EMT Killed At Home By Kentucky Police In ‘Botched Raid,’ Family Says | NBC Nightly News

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Louisville police executed a no-knock search warrant at Breonna Taylor’s house in March, believing a suspected drug dealer used the address to traffic narcotics. In a wrongful death lawsuit, Taylor’s family says officers never announced themselves, her boyfriend believed it was a break-in and Taylor’s lawyer says no drugs were found in the home.
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EMT Killed At Home By Kentucky Police In ‘Botched Raid,’ Family Says | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Andres Bustamante says:

    Major oopsie by the cops. Queue “Curb Your Enthusiasm” theme.

  2. Avatar Kendra Stuckey says:

    The officers didn’t announce themselves. They also went to the WRONG house! The suspect they were looking for had already been detained by law enforcement. This is the typical, poor, reckless, incompetent behavior of trigger happy thugs who should not have been hired as police. Why is there charges against the boyfriend for protecting his family, but no charges against those three murderous officers? These three trigger happy officers murdered an innocent, unarmed woman in her own home. This woman was on the front lines as a EMT saving lives during this pandemic. But, her life was taken from her. The officers should not be on ANY assignment or reassignment. They should be handcuffed after being arrested and charged with most of all MURDER.

  3. Avatar Nick .Celozzi says:

    i’m always pro police, but this is absolutely reckless and terrible.

  4. Avatar Kay Miley says:

    How dare you black man have a gun and defend yourself! Attempted murder? … really?

  5. Avatar 2high Campos says:

    We should just start dropping these pigs and there familys

  6. Avatar 2high Campos says:

    Whats the names thats what i need to find where they live we’ll show them the real break in

  7. Avatar ❻ • B L V C K ❻ C V L T • ❻ says:

    0:13 Good *no such thing as comfort in your own home anymore* A.K.A. GANGSTALKING & TARGETED INDVIDUALS

  8. Avatar Jose Garcia says:

    All those involved should be tortured then dismembered

  9. Avatar All Knowledge says:

    You see, most cops are illiterate. Each and every savage cop should have been shot dead. There should be a public outcry. Maybe all of the cretin cops should be sent to the Korengal valley in Afghanistan. And made to walk while wearing American flag t shirts. Lets see how big and bad they are.

  10. Avatar hockeyslade says:

    Too bad he didnt get all three.

  11. Avatar Blessed to be a blessing. Always says:

    Who is policing the police???

  12. Avatar Death watch says:

    Jesus, If we let Mr. Walker go to jail we will have made a moral misjudgement.

  13. Avatar Phildo Baggins says:

    Something needs to be done about the police in this country.

  14. Avatar big POPPA says:

    This is outrageous. They all need to be sentenced.

  15. Avatar ee rr says:

    Does second amendment not matter anymore? Arrest a man for defending his home? Y’all should’ve handled the situation better and announce yourselves. Or do something.

  16. Avatar DJ AIR says:

    Damm,they did Fred Hampton the same way.

  17. Avatar SBJ8405 says:

    I will not vote for any candidate regardless of party who is for no knock police raids on drug cases.

  18. Avatar chris govan says:

    You need the black militia

  19. Avatar Tema boy says:

    This is white America my people . Two different justice systems (1 for whites and. 1 for blacks ) Welcome to America

  20. Avatar Melanin Views says:

    If you break into my house I’m shooting you . I don’t care who it is .

  21. Avatar Ron Metoyer says:

    We gotta shoot back! And not miss!

  22. Avatar Christopher Columbus says:

    I hope this cases goes to the federal level. We need more laws for cops. This is en example of self defense. Makes no sense for a suppose drug dealer to call 911 on cops.

  23. Avatar Al Ustad Hassannor Ahmed says:

    what is going on in America? why are black people sitting idly doing nothing to put this to end.

  24. Avatar Rico Allen says:

    You know how we got to this point? Because people defended the deaths of Trayvon, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, and even Botham Jean. People who defended all of them, look to yourselves. We wouldn’t have cases like this if certain people stopped giving them excuses and wiggle room.

  25. Avatar Mark Brown says:

    they would have skipped that warrant if they knew the guy was a registered gun owner. I hope a toxicology test was done on the cops.

  26. Avatar 2016r6 860 says:

    Okay he is a licensed gun owner. So they cops knew they had a gun. And if they are wearing plain clothes and body camera something fishy right there. Of course they gunna say the acounted them self or if they kocked said police open up. They did not get woken up intill forced entry. That’s why they say wear body cameras. So u have 3 cops not 1 was wearing them. Thats he say she say story…. someone who owns a gun legally . You think he shoot a cop to lose his right and have to give it up . I don’t think so. If he was a convicted felon and running a drug house and had nothing to lose. So many things wrong with this situation. And for most states if someone is coming towards u u have the right to shoot if they are going away from you u can not. So far I would disagree with the cops

  27. Avatar Mark perez says:

    Again 3 white male acting stupid and not doing there jobs right, where the justice in this? I can’t believe I’m saying this but there is no justice in this black and white world. Sad just sad 🤦‍♂️

  28. Avatar Alex Chacon says:

    This is proof that cops are complete idiots

  29. Avatar Robbie Ezc says:

    PD need to consider this scenario:
    Armed criminals break down your door. They shout “POLICE! POLICE!” as they enter, you put your gun down, hands up, and peacefully surrender, only to be murdered.

    Now another:
    Armed police officers break down your front door, they shout “POLICE! POLICE!”
    You think *yeah right suuure* pull out your firearm, fire through the door, or wall(because you know this house, and use it to your advantage.
    KillIing all police intruders.

    Now we have dead officers doing their job, and a home defender doing his part, charged with murdering a bunch of cops.
    Who very well could have been intruders.

    How can you charge someone for defending their home?
    How can you prove if they knew they were firing at cops?

    Is the reward worth the risk?
    (Dead cops, and dead civilians)
    Are you too lazy to be %100 sure that this is right place to hit?

  30. Avatar El Chino says:

    It looks like they went to jack a dealers dope and got the wrong house

  31. Avatar TaPharoah says:

    Wow. Same ol’ movie on repeat, I see. Tired of watching it, honestly.

  32. Avatar Ramon Medina says:

    Why when cops do something wrong they. Always never take blame

  33. Avatar Dough Boy says:

    Start killing the officers family members they will change wtf they do.

  34. Avatar OldM1tanker says:

    He was defending his home. The pos cops failed to do any raid pre-planning….didn’t bother checking the computer to see if the person they were hunting was incarcerated…just like crapefornea DOJ. Raids peoples home to take their guns….but didn’t know that the person they were going after was already incarceratied….they allegedly triple checked…according to the staged ride along youtube videos….. and cops can’t figure out why they get ambushed while on patrol…..

  35. Avatar #ChefE.Muhammad The Chef says:

    Thats what you should get when you cross that door threshhold..

  36. Avatar k t says:

    Plain clothing, unannounced at 1 a.m.? If I would have mistaken that as a break into, they better start using a bullhorn. No dash or body cam?

  37. Avatar Polar Bear says:

    Sad man

  38. Avatar infam0u59er says:

    The more we see this, the more Chris Dorner’s actions are justified😈

  39. Avatar Will Mills says:

    More good white folks on display. How about that? Professional liars with guns that Will never be punished for their crime.


      Exactly. This is why you can’t trust any of them.

  40. Avatar Mao S. says:

    Crooked Cops they just want the drugs and money!

  41. Avatar Jacob Pierce says:

    The whole department need to be fired smh

  42. Avatar dCosmic1 says:

    Samsung and google collects enough information on me, so imma just keep my comment to myself on this one.

  43. Avatar msmonicacollins collins says:


  44. Avatar Makeda’s Wrath says:

    One day we will have our turn. 😐

  45. Avatar Thomas Beaver says:

    All cops are evil all of them so sorry for the loss

  46. Avatar Serjio Robles says:

    No body cams? Sounds more like a shake down for money or robbery attempt from the plain clothes officers on a drug dealer just like what the police were doing in Baltimore.

  47. Avatar Edward Blodgett says:

    That’s why we need to start killing these bullies with badges!! Corrupt cops quit or die!😷👍

  48. Avatar Jessica R says:

    26 years old, shot 8 times in her home by plain clothes officers, no knock, no body cam

  49. Avatar wandering sword says:

    Disgusting justice system.

  50. Avatar Jeremy Love says:


  51. Avatar CowboyMarty says:

    Let me guess paid leave and donuts for all involved

  52. Avatar Infamous Yash Show says:

    God is making it uncomfortable to live in America for his people. No good is coming to America!. Only destruction.
    Rest to the departed.
    Come out of her my people!

  53. Avatar LOLA G. says:

    Do not forget the person they were looking for was already in custody!!


      Really?????? I didn’t know that.

  54. Avatar suzi perret says:

    Throw the perpetrator police in jail today! This is outrageous! Those fkg racist need to be severely punished. Throw all racist out.

  55. Avatar Joe Krim says:

    We see LEOS beginning to overstep their boundaries.
    We knew these government officials would cave to their tyrant government despite claiming they would not overstep the public rights.

    LEOS know well the average homeowner is gonna protect THE home with firearms.
    Talking about a set up to take away guns by force and DEATH is designed into the raids

  56. Avatar Mitchell Blake says:

    Hes a black gun owner! Right there thats a problem and where is the NRA? I know hes not the right color to defend.

  57. Avatar mario alvarez villa says:

    Red states at it again killing minority and charging them with resisting arrest

  58. Avatar Rodney Parker says:

    The police were acting crazy in this one for sure.

  59. Avatar U M says:

    White nationalists cops.

  60. Avatar Ms. Neanderthug says:

    KkKops strikes again!

  61. Avatar Cave Becky Flatbooty Bitch says:

    I’m tired of Esau spilling the blood of the children of TMH.


    They’re called 👹👹👹👹 for a reason.

    • Avatar ACE CLOP says:

      I lowkey like your username


    This is and has always been AmeriKKKa. She’ll go into other countries spreading “democracy and justice” , while murdering black people in their own homes. These colonizers gotta go. Point Blank Periodt!

  64. Avatar Dillanio Bussue says:

    nasty filthy bad cops

  65. Avatar Cave Becky Flatbooty Bitch says:

    Can someone let me know when these so called “good white people” who claim to be against racism start holding their own people accountable?👀. Cuz, I’m tired of seeing black people marching and trying to dismantle a system that we didn’t create not benefit from.

  66. Avatar Chris Houston says:

    No wonder Moscow Mitch changed his mind about Obama. His racist tone doesn’t poll well with this mess on his hands

  67. Avatar Fuck Susan wojcicki first amendment forever says:

    Still no support from Asians and still not hotline for blacks wow

  68. Avatar Jin N Juice says:

    Imagine if she was white?. Cops fuc*ked up RIP and prayers for the Taylor family.

  69. Avatar Big Smoke Guitar says:

    Never known for outstanding intellect

  70. Avatar Rob Roberts says:

    Is there anyone out here that would be on a jury and find this person guilty? I didn’t think so. The cops are the ones that need to be charged. So clear this person and charge the police.

  71. Avatar adfasd says:

    Charge and convict the officers.

  72. Avatar EddieWordzTv says:

    1) Stop coming to ” Suspects ” assumed residents in the middle of the night. Especially in a country where citizens have the right to bare arms and defend themselves against attackers.

    2) Stop kicking in doors using suprise attacks to serve warrants. Especially in a country where citizens have the right to bare arms and defend themselves against attackers.

    3) Stop assuming that “Suspects” can hear officers on the other side of the door ” announcing ” themselves before entering. In a WORLD where wireless bluetooth headphones, speakers, and earbuds are making Corporations millions of dollars per year…the above practice is obsolete.

    4) Stop attempting to arrest people in PLAIN CLOTHING. In a country where countless home invasions and armed robberies have occurred by criminals posing as law enforcement agents, the above practice is obsolete.

    5) Officers who get themselves involved in situations like this should immediately be suspended from the police department [without pay], and treated as the prime criminal suspects in a MURDER case, until proven innocent. Because in America, You are presumed Guilty until PROVEN innocent. I understand what the Law States, but in practice law enforcement agencies are doing it BACKWARDS.

    6) Along with all standard legal proceeding, it might be time to add a multicultural jury of 120 individuals from various religious, economical, and social standings to be the voice of the court of public opinions. In situations like this one, Maybe a jury of 12 peers isn’t truly a representation of the public that law enforcement serves.

    The current order of operation is inadequate and people are inherently corrupt. I believe it is easier and will have a higher success rate if we ratify the system, rather than attempt to change the bias individual’s may have towards the public they have CHOSEN to work for.

    May God bless America. #StayHealthy #StaySafe.

  73. Avatar Jonathan Henry says:

    Imaging that; a 26 year young lady, doing everything right, essential
    worker, apparently worked at two hospitals; murdered violently in her
    home in the middle of the night by rogue cops. I wonder why NBC doesn’t
    report the details that the guy they were looking for was already found
    and in jail. God Rest her Soul. I hope that man gets out of jail asap.
    Those three cops need to be charged with murder; so the judge can hear
    how they decided to do this: person they were after was already in custody; why are they in plain
    clothes, no body cam, three cops in the middle of the night, without backup? It’s like they went
    there to do a HIT.

  74. Avatar James Callahan says:


  75. Avatar Will Hopkins Hopkins says:

    Police raids and no knock raids needs to come to an end plain and simple to many corrupted stupid cops!!

  76. Avatar Will Hopkins Hopkins says:

    Please sue and press charges!

  77. Avatar paperEATER101 says:

    where’s that 911 call?

  78. Avatar Nate Dog says:

    What!!! White cops shot and killed black folks and got away with it? I hope this isn’t the start of some sort of trend, cause that would just be crazy in this great land of freedom and equality. It would have the white founding fathers turning over in their graves.

  79. Avatar Jean Nieves says:

    Beautiful women taken abruptly
    It’s harder and harder to heal this
    Continued behavior of overzealous policemen
    Is that what teach
    Police Academy

  80. Avatar Mudd says:

    Blindly shooting into a house could be kids in there idiots shot her 8 times stupid mother forker

  81. Avatar DachshundsRule says:

    I just commented when I shared the other news story that I’d like to see the BWC footage from this “raid”. And whadda know, there is none. How ’bout the 9-1-1 call? That would help.

  82. Avatar ROCK YOUR NATURAL says:

    This is beyond infuriating. I am disgusted by this. This is america. Living while black in this country. You defend your home, and you face charges . How depressing. The land of the free? Really???

  83. Avatar Bella Reese says:

    You didn’t report it was the wrong people and home. And the person they were looking for was in jail. Report facts 💯

  84. Avatar 619 OG says:

    Time to hold court in the street if that’s my family member.

  85. Avatar Charles Daniels says:

    All officers should be legally sued for for all of their assets and their Dept Should be under investigation.

  86. Avatar Zig Zag says:

    A bill need to be passed into law allowing americans to defend them self and their family against the police or any rogue agent of the state.

  87. Avatar Snowfert says:

    The US govt is trying to inflict more chaos than there already is. Love one another people, dont fight evil with evil.

  88. Avatar D T says:

    Again and Again !!!!! Whats next for black mixed people who feel that they would be judged for the good work they do and not judged by the saying that If the guy is black and has nice cars or doesn’t work but has nice things …then oh well he must be a drug dealer… better yet all black men must be drug dealers and you know that’s a definite NO… By them calling 911 they should have had a immediate passive radio call to stand down wrong address… These officers need to be held accountable because its a shame to have them get training by our military and still continue to make the same mistakes…. While we are still in the Middle-East our US Armed Service Branch’s don’t even continue to murder innocents people just to do it….. This strikes a cord in everyone of color, mixed, multiracial, because this is someone that worked with them and they still didn’t protect them or at least do their homework….. I know their are Police officers that are out there doing the right thing, to them they get the praises because they wouldn’t let this happen on their watch… If it did they would try to deescalate the situation before it went bad…or went over the plan of engagement….not about the rules , they suppose to know that by now….its about strategic planning and watching their drone footage and camera, and hidden camera surveillance don’t need to say more…. Much at their disposal to use to confirm targets….. Common sense…Some have it some don’t… Someone dropped the ball on this one…… A shame… She was one of you….. Same team…..and a woman….Its called protect you’re team!!! THE HATE HAS TO STOP!!!!!!

  89. Avatar Sunrise Morninglory says:


  90. Avatar Anthony Turpin says:

    It’s time for all black people to get legal guns registered and license and learn how to properly use get new no way in locks on your doors protect yourself and your family Good bless be safe they are trying to take us out with bs excuses wrongly pursue or unjustified prosecution

  91. Avatar DaMaDnEsS says:

    I’m sick of seeing weak trained officers do stuff like this. I really wish police had to do Marine grade training to even qualify to put on the badge

  92. Avatar Aquafishsoup says:

    Cops giving coronavirus a run for its money.

  93. Avatar Rose Hernandez says:

    Wow unbelievable

  94. Avatar citizenY says:

    Reckless Irresponsible Policing Syndrome
    ~ ‘Murika

  95. Avatar Gustavo Herrera says:

    Another ruby ridge? Another waco?

  96. Avatar Huncho Jack says:

    We need a president that will get the police in line trump probably sees nothing wrong here

  97. Avatar grahammichael35 says:

    Read the facts

  98. Avatar A.O.R _8_8_8 says:

    You have the names of the officers now go murder them 💀💀💀💀

  99. Avatar Tangela Gray says:

    This case is similar to the “no knock warrant” case in Houston, TX last year.

  100. Avatar Manny Amato says:

    I smell a race war brewing.

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