China rations electricity amid worst blackouts in decade

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China is rationing electricity as it struggles to contain its worst power blackouts in a decade.
Long hours of outages are affecting residential areas and shutting factories.
The government has introduced coal rationing and is trying to increase coal imports.
But as Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride reports from Hong Kong, the crisis is a result of several factors that are not easily solved.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar eric istanbul says:

    Finally bogus economy is coming to light

    • Avatar Ghost says:

      They still richer than all of the countries, lol, except for the US of course. You guys have a space program? Didn’t think so. Where’s your space station?

  2. Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

    Watch for December and US debts limit raise to 35 trillions $

  3. Avatar Ricky Sornero says:

    Payback time

  4. Avatar Aryan Shukla says:

    Xi seems to think china has gone back to being ancient china level wealthy dosent he he dosent need outside stuff but he does the embargo on aussi coal and the desire to be seen a leader climate change war does have consequences

  5. Avatar Tommyo B says:

    Need to start doing this kind of thing in the US.

    • Avatar martthesling says:

      you want people to die in America?

  6. Avatar Andrew Thurman says:

    They said the utility company couldn’t. Make a profit so they shut down… but eager to feed the mania for hope and politicians quickly spinning the shutdown as their action “that’s lacking or absent ” addressing climate change, claim the shutdown and cleaner air quality as proof their 1 step is working.

  7. Avatar Emon says:

    If China says it will go carbon neutral, then it will do it for sure. Maybe before all of us.

    • Avatar Alex C. says:

      If they don’t get it done, someone’s head is coming off… literally

    • Avatar Rahul N says:

      like they said implementing 1 child policy is the best option

    • Avatar Johnson Cao says:

      @Rahul N you can type in English, so the changes is always changing… ppl adapting to new environments, that’s called smart move. Dear.

    • Avatar G.O.A.T says:

      @Randal Gardner ok YakeBkt

  8. Avatar alayna says:

    Green energy is going to hurt poor people only

    • Avatar ALLAH says:

      take from rich and give to poor citizens; I am so rich 🌞

    • Avatar Jack _ Johnson says:

      @ALLAH I agree with you but the name you are using is so sacred to use in online world please don’t mention God name on your profile it’s a request buddy 👍😌

    • Avatar ALLAH says:

      @Jack _ Johnson my real name is Allah; 🤗

  9. Avatar R3d Powel says:

    Will the USA go this far for carbon neutral?

    • Avatar R3d Powel says:

      @Spateri yeah enough to know that you will probably commit halfway done Like most of your goals.

    • Avatar Spateri says:

      @R3d Powel Great point. I’m not that old bit am doing quite well for myself. I also have a brain and a conscience so call me an optimist with a brain. What are you? What was you’re point? Do you know much about Chinese energy and spot coal prices? Or about the ban in high grade Australian coal for politics? What were you actually alluding to?

    • Avatar R3d Powel says:

      @Spateri lmao you think we will ever buy your dogsht coals? we would prefer to die from hunger than accepting your donation.

    • Avatar G.O.A.T says:

      @R3d Powel ✊✊More power to you bro!these Emu Fighters can even defend kangaross and other wild life within their country…And they are tryna flex muscles agiants chinese😆

    • Avatar Spateri says:

      @R3d Powel haha, well said 👏

  10. Avatar Helder Pires says:

    😆 how long until the media calls these greenouts?

  11. Avatar D.J MAMBA says:

    China is an inspiration to the world

    • Avatar jankydragon says:

      yes, china is the greatest country (*the republic of china, that is

  12. Avatar Funkyboodah says:

    if China can truly go green, I won’t mind if it takes over the world as much

  13. Avatar Mick King says:

    He cut of his nose to spite his face.Stop importing oz coal trying to hurt us and he,s hurting his own people.LOSER.

  14. Avatar wu wei says:

    China wants to eliminate low-value high-energy industries, after the price of Chinese goods to increase🤓

    • Avatar JP P says:

      The CCP is truly a party of geniuses! Tanking the economy is all part of the grand plan!

    • Avatar clemathieu JT says:

      It’s two o’clock in the morning. The street lights in our village are still on. It’s meaningless. It’s a simple waste of energy. The central government should impose stricter restrictions on local governments. Especially in big cities, the bright lights at night. The central government should suppress excessive consumerism and restrict the approval rights of local governments to high polluting enterprises.

  15. Avatar manitoublack says:

    More Nukes👍

  16. Avatar Celtic Saxon says:

    This is what happens when one shoots one’s own foot.

    • Avatar Dave Huntsman says:


    • Avatar Spateri says:

      @Dave Huntsman Cancelling high grade low cost coal imports from Australia. What do you think it is?

    • Avatar Celtic Saxon says:

      @Dave Huntsman A human has a limb called a “foot”. Two actually.
      A human has something called a “gun” which shoots bullets.
      A human points the gun at his foot and shoots.
      There is your explanation.

  17. Avatar Robert Hughes says:

    China isn’t as great as it claims

    • Avatar 22marioyj says:

      @Raymond China always does it you got an extra chromosome?

    • Avatar Jagat Ram 1 says:

      CHINA COLLAPSING FROM WITHIN. ENERGY CRISIS-no electricity Evergrande- the Lehman of China. China companies PENALIZED by CCP-Alibaba, BMWYY, Didi…. BAD LOANS to countries everywhere. Companies MOVING OUT of China. China facing RESISTANCE from Philipine, Loas, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Balochistan, Zambia, Niger…

    • Avatar Brian Lee says:

      @Nick Technubyte r u sure? if you had said ‘by far the worst to the US’ it would have sounded about right.

    • Avatar Nick Technubyte says:

      @Brian Lee does the US have concentration camps, execution buses, a bill that automatically criminalizes pro-democratic parties, full on religious persecution, a state run firewall that blocks a large number of people from communicating to the outside world?!

      Don’t even get me started on the war crimes that they have committed in Hong Kong, Tiananmen Square, and Myanmar!

      And of course, their preparation for war against Taiwan (which *IS* and always will be a country)!

    • Avatar Brian Lee says:

      @Nick TechnubyteLet’s put aside if thoese allegations are true or not. Till now there is no single shred of credible evidence to prove them. and please allow me to remind you a place called Guantanamo. HK? do you have any idea how Hong Kong became what it is? Well, I think we’d better leave the conversation here, coz you and I obviously preceive the reality differently. For what it is worth, I agree China has a lot of problems, but to point fingers at it from a high moral ground? seriously?

  18. Avatar Muhammad Naguib says:


  19. Avatar nitz vision says:

    it is directly related to ban on coal imports from australia ….there is no angle of pollution reducing in it .

    • Avatar Fung J says:

      @ananth708 is Evergrande going to bankruptcy

    • Avatar Americanknow says:

      @Gary Geiser Don’t worry. China still hold over $1T note that teh US needs to pay back. Also, HCian has over $2T foreign currency reserve, not liek the US that has only $200B.

    • Avatar Gary Geiser says:

      @Americanknow China has closed accounts, unlike America. China has few long respected and trusted global companies, while Ametica has an endless number. So America has vast assets globally, unlike China. It’s a pity. Who will enjoy China’s organ harvesting, concentration camps, and unfreedom?

    • Avatar Americanknow says:

      @Gary Geiser Why ou care. You are an Indian.

    • Avatar Deez Nutz says:

      @Americanknow You idol China soon will collapse

  20. Avatar ua says:

    At least this will push China the biggest pollutant to go more green faster

  21. Avatar paladro says:

    learn to play nice china or we let you starve

  22. Avatar Protean Beast says:

    for consistent blue skies and clean air , give up coal.

  23. Avatar CYBERCEL says:

    just ask ur neighbour for sum lithium

  24. Avatar Sofian says:

    More nuclear plants is the solution.

  25. Avatar Otokonoko Sama says:

    Criminal terrorist barbaric savage regime 🇨🇳☠

  26. Avatar Saleem Baig says:

    A good effort but it’s effecting china’s economy

  27. Avatar Tejas Uttam Aher says:

    Even in this condition Xi-Jazeera can’t stop to show how good is CCP virus😂😂😀😀

  28. Avatar Daniel says:

    This is fake news. China is rich of coal as no’3, China just want to protect the environment and rise America goods shortage. It’s a big game and wait to see American Biden anxiety.

  29. Avatar Drift says:

    China was once a great Socialist Country. Sad that China is now Capitalist.

    • Avatar CyberVerse says:

      It wasn’t great. Millions straved to death.

    • Avatar Randy Marsh says:

      Due to more factors than just the economic model of the time.

    • Avatar CyberVerse says:

      @Randal Gardner China has been stronger than ever under Xi. Mao had made China a third world poor country.

  30. Avatar Joe Sands says:

    you forgot to mention that the CCP has banned most coal from australia as a spiteful gesture in retaliation for the inquest into the origins of Covid.

  31. Avatar Bobby Chang says:

    Cut coal, there is no clean coal. China is looking into a greener future.

  32. Avatar Teddy Bear says:

    *Don’t be fooled by China’s 🇨🇳 words, because they do the opposite. The world should stop making business deals with China 🇨🇳. Boycott China 🇨🇳 garbage products and China 🇨🇳 businesses outside of China 🇨🇳 in every possible way. Everyone must do their part.*

    • Avatar Saif Alikhan2188 says:

      @Teddy Bear k

    • Avatar Failure Gaming says:

      @Teddy Bear Ah yes, blame all of your country’s problem on China.

    • Avatar Teddy Bear says:

      @Failure Gaming And also to Islamic terrorist countries? Yes? 😊

    • Avatar Failure Gaming says:

      @Teddy Bear Yes, your government is never at fault. Blame other countries then put up a stupid emoji when you finish. That’s what educated intelligent people do.

    • Avatar Teddy Bear says:

      @Failure Gaming Why will I blame our government over China’s 🇨🇳 aggression, Chinese flooding my country with drugs, China 🇨🇳 building man made islands in disputed waters? Are you that dumb?

  33. Avatar Comrade says:

    Anyone else feel like they’re doing this on purpose? When the supply chains are affected, the bond yields are the ones that are impacted. When the bond yields are affected, China benefits from that. It just so happens to be that the US could be shutting down next month… Even if they were still trading with Australia, they’d still have to wait like two weeks for the coal to be taken off the shipment due to current port business. Furthermore, they actually already have the coal needed for energy (look at the reserve by country).

    • Avatar Doomsdayrs says:

      Yes, its on purpose to prevent the planet from dying.

  34. Avatar Pratyush Kumar Jaiswal says:

    And the funny thing is they have implemented a three child policy recently. Good luck China increasing population will certainly help you progress better 😂

    • Avatar CyberVerse says:

      Lol India has not implemented any child policy. Maybe you people should or you’ll keep starving and sleeping on streets.

    • Avatar Rahul N says:

      @CyberVerse maybe you can try going to school for some knowledge. Population of any country will stop growing naturally when people get educated most importantly when female population get educated. india’s fertility rate is just 2.1 births per women(perfect replacement rate) but china’s fertility is just around 1.5 lower than replacement rate. Also fYI india already has population control measures in most populus states like UP (2 child policy). Good luck taking care of 1 child and 4 grandparents in future

    • Avatar N W says:

      @Rahul N but India’s Birthrate will not stop at 2.1, it will continue to decline just like all countries who are educating women. When the birth rate starts declining, it doesn’t magically stop at 2.1, it continues to decline

    • Avatar Rahul N says:

      @N W yes but it will be a slow decline not like china, sudden decline will create a huge number of old people at some point. Those who born during the one child policy will have to take care of his 2 or more granparents 2 parents and his 1 son or daughter making that one guy is responsible for 5 or 6 others alone but in india there will be 2 sons or daughters to take care of old

    • Avatar Harshal Dhere says:

      @N W it will be like 10-20 yrs long process , till that our economy will be at its top

  35. Avatar Moinul Islam Mahin says:

    those who are happy do take in mind that things will now become more costly

    • Avatar Moinul Islam Mahin says:

      @John Locke if it was that easy then we already would have done it

    • Avatar Nathan Levesque says:

      It has been getting more costly to be involved with China for decades. This barely changes anything.

    • Avatar Moinul Islam Mahin says:

      @Nathan Levesque SAY IT to companies it is getting expensive for goverments but not companies

    • Avatar Dr Manhattan says:

      @Moinul Islam Mahin My company has moved to Mumbai in India from Shenzhen

    • Avatar Moinul Islam Mahin says:

      @Dr Manhattan sooooo does that mean price of everything falls

  36. Avatar SeKToR says:

    People will start to realize it’s not just a demographic time bomb that is going to explode in China.

    • Avatar Ran Khavzon says:

      its not something new people die by the millions in china, taiping rebellion boxer rebellion

      if mass deaths/starvation starts in china I won’t be surprised its natural

  37. Avatar Tanmay Patra says:

    This guy was in Afghanistan.. right??

  38. Avatar JORDɅN says:

    So much for 100 years of “power” 🤭

    • Avatar Pavel Alexander says:

      100 years of virus 😂

  39. Avatar Adeel Zafar Jilani says:

    China can do very little unless all the transport of the country becomes electric drive & also nuclear reactor should be the only source for Power generation. It’s going to be long & tiring effort but a country like whose economic activity will keep increasing only have to continuously fight climate change. Problems with West is that they do speak a lot but sincerity is missing from the action on the ground so China who made world go for Solar Energy should also lead from the from in order to make world realise how serious the climate threat is.

  40. Avatar Joe Nathan says:

    It’s not the rising price of coal. Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t think officials would blackout their cities to save a couple bucks

    • Avatar Super Y says:

      Perhaps not for money, but they stopped buying Australian coal just because their Prime Minister suggested to investigate the source of Covid-19 — so there is some ulterior motive.

  41. Avatar MsStanleycat says:


    • Avatar The King of Debates says:

      Only in Africa and Middle East

  42. Avatar Pallab Saha says:

    A “powerless” wannabe superpower.

    • Avatar G.O.A.T says:

      😂Go check your boarder Kumar bro..China is Clearly A wanna be superppwer😂by the looks of it

  43. Avatar Rewant Veer Singh says:


  44. Avatar Faraz khan says:

    very good journalism. keep up the good work

    • Avatar Old Salt says:

      Climate change is fake news.

  45. Avatar John Robert says:

    Crypto is the future

    • Avatar Al Hendrick says:

      you stupid scammers. read iidots

    • Avatar James Hill says:

      I’m from UK, I and two other of my friends tried him immediately we testified , he’s performing wonders

    • Avatar Harshal Dhere says:

      Paid actors lol

    • Avatar Nick Technubyte says:

      A future of freedom, that’s why china bans it!

      Because it gives people more freedom and it’s not government controlled!

    • Avatar I J says:

      A person farts
      Rando person on internet: Crypto is the answer

  46. Avatar I am Jinping-Putin The Great says:

    Fake news. China has lots of warships and warplanes that can be used to provide electricity. China is strong.

    • Avatar I am Jinping-Putin The Great says:

      @Randal Gardner china has lots of coal, enough to cover earth in soot. China is strong.

  47. Avatar Kobe A5 Wagyu says:

    I don’t like the CCP but this is a good move by them.
    More green environment and better fresh air for Koreans.
    The average Chinese will suffer from this of course, but it’s only temporary.

  48. Avatar Human Being says:

    China is the only superpower…rest all r paper superpower

  49. Avatar Rex T says:

    When can we see an abrupt about turn by China and importation of humongous amounts of coal from Australia once more. This electricity problem is going nowhere immediately. They have no alternate to thermal coal generation of electricity. We are seeing a huge human tragedy unfolding.

  50. Avatar areUaware says:

    Cyber attack?

    • Avatar Nick Technubyte says:

      Doubt it considering the great firewall of china!

      If it were that easy to break into china’s network, people would be able to see all the atrocities it has committed inside its borders!

  51. Avatar kalie_plays says:

    ” China testing energy demanding weapons that cause power outages “

  52. Avatar Bobcat The Kitty Kat says:

    The ancestors have heard the Chinese are abusing Africans

  53. Avatar Entao Lu says:

    *()……&(&……(……%%……*)*(——American virus/American flu
    Coronavirus originated in the United States. Two virus leaks occurred at the U.S. Virus Laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland, U.S. in 2019.On October 18, 2019, the 7th Military World Games was held in Wuhan china. American soldiers brought the coronavirus to Wuhan. the United States virus infected the world.Americans are trying to hide the truth


    China needs to stop polluting the oceans with plastic.

  55. Avatar Glenn Cheatham says:


  56. Avatar Jesus is unseen like gravity Unseen is not unreal says:

    Surely the King of kings is soon to return! Blessed is the Lord Jesus Christ! Blessed is the LORD my God! Believe in him and follow him. He is the only way to have eternal life!

  57. Avatar Just Juice says:

    This shows how much Al Jazeera English has sold out to special interest groups…
    It’s like they are reading a bogus script and calling it news

  58. Avatar Americanknow says:

    Wrong. China has enough caol, but power company is exceeding the CO2 emission allowed by the green policy. Chiense government enforce CO2 limit seriously., not like the western government where the business has priority. Some cities are doing rolling blackout that often happend in Silicon Valley here in Califronia becasue we have the shrtage of power during summar.

  59. Avatar bg24955 says:

    In 2019, China imported 77 million ton of coal from Australia. Let’s get the bug out the way. In 2020, China total production 3.9 billion ton, import 304 million ton. In terms of global coal consumption, China’s share raised from 29% in 2000 to whopping 56% in 2020. It is outrageous to say not enough coal.

  60. Avatar ashtweth says:

    2060, you idiot, there are already solar hydrogen batteries …get this uneducated THING off the planet. Im serious.

  61. Avatar Abdulai Bah says:

    Excellent job China. Here the CCP is doing a commendable job and the world should really be thankful.

  62. Avatar Frank Toledo says:

    So now the people don’t have electric. No heat no lights How long will this last sad life.

  63. Avatar Popi Papi says:

    More suffering 👏👏🐉🐉🐉most hated human being evil

  64. Avatar Soshi says:

    I think investing in greener energy (especially nuclear) is as important as China’s investment in semiconductors. You can’t innovate with frequent power outages.

  65. Avatar S R says:


  66. Avatar Chong Eik Tong says:

    Wean away from coal and fossil fuel.
    Wind solar hydro for the future.

    • Avatar rurutu M says:

      none of the current “green energy” is possible without a battery network. it will be decades before that is built

    • Avatar Davi M. Kim says:

      Wrong, BioFuel is the future.

  67. Avatar William Wong Kim Ping says:

    一堆傻嗨 in the comment section. 😂😂😂

  68. Avatar GTA V Decoders says:

    Chinese are void of empathy towards others even their own

  69. Avatar 环球中国人民解放军 Global Chinese Army says:

    Fake news
    we have no power cut
    People who are not stupid know that China always the best country, Rising above own score. No other nation can be matched. You must respect and obey the most glorious nation China or else there will be severe consequences. I am so proud to be a Chinese. We Chinese are the smartest, strongest and greatest race

  70. Avatar رياض حسين says:

    Please savE Palestine… iran good country

  71. Avatar Fung J says:

    The result of boycotting australia coal is like shooting at your feet, karma

  72. Avatar Garden City says:

    Well at least they have “Xi Ji Ping Thought.”

  73. Avatar Jason Hall says:

    Very good analysis of what’s behind China’s energy shortfalls. I’m sure the picture will become increasingly clear as we proceed through the winter months.

  74. Avatar S Hussein says:

    Supermarkets in UK are bare, there is poverty crisis there, energy bills rising.
    I wonder when this channel will cover that awful country?

  75. Avatar Man Kok Lau says:

    commie xithole with xithole’s ON9 thug characteristics like ancient tofu caves

  76. Avatar Skunk Lazy says:

    The 20th China Party Congress will be a must-watch!

  77. Avatar Jay Kingston says:

    A planned reduction of fuel production by 60% is underway due to peak oil running dry by 2050. The domino affect it’ll have on every key industry will be enormous.

    • Avatar IpSyCo says:

      That date gets moved back every decade as new reserves are discovered.

  78. Avatar Simple Jack says:

    This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will… My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit… My rifle is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will ever guard it against the ravages of weather and damage as I will ever guard my legs, my arms, my eyes and my heart against damage. I will keep my rifle clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will… Before God, I swear this creed. My rifle and myself are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life. So be it, until victory is America’s and there is no enemy, but peace!

  79. Avatar Nathan Levesque says:

    This is no surprise. They had already said they were cutting back on coal. Anyone savvy knew that meant they were going to run short domestically. CCP never tells the whole story, just the part they can spin.

  80. Avatar eg1200comm says:

    Ai Jazeera lost my respect by bending over to the CCP narrative and not doing journalism!

  81. Avatar ANTI COMMUNIST says:

    news paid by ccp

  82. Avatar Van Hoc Wong says:

    What a silly narrative – coal cost more so they produce less (lol). Goes to prove the guys did not even conduct research. This is the same BS they used last year when China was working its factories 24/7 to send out products to the world. Then they get a shock when the trade figures come out in January. lol

  83. Avatar Jagat Ram 1 says:

    CHINA COLLAPSING FROM WITHIN. ENERGY CRISIS-no electricity Evergrande- the Lehman of China. China companies PENALIZED by CCP-Alibaba, BMWYY, Didi…. BAD LOANS to countries everywhere. Companies MOVING OUT of China. China facing RESISTANCE from Philipine, Loas, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Balochistan, Zambia, Niger

  84. Avatar Sean Yee says:

    Reason due to clean environmental friendly by cutting out petrol cars thereby electric cars charging consuming too much energies.

  85. Avatar golong 1 says:

    And this folks is a superpower.

  86. Avatar S AS says:

    They deserve this
    Free hong kong, tibet, uyghur

  87. Avatar Andrew Nielsen says:

    This does not make sense. China would not go dark suddenly because of emissions targets. This is a total embarrassment for the country and this was clearly not something that was meant to occur. This seems to be clear incompetence with an attempt to cover over the incompetence with a story about “emissions targets”.

  88. Avatar 392sasuke says:

    Too many mouths to feed and too many to house, overpopulation has its ups and downs

  89. Avatar Frank Elliott says:

    The real truth is they stopped buying coal from Australia … and now they can’t power the many coal plants they have. Don’t let them spin this as a way to cut CO2 emissions, since they never would be doing so in the 1st place no matter what agreements where made. In addition with the higher price of coal which can not be passed back on its users, so they just shut the coal plants down. Key city’s will have power at the cost of 3rd tier city’s and rural ares taking on most of the blackouts. Another factor is most manufacturing of goods has been halted, to provide power to major cities, so GDP will likely crash for the next half year. Also winter is coming about (it’s very cold in China), going to see a lot of misery, due to no heat for households … since the use of coal or wood heating has been banned and ripped out of households for many years now. So China did this to themselves with the overall banning of all products from Australia.

  90. Avatar mo salah satu says:

    Nasty air pollution there.

  91. Avatar Orion Max says:

    Let the fun begin , blame your great CCP leader. He is responsible 👍🙀

  92. Avatar Arturo Bayangos says:

    You shouldn’t be talking about China’s problem. They know how to handle power crisis. Talk about Hunter Biden. Make sense?

  93. Avatar Rare Pulse says:

    They better hope their govt does not keep them on power restraints during winter.

  94. Avatar Dr Manhattan says:

    _Pakistani_ : China our iron brother is superpower!

    *Rest of the world : China has no power!*

  95. Avatar Arnold Norris says:

    Why don’t they have nuclear power plants? They have nukes…

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