Statewide Stay-At-Home Orders Increase As Number Of Cases Surpass 200,000 | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/17
Statewide Stay-At-Home Orders Increase As Number Of Cases Surpass 200,000  | NBC Nightly News

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the peak likely won’t come until the end of April. Frustrated over people ignoring social distancing guidelines, he shut down New York City’s remaining playgrounds.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Statewide Stay-At-Home Orders Increase As Number Of Cases Surpass 200,000 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (105件)

  • glacier Washington says:

    3m company should get publicly executed as traitors to the USA

  • Victoria Tabrez says:

    Thank so much for shearing 👍👍👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹

  • Unknown Unknown says:

    All the nurses and the doctors I understand what is happening but you guys need to stop breaking down on live television like you can handle some situation you chose this profession you know what can happen our soldiers are away from their kids for a long time their families for long time you don’t see them crying

  • Dead Fox says:

    We deserve it. People are selfish. Fools

  • Babeena_Gt _ says:

    I’m normally totally against martial law, but in this case martial law should be put in place. Yesterday I witnessed a group of roughly 20 teenagers walking in a close pack ,none wearing masks or gloves ,and a few coughing onto their friends. No one knows who is infected and sending that home to their family. Stay home people. It hasn’t been told but CCP literally are having people who are sick and refuse quarentine shot . There is more going on in china that they will not expose to the world. They do not have it contained,. People are still getting sick . This will not stop until the death toll world wide reaches over 2 million

  • Pratik Joshi says:

    When this virus will disappear

  • defektev says:

    It’s a great opportunity to rethink and modernize the worlds processes.

  • Latrail Rogers says:


  • David Anatola says:

    Everyone in the comments section…. has anyone been affected by it that you know personally and has anyone saw the fact that all over the country hospitals are not over flooding with covid-19 coronavirus cases and the public are taking video notice of it themselves, the question is what’s really going on and what world is the media living in if all these things aren’t happening in reality???

  • Darryl Jackson says:


  • dennis n says:

    Stay inside or just stay in your own yard.


    My cousins got it in Michigan

  • E Raff says:

    God Bless and help you America…except NBC….From your friends up in Canada

  • RustyG57 says:

    So weird that you just don’t know. Nobody has died all year that wasn’t of covid-19, apparently. Maybe they died with it, not of it? I understand anyone that has ever had a flu shot will test positive. If that’s the case then we need a better test not vaccines for the entire population of the world (according to Bill Gates)


    This virus is not real! Empty hospitals=faked numbers. Anyone dying is dying from underlying illness. Then when people die, the govt is switching the death cert. Making it reflect covid, instead of the underlying illness. I will never give away my rights like you sheep. This isnt real!

  • Wayne Chad says:

    Don’t give up your freedoms for a false flag and event!

  • Yeti Racing says:

    Covid19 Lockdown in Florida.. Full video on Yeti Racing subscribe

  • I got soul sahara Desert says:

    Well if we lose 100 million people we will be forced too finish China off🤨

  • critic for the uploader says:

    *Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate, I don’t know why people can’t get it through their thick heads…*

  • Sherrie Owen says:

    Hey people. Ask yourself where are all the dead bodies. New York has 1000s of dead.bodies so where are they. Not in morgues or funerals or cemeteries so where are all these dead bodies.

    • Melanie Pitingaro says:

      In the back of Refrigerated trucks

  • Brand new Day says:

    I stocked almost everything in jan but do you notice that everyone is an expert now….eyes roll

  • Megan McCarthy King says:

    I would so steal that truck if I could. HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA have you ever heard of the same thing before the last time?

  • Turk says:

    Oh lm sorry I’m not a fan

  • zack gossmann says:

    How would you guys and gals like the establishment to enforce the type of “stay at home order” you speak of?

  • Catslaf says:

    In Broward County government there has been hardly any effort at all to reduce the government offices workforce. Approximately 1,100 of the nearly 8,000 county workers are working from home. While the rest of us have to risk our lives only to keep revenue coming in. Money is the most important thing to Broward county right now. The lives of the county workers are of little too no concern to Broward County upper level management!

  • MizzPazz Makeup says:

    Yoooo these poor health workers being worn out and risking their lives can’t even be with their families through this hard time… 😭 this is heartbreaking and also that guy survived the holocaust!! But this took him out 😣~~

  • Chrissy Ewing says:

    My nephew wants my mom to die but he doesn’t care cuz he knows his mom is gonna inherit my mom’s house he’s 22

  • Hank Williams says:

    Show evidence of 4,700 deaths? Liars, liars, liars. Como is killing the people with those towers that were installed without telling New Yorkers what the towers were for. Now New Yonkers know. I guess 9/11 wasn’t disgusting enough. 5G causes this illness. Research what 5G does to humans. The Army has plenty of Data.

  • Tim England says:

    Every cruise ship that docks at American ports should be commandeered as virus quarantine centers till this is over!

  • tammy goodman says:

    More and more evidence is coming out that proves this virus is a hoax. STOP LYING!!

    • Brynne Summerville says:

      I Hope Your Being Sarcastic But If You Aren’t You Sir Are A F*cking Moron!!! Go Back To The Fox News Section And Take Your Stupidity With You!!!!

  • Big Fish says:

    We all need to just use our common senses and stay at home.

  • Mark Vee says:

    A person’s age is of no concern to the Grim Reaper…

  • JJ TT says:

    they are lying….it was bad but now its over with….they are faking it all now…

  • Evelyn Miranda says:

    The news people are at fought say is 65 and older thats stuipid.

  • Yayo Randel says:

    No one trust politicians, now all you people are begging them to take full control, wake up america!!!!!

  • Hakai Sio says:

    This is America and all hospitals should have been stocked up with supplies way before this pandemic hit our shores. The whole United States of America should have been on locked down when COVID-19 cases started to rise in the beginning. We are not doing enough as a country to make sure this pandemic stop spreading. All States should be on locked down for at least two weeks and monitor the situation as it goes. But before the lock down takes place, make sure all citizens will have enough supplies that will last for two weeks. National guard along with the police force will be working 24/7 operating different shifts to make sure no one is on the road during the lock down. It’s too late now.

  • mike reynolds says:

    Stop the propaganda. This is the plan of the globalist New World Order attempted takeover of the world. It’s Satan bringing his one world government, cashless society and the Mark of the Beast. Bill Gates and his Bio-metric vaccine that will be mandatory and have the ability to track us to see if we stay 6″ apart…

  • Hà Vo says:

    Who winning this battle !, China !! Don’t forget , there over million of people dead over this virus ! If U think China is in 4th place , then I got a bridge to sell to u

  • Synecdoche says:

    trump has failed this country

  • Abraham Agbolosoo says:

    Psalm 22:3 King James Version (KJV)
    3 But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel

  • Abraham Agbolosoo says:

    Ezekiel 32:18
    “Son of man, wail for the multitude of Egypt, and cast them down, even her, and the daughters of the famous nations, unto the nether parts of the earth, with them that go down into the pit

  • Abraham Agbolosoo says:

    Isaiah 54:16
    “Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy.”

  • george rambacher says:

    “A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who
    refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely
    lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a
    society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it’s
    going to get.” Ian Williams Goddard

  • Sol Cutta says:

    Great acting

  • Adam Forrest says:

    What a Hoax, come on us, the people wake up please, this is just to gain control and freedoms of our lives, also virus are dead, can not spread from person to person unless your super kinky in bed with bad immune systems, or you inject it, it’s amazing almost everyone buys in to this.

    • Adrian R says:

      Adam Forrest – You’re deluded and ignorant. Smh

  • Aborigine Yes says:


    • Adrian R says:

      margo dunmore – Wow! You’re deluded!

    • David Anatola says:

      @Adrian R your a sheeple troll. Wake up you’re under mind control worshipping government officials that you’ve never met that you actually believe care about you…. how dumb could you be

  • Aborigine Yes says:


  • Chris Sanchez says:

    yeah she talked about the nurses and doctors who put their lives on the line but there are others that dothey still have to do their job which is delivering food to people maybe you need to start covering the delivery people the types of jobs and how they’re put at risk every day I deliver for Pizzayou know how many potential risks I take per day probably as much as a doctor but no one recognizes the dangers that I men in appreciate we have no PPE equipment

  • Burndout Rage says:

    Lying motherfukers



  • Joe Heinemann says:

    Says the man go to the restraints dont worry


    THE IS . Red alert at the max FOR All of as..bat airborne

  • Tony White קל-אל says:

    Who wants to be President Now???
    Or could Trump Make America Great Again????
    Thumbs down to Fake News!!!

  • Craig Mahan says:

    Shame on you @LesterHolt. Why don’t you report the truth about this? Is that big house, gold watch, ugly tie with it? You’ve sold out your country and it’s people for a buck. I bet your Dad is so very proud of the man you’ve become. Wake up people! It’s ” WE THE PEOPLE…” That’s OUR house and we need to take it back.

  • Go Pro says:

    I live in one of the states that have not mandated stay at home orders, I work in a public service way and nightly have seen a rise in the amount of people “socializing” out and about as if this has blown over. how is 6 people in a car, dozens partying no one keeping distance or concern. going to slow this virus um let’s see… NOT AT ALL… when this state I live in hits ravishing numbers of deaths and infections… it will be on the blame of local government and the way they have failed to protect the people of their state. absolutely disgraceful!

  • kimm hughes says:

    Decongest medicine would help you would think to slow the virus down a bit.

  • Ron Wuerch says:

    Cuomo And The Mayor Need To Be Held Accountable For New York Getting This Bad.

  • proven patriot says:


  • second amendment says:

    Holt looks dead

  • The Swoop says:

    B’s you have that many subscriptions

  • The Swoop says:

    Down with the deep state

  • Steve Thrower says:


  • jhon doe says:

    plz watch on you tube “Live from outside NYC hospital as coronavirus cases soar in the US” RUPTLY Proves the Elmhurst Hospital being overrun is 100% fake new, paid and hired crisis actors!

    plz watch on you tube “More good news Citizen reporters go & do what the media won’t” people are showing up to these so called “hot sport” NYC hospitals supposedly overrun by hundreds of COVID cases yet these hospitals are EMPTY!!! 100% proof the media is lying to you!

  • David Rowland says:

    What happened to all the homeless people nobody seems to talk about that

  • Raymond Arred says:

    The order should be done in every state.

  • may neff says:

    why is the media ignoring GEORGIA .with the largest international airport, transient population and home of CDC. what’s going on here?
    kemp is a typical long winded good old boy- opening the beaches now. look at the map you show every day Georgia is glaring sitting above FLORIDA showing no emergency in place. get kemp out

  • Anythin Anywear says:

    7,616 deaths as of yesterday. 4 days ago, 4700? Highly contagious. Add the fact we are not testing 100% of Americans, and the government is telling everyone to cover their face with a tee shirt? Really???

  • Anythin Anywear says:

    States refusing to issue mandated stay at home orders, makes me uncomfortable. Martial Law uncomfortable.

  • Chris V says:

    The connection between Bill Gates, Elon Musk, ID2020, 5G and Chemtrails is a synthetic virus.
    “This synthetic virus may be activated utilizing the energy and frequency system, we know as 5G… and possibly utilize 60hz monitors to achieve Magnet Assisted Transfection.
    Magnet-assisted transfection is a transfection method which uses magnetic interactions to deliver DNA into target cells. Nucleic acids are associated with magnetic nanoparticles, and magnetic fields drive the nucleic acid-particle complexes into target cells, where the nucleic acids are released.
    These nanoparticles are invisible to the naked eye and can be easily sprayed or dispersed over a target population. Once they have been ingested they can be energized remotely using a specific frequency.
    Nanoparticles are surrounding us by the billions. ”
    Video of Bill Gates talking about it in the link plus tech links explaining the process.

  • Chris V says:

    Notice how now these masks are turning into some fashion trend? Well that is because they actually are. It will be part of the NWO occultic agenda, that is why they are going to make you wear them. They certainly look sinister don’t they, anyone remember the Jesuit Hollywood movie the Purge? Remember all designers are from the Black Nobility or even of the Roman papal bloodlines. That is why fashion today is licentious and quite lascivious.

    Prada is the latest big-name fashion brand to turn its production lines, usually focused on elegant blazers and blouses, to meet needs arising from the coronavirus crisis. Yesterday it said it would produce 110,000 masks by 6 April, while Gucci has said it will make more than 1m and Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga – both of which, like Gucci, are owned by Kering a papal knight and dame family – will also begin manufacturing them.

    High-street brands are similarly shifting their focus. Last week, Spanish-owned Zara pledged to produce surgical masks, saying it had already donated 10,000 masks and a further 300,000 were due to be sent by the end of this week. Over the weekend, H&M Group said it would be rearranging its supply chain to produce protective equipment for hospitals and healthcare workers.

    The luxury conglomerate LVMH which is run by a Venecian French black noble papal knight Bernard Arnault worth 46.83 billion, after he is the CEO and owns Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy, they announced last weekend that they would be supplying the French authorities with more than 40m face masks in the coming weeks, having agreed an order from a Chinese manufacturer. Kering has also said it will be purchasing 3m surgical masks from China to donate to the French health service, while Mango has announced it will distribute 2m donated face masks to Spanish hospitals.

    In France, at least, the numbers of masks supplied are more than a drop in the ocean, with the 43m promised by LVMH and Kering sitting favourably alongside the 250m-strong order announced by the French government

    This is disgusting I wore these masks in the A.A. Argentum Astrum, which is symbolically worn before a sacrifice. Is that what the Jesuit’s and Washington DC are hoping happens here? A revolt, sacrificing by killing people, to justify their roundup’s? I think so.

    The mask occultic symbolism

    A mask is an ancient and powerful magical mediator among the worlds of the living, the dead, and the spirits. Masks have been worn for magical, religious, and entertainment purposes since the beginning of recorded history. Masks actually reveal more than they conceal.

    Ancient peoples understood well the power of the mask. Evidence of mask-wearing in prehistoric societies shows that masks may have been intended to transform the wearer magically to achieve or acquire something. Perhaps the first prehistoric masked dancer is the “Sorcerer,” a Neolithic-Age cave painting at Trois Freres in France. The masked figure is half-human and half-animal, wearing stag antlers and poised in dance step. The image suggests a Ritual for a successful hunt. His mask reveals and liberates the animal nature within the man, which would have enabled him to come into contact with supernatural forces or the spirit of animals and petition them for help.

    Masks have been used throughout history in numerous rituals, liturgies, theater, and folk art. The mask has been revered as a sacred object of power, a living thing that either has its own persona or represents the persona of another being. It enables the wearer magically to bring to life, and even become, the persona or spirit being represented by the mask. While the mask is on, the wearer is no longer completely himself or herself but shares his or her identity with that of the mask. He or she has freedom—and permission within society—to act differently, even outrageously. The transformation has its limits and controls: The wearer cannot go beyond the bounds of the mask itself and is transformed only during the wearing of the mask. When the mask comes off, the wearer must return to ordinary reality.

    The transformative power of the mask can be explained in Jungian terms. A mask connects its wearer to archetypal powers residing within the collective unconscious. The mask is a mediator between the ego and archetype, the mundane and the supernatural, the sacred and the comic. It connects the present to the past, the individual to the entire collective of race, culture, country—and humanity.

    In cultures where the mask is treated with reverence, mask-making is a respected and skilled art. For example, in Bali, masks play major roles in rituals and performances. The masks are carved from wood. Before carving is begun, the sculptors meditate on the purpose of the mask, the persona in the mask itself, and the performer who will wear it. The performer also meditates upon the mask prior to wearing it. He or she may even sleep with it next to him or her to incubate dreams based upon its appearance and persona, which will inspire the performance to greater depth.

    The challenge of the Balinese performer is to literally bring the mask to life—to make the wood seem elastic and capable of illuminating its fixed expression. Actors who have the gift to animate their masks are respected as “having taksu.” Taksu means “place that receives light.” Actors who have no taksu are called carpenters—they just push wood around the stage.

    In most cultures, masks symbolize beneficient spirits: nature beings, deities, the ancestral dead, and the animal kingdom. North American Indians have used masks to represent evil spirits over which the medicine men are believed to have power. Similar attribution is made in Ceylon.

    Masks play important roles in religious, healing, EXORCISM, and funerary rituals. Sri Lankan exorcism masks, for example, are hideous so as to frighten possessing demons out of bodies. Among North American Indians, bear masks invoke the healing powers of the bear, considered the great doctor of all ills. In funerary rites, masks incarnate the souls of the dead, protect wearers from recognition by the souls of the dead, or trap the souls of the dead.

    The true intent of Halloween masks is to frighten. The practice of wearing masks and disguises on All Souls’ Night stems from ancient beliefs that on this night the souls of the dead and unfriendly spirits walk the Earth. It is desirable to conceal your true identity from them so that they do not follow you home. Masks also frighten them away.

    In the modern West, masks have lost much of their sacred and deep symbolic meaning. Once, they were integral to Greek drama, both secular and liturgical medieval ceremonies, the Renaissance court masque, and 19th-century mime and pantomine.

    Contemporary masks are treated as entertainment props rather than as living things. They are used to disguise and conceal rather than reveal.

  • Spero Brown says:

    I’m 23 and not scared sorry not sorry but we can’t give up all our rights over a virus

  • Kay Hobby says:

    Sheeple project mockingbird & project paperclip please enlighten urself with research

  • Teresa Catherine says:

    Every health care worker should be tested. They are being used like sacrificial lambs. What is wrong with the government? Where are our leaders? They must step up!

    • Celestea Deanes says:

      they are being thrown away!

  • Teresa Catherine says:

    The governors of the states that have not issued stay at home orders are criminal. They should be taken out of office.

  • Jennifer Smetanko says:

    All of this brought tears to my eyes😥❤

  • Beverly Beverly says:

    WENT FROM 100,000 TO

  • Samuel Cantley says:

    As long there is Sodom and Gomorrah going on across this land more people will die because of the laws passed by this government stop this sin of Sodom and Gomorrah going on across this land

  • Samuel Cantley says:

    God is not mocked do what the words of God said s to do seek God’s face stop giving evil satan workers the right to bring back Sodom and Gomorrah across this land

  • Samuel Cantley says:

    God is the Boss of Avery thing

  • Samuel Cantley says:

    The only way to stop this is to stop this sickness is seek God’s face and stop this Sodom and Gomorrah going on across this land

  • Samuel Cantley says:

    Dose the government workers keep getting paid big money

  • Celestea Deanes says:

    we were better prepared prior to ww2. we had our own manufacturing base and plenty of trained specific factory workers. If we made our own clothes , their would be gowns and masks. If we made our own meds there would be that. If we assembled our own vehicles the machines would be nearly a non issue. Its a fool who neglects his own home and leaves it vunerable.

  • Kianna Hall says:


  • Death Merchant says:


  • AmericanRelic2hear says:

    CHINA knew they had a contagion, continued business and travel as usual, lied about it all, blamed America for the pandemic, and STILL WE KEEP TRADE WITH THEM. America NEEDS OUR OWN FACTORIES. We’re all walking around in homemade masks!! We’ve lost much of our freedoms, our employments, many lives, and trillion$ because of CHINA. Will America ever learn?? Xenophobia/patriotism=appreciate your freedoms, luxuries, families /friends, money, homes, lives.

  • Dhyananda Sadhu says:

    ☺🙏🌺💖💐 Blessings to all. Dear ones, it’s important to stay strong and not give into fear. For anyone who needs hope, I invite you to visit my channel for a few minutes of relaxing meditation music. Do your Self a favor and distance yourself from these horrific news reports, if for at least a few minutes each day. Stay indoors, and use this time in isolation wisely, not huddled in fear, but in deep contemplative meditation and prayer. God bless you and yours!

  • david morris says:

    Its the end of the world and this is its

  • Anna Vajda says:

    Well usually when people are home from work and healthy it’s a holiday sure must be hard to be under house arrest for kids too.

  • J Barela says:

    UN F**KING BELIEVABLE!!! I am just, at a loss for words…I just cant comprehend the urgency and its just surreal its not true…then the sudden anxiety and terror kick in and it becomes real…this is the end folks!!! Get right with Jesus.

  • Chauncey Sullivan says:

    Nothing but lies
    Really good time to be a crisis actor

  • Chauncey Sullivan says:

    There is no virus

  • Chauncey Sullivan says:

    You are being lied to by the news and bill gates

  • Chauncey Sullivan says:

    Kind of like yelling fire in a crowded theatre when there is absolutely no fire

  • Thomas Smith says:

    Gonna need many more body bags and mass graves.

  • Mr. Rose says:

    Next two weeks turned into ???

  • Derrel Jones says:

    Fear.I have lung problems i wont the world to all go to work now pleas president trump .No more fearn

  • Derrel Jones says:

    Nobody me right

  • Derrel Jones says:

    In God we trust!!!!!!-

  • Derrel Jones says:

    Fear cant run this world