Nigerian states arm locals against rise in attacks by armed groups

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At least 20 people have been killed in Nigeria’s Sokoto state when gunmen attacked a market.

Armed groups still disrupt life for millions in the country’s northwest, but Nigeria is also facing growing insecurity across regions.

The military and police are stretched dealing with Boko Haram in the northeast, so-called bandits in the northwest, and criminal gangs in the south.

And as Al Jazeera’s Ahmed Idris reports from Kaduna, Nigeria, state governors are arming local people to fight back.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Sam Adams says:

    What if the local were fed up with corruption 🤔😳😕8

  2. Avatar Malachi Ben Yisrael says:

    The Nigerian government has invested nothing in the north and have no plans to do so. Give them their caliphate and let them be.

  3. Avatar Noni james says:

    stupid govt, cant even give them better guns, let them get you all with that pako gun, you gone

  4. Avatar Check my Channel says:

    It is the police that needs to be effective. Too much corruption and politics ruins the institutions.

    • Avatar Abubakar Mukhtar Yakasai says:

      In addition, the current police to civilian ratio is too little to curtail the current menace in Nigeria. There is need for massive recruitment across the nations in addition to serious fight against corruption and decentralisation.

    • Avatar Seismic Vertigo says:

      @Abubakar Mukhtar Yakasai There is no problem with human power in Nigeria. There is a problem with Northern policy that turned down the suggestion of state police because they want to try to hog power over the country in the center. That is what brings us here. The fear of the Northerners over loss of power they want firmly for themselves, keeps things reasonlessly centralized, making simple things like simple municipal patrol police a fantasy. That is why terrorist groups can just stroll in and grab a community for ransom. It’s not because Nigerian people can’t change this, it’s because the Northern congress people and government officials always oppose it. The country is dying over stupid policy

  5. Avatar Talmac Group says:

    Buhari the president of Nigeria is the chief founder and sponsor of all the terrorist going on in Nigeria. He refused to declare them terrorist and he ordered the police and the military never to kill or arrest them. Any police or Army that disobey they order will be killed secretly. This is why the state government is using local vigilante to protect his state. Let the world understand the truth behind insecurity in Nigeria

  6. Avatar Kelvin Keter says:

    It’s all about that oil Babe

  7. Avatar Mary Apex says:

    Nigerian government is a terrorists regime

  8. Avatar Mohammed Abdul Khader says:

    Islam is good for Africa

  9. Avatar TonnyAce says:

    Abandon that religion and peace will be automatic, truth has a reputation of cutting with pains

    • Avatar Truth In your face says:

      Christianity that was designed to brainwash Africans
      Give the priests money every Sunday to get blessing
      Get out here man

    • Avatar TonnyAce says:

      @Truth In your face The true African mohammeds characters, comparing and contrasting to defend and trying to legitimize the mohammeds, you know how you’re made to pay but you won’t talk about it because it’s considered ‘holy’ there

    • Avatar Seismic Vertigo says:

      @Truth In your face Say what you want, but Christianity put a stop to the huge spread of Islam in Africa, without which all of Nigeria would be going through the same things as Northern Nigeria

  10. Avatar Eric Msemwa says:

    A ban on motorcycles mmmh

  11. Avatar Jitendra Yadav says:

    Northern Nigeria is dragging Nigeria into the pit…They claim to have inherited Nigeria from the Britain but doesn’t know or have the technical know how to move the country forward…The best option for the them is disintegration period!!!

  12. Avatar Qurat ul Ain Abbasi says:

    Poverty is reason of blood shed massacre… political science student I can say that ….Many will say democracy is only good system run country but I may differ because With lot of Arab monarch r leading country in good way similarly Chinese and Russain r also doing superb job ….even Egyptian dictator r doing good job for Egypt ….

  13. Avatar Rajarshi Sarkar says:

    If Locals need to be Armed with Weapons to save themselves. That means the Nation’s Security Establishment is bad that it cannot even protect it’s own Citizens.

  14. Avatar Ragnar Andersson says:

    africa’s problem is that there are too many people ..
    too little work ..

    and people don’t understand .because they don’t think.🤣🤣🤣👍

    • Avatar Abubakar Mukhtar Yakasai says:

      That is because people like have blinded their eyes and mind for time immemorial. If you have moral conscience, you should not even think of talking as such.

    • Avatar Seismic Vertigo says:

      Africa’s problem is that there are not self-defined sovereign states. This is why the leaders power trip, because they have been “given” constituents by the prior European establishments. Free ethnic states, free humans, and free labor. They preside policy over people they don’t care about. It’s like placing German supremacist leaders of Frenchmen in the 30s

  15. Avatar Lekholokoe Lekotsoana Moloi says:

    3D guns ? we have been having them.

  16. Avatar Ethanmeister says:

    Seen this before, most recently in Afghanistan…here’s hoping it turns out for the best here, as unlikely as it sounds.

    • Avatar Ethanmeister says:

      @IPTW BUNNA it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if that were true in some cases given the amount of corruption running rampant in the region. That sort of destabilization could be just what a dictator needs to prevent a coup. However it’s pretty much impossible to do anything about without solid proof and any international state actors which had a hand in installing those dictatorships, for sure, aren’t going to go out of their way to find that hard proof. As for Operation Safe Corridor, I think the idea of the initiative is good but the execution is almost counter productive at this stage. Ousting a jihadist insurgency has proved pretty much impossible without ravaging the region that it operates in and that can create more terrorist than it gets rid of but Operation Safe Corridor needs to be far more focused on who it wants to habilitate and far more effective in doing so.

  17. Avatar looped and lucky says:

    Not the best idea I’ve heard….

  18. Avatar Pm Nasar says:

    Bokaharaam this same isis not. muslim. this team labour team America and isreal.

  19. Avatar Simphiwe Mathibela says:

    TF??? 😳

  20. Avatar T MMM says:

    Pls UN separate us. We need referendum, Buhari is bandit boko haram and fulani herdsmen chairman, Buhari is a terrorist.

  21. Avatar David Goliath says:

    Why the finger on the trigger ? Keep them off unless you are shooting.

  22. Avatar T MMM says:

    Yoruba nation now, biafra nation now. Now now now

    • Avatar Seismic Vertigo says:

      Totally, we are nothing but a merger or British Interest de facto nations

  23. Avatar Nanaadwoa Sika says:

    I hope they will receive salary every month!!

  24. Avatar soccom8341576 says:

    Second Amendment

  25. Avatar Kingsley Jude says:

    The solution is referendum the North are seeking for Sharia or Islamic state while the South is 99 percent Christians, seeking for Biafra as it own Nation But Britain preferred Nigeria to be one because of free crude oil in the South.

  26. Avatar Orlando Selles says:

    Give them jobs, not guns! These military contingents think the population is going to solve their social problems.

  27. Avatar WildBill22360 says:

    It will happen in America as soon as the marxist in power take weapons away from law abiding citizens. They are working hard at spreading crime. That’s their solution.

  28. Avatar Dr Benjamin says:

    Give them 2 weeks, they will be using to guns to ROB banks… Nigerian police and DSS rob banks with the guns they are supposed to use in protecting civilians

  29. Avatar Lip Mouth says:

    Look at what our corrupt politicians put kaduna state into

  30. Avatar Lip Mouth says:

    Who’s fault for the bandit creation?

  31. Avatar Humble says:

    Is this not supposed to let the whole world know that the Nigeria government and it’s security forces are not just incompetent but foolish and useless. What do you expect from a country where 95% of the country police and military officers are ex criminals, kidnappers, and highway robbers who left their states and go to other states to join either the Nigeria Army or the Police force. It will never be well with Nigeria past and present leaders. The Hausa and Fulani in particular because they are the main cause of the insecurity in Nigeria

  32. Avatar Patrick Talbot says:

    Nigeria has too much money to be arming any kind of police force with homemade weapons. Buy these guys some real guns and maybe the crime and terrorism problem would lessen

    • Avatar жвганщ ابراهيم Y.R💀 says:

      It’s risky . Police and army are well equipped

    • Avatar Seismic Vertigo says:

      The problem is the North keeps working against the solutions. Like simple state police

  33. Avatar Andrew G says:

    The governor of Kaduna state (allegedly) is one of the sponsors of armed bandits and Boko Haram.

  34. Avatar AustralianLeprechaun says:

    Somalia tried something like this in the late 80s. It didn’t go well.

  35. Avatar Lost Jarhead says:

    Another failed african country !

  36. Avatar theoutlook55 says:

    Probably necessary, but we’ll see how this turns out.

  37. Avatar Me Myself says:

    Ahmed Idris, Al Jazeera Reporter – You forgot to mention that NORTHERN NIGERIA created this monster through its desires to have wholly Islamic society.

  38. Avatar Big Speed's says:

    Power will turn these people into enemies

  39. Avatar Vino rosso says:

    The Nigeria government arms the terrorists more than the vigilantes. It’s a deliberate attempt by the government to increase poverty in the country so that the people will be distracted by talking about insecurity instead of holding government accountable for mismanagement.

  40. Avatar Steven Williams says:

    Look for a better news in Nigeria and tell not this. The Government are the ones sponsoring the crimes in the country

  41. Avatar Josef Middleton says:

    Soon that same group will be a danger to the very people they pretend t protect!

  42. Avatar babu kuriakose says:

    Good job

  43. Avatar Mega Siliver Empire Tv says:

    Talk about the war crimes the Nigerian soldiers are committing in southern eastern states

  44. Avatar Mega Siliver Empire Tv says:

    You see the leave the bandit states attacking innocent people

  45. Avatar cesar brown says:

    Ever more reason for a united Africa. And a continental bureau of investigation. That countries like Nigeria can go to for help when faced with groups like this.

  46. Avatar Taju Olaniyi says:

    Very good but they deserve more armored vehicles.

  47. Avatar Wes be Playin' says:

    This is how America is if we was to be invaded. Everyone should be able to protect themselves and their family

  48. Avatar Emmanuel Olande says:

    This has been done before, in Afghanistan 🇦🇫, hope it works differently

  49. Avatar Obazee Osazee says:

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”

    • Avatar Addi Teacha says:

      ❤, people that have been put im slavery amd colonized should have this as a credo

  50. Avatar Miss Rioux says:

    Same as Papua New Guinea…..Al Jazeera is great for showing us documentarys regarding these countries, need western TV to show these.

  51. Avatar Martin Ita says:

    This armed vigilante system could make Northern Nigeria spiral uncontrollably into further chaos reminiscent of the current situation in Mexico.

    • Avatar ThunderBear says:

      Mexico is alot different than this you cant compare 2

    • Avatar Martin Ita says:

      The level of murder, kidnap and government security helplessness is similar.

    • Avatar Seismic Vertigo says:

      @Martin Ita There is no security helplessness. There is terrorist sympathizing. Nigeria is capable of cleaning up the mess, Boko Haram wandered into the Smaller country Chad and Chad wiped them out. When the soldiers in Chad were going to keep pursuing them into the Nigerian border, instead of elements from the Nigerian government to welcome them, they got orders to halt. Today, Chad has no Boko boys, but Nigeria is still “fighting terrorism” LOL

  52. Avatar Joe M says:

    But Nigeria government is fighting ESN in the southeast who are performing better in securing southeast against Fulani terrorists. It’s good for the north but good for the southeast.

  53. Avatar Ugochukwu Onyeriri says:

    Take a look at how Nigeria is being represented 😭

  54. Avatar Turi Flames says:

    Brigadier General right? Clearly we see the problem!

  55. Avatar Taiwo Olaniyi says:

    There’s serious deficit in the number of the armed forces, SSS officers are being used to hound the Govt’s enemies, while the police is deployed to guard the wives and girlfriends of the big men in Nigeria. It is everyone for himself, God for us all.

  56. Avatar Kimo Wahran says:

    It reminds me Algeria in the 90s ! We did the same thing n we won ! All our support goes to our people in Nigeria ! Never give up ✌️💪👍❤️

  57. Avatar kingsley unoga ozirigbo says:

    Biafra is the only solution for peace in Nigeria, Nigeria will continue with their calamity for committing genocide in the Biafra land

  58. Avatar almamy bokar Biro barry says:

    The notherners are suffering from the Boko Haram like fulanis hausas kanuri ect are suffering

    • Avatar Seismic Vertigo says:

      Elements from the North are also in support of Boko Haram so it is just one family issue,

  59. Avatar Lyon says:

    Nigerian government and all armed forces are corrupt, soldiers are killing innocent peoples buildings in owerri imo state. There’s a tribalistic slaughter going on currently

  60. Avatar Michael Otieno says:

    Using militia and vigilantes never ends well.

  61. Avatar oceej Ekwam says:

    What will stop the vigilantes from becoming criminals?

  62. Avatar Obi-Wan Skywalker says:

    Those citizens are dead. They may not be able to just kill someone. Those gang members? They are killers

  63. Avatar ALPHA Jalloh says:

    Not a smart move honestly, it only will lead to civil war. Nigeria is really unstable to hand gun to civilians

  64. Avatar Kaborooyaan Entertainment says:

    Arming locals is just another government failure.

  65. Avatar JC Oparr says:

    Actually the army are arming tje Boko haram terrorist in disguise.

  66. Avatar Star Esther says:

    Terrorist not. Bandits

  67. Avatar Jerrod Jerry says:

    That is for north the southern group will not turn against the state

  68. Avatar Life on Leo says:

    Nigeria is a failed state waiting to explode, my God what has happened to my country

  69. Avatar Addi Teacha says:

    The United states has so many security agencies, from national guards, to police and the constitutional right for citizens to be arm and be ready to defend their lives.

  70. Avatar Sulaak says:

    The solution to the problem is to create armed state police, but the Nigerian government is worried that the state police would be turned against the Federal especially by the Southern state that fed up with the state of Nigeria.

  71. Avatar Sibusiso Nhlapo says:

    Those guns look like they might seize up anytime

    • Avatar harry jones says:

      Fire 2 bullets out ànd you’ll have to grease the arm all again😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  72. Avatar white flame says:

    They are terrorists not criminal gangs the media you people always for no stupid reason are you scared of the Nigerian government?

  73. Avatar Desmond Utubor says:


  74. Avatar Kelly says:

    Biafra is the solutions.

  75. Avatar Sphinx Ag says:

    They are not criminal gangs, they are terrorist and jihadist

  76. Avatar Martin Gathimbi says:

    Nigeria is a failed state!!

  77. Avatar IPTW BUNNA says:

    The terrorist are government sponsored, we have been warning the international community but no one seems to care. They are rehabilitating terrorist and incorporating them in the security architecture of the country. Aka OPERATION SAFE CORRIDOR. Nigeria is now the 3rd most terrorized country in the world. The media organizations and the military are being used to suppress agitation against Islamization of Nigeria.
    Hundreds of Christians are being massacred daily in nigeria now. It has become a norm!!

  78. Avatar harry jones says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 seeing rust and dusty guns just thinking it’s jamming every 2 rounds fired

  79. Avatar harry jones says:

    Handling guns to civilians 😳😳😳💁🏻‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂 and now it’s civilian harassing civilians all over again by forming their own gang. Wise decision

  80. Avatar Okoh Anthony says:

    Despite the risks and the inability or sincerity of the Federal Gov. to protect people and the politicising of security, our alternatives are to train and depend on the local vigilantes. They can become our state police later. One step at a time. Let’s get rid of the Terrorist s and Bandits first.

  81. Avatar T shankura says:

    Headline is misleading. These are local vigilante groups formed my local communities to protect their communities..Has nothing to do with the states!

  82. Avatar KIM says:

    Nigeria is a case study of how not to run a country

  83. Avatar J David says:

    Terrorists are kidnapping people and not armed groups.

  84. Avatar Eric Green says:

    Did the guy say the government would create causes to hender community development that would have to dealt with by violence?

  85. Avatar sulesh zulesh says:

    All 4 show.the ones arming us are the FG SG… What breaks my heart most are the innocent people arrested everyday for crimes they know nothing of…my people are not safe

  86. Avatar stanley ossy says:

    Nigeria government is just a movie they are forming vigilant in the north to protect citizens where is the army and other securities, but they send there army to the southeast to kill innocent citizens the army that suppose to protect are killing the young youth in the east, who are they fooling. When they suppose to send their army to the north where boko haram and bandit is killing people there and kidnapping everyday. Make your investigation right you as a journalist 👏

  87. Avatar God Soldier says:

    They are not well equipped wtf is this? If you want good security build ur economy and create job stop being corrupt

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