Ukrainians stand their ground as Russia defies global condemnation

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Despite growing international condemnation, Russia is pushing forward.
But Ukrainians remain adamant they will stand their ground.
Al Jazeera’s Assed Baig reports.

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  1. Avatar Akasha Ofthenile says:

    Shame on you.. We can tell what side you are on!

  2. Avatar Gold Star Hvacr says:

    Was that eat street delivering pizza at the end?

  3. Avatar Feroj Alam says:

    Looking like iraq Syria Libya Afghanistan Yameen.

  4. Avatar Rifat Kamaal says:

    Peace to avoid an atomic third world war in Europe its effects and after affects will not spare even USA everybody should understand this please do not play lethal fire

  5. Avatar Adolf Hitler says:

    Stay strong Russia take back what belong to you, no more nato next to your democratic country its obvious what is their intentions

  6. Avatar Saqib Manzoor says:

    This is all bluff, nothing is standing against Russian advancements This fake western media was reporting the same when taliban were moving towards city, then what happened
    In a single night all gone

  7. Avatar Fahim Mahmood says:

    Ukraine got in full what it deserved.

  8. Avatar Usman Ibrahim says:

    This is not a problems because is the things that happened to Muslim countries 😭 like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya

    • Avatar algorhythmic says:

      We do not care because they are not free and democratic countries willing to fight for western freedom. They are Islamic states that believe in oppression of human rights and dignities, support the rape and oppression of women, children, and minorities, and have deep hatred of western value. The west has now learned not to waste money or time trying to help people who do not believe in freedom or even want help in the first place

    • Avatar XScorpionX321 says:

      Eh western here, most of us do care, but our voices are not heard through media and however we vote makes no difference in foreign policy. Please don’t hate us for it.

  9. Avatar Lynn Wrigley says:

    such brave people the world can learn from these people

  10. Avatar crankylifter says:

    Putin’s bankrupt Russia, and united the entire galaxy against it. Well done, Vladimir! Bravo! 👏

  11. Avatar TooColdS4 says:

    Russian people if you dont want your men to die for Putin’s pointless war, you must revolt. They cant arrest you all! Every single one of you that takes a stand, you are a hero, not just of the Russian people but all of mankind on this planet.

  12. Avatar Kim Williams says:

    God bless you all my Ukrainian friends xx we United and support you

    • Avatar Der Aua says:

      @Dark Comet every nation reacts differently to a threat at its doorstep versus a threat on rmthe other side of the world.

  13. Avatar badeed xildiid says:

    Global condemnation????

    • Avatar trthib says:

      The UN vote was pretty clear. On 193 countries, 141 are against Russia now, 35 neutral and only 4 support them . And this is just the beginning, the more people are killed, the more countries will see Putin has turned Russia into a pariah

  14. Avatar Fuzz Zeballs says:

    won’t make 82will he

  15. Avatar Illinez naam says:

    Lets goooo 150$$$ a barrel oil good for the OPEC economies!! Its not our war and lets be like the westerners and keep trading even during wartime…

  16. Avatar Dilan Ramo says:

    Don’t be disappointed ..
    Ukrainian must get tough with Putin..!
    Defend your Country..!
    Putin is a War Criminal..!
    Good Luck Ukraine..!
    God Save Ukraine…!

  17. Avatar A Truth Seeker says:

    If NATO is dissolved, the world will be peaceful

  18. Avatar Othmane Benosmane says:

    long live Israel

  19. Avatar George R says:

    Russians will pay for this 🇺🇸 😡

  20. Avatar Beijing Genocide Olympic - 2022 says:

    I pray for Ukraine 🇺🇦!
    When Putin & Xi Jinping discussed the plan to attack Ukraine, they agreed that when Russian soldiers saw a waving Chinese 🇨🇳 flag, they won’t shoot.

    • Avatar ツAlexiz.™ says:


    • Avatar torelloBank says:

      @Boy Cottchina when will western countries leader be trialed in Den Haag for genocide on middle eastern people for their invasion ? i prefer to trust chinese news than your poopy western propaganda news. ohh say hi to your master” israel defence force” for killing another palestinian muslim

    • Avatar Vernon Brana says:

      @torelloBank You trust news from Mainland China? Bwahahahahahaha!!! I’m from the Philippines. We know how “truthful” your broadcasts are. Your leaders are greedy, delusional, exploitative, cheapskates.

    • Avatar Cunningham Bates says:

      Character of indian hindus. India buys 85 %weapons from Russia and saved by Russian vetoes against Genocide in Kashmir while hindus lick Anglosaxon back passages who treated indians as dwags

    • Avatar torelloBank says:

      @Vernon Brana <<

  21. Avatar lasagna says:

    The hypocricy of media covering Russia-Ukraine Conflict is staggering. A Palestinian resistance against Isra*ls apartheid would never be titled as such. The media always finds words and ways to label them as terrorists.
    Also, my prayers are with Ukrainian people.

    • Avatar CowboyBebop✧ says:

      Is there some way this issue can be solved internally? Amongst yourselves?

    • Avatar Martha Mryglod says:

      Yes because of England’s promise to give Jews land after WW1, the Palestinian people are suffering today. I do not wish harm for anyone, only wanted to mention how other countries can mess up people’s homeland for generations.

  22. Avatar J The Goat says:

    OG not playing with shot gun 👌🏾. He ready for war

  23. Avatar spongebobeb says:

    Africans, Arabs and some central Asians can’t stand ground or be labeled militants.
    Eventhough I stand with the people, be it Ukrainian or elsewhere, I can’t help to see the hypocrisy falling like raindrops all over our heads for the past 7 days.

  24. Avatar Ramon Villafane says:

    The old man looked like he saw the worse of the Soviet Union. It’s in the eyes man those eyes

    • Avatar artnull13 says:

      Never forget Pjotr Vyerko

    • Avatar Semechki for Putin says:

      he was born in 1940 or 41. that was a few years after the holodomor, and his earliest memories (around 3 years old for most people) are either of the red army advance through ukraine or just after. he definitely has a lot of memories of the later stalin years and the times when the red army crushed anti-soviet uprisings in warsaw pact countries like czechoslovakia and hungary.

  25. Avatar CowboyBebop✧ says:

    Please tell the narrator the first name of the Ukraine president is pronounced Volodymyr not Vladimir

  26. Avatar WinterBerry says:

    Can’t believe that Ukrainians r so navie not leaning fr US invasion n wars in Middle East, n instigated coup in their nation in 024 to overthrowing their gd gov who’s really work for Ukrainians.

  27. Avatar jacqueline walker says:

    Was putin suppose to let ukrain keep taking water from the Crima country. those people needed help. So putin being a man. put the games aside. and said bring it on. So Ukrain not as nice as you say they are. And they want let Black folks on the train. thats two things against them. we now know of. America wake up

  28. Avatar S. Hussain says:


  29. Avatar Waqar Mirza says:

    Should we call them Ukrainians white Christians terrorists as the western countries calls to Palestinian afghani iraqi even they were freedom fighters!!!shame on you all western countries shame

  30. Avatar Nahom ENTERTAINMENT says:

    This is horrible,My heart goes out to the civilians!!!!!!..😭💔🇺🇦🙏

    • Avatar cookie Cola says:

      My heart goes out to all of Ukraine, Brave Ukrainians faces odds that are beyond belief, yet they defie Russia

    • Avatar Umro Ayyar says:

      You fukng copy pasting comments & trying to get yor Somali video views upon dead bodies of civilians ?

  31. Avatar Traiano Wellcome says:

    Ukrainians are Palestinians Today.

  32. Avatar All Blacks says:

    Like spectators shouting words of love, sympathies and solidarity to their favorite gladiator, the west want Ukraine to die like a hero!

  33. Avatar All Blacks says:

    Crocodile tears come easily to hypocrites!

  34. Avatar All Blacks says:

    They want Ukraine to be strong and to continue forever as a buffer zone between them and Russia. Too bad, Russia will soon say hello just at their door!

  35. Avatar Dawood Lewa says:

    Aljazeera…did you report this on Afghanistan,Palestine and Libya?

    • Avatar syed hasbaan says:

      They cant, because their babies and elders are not having blue eyes and blonde hair. 100% support to Russia from Iran

  36. Avatar Carlos Francisco says:

    2024 will be a very violent year

  37. Avatar Nick S says:

    The ONLY way to stop this barbarian agression is for NATO to bomb this 60 km long tank column. As for the threat of nuclear war, don’t worry about it, Putin is a cowardly dictator scumbag and won’t fire them, because he is too afraid for his own survival! And before he does, his generals will kill him or refuse to fire.
    The West must grow some and start acting HARD, NOW!

  38. Avatar Mohammad arif pathan 🇧🇩 says:

    Long live Russia
    Long live putin

  39. Avatar Mohammad arif pathan 🇧🇩 says:

    Long live Russia
    Long live putin
    Love from Bangladesh

    • Avatar Isaacs Obeng says:

      Really I pray you and ur family will be in the same Situation like the Ukrainians…wow

  40. Avatar ツAlexiz.™ says:

    I stand with Russia on this topic no condemnation

  41. Avatar Flippy Floppy says:

    They sound like the Volksturm in Germany in 1945, they will all die………………….

  42. Avatar CORRECT says:


  43. Avatar survivor survivor says:

    Manufactured condemnation. Majority of these countries i am sure had been severely threatened by the U.S. to do this or else. if not, they wouldnt do this.

    • Avatar artnull13 says:

      Interesting, where do you live? It’s just a remarkably ignorant perspective.
      Most Eastern Europeans who were under soviet rule – hate Russia. It has nothing to do with America.

  44. Avatar Ali says:

    Ukrainians are real heroes
    They are brave and kind nation I do proud of each Ukrainians and especially mr Zelensky you are the best brave and patient President I have ever seen
    Slava Ukraina from Uzbekistan

    • Avatar Dark Comet says:

      If the miseries of other small nations weren’t ignored by the world community, I think it wouldn’t happen. Let’s hope there will be no biased reporting and no selective outrage in the future. Every human’s life is important irrespective of his/ her color, race, creed, religion, school, or region. Let’s hope peace, fraternity and equality prevail everywhere.

    • Avatar Ezekiel Mavolo says:

      You should be out of this world, he brought this on his own people by listening to the West..

    • Avatar Christiane Vanherck says:

      @Ezekiel Mavolo the people wanted democracy that’s why they elected him

  45. Avatar Dark Comet says:

    Zelensky, just feel the cries of innocent Palestinian children. You were on the side of occupying Israel that day. Just look at how they see their own blood. Sorry I can’t take your side today for humanity.

  46. Avatar Umro Ayyar says:

    The one who protect is always bigger the one who kills….. Never bow to Putin & Criminal Dictator of Syria (Rawafiz) Evil.

  47. Avatar The Gentleman says:

    Ukraine will be remembered in history. Stakes are high.

  48. Avatar WinterBerry says:

    Can’t believe these Ukrainians been brainwashed by the West! Or are these people r hired from outsider’s to act??? There’s something calls “Hire Demonstrators” across the US City. U just go up to them w a plan of action they’ll help u plan the start then excute it.

  49. Avatar Turf Surf says:

    This guy was born in WWII, went through the Cold War, now this!!! Stay close to this guy, and you will make it through.

  50. Avatar muhammad nada says:

    Every one know that Ukraine is not gonna be a part of NATO or EU .Putin declared clearly he will not allow a NATO country at his door steps .The question is if the west will not allow Ukraine in the NATO and RUSSIA doesn’t wanna Ukraine in the NATO , why the president Biden doesn’t say it clearly??!!.Actually he wanna Russia to invade Ukraine so the military industrial complex in The USA will continue gaining money by creating a new Cold War and allow gaining money way more than gained from fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  51. Avatar Adolf Green Barrett says:

    Only beneficiary is Israel. In fact, the head of the Ukraine is a Jew. And he is happy to witness, bringing the graph of Christian countries down. Weak Christian countries meaning stronger Israel.

  52. Avatar Maaz Amjad Warsi says:

    Global condemnation?! Really? China, India, Pakistan, Central Asia, many South East Asian countries, the entire Islamic world, Africa and Latin America haven’t criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Then how come it’s global?? Oh I see you just because NATO countries condemned it you thought the whole world condemned it. That’s the bubble you live in.

    • Avatar Pablo Napan says:

      LatinAmerica is condemning Russia though. Thing is we don’t have international channels, that’s why it seems like we’re quiet. Probably that’s the same case with south east asia, africa, etc. We’d need to watch their local media outlets to tell for sure, but mosr probably they’re condemning Russia as well.

  53. Avatar Halal Traveller says:

    AJ propaganda. Half of the Ukraine is under Russian control. Ukraine president is begging to have a talk with Putin. It ain’t working

  54. Avatar Cynthia Marie says:

    .There is a large amount of evidence that shows that the fsb, under the guidance of putin and his supporters, planted bombs in apartment buildings in Russia in 1999 killing more than 300 Russian people in order to deflect attention from the Yeltsin scandal, give Putin the opportunity to make a name for himself by waging war in Chechnya to “avenge” the bombings, and get him “elected” president as he was unknown in the public sphere at the time. This is who American republicans praise as a strong man -a man who casually terrorizes and murders his own people.

  55. Avatar Will says:


  56. Avatar Ezekiel Mavolo says:

    Let see how far that will go..

  57. Avatar Lindada says:

    Putin can’t buy himself enough asian scammers to make the people fall for such a primitive way of thinking

  58. Avatar MR. BLACK PANTHER says:

    After I saw what all the Ukrainians did to the African people dragging them of the train like dogs
    I’m surprised fr

  59. Avatar john mccann says:

    The Irish are praying for Ukraine; we fought the British empire for years after they invaded us, but after they realised that you can take a country in days , trying to hold onto it is a different story. Keep up the fight against evil, and God will see you through this 🙏🙏🙏🙏🇮🇪🇮🇪👊👊

  60. Avatar TheTraveler says:

    May God bless and defend Russia and the Russian Armed Forces against the evil western NATO and Ukrainian forces and their aggression at this time. May God bless this message with wings so that the truth can travel far and wide to open the world eyes to the real Ukrainian war crimes beyond the facade of western media lies = > /watch?v=FG1fuhKwXVA&t=571s

  61. Avatar Agrimensor says:

    God Bless Ukraine !!! Stop Bloodymere RasPutin….

  62. Avatar Greg Buchanan says:

    People need to read about the Khasarian mafia. They are evil child sacrificing monsters and these are the people Russia is after. Ukraine is 1 of the most corrupt countries in the world. Zelensky is arming gangs and criminals that are robbing and raping, this is from a person in Kiev. Take the red pill and hopefully Ukranians will help Russia crush these evil people. Remember main stream media is all lies and push the Khasarian mafias narrative to enslave the masses!

  63. Avatar Newday Newmoney says:

    81 years father’s standing up to evil Putin
    Long live Ukrainians

  64. Avatar Hand of Odin says:

    I applaud the incredible restraint of the Russian military in these times. The number of “civilian” casualties are near nothing. If they were targeting civilians, the death toll would be in the tens of thousands in less than an hour.

    This is Russia vs. the liberal shitstains in the west. Cancel culture instead of warfare. These “brave” whores on the internet would not last a day in reality. They would run for their safe-spaces and cry to twitter.

  65. Avatar Anjum Rauf says:


  66. Avatar Ashik Islam says:

    Allah save innocent baby. who are innocent.

  67. Avatar Vee Seven says:

    only blue eyes are human

  68. Avatar Ernesto Lynch says:

    Hey, Al Jazeera, you are so smart, right? Then tell us something: did America call it “a war” when its terrorist gangs of murderers invaded Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and many other countries all over the world? You are so smart and honest, Al Jazeera, right? Then tell us if Israel called it “a war” when it was invading independent countries and murdering people all over the world?

    • Avatar Christiane Vanherck says:

      Here’s a long list of Russian military invasions:
      1 Poland (1939–1956)
      2 Baltic states (1940–1991)
      3 Finnish territories (1940)
      4 Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina (1940)
      5 After the Soviet Union entered the war on the Allied side
      5.1 Iran (1941–1946)
      5.2 Hungary (1944)
      5.3 Romania (1944)
      5.4 Bulgaria (1944)
      5.5 Czechoslovakia (1944)
      5.6 Northern Norway (1944–1946)
      5.7 Bornholm, Denmark (1945–1946)
      5.8 Germany (1945)
      5.9 Austria (1945–1955)
      5.10 Manchuria (1945–1946)
      5.11 Korea (1945–1948)
      5.12 Kuril Islands (1945)
      6 Cold War
      6.1 Hungarian Revolution of 1956
      6.2 Czechoslovakia (1968–1989)
      6.3 Afghanistan (1979–1989)
      7 Moldova (1990-1992)
      8 Chechnya (1999-Today)
      9 Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Georgia (2008-Today)
      10 Crimea, Ukraine (2014-Today)

  69. Avatar Ernesto Lynch says:

    Peace, freedom, independence and prosperity to all nations and countries suffering from the terrorist regimes. First of all, Israel and USA must be condemned for their deeds.

  70. Avatar Tella Swizzy L-Dot says:


  71. Avatar Mohamed Shivji says:

    The Lord of the Zion that gave His blessings to the Zionists to go and invade and continue occupying Palestine after 60yrs + now grants His utmost blessings to the Russians and will make them successful and occupy Ukraine for the next 60yrs.

    Amen 🙏 🙏 🙏

  72. Avatar soomstrategist says:

    zelenesky is a clown and his fake bravo is paying the price

  73. Avatar Rob Babcock says:

    Such iron in the spirit of the Ukrainian people! 🇺🇦💪⚔🙏🇺🇦

  74. Avatar Frank Xu says:

    We stand by Brave Ukraine and Ukrainians !

  75. Avatar Archie Lea says:

    Pass it on to American people and friends and allies and European people and British people and friends and allies and NATO Says IAM who Iam Amen and amen From Ukrainian people to join NATO Says IAM who Iam Amen and amen

  76. Avatar Archie Lea says:

    GOD willing!

  77. Avatar Cuan Cuan says:


  78. Avatar Darius Lim says:

    VERY URGENT TO DO: Declare this Devil PUTIN a WAR CRIMINAL, and offer a BOUNTY REWARD to his head.. GIVE 10 BILLION USD to whoever KILLS or CAPTURE this evil madman.. US/EU/UN must do this NOW to prevent a big scale war✊✊✊

  79. Avatar Abul Hasan says:

    I thank Russia. Because the President of Ukraine is responsible for everything. It needed to be the same as before. The President of Ukraine is responsible for everything. America is creating world militancy. Causing cruelty to innocent people in Ukraine. America. I think Russia and Ukraine need to be together. The President of Ukraine is a playwright. How can he understand that he did not think of the helpless people of the country. He should have given security to the people of the country. The President of Ukraine must be punished. Neither side. I am crying very emotionally.

  80. Avatar ElevenEvilExes says:

    Putin is laughing at the “condemnation” and cowardice of the rest of the world…

  81. Avatar Mohamud Issa says:

    Intervention! Let NATO refrain their bold ambition

  82. Avatar Mohammad Saeed says:

    It is irony that NATO is not confronting Russia because the war would spread to EU. R ukrainins second class citizens becuse innocent people including women and children r dying

  83. Avatar muk wattana says:

    NATO help the war criminals of Israel to bomb defenseless Palestinians for decades. But they dont help protect innocent Ukraine vs Russian war criminals. I guess its clear that USA support war criminal trash!!

  84. Avatar Siti Nazrin says:


  85. Avatar Siti Nazrin says:

    Stand with Rusia and the People of ukraine 🇷🇺🇺🇦💕💕

  86. Avatar Aminul islam says:

    Ukrainian will not have chance with the Russian army, they need the world best fighters and worriers the Taliban fighters.
    Ukrainian are already running for there life .

  87. Avatar M0chki Japakyana says:


  88. Avatar Happy Puppy says:

    This is not War??? Lets do this in Russia. We can call it peace keeping.

  89. Avatar HEMAMALI ABEYSINGHE says:

    We always stand with you Ukraine. Our hearts are broken, because we cannot help to stop this evildoers, may the Lord God bless Ukraine and all Ukrainians, strengthen them. Very proud of your people 🌷🌷🌷🌷🙏🙏🙏🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🙏🙏🙏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌷🌷🌷🌷🙏🙏🙏

  90. Avatar Asad Care tips says:


  91. Avatar raginald7 Mars says:

    “Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia” – We pay 100 Million Euros. The cheapest fastest way to STOP!

  92. Avatar Michael Caro says:

    Given the acquiescence of the GOP leadership to the spirit and activity of racist, neo-fascist influencers, we should bring Ukraine jnto NATO.

    U.S. citizens will be fighting a similar war in their country within seven years, given the tactics to bastardize their own elections.

  93. Avatar Наталья Шрайнер says:

    Тонны американских долларов нашли в ящиках красного креста, вы их для войны посылали ? Американцы двуличные люди

  94. Avatar Наталья Шрайнер says:

    Америка капутт

  95. Avatar Наталья Шрайнер says:

    Американцы двуличная нация, люди без души и совести

  96. Avatar View says:


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