Taliban: Some abandoned US military hardware may be salvageable

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Al Jazeera has obtained exclusive access to vast amounts of military hardware left behind by United States and coalition forces in Afghanistan.
Much of it was destroyed, but the Taliban believes some can be salvaged as it looks to build an air force.
Al Jazeera’s Osama bin Javaid has more from Kabul’s military airfield.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Richard Randall says:

    If they ask nicely, Joey would probably send them parts and manuals as humanitarian aid…

    • Avatar Fadeout Fahim says:

      as we all know, Joey is the descendant of the 😇

  2. Avatar Okoth Keith says:

    A dream in futility

  3. Avatar Danh Nguyen says:

    The gifts funding for terrorism from obiden and democrats to create a new problem, nothing surprised.

  4. Avatar Uzair Khan says:

    Afghan are neadid help of the life thing but what they will do this vipen they are not eighting thim

  5. Avatar Anime watch says:

    Wait till the Russian and Chinese Engineers come,…

  6. Avatar Mr Yusuf says:

    Isis will forever be famous like it or not

  7. Avatar Izzy says:

    It will become obsolete like the iphone 10 🤣

  8. Avatar Marcos Jesus says:

    Até quando?
    Até quando tanta dor, tanto sofrimento, tanta miséria, tanta guerra e tanta fome?

    O Talibã deve deixar de pensar em si mesmo e olhar para o Afeganistao.

    O povo Afegão está passando fome.
    As mulheres abandonadas pelos maridos. Mulheres proibidas de trabalharem pedem esmolas.
    As pessoas só pensam em comer. As crianças morrendo de fome.
    A miséria toma conta do Afeganistão.
    Os Estados Unidos contribuiu e ajudou a melhorar um pouco a qualidade de vida e a dignidade do povo Afegão. E isso é fato! O mundo viu isso.
    Só o Talibã não vê?

    O Talibã só oferece segurança

    Agora, que o Talibã está no poder o povo Afegão terá futuro? Terá direitos humanos garantidos?
    Só quem está sofrendo sabe que o futuro é incerto.

    É dever do Talibã dar dignidade ao povo Afegão. O Talibã não tem o direito de oprimir as mulheres. As mulheres devem estudar e ter os mesmos direitos acadêmicos que os homens.
    O Talibã não tem o direito de deixar o povo Afegão morrer de fome.
    O Talibã não tem o direito de deixar as crianças morrerem de fome.
    O Talibã só tem armas a oferecer ao povo? O povo Afegão não se alimenta de armas.
    O Talibã só tem armas?
    A arma do Afegão é o estudo e a dignidade.
    O Talibã só tem armas?
    As mulheres tem direitos acadêmicos igual ao homem.
    Mulher é gente como a gente.
    É, ou não é?
    O Talibã só tem armas?

    Até quando a comunidade internacional vai deixar esses crimes acontecerem?
    Cadê a ONU?
    O Talibã quer o povo analfabeto e despolitizado?
    O Talibã só tem armas?
    Armas na mão do Talibã só serve pra coagir, violentar, colocar medo nas pessoas?
    O Talibã quer o poder só pra mandar no povo? Quer o poder pra oprimir? Quer o poder pra matar? Quer o poder pra punir? Quer o poder pra empobrecer o povo?
    Talibã só tem armas?
    Deus não gosta destas coisas.
    O que falta no Afeganistão é nobreza.
    Qual caminho o Talibã está conduzindo o afeganistão?
    O Talibã só tem armas?

  9. Avatar Kusuma Wijaya says:

    This is logical why give free airpline for enemy

  10. Avatar I'm a Virgin says:

    Garbage is garbage
    Grow up idiots

  11. Avatar Zul Azlan says:

    Taliban “turban hawk” helicopter, both front and back rotors blades driven by taliban soldiers cycling within the copter

  12. Avatar Perpetual Grin says:

    Imagine if Afghanistan had a coastline, Das Boot with Taliban sailors.

    • Avatar Kevin Yang says:

      Would be a slightly glorified Somalia

    • Avatar Perpetual Grin says:

      @Kevin Yang I have travelled a lot, the only country that scares me is Somalia.

  13. Avatar Brandy Mooney says:

    The started with the Taliban not a single aircraft, and ended with them having an airforce

    • Avatar Kashiff Khan says:

      They did have an air force in the 90s but most were scrapped after the afghan invasion.

  14. Avatar axel mannni says:

    the american technology will only last few moths without maintenance seriously even afghan govt has trouble maintaing this but russia equipment’s still works

  15. Avatar Daxk edgx says:

    What taliban should do is sell all this equipment in black market or to nations who operate these machines.

  16. Avatar javaguru says:

    There’s a poor dude on youtube that melts some scrap metals and puts them in casts. He makes all sorts of Toyota parts. I think he’s from Pakistan. They should recruit him.

    • Avatar Wladyslaw Turowicz. says:

      they will and they have many already from pakistan

  17. Avatar Brian Connors of Knocknasheega says:

    But it also many not be salvageable.

  18. Avatar Simple Filemaker says:

    Tabliabns pay with bullets in mouth

  19. Avatar American Liberator says:

    Thanks to the Democrats.
    It’s salvageable for CCP to buy from the Terrorist Taliban.
    Good job Beijing Biden.
    “Remember Afghanistan”

  20. Avatar М, О, says:

    Pakistani pilots already there..
    F. terrorists- taliban 😀

  21. Avatar Jesantoni Hevileon says:

    Chinese aftermarket parts could filled up that gap. Then a new breed of aircraft would be born : The Turbanhelos .🤣😂

  22. Avatar Dario Mendoza says:

    Like the most famous SAYING in. PHYSICS There’s no absolute in knowledge anybody that wants it badly can do it Case in point usa said CHINA couldn’t do it look at NOW!!!

  23. Avatar Dario Lessi says:

    Distruggere tutti i velivoli,👎👎👎👎

  24. Avatar D says:

    Taleban are Fake Faciest Racist International Criminal Bandit Mafia Group

  25. Avatar pekkerwrekker says:

    As long as they teach them to land

  26. Avatar Ghost shooter says:

    Now taliban has helicopters more than my country

  27. Avatar saddarth hari says:

    WION show the world about the evil genocide going on in Nigeria supported by Borris Johnson more than 100 innocent children and women are been killing everyday in Nigeria by the terrorist please madam save life innocent children and women are killing everyday in Nigeria

  28. Avatar phat x says:


  29. Avatar truman dibaratun says:

    US # 1 terrorist

  30. Avatar Ardi Atha says:

    Allah is Ar-Razzaaq (the Sustainer, the Provider)

  31. Avatar gagan singh says:

    first think of your economy.

  32. Avatar x0xAqueousx0x says:

    They can’t provide food, water, fuel, and power to their country but you want me to believe they can repair, fuel, operate, and maintain these behemoths? Yeah no. That’s a long shot to say the least.

  33. Avatar thomas n thomas says:

    First provide education to kids than going after military equipment…This community only knows how to impart hatred than education…

  34. Avatar Hendra Hadi says:


  35. Avatar Md. Selim says:

    Go ahead Taliban.

  36. Avatar WesThean House says:

    N now they wanna help Taiwan… Hmmm

  37. Avatar Yusuf Yus says:

    I want to be Taliban army

  38. Avatar We the stupid people says:

    Yup waste money built and left the bad guy good stuff without paying

  39. Avatar Dan Johnston says:

    I assume some of the aviation experts are Chinese ( 1.06 ?) ?
    as former government needed American help to keep their air force up

  40. Avatar lam 5 says:

    The Taliban don’t value education. Good luck if you can figure that out.

  41. Avatar Stealth Defender says:

    Lol Knowledge is power great job thats how they defeated Terrorist devil western world

  42. Avatar Vimal Ajay Prabhu says:

    Time to bomb them again?

  43. Avatar Matthew Stewart says:

    Dictators, drugs,Money, Religion and weapons Has never has ended well for the people. I just double checked history.This scenario has been tried more than 30 times in the last 400 years it Doesn’t end well .😶🤢🥶

  44. Avatar Blockwart says:

    Maybe northkorea Like to buy some “demolited” stuff

  45. Avatar Storm Vatican says:

    Dec/25 Storm Vatican Festival

  46. Avatar Nicklaus Sam says:

    2 predictions for Christmas 🎅. Bitcoin Will be $100k🇺🇸 and Joe Biden will no longer be President. So because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money.

    • Avatar Tony Grill says:

      If I had not experienced this myself I would have said this is all lies but I’ve made withdrawals few days ago and that’s one thing I find difficult and impossible with other brokers but Mr David muller makes it possible…. It was like magic when I I received my funds

    • Avatar Bennett Clip says:

      @Kelvin Mill Really y’all know him?, I even thought I’m the only one he has helped walk through the fears and falls of trading

    • Avatar Caroline Donovan says:

      Seeing alot of success stories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him.

    • Avatar Stefan Enzo says:

      When I saw testimonies all over the place I thought it was all made up stories till I was convinced and gave it a try and honestly I don’t regret the move I made because I invested in a big way

  47. Avatar Sani Salisu says:

    The Americans must be Regretting starting the Afghan war in the first place

  48. Avatar Johnathan Doe says:

    Let’s go Brandon !!

  49. Avatar Greg Sam says:

    Have they sent a thank-you card to Biden for all the weapons and aircrafts that they got plus the hundreds of Humvees and military equipment night goggles body armor and they want to send the Taliban and extra 10 million dollars what is that a reward for killing American servicemen

  50. Avatar ali akın says:

    This is an huge example how the USA taxpayers money are wasted. I wonder how they feel about that.

    • Avatar The Gorgon41 and CAMK098YT says:

      For poor countries 2 trillion is alot of money. For the USA, Its a drop in the bucket.

  51. Avatar nasreen dar says:

    Takbeer Allah hu Akbar

  52. Avatar Aakash Malla says:

    Gift from joe biden😂😂

  53. Avatar A_fruityMachete says:

    Now they want to create their own Air Force great.

  54. Avatar Marinho Paais says:

    They will surely get help from Pakistan. A so called US ally.

  55. Avatar ahmad ali says:

    Taliban will modify and will use them.

  56. Avatar ahmad ali says:

    Congratulation Taliban

  57. Avatar 橋本帆乃香 says:

    We build a wall and Mexico will pay for it
    years later Mexican stealing the wall to upgrate their houses from US Costs
    We will invade in Aghanistan to make a lot of money
    Years later Afghnistan has new Air Force sponsored by the USA.

    Hey USA involve me into your next plans !

  58. Avatar 橋本帆乃香 says:

    The USA killung us with their Air Force what should we do ??
    We play dead, they will leave, we get their Air Force right in time, the war is won and we got a new army.

  59. Avatar MAVas says:

    They will make very nice hen houses.

  60. Avatar Shadow. God says:

    Helicopters are just food to a real air force.

  61. Avatar fitofight says:

    Seek chinas help. It will reverse engineer all these aircraft.

  62. Avatar Joe Dias says:

    Send in edd China he will fix them

  63. Avatar Superlative CG says:

    It’s been a long time coming.

  64. Avatar Space Bar says:

    Lol yeah they live in these hangers now they sold toolbox’s an everything to keep this trucks to

  65. Avatar Callisto Visuals says:

    Very rare reporting via bicycle – Al Jazeera for the win again.

  66. Avatar think says:

    I think he is full of terrorists Taliban drugs

  67. Avatar ervross1 says:

    Biden will make us fall because of this madness

  68. Avatar shamim akhtar says:

    Jis tareh se Musa a. S ko Allah ne firon k ghar me rakh k bada Kiya usi tareh se Allah ne taliban ko America k sath rakh k bada Kiya h ab aane wale time me Allah is qaum se Kiya kaam leta h pta nhi

  69. Avatar n2201 says:

    Indians? Wrong reporting!

  70. Avatar Peaceful Warrior says:

    Terrorists supporting countries like Pakistan helping them
    *One day they will have nukes.* Pakistan will give them.Just like North Korea, Iran they sell there Nuke technology to them.

  71. Avatar Hasan Shah says:

    This means that afghanistan had himself no such thing like army and airforce, they were all foreign puppets

  72. Avatar Kalimullah Rauf says:

    but make sure to have a toff dani in every chopper laughing

  73. Avatar Ak says:

    Taliban is not terrorist they are army of Islam

  74. Avatar Stone flb Stone crew flb says:

    Stone Flb 🏴🗽💪🏽 2021

  75. Avatar KABULY says:

    Aljazera is one of terrorist supporters

  76. Avatar jc kalden says:

    The Taliban, perhaps an interesting subject of study.

    Quran 109:6
    “To you be your religion, and to me my religion.”

    Has the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan brought the country to such a dire straits?

    Perhaps, to each their own interpretations, just like what happens to selfdom.


  77. Avatar NE One says:

    They r expert in Scrapes

  78. Avatar 25 million American Indians genocide says:

    US equimped Taliban.

  79. Avatar ismail buang says:

    US will inadvertently help them in order to wade off Russia or China.
    Better be friend than enemy

  80. Avatar Alan abraham thomas says:


  81. Avatar khaas NS says:

    Masha Allah!

  82. Avatar Chocolat-kun says:

    Wonder where they came from? Oh lets look at their western neighbor.

  83. Avatar Viyath Araliya says:

    hats off to us for equipping taliban with most advanced military machines

  84. Avatar Black fox says:


  85. Avatar Surya Gopisetty says:

    Most of it will end up in china..

  86. Avatar Lachausis says:

    Lmao, talks about American equipment while standing in front of a hind attack helicopter.

  87. Avatar Fahim Alamin says:

    Good luck

  88. Avatar Lachausis says:

    Nobody is going to sell you any parts, you f’ing terr0rsts.

  89. Avatar hussain akhtar hussain akhtar says:

    now what is drama

  90. Avatar Krusty Clown says:

    If they can’t salvage it, they can always sell them to China and Russia to look at them and see what they want to learn about US military equipment.

  91. Avatar Phillip Leech says:

    “Aviation Experts” meaning Chinese Liberation Army. We seem to have a knack for leaving destroyed helicopters in our wake.

  92. Avatar ꧁ {•_•} ꧂ says:

    Good luck fixing the disabled electronics with the wrench

  93. Avatar Christine Simpson says:

    Wow great News Holy blessing to all

  94. Avatar SINJH GUDDU says:

    America, America, America, bureaucratic America! Why do you waste taxpayers money in such an infantile manner?

  95. Avatar A E says:

    Taliban says ur has “recruited” some people to salvage the airplanes.
    Translation: Pakistani government is sending Chinese-trained Pakistani engineers to fix the places for Taliban and also hand over the technology to China

  96. Avatar Takiya Azrin says:

    Silly people support Taliban
    1. Banning boxing
    2. Banning music
    3. Banning drawings
    4. Banning photography
    5. Banning movies
    6. Banning women high-heeled shoes that produce a sound
    7. Banning women wearing perfume
    8. Banning women showing their hair
    9. Banning women going out
    10. Banning women to breathe during stoning

  97. Avatar Andrew Graham says:

    It was only a matter of time before they figured out how to use the equipment. How stupid is the Puppet in Chief for leaving all that equipment behind? Come on man, we wel all it’s Joey’s fault.

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