fuel. Funny. Weak folks. Come to india. U will get million reasons to cry !

  10. Avatar Samurai Tabernac says:

    Brexit means brexit lol

  11. Avatar C. Lincoln says:

    Why cry over fuel? Come on man. Grow up.

  12. Avatar YADID BALA says:

    lol she is crying because her fuel ran out in the middle of the road where by its an everyday scenario in africa

  13. Avatar Diana Addison says:

    Uk government is really stupid !!!! Why brexit?? Now look at wat is happening in the country… pride ehhhhhhhhh

  14. Avatar Vel Murugan says:

    Problem Reaction Solution

  15. Avatar Robert Reinman says:

    This will push even faster electrification of cars. Charge at home/work/on road and forget fuel delivery problems!

  16. Avatar Mango and Guava Fruit Smoothie says:

    BREXIT.Never stops being funny.

  17. Avatar Aye Guyy says:

    Ah the benefits of JIT supply chains meeting the reality of neoliberalism’s cannibalism of the state. Beautiful.

  18. Avatar Amro Aloto says:

    A certain Middle Eastern country will soon be suspected of having weapons of mass destruction.

  19. Avatar 橋本帆乃香 says:

    I hope the fuel will be missed forever, we might survive climate change.

  20. Avatar 橋本帆乃香 says:

    Their own fault better buy an Electiric Car, in the case of emergency your hamster can charge it.

  21. Avatar Hakuna matata says:

    Let’s drive 500 miles to find fuel 🤣 🤣

  22. Avatar Lara Molly says:

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    • Avatar Jake Maxwell says:

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    • Avatar Sofia Molly says:

      I met Mrs Patricia for the first time at a conference in Manchester I invested £25,000 and traded in one month making close to £152,759

    • Avatar Miller Smith says:

      Seeing alot of success stories, she’s must be an honest and trustworthy person for people to say this good about her

    • Avatar Brian Jung says:

      I’ve never heard or seen any of her’s clients complain of lost….. I think he’s just too perfect

    • Avatar Bob Ken11 says:

      She’s not like other brokers that will start telling you stories and excuses why they trade didn’t go well after collecting your money

  23. Avatar Danuta Grakowski says:

    UK becoming another Lebanon lol?

  24. Avatar Robert McBride says:

    Just call it your own personal Brexit Dividend along with shortages in the supermarkets.

  25. Avatar Danuta Grakowski says:

    Poland is short of 120000 truck drivers
    Polish drivers not going to UK either.

  26. Avatar Danuta Grakowski says:

    Turn the useless bankers into truck drivers and problem solved.

  27. Avatar Peter Thuo says:

    That woman cried because of gas???? Go to Afghanistan honey !!!! Then you’ll see true horror

  28. Avatar Royal u TV says:

    Please fight more Britain so you can see what people of Middle east have seen bec of you.

  29. Avatar tony sales says:

    Up next. Boomerang shortage leaves thousands wondering when they will return.

  30. Avatar K Siva says:

    Reason why shortage?
    At Least now they can travel by bus and train.

  31. Avatar Mash-allah A says:

    This country how it created my country Somalia to use Kenyan country to attack I’m so happy now it’s their time to suffer.

  32. Avatar Usman chaudhry says:

    Thanks to Brexit

  33. Avatar Richard France says:

    The polititians are playing this down and they shouldn’t. The fact is anywhere you go, there’s no petrol so it’s not just a few pumps.

  34. Avatar David John says:

    Not to mention that 50,000 petrol stations in the uk are meant to turn into charger electric stations by 2025 so 3years left to fill your motors up people

  35. Avatar Kyle Smith says:

    This is economics. Pay your drivers more. Problem solved.

  36. Avatar Tohurangi says:

    This is a brilliant example of how these climate change meeting are so governments are only there for photo opportunities; especially Boris Johnson blah blah blah the Britain governments as full of BS to limit fossil fuels usage or even finding alternatives.

  37. Avatar Michael Short says:

    You cried because you couldn’t get fuel? Jesus christ

  38. Avatar Evaldas Caplikas says:

    You wanted eastern europiens to leave the uk, cose they are stealing your jobs. Welcome to brexit, know you got plenty free job spaces 🤩🤩🤩

  39. Avatar Beagle says:

    Never learned before ,never learn now, U.K will soon be on its KNEES , Keep Panicking, YES keep it up then you all will be slaves . You Never learn to stop Causing Pain to yourselves. ME first Me Last, thats your attitude. Then what next , it is TOO late when the Country STOPS . What then say SORRY . TOO Late. Just Take all Every Drop of Fuel. SELFISH , cannot be warned Lot.

  40. Avatar Beagle says:

    COME on then PANIC Cigarettes only few left on shop Shelves Cough your Heart up Then ,
    Panic Buy.

  41. Avatar Ben Jones says:

    Cars off the road – gov taking their green pledges seriously. (This is a joke). Not to mention getting us off gas.

  42. Avatar Ae Silva says:


  43. Avatar Ae Silva says:


  44. Avatar Zoran Trotovsek says:

    Brits should drive their tanker trucks:-)

  45. Avatar vinm300 says:

    LOL I’m in the North of England and see no queues.
    90% indeed.
    There is some queuing, and I would guess 15% of pumps may be empty.
    But 90% would only occur after nuclear Armageddon.

  46. Avatar Andy Clark says:

    Government fault, for saying don’t buy fuel.

    As soon as you say that, people go and panic buy fuel. Which happened, when will government/Conservatives learn.

  47. Avatar S K says:

    Those who voted brexit back of the queue please!

  48. Avatar RJ Saleh Vlogs says:

    So sad

  49. Avatar Dawah Ilallah says:

    thus Saudi Arabia got another bestie

  50. Avatar Andy Hay. says:

    Where are the brexit voters cueing up for the jobs ?

  51. Avatar Keith Hunt says:

    All down to some plonker in the driving union/spokesperson pedalling fake news……

  52. Avatar guyverjedi says:

    It’s understandable if a politician tells you to not panic buy its obvious the opposite will happen…. politicians are lieing cheating bastards, as if anyone is going to listen to them. If anything you do the opposite… that’s what’s happened. TBH the only time a politician should be surprised is if someone agrees with them.

  53. Avatar M A Hasham says:

    The Gulf War and the occupation of Iraq were done for free oil

  54. Avatar abe rezz says:

    lol she gets emotional and cries over fuel shortage .. Head over to Iran for a change and see how people deal with relentless crises from eggs shortage to fuel, electricity, Internet, vaccine, basic medication etc, making jokes over their latest scarcity on social media ..

  55. Avatar Adeel says:

    why have cars anyway, just build long lanes for bikes and pedestrians to go cross country…a moving walkway in a hyperloop, green as anything, walkalator, autowalk, movator LOL

  56. Avatar Asif says:

    funny how we raise our noses at jobs we cannot survive 2 days without. no fuel, no food is next…. but i’d rather work ‘online’ than drive a truck… i hope the snowflakes starve to death.

  57. Avatar Jamie Lancaster says:

    Brexit..no more cheap Labourers from the EU. And the Brits themselves are too good to do the job. Bad decisions of Johnson and his administration means suffering for the Brits.

  58. Avatar Archie says:

    We are interdependent and not independent beings.

  59. Avatar Archie says:

    This country has no brains… really.

  60. Avatar Mathew Grover says:

    The public has created its own shortage so no surprise there.

  61. Avatar Swish swish Dish says:

    Up to 90%=we have no idea

  62. Avatar People Freedom says:

    Dear British 🇬🇧,
    Stop mess with China 🇨🇳 and Russia 🇷🇺.
    America will not help 🇬🇧 economic growth.

  63. Avatar guy truth says:

    What a wonderful world

  64. Avatar guy truth says:

    Incompetent leader is the main cause.

  65. Avatar Talha Lars says:

    ask the useless royal family to drive the trucks. So many pointless jobs in the UK. Ask the soldiers in your army to drive them!

  66. Avatar L K says:

    Buy donkey and ride for free.

  67. Avatar Anthony Stafford says:

    Complete total bollocks….

  68. Avatar Learning Qur'an With Ibraheem says:

    Walk girl.
    what cry.
    what cry.


  69. Avatar Cubbman79 Cubster says:

    Have fun getting to work Brexiteers 🤣

  70. Avatar Hom Magar says:

    Believe in “Karma”. Years of imperialism & looting of so many countries, it’s time for them test the salt they have planted.

  71. Avatar Bercilak de hautdesert says:

    I don’t know where the up to 90% number comes from but it is not true up here in the North of England. Can you back up that 90% or did you just nick it from some other dopey news outlet?

  72. Avatar Mahir Uddin says:

    Tesla is dancing with this news…

  73. Avatar George Hadjicostas says:


  74. Avatar Leo Fender says:

    PROJECT FEAR 😂🤣😂😆😆

  75. Avatar Diablo Chocobar says:

    Where’s our spaceship supposedly fly us to planet Mars with unlimited supply of fossil fuels? Ikr. You too stuck here on earth with rest of us. Never too late to join in the party. Come have a seat, relax, sip this margarita, enjoy the first worlds deteriorate 😆😆😆

  76. Avatar Rashiqi Rashidi says:

    If this shows anything it should be a wake-up call to all, when a little thing like this happens everything falls apart, I dread to think what people will do in a real disaster…..

  77. Avatar Gopnik Max says:

    I applaud the young generation for not taking these jobs. If bankers go on strike nobody would notice, but lets see how you survive without food on the shelves.

  78. Avatar Petar Pavlov says:

    This is just the begining !
    You are going to bare the consequences of voting in favor of brexit…
    Am feeling very bad for you people
    Greetings from Europe

  79. Avatar João Spínola says:

    Well done brexiteers👏👏

  80. Avatar mulula mulongo says:

    Cried because car ran out of fuel? You live good lives that side,

  81. Avatar billinsf88 says:

    Lets just take a moment to appreciate all the immigrants who are part of the backbone to run an economy.

  82. Avatar Mick Flaherty says:

    Great reset ? The whole thing is engineered to bring about the green BS ..How about telling the facts for once ?

  83. Avatar Yaliema Kickass says:

    much enjoy the benefit of breexit

  84. Avatar Google Sucks says:

    My car was empty so got some fuel last night, took me only 30 minutes.

  85. Avatar Will Harris says:

    Johnson, Kwarteng, Shapps, Eustice live in cloud cuckoo land……go out and try and buy diesel like I have done today 7 garages 6 were closed 1 open but but no diesel …….they’ve been told to say its getting better…….today its worse. IDIOTS all of em !

  86. Avatar iqbal timol says:

    BRIXIT should be renamed: the Johnson WRECKIT.

  87. Avatar Benitos Camelos says:

    Like a scene of the walking dead. A pandemic and then people fighting for food and petrol

  88. Avatar Murimi Kaburu says:

    People treat truck driving a lesser job. Now the country is at grindlock due to their absence. Every job is important.

  89. Avatar Murimi Kaburu says:

    Africa has so many truck drivers. Let Britain reach out and we shall offer the services

  90. Avatar stuart skinner says:

    I doubt the ‘panic buying’ explanation. Commuters biggest user so they all brim their tanks and don’t need fuel for rest of the week. The problem will be corporate just-in-time logistics and their Globalist clown-world antics. So, of course, Brexit!

    Look how the population of this country is swelling with foreigners and their needs. Answer to that is, of course, to dish out visas.

  91. Avatar Kevin-Albert Williams says:

    Pump A usually 10 customers.
    Pump B usually 10 customers
    Pump C usually 10 customers.

    Pump A. No delivery and shut down.
    Pump B. 50% capacity
    Now there’s a queue at pump C which equals 25 customers in a queue.

    People need fuel. Simple as. There’s no panic buying. Don’t blame the drivers.

  92. Avatar Mark holroyde says:

    “Very emotional, I cried” for fks sake, people are nothing more than over reacting Muppets. What fkn short supply, you mean the one thats over as soon as it started LOL, fkn idiots will report on anything today. As much as you want to buy where I live..

  93. Avatar PEdulis says:

    Who would go through all the trouble needed to obtain a visa to work in the UK for just 3 months to then be kicked out again at Christmas because “forerigners” are not wanted in the UK any more?
    As a Dutch HGV driver put it: “I spoke with colleagues and none of them will go to the UK to help them out of the s… they created themselves.”

  94. Avatar Gerard YouTube says:

    Looks like Lebanon.

  95. Avatar EVA Gizela says:


  96. Avatar kD KD says:

    imagine crying about gas. People have a lot more worst issues in places like Palestine. I just wasted 3 minutes of my life watching this dumb report haha

  97. Avatar SSG(SuperStareGry) says:

    But its not brexit fault! I am rolling on my sofa sitting at home and sipping my italian coffee. No issues where i am with petrol or any sort of shortages. And imagine these ppl introduced 3 months temp visas to lure drivers in. Nobody wants your visas! Europe moved on and nobody cares about little englanders! Just on a side note lets wait till summer when fruit picking season hits. But its not brexit fault lol

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