Chile declares state of emergency over Mapuche conflict

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Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera has imposed a state of emergency over the Mapuche conflict.
The Mapuche, Chile’s largest Indigenous group, have been involved in five centuries of struggle for their ancestral land.
Mapuche demands have been mainly met with silence, leading some armed groups to attack trucks and farmland in the last 10 years.
With the Chilean president under pressure from right-wing factions in his party, troops are being sent to two southern regions hit by the violence.

Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman reports from Santiago, Chile.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Hemi Taka says:

    Indigenous people around the world have their rights, however Victory lies in the path of righteousness, righteousness is following the will of our Creator, if they submit themselves to God alone then anything is possible

  2. Avatar Ibn e Badr says:

    well late tho but atleast these people started anti colonism against the colonizers who stole their lands and money

  3. Avatar Me Myself says:

    Never steal lands and other resources from indigenous people, it will backfire eventually and cost you more than you took.

  4. Avatar daniel f says:

    Jajajaja estos encapuchados jajajja

  5. Avatar Penumbra says:

    People around the world supporting the beginning of a new guerrilla in my country? Well thanks a lot guys, thanks for wishing us destabilization

    • Avatar Non-Agglutinative Krenak says:

      Brother the problem is Piñata and what his people have done to make the country work for them and not for the people

    • Avatar Penumbra says:

      @Non-Agglutinative Krenak yes it’s true, but we can not allow a guerrilla in Chile, and we can not allow the militarization of the zone either. We should seek for consensus, something that no government appears to seek, always hidding the problem under the carpet.

  6. Avatar Mikel says:

    Chile’s Right-Wing President Piñera declared war on Chileans during the social unrest against his disastrous administration. (Unknown to him at the time, a video was recorded at the Military Officer’s Academy in 2019, which now serves as proof.)
    He has now declared war against the Mapuche First Nation (in other words the original Chileans, the originals owners of the land).
    Piñera’s Chile is like the Titanic; ill-fated.
    We’ve been cursed with Piñera at the helm.

  7. Avatar psych says:

    They put a people through the same treatment that Nazi’s gave to Eastern Europe for 500 years and are surprised when they shoot back? Either they return the Mapuche their rightful land or they get more violence. The solution is extremely simple, but colonizers don’t know the meaning of giving.

  8. Avatar Andres Mattos says:


  9. Avatar Oliver Perkinso says:

    MARRICHIWEW! While I don’t agree with killing, our struggle has gone on long enough.

  10. Avatar Oliver Perkinso says:

    Cruz Oro sangre

  11. Avatar ShizNick says:

    A story as old as time it seems…

  12. Avatar linkzable says:

    *I expect the CIA to be involved in this conflict*

  13. Avatar Mikael Tordelöv says:

    Illegal Vigilantes is what they are and only proper solution is to use military force to restore law and order to Chile.

    • Avatar Non-Agglutinative Krenak says:

      Yes that’s what their actions were back the government has done next to nothing for decades and with the whole pandemic they further cut the resources allocated to deal with illegal actions in the region. This is a result of non city kids being feed up and acting to push back against their complaints the same complaints of their fathers grandfathers and great grandfathers being unaddressed and continuing to be pushed on to something that can’t be dealt with now but will be in the future.

    • Avatar Mikael Tordelöv says:

      @Non-Agglutinative Krenak What Chile Goverment can do is to contact French Foreign Legion or American Black Briar mercenaries If Chile army needs support to take out or defeat these rebel vigilantes.

  14. Avatar Fraternity Guard says:

    TALIBAN victory is an inspiration to many

    • Avatar Nova Leptis says:

      Yeah’ retreating to caves for 20 years, and reappearing when the occupier’s leave. The Taliban are not freedom fighters ,more like oppressors, but I guess in the warped world of the Islamist, sharia is freedom.

    • Avatar Fraternity Guard says:

      @Nova Leptis lol vomit more western media narrative. While talibs controlled 50% of land openly after 2015 . When obama increased military presence😂

    • Avatar Nova Leptis says:

      @Fraternity Guard,lol, islamist apologist are practically waist deep in the same oral diarrhea, . well’ there are no excuses now.

  15. Avatar Alex Ahleen says:

    Terrirosts have no religion . Killing unarmed innocent people are cowardness .We shouldn’t relate religion with terririsom

  16. Avatar Fils de Jean Noir says:

    1:55 OBVIOUSLY. But seems to be a rare commodity these days, dialogue.

  17. Avatar Songhay united says:

    Respect to them.

  18. Avatar Mohamed says:

    I fully support them. sooner or later the oppressed will defend themselves and take back what is rightly theirs.

  19. Avatar Lash LaRue says:

    Well, I guess Chile might look a lot like Zimbabwe in the future.

    • Avatar Sebastien Zarate says:

      @Lash LaRue We are living in sensitive times, where the left owns all forms of media. Most people sadly fall for there divide and conquer propaganda.

    • Avatar Lash LaRue says:

      @Sebastien Zarate You know, when I was younger, I believed in all the left-wing messaging in the media. I still believe in some parts of it. But now I’m convinced that lots of it is actually just tribal, vindictive, fundamentally racist, and so naïve in its policy prescriptions as to be patently dangerous! The solution (i.e. wealth redistribution based on sociological factors such as “class” or “race”) is always much worse than the actual “problem”!

    • Avatar Ernest Khalimov says:

      @Lash LaRue Evo is back in Bolivia.
      Huge crowd.welcomed him home.

    • Avatar Ernest Khalimov says:

      @Sebastien Zarate yet still modern and more developed.despite their flaws.
      Chile.has a long way to go.

    • Avatar Sebastien Zarate says:

      @Ernest Khalimov Hahaha whatever you say fool.

  20. Avatar b vs d says:

    Get tf outta american lands stupid colonialists!!

  21. Avatar Boqor radio says:

    Never give, freedom doesn’t come up easily because it’s so sweet that whoever have can’t give it without a fight. Get back your land

  22. Avatar Lucas Benjamin Blasco Gustafson says:

    As a Argentinian, i must say that those aren’t real natives, those are terrorist who kill people and even want 1/3 part of Argentinian territory when their “ancestor” have never been there, they even tried to conquer it against the real argentinian natives (Tehuelches). The colonization wasn’t a nice process, but killing is not a way of getting “their” territory back, even more when they aren’t the real natives.
    English is my second language so sorry for any mistake 🙂

    • Avatar Non-Agglutinative Krenak says:

      Can you be a bit more descriptive about your knowledge of the movement?
      Like what’s the claimed motivation? Were does the financing come from? What have been the majority of targets to date?

    • Avatar Yurichtube says:

      @Non-Agglutinative Krenak I am not from Chile, but I suspect their fundings come from the drug trade. Powerful forces move behind the scenes.

  23. Avatar Rise of the Valkyries says:

    Don’t negotiate with terrorists.

  24. Avatar Gian Claro says:

    Con el terrorista y delincuente no se dialoga, se lo llena de agujeros.

  25. Avatar Trail of Tears says:

    Chile is a long country, they stay out of your conflicts so stay out of theirs.

  26. Avatar Orlando Selles says:

    What’s wrong with these governments? Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you.

  27. Avatar Squisofrenico Sin nombre says:

    Chile campeón 🗿🤙🇨🇱

  28. Avatar matthew john says:

    Indigenous people around the world need to understand the world has changed and they need to adapt. Their culture can be preserved, but not at the expense of the modern state which is apart of an international system.

    • Avatar Frankie Seward says:

      Indeed. The Natives in America tried to preserve their culture, but theur failure to modernize nearly wiped them out. It’s one thing to try to defend your ideals but you need to adapt to succeed. The Chinese in the 19th century learned that the hard way.

  29. Avatar Nathan Levesque says:

    What other choice do they have? How many more centuries without force does it take for indigenous people to get justice?

    • Avatar gearzone2611 says:

      It probably a communist rebel groups calling for ancestral land. Alot of tribal groups are brainwashed and being used by the communist rebel groups to go against government by using them to call for justice.

    • Avatar Nathan Levesque says:

      @gearzone2611 I don’t believe that is common whatsoever. Indigenous peoples being oppressed is common. Rebellion was common well before communism was even an idea.

  30. Avatar Graham Drew says:

    Sad that the government has been so culpable in the theft of land without recompense. Power to the people! The rape of the land must end at some point perhaps now?

  31. Avatar Faris BinEyzer says:

    Never back down,Bravo.

  32. Avatar Raul Lara says:

    And the media still tries to gaslight them saying they are forcing away forest companies and taking their own land back😂 nice try

  33. Avatar Francis adventure says:

    Viva la vida y la naturaleza fuera las empresas devastadoras forestales que roban agua.

  34. Avatar DESIGN IS MY LIFE says:

    We have never see this in chile this are terrorist supported by narcotrafic and Venezuelan movements. Pinochet give the land back to the mapuches and they sold the land and machinery that was given to them and now they want this back so you should investigate more and them make comments. The mapuches always want everything for free and it doesn’t work that way you have to work for the money.

  35. Avatar Truth In your face says:

    Send the European back
    Take your land back

  36. Avatar burgerpatty says:

    The indigenous people have rights to their motherland.

    • Avatar Jose Fernandez says:


    • Avatar Gol D. Roger says:

      @Jose Fernandez you fool, why it is not mention by your President?

    • Avatar HunterBidensCrackPipe says:

      @Gol D. Roger You have a very warped view on free markets. I suggest you read Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell and get educated.

    • Avatar Gol D. Roger says:

      @HunterBidensCrackPipe do you really know the flaws of free market economy? You are the one who need to learn more.

    • Avatar Hokuto says:

      Yes! here I have the indigenous right, hanging between my legs. The indigenous people have to recognize the sovereignty of the states already established in South America. Get into your business, gringo!

  37. Avatar Afghan power says:

    Aljiziara is against humanity

  38. Avatar Juan Cenobio says:

    Finally some natives with balls

  39. Avatar iamsoymilk says:

    Viva la gente! ✨

  40. Avatar Ezequiel Torre says:

    Bueno la CIA creo un nuevo monstruo un nuevo estado islamico y allana el camino a otra intervención y a un nuevo derramamiento de sangre

  41. Avatar Karl Ashdown says:

    Not a fan of violence however the snakes in charge talk about dialogue when indigenous groups have been asking for exactly that for years without success all that time forestry & mining companies strip the land & what can’t be farmed mined or sold is made into nature sanctuaries, And what about the inhuman nature that native peoples have had to endure at the hands of settlers/farmers on what little land they are tacitly given to live on? something had to give & it has & nothing beyond either helping native cultures or their descendants to gain back their heritage in land will suffice.

  42. Avatar gearzone2611 says:

    Just give their ancestral land back. Before Chile, they already living and working in the land. But then again, I have no idea if they are legit or members of the communist rebel groups. Who knows, only the citizens and the government can be very certain. But if they’re wearing masks. It doesn’t sounds they are really members of the indigenous groups. Tribal groups never weak masks to be calling for justice on their ancestral lands. Never!

  43. Avatar Arizona Journal says:

    This is not their land to begin with, their ancestors Invaded from China they are Mongols and Siberian. This was the Black Inca land and the Olmecs. Their time is up, only for so long can you get away with theft before it happens to you.

  44. Avatar enrique ojito says:

    Long time ago not seen Lucía Newman. She was working for the news outlet CNN in Cuba.

  45. Avatar African last born says:

    I know this will happens that’s the only way to control Europeans invasion.

  46. Avatar Francesco C says:

    Europeans pretending to be south American lol how funny and sad..

    • Avatar Francesco C says:

      @Sebastien Zarate “most politicians come from wealthy families with no mapuche ancestry” literally proved my point lmao you are not the smartest man..

    • Avatar Sebastien Zarate says:

      @Francesco C I read your comment again, guess I miss read what you wrote, I thought you where putting everyone in the same bag, I apologize for my miss underatanding, I’m not but hurt, but I was frustrated thinking you where judging the entire country due to our politicians appearance. Oh by the way, most Hispanics and latin americans have european ancestry, including myself (Spanish ancestry) by saying ” European descendant that why you got so butthurt huh” is dumb given that by that logic you disqualify most of latin america.

    • Avatar Francesco C says:

      @Sebastien Zarate lol no worries bro and i apologize if i came off arrogant or rude. I have much respect for people of all religion, ethnicity, and culture. I just hate seeing native tribes and peoples being destroyed by the rich elite.

    • Avatar Sebastien Zarate says:

      @Francesco C Its all good 👍

    • Avatar Noah Pritchett says:

      south Americans are literally called mutts/mix race/intermix. They are literally majority “mestizo” which literally means “mix race” or “mutt”
      They are half Native American. And their features show it.

  47. Avatar Tony Soprano says:

    Fight for your land ❗

  48. Avatar Roberto ojeda says:

    This are not indigenous people, this are narco/terrorist heavily armed. they have burned alive innocent people, shoot and killed farmers in their properties, shoot women and children, burning live stock, trucks, cars, houses, schools, churches and forests. They have taken land form farmers with extreme violence.
    About time the government protects innocent hard working people.

  49. Avatar Philip Gomez says:

    Every 12th October, the day Colón landed in America, the South American governments, think Mexico, use the anniversary to subtlety suggest it all to do with the Spanish. La conquista of 500 years ago. RESISTENCIA INDÍGENA, they call it. Pictures of Colón, Spanish galleons…etc… are displayed to insinuate the resistance against the Spanish and Europeans.

    But the Spanish and Europeans left. How can they be to blame now? The resistance can only be against the descendents de the Europeans and Spanish, the present South Americans. They had been the oppressor ever since. La hipocresía es infinite. These indígenas seem to be one more case of that hipocresy.

  50. Avatar joselito clarita says:

    Mapuchis native has the right to take their owned land which were land grabbed by the devils imperialist/dictator chile government conniving to the imperialist/dictator US/Europe who steal their natural resources.

  51. Avatar Redwolf says:

    Go mapuches !

  52. Avatar supremerider86 says:


  53. Avatar Hernan Velasquez says:

    Oh Sh#*, here we go again…

  54. Avatar su bo says:

    they should have their land back, but those who killed the farmer should be held accountable.

  55. Avatar Datu Unos says:

    This is like what happened to us Bangsamoro in Mindanao and Palawan during the 1900s, US occupation government have send many Christian farmers settlers have given a free land and pushed away the native Muslim inhabitants until this day we will suffer from its effect.

    • Avatar Yurichtube says:

      Islam belongs in arabia

    • Avatar DaGood Life says:

      @Yurichtube Christianity belongs in Kentucky

    • Avatar Ohlourdes Padua says:

      Wasn’t that the initiative of the Quirino government which was accelerated by the Magsaysay government that followed. The slogan “Mindanao: the land of promise” was a government PR stunt. The Americans didn’t encourage Christian settlement in Mindanao, they were already there since the Spanish times, and Mindanao was separately governed under the Department of Moro from 1913-1946…

    • Avatar Yurichtube says:

      @DaGood Life don’t care where christianity belongs

    • Avatar Politics 101 says:

      if u looking for someone to blame is marcos how bring alot of people their in mindanao, u forgot the ilocano how they settle their, and u forgot the ilocano is the one how owns a big chunk of land thier specially the farm land , that the work of marcos 😂😂😂😂😂

  56. Avatar Jacques Lee says:

    The history of South America is similar to the history of the US, where government and society are openly genociding and repressing indigenous presence and history, supplanting it with a narrative that South America was empty and that whites are naturally natives of this continent. Today, the Mapuche in Chile and Argentina are marginalized, living in apartheid and to the same brutal policies that Israel imposes on the Palestinian people. The UN never mentions the indigenous of South America, an ongoing genocide and the Crimes Against Humanity that Chile, Argentina, and Brazil have committed.

    • Avatar Philip Gomez says:

      … well said. And every 12th October is used to remind of the Spanish conquista pretending that the present South Americans has nothing to do with it. Banners appears with RESISTENCIA INDÍGENA. Resistencia against who? It can’t be the Spanish. They talk about the Spanish invasion, and they see themselves as being invaded. The president of Mexico and the Mexicans are good as this hypocrisy. And the Chileans, Peruvians… It’s really nauseating.

  57. Avatar Jacques Lee says:

    All nations of South America have committed Crimes Against Humanity. South America is controlled by White Supremacists, US, and Israel. It is an ongoing genocide that the UN never mentions, an institution created to serve white supremacy and Zionism.

  58. Avatar saint soldier says:

    Recently I watched a documentary about Indian slave immigrant workers in Suriname 🇸🇷. And narrator says Suriname 🇸🇷 is the first country where immigrants population is more then natives , and I was shocked, look those Indians were sugarcane farm workers who were bringing to Suriname 🇸🇷 as workers but ended up as slaves, ot only in Suriname but also in Mauritius and in Caribbean, and few Im Salta Rosario the la Frontera too,
    But my question is , in USA, Australia, Newzealand, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Chille, Ecuador and many other countries, they never mentioned how Europeans white peoples invade their countries, destroy their culture their population and ripped off them from. What they have send indigenous to reserves or simply wiped out them with systematic way.

    • Avatar askella A says:

      Harsh right
      The strong live on the weak perish

  59. Avatar saint soldier says:

    Español conquistadors at worst.

    • Avatar Philip Gomez says:

      … the Spanish and Europeans left a long time ago. Every 12th October is used to remind of the conquista insinuating the Spanish are still at it. But after the Spanish left the discrimination against native went on. It never stopped. Banners appear with RESISTENCIA INDÍGENA. Resistence against who? It can’t be the Spanish. The hipocresy is infinite.

  60. Avatar Pal 8 Pale says:

    What those people called?

  61. Avatar Antonio Saldana says:

    Civil war?

  62. Avatar Andreas Hölztten says:


  63. Avatar M O says:

    Mapuche take back your land by any means necessary✊

  64. Avatar Delon Thomas says:

    What’s a terrorist people who refused to be enslavement and fight for their freedom

  65. Avatar Carlos Olguin says:

    A votar por Kast 100% .
    50%+1 para ahorrar dinero

  66. Avatar x0xAqueousx0x says:

    Probably should have let them keep their land, huh?

  67. Avatar Roble KANDU says:

    Send them weapon

  68. Avatar Andrew says:

    Sorry but the country of Chile has a right to exist. Yes, bad things happened in the past. People killed each other and stole each others’ land. ALL land is stolen land. That’s the way the world used to work.
    If you think the Mapuche’s ancestors didn’t steal the land from someone else, you’re dreaming. Indigenous tribes murdered each other and stole each others’ land constantly.
    Now if the Chilean government is throwing people off land they actually own, that’s another matter. But you can’t let people run around burning peoples’ houses down because they claim its built on their “ancestral land.”
    To the people cheering this on, think about where your house is. I guarantee someone could go back in history and find out your house is on “stolen land.” You plan on moving? Didn’t think so.

  69. Avatar Mikey Lejan says:

    Communists and Islamists are the main troublemakers worldwide

    • Avatar Halal Police says:

      Oppressive who did this to indigenous people will blame other what they did to innocent 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Avatar Fight Champ says:

      What 😂

  70. Avatar Al R says:

    Lol Chile is gonna crush pocahontas

  71. Avatar Nathan Russell says:

    Sounds familiar.. happen to native Americans.

  72. Avatar Halal Police says:

    We support native people including Palestinians. Give them their country back ✌🏾😁

    • Avatar Politics 101 says:

      @Halal Police Palestine is not a country and not going to be

    • Avatar M Masseh S says:

      @Yurichtube the original Bible or the King James Bible made by the pedo king king James in the 1600s

    • Avatar Yurichtube says:

      @M Masseh S I can care less about the bible or christianity

    • Avatar Vanalovan says:

      @Halal Police you’re translating the word פלשת, as Palestine. It’s pronounced more like “Pleshet” and is a word used to derived from the Hebrew (or possibly proto-Canaanite if you’re being picky) word for “invaders”, derived from the three consonant root פ.ל.ש. A more literal translation would be “the land of the invaders” in English.

    • Avatar Danilo Reyes says:

      Arabs native to Canaan😂

  73. Avatar sadker1 says:

    The mask 😂😂😂😂

  74. Avatar Kevon Thomas says:


  75. Avatar denunci mesmo says:

    imagine a newspaper reporting the atrocities that the invading white did to the Indians when he arrived on the mainland.
    Indians are fighting to keep the forests standing, so to gain political support the bad president calls Indians drug dealers. and the outside world ends up seeing only one side of the coin and judging as usual.
    I hope the indigenous people are strong enough to reclaim their land and their pride from this endless capitalist rape.

  76. Avatar Finz 97 says:

    “Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.”

    (1 Samuel 15:3)

    • Avatar Omar Em says:

      @Dalem Silas ohh really, the biggest violent offenders in history were atheist -> Hitler, Stalin, Mao

    • Avatar Muslimcel says:

      @Dalem Silas so the police and army are incompetent

    • Avatar Dalem Silas says:

      @Muslimcel your logic is broken.

    • Avatar Dalem Silas says:

      @Omar Em lol 😂😂, Hitler was a Catholic Christian. This is basic history!

    • Avatar Omar Em says:

      @Dalem Silas Raised catholic but he renounced it later in life. He is straight up agnostic at best. Basic history🤣🤣

  77. Avatar MOSED NDAGAYI says:

    they should take wats rightfully theirs.

  78. Avatar Joana Cano says:

    El bestia pińera

  79. Avatar nga ri says:

    how can they be terrorists if they fight for their own land grabbed by the government

  80. Avatar Talha Shaikh says:

    Here also europeans were involved ..

  81. Avatar Nicholas Foster says:

    Well to fix the problem give back the land

  82. Avatar Skeptical Mantis CHANNEL 10 says:

    Mapuche have the rights to their lands.

    The Chilean state owes reparations!

  83. Avatar Doodfromellay says:

    Go Mapuches!!

  84. Avatar alberto urrutia says:

    Hemos vuelto a 1881 cuando el ejército chileno declaró la guerra de la araucanía…

  85. Avatar Lars Oskineegish says:

    They are First nations

  86. Avatar Amos Munezero says:

    No violence is justified, but this is so sad, everywhere you go you find that Indigenous people are often marginalized – Not everyone who takes arms is terrorist, governments should stop making excuses instead of addressing the real issue!

  87. Avatar Puisi Cedera says:

    They are poor, marginalised, the young unemployed, left behind in most of economy prospects… Of course they are desperate and angry.

  88. Avatar Barua Safi says:

    Since Gog and Magog, also known as western civilization came out of Western Europe, the world has never known peace. The spread across the globe of Western civilization is an eschatological issue which will culminate into nuclear war between the big powers where a a large part of humanity will be decimated.

  89. Avatar Humans are Crazy being says:

    Everywhere west go , they create problem.

  90. Avatar Abdulai Bah says:

    I stand with the indigenous people of Chile and anywhere in the world. Its their land.

    • Avatar Abdulai Bah says:

      @The Jester Which is why they are now fighting back. They were “conquered” and lost their lands. They are now fighting back to regain those “conquered” lands so everything is fine.

    • Avatar The Jester says:

      @Abdulai Bah Then they shouldn’t cry when they get killed by police and the military.

    • Avatar Abdulai Bah says:

      @The Jester No they will cry because they are human beings. Humans do indeed cry for your information. But they will also do what it takes to regain their land. They may not win but they will make life very difficult for the oppressors.

    • Avatar The Jester says:

      @Abdulai Bah And who are those oppressors, the chilean people?

    • Avatar Abdulai Bah says:

      @The Jester Let’s start with those that stole their lands. Then there are those that continue to marginalize them in their own land. A bleak picture is painted by all credible human rights NGOs about the treatment of indegenous people. Now up to you decide who we are talking about here.

  91. Avatar Karl Tsang says:

    The scars left by colonialism still run deep.

  92. Avatar F.Sherlock says:


  93. Avatar Abu says:

    Hopefully the natives have their land back.

  94. Avatar Liége Saboya says:

    My congratulations to the Mapuche people !
    Hasta la revolucion siempre !!!

  95. Avatar mario alvarez villa says:

    I stand with all the indigenous maize 🌽 people

  96. Avatar Patrick Talbot says:

    I kinda think these groups are full of it. They attack lumber companies and farmers but finance themselves through cocaine production which pollutes the environment. Also killing innocent farmers who were probably born there isn’t a good idea either

  97. Avatar Bassam Saeed says:

    Chila government should understand US was in Afghanistan for 2 decades and at the end they decided to talk, so the best and good way is to talk and sort out matters peacfully

  98. Avatar 99 Nation Videos says:

    Get out and stay out of native lands

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