New Reopenings As CDC Models Project 100,000+ Deaths By June 1 | NBC Nightly News

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As at least five more states take the first steps toward reopening Friday, the CDC issues its delayed guidelines for reopening safely.
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New Reopenings As CDC Models Project 100,000+ Deaths By June 1 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar JP K says:

    I’m so concerned about schools reopening. None of my coworkers wore a mask when I went in to clean out my classroom.
    They all say, “we are not afraid of the virus”.
    I knew elementary education did not attract the best and brightest, but really? Are they all mentally deficient? As a former special education teacher, my students with lower IQs are smarter than my coworkers who are mostly over 55 and overweight!!

    • Avatar priscilla L says:

      I’m a pharmacist and the pharmacist I work with thinks this is all a hoax to make trump look bad and it’s not as many dead as the claim , she thinks it’s 5g also .. smh I myself have a autoimmune disease and literally I’m scared working with her . How can educated people in the medical field be so stupid !

  2. Avatar Tom Wickenden says:

    Hope he goes out on rallies right away. Gather all the Trumpers together,sounds good!!

  3. Avatar Brighton Babe says:

    Another. Thing for restaurants charge a higher rate. Food is so cheap in the US but now patrons need to pay a more appropriate rate. People can eat at home so people won’t starve.

  4. Avatar Eigono Kyoushi says:

    That was great when Trump said, “Listen up, it’s full blown death mode from now till election day! I gotta get re-elected. It’s mostly the blacks that are dying so it’s all good. Make America spike again!”

  5. Avatar Mo Uri says:

    So this time next week over 100,000 Americans will have died.

  6. Avatar marymarsh000 says:

    We went from “flatten the curve” to “find the cure”.
    We went from “social distancing” to “house arrest”.
    We went from “two weeks” to “three months”.
    We went from “we’re in it together” to “snitch on your neighbors”.
    We went from “individual liberty“ to “comply or pay fines“.
    We lost the target; and the government knows it.

  7. Avatar Cheesy the Kid says:

    Just look at Sweden. They have more elderly people. No lockdown. They’re not doing much worse than USA. Lockdown is a joke!

  8. Avatar Wabber jacky says:

    For all the ones who stay home , I know you still go to the grocery store. Dont you and I’m sure u still want people to go to work to make sure that food keep coming.

    • Avatar Mawmaw Sue says:

      We use an app on the cell phone to order our groceries, we pay online and go pick them up at appointed time, they load them into our car. We wipe down everything and throw outside packaging away. We don’t trust anyone or anything.

  9. Avatar J. Lo says:

    100,000 deaths? That’s not even four months of abortions in this country!!!
    862,000 a year – almost 3,000 A DAY!!!
    Covid-19 will go away but killing babies in the womb will go on!!!
    50-million babies killed since Roe v. Wade!!! Which one of those babies would have grown up and discovered a cure for cancer???!!!

  10. Avatar K R says:

    This is absolutely crazy, I’m down for our freedom, but dammit the pandemic is real. We still need to be safe. I’m guessing no one will sue when more people become infected.

  11. Avatar Bismillah Rabbani says:

    People need to study how immunity works. Staying isolated is not the way to build a healthy immune system.

  12. Avatar carrollyn quinn says:

    Well I guess drunk drivers should get out in the streets and demand their civil rights to be able to drive drunk and smokers should demand their civil rights to smoke where ever they want. These idiots are demanding the right to die and take innocents with them.

  13. Avatar J Ch says:

    a million deaths is nothing, there are 350mil. traffic is great!

  14. Avatar Dawn-Marie Langlois says:

    How do you handle running a business on a ventilator

  15. Avatar Turok, not the dinosaur hunter, the adult film star says:

    You were wrong about Georgia. So, we’ll see. You people are the worst.

  16. Avatar Rowel Aromin says:


  17. Avatar JoMo's Dipped in Chocolate says:

    I see the city as if we’re back to normal. It’s crazy. I’m the only one with a mask on. I feel so awkward.😵

  18. Avatar MisstressMourtisha says:


  19. Avatar Tommy Lim says:

    ” I want my freedom ” the lady says. Sure , you can have your freedom and death as you wish but do it on an isolated island. You die alone n no one will care. Just don’t bring others down with you!

  20. Avatar Tommy Lim says:

    If only most of them knew how easily the virus can be spread. Even face mask alone won’t be enough. Not when our droplets can last in air for 6-14 minutes , can also catch it by it coming into our eyes and just by the slightest touch of contact from anyone who has it , especially those who are Asymptomatic

  21. Avatar Just Me says:

    Maybe, but not from a virus

  22. Avatar Jean Falco says:


  23. Avatar Carrot toppin' says:

    Welcome the America the impatient and where everyone needs someone to blame for their problems over first country issues when in other countries that isn’t an option for survival ! And where Trump’s world all they’ve done is escalate things for very very ignorant Americans

  24. Avatar Robert Pickett says:

    Disaster is looming, it will cost lives, many more.!!

  25. Avatar Adam Heredia says:

    Tyranny to quarantine?! Tyranny doesn’t care about your life. Making people go out and mingle IS tyranny. So I have to risk my life & put my family’s life at risk for what?! So rich people can’t get their indebted servants back to work and make them money?!

  26. Avatar Des Rain says:

    Today I pray the test is no good just the one

  27. Avatar Pat Roe says:

    The morons in this country want to lead everyone over the cliff! Wait until it all boomerangs in their faces next winter. Should have confined it, given $2,000 a month for 4 months to stay home and slow down the spread of this. But the way it was done, Wall St may recover temporarily while society sinks!

  28. Avatar edward mille says:

    Read the history of the Spanish Flu which by the way started in Kansas you know how we like to blame other countries. The ignorance is what did the most killing and now because we’re in the age of the Trump 40% of the population in America is f****** ignorant

  29. Avatar ASI ASI says:

    Germs are part of nature shared by all we are all just a germ

  30. Avatar Mildred Smith says:

    I am a black American, I also want my freedom. Perhaps COVIN-19 will teach empathy to the racist heartless white privileged.

  31. Avatar Michael Johnson says:

    I feel like there is saliva all over everything in a restaurant. No thank you.

  32. Avatar Johnny Fasttruck says:

    You are trusting doctors that can’t even tell you how many genders there are

  33. Avatar D Roberts says:


  34. Avatar duke hungry says:

    Let Mother Nature run its course that’s the way it’s always been Only the Strong Survive

  35. Avatar Da Mao says:

    At least Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx wore masks next to Trump.

  36. Avatar Nova Scotia says:

    They should keep the music volume low in restaurants to encourage people to speak softly and not spread spit.

  37. Avatar Minas Morgul says:

    Best of luck, “Patriots”. I’m keeping my mask, gloves, and sanitizer until there’s a vaccine.

  38. Avatar TRUTH says:

    So dummy donnie peez tell us again what warp SPEED is

  39. Avatar Rich X says:

    Reputable models are predicting 150k by June. That would be terrible. Americans should be as active as possible in maintaining social distancing and isolating the vulnerable.

  40. Avatar Tee Bellerina says:

    I wonder what temperature the asymptomatic people will be? Normal?

  41. Avatar penguin cute says:

    You don’t need any so-called models to project. Just check the daily death: Everyday, 1000+ dies, so each 10 days, 10, 000 will die.

  42. Avatar Leanne Maddison says:

    Have funerals been opened too?

  43. Avatar Lia Spring says:

    Protesters are IDIOTS!!!!!

  44. Avatar Lia Spring says:

    Don’t be NAIVE !! There will be NO NORMAL (the way it used to be) FOR A VERY LONG TIME ! If we continue living as BEFORE after this nightmare is over- then it will ONLY mean ONE THING – WE did not learn the LESSON !!
    Opening Too Soon will SIMPLY BRING A SECOND WAVE !!! IDIOTS !! The profound Ignorance and Stupidity of people will never stop surprising me.

  45. Avatar Lia Spring says:

    What FREEDOM has to do with Virus ?? Wise People choose LIFE over DEATH! To RETURN TO WORK ONLY to DIE ???!!

  46. Avatar Lia Spring says:

    Opening Too Soon will SIMPLY BRING A SECOND WAVE !!! IDIOTS !! The profound Ignorance and Stupidity of people will never stop surprising me.

  47. Avatar Lia Spring says:

    To eat in FEAR in restaurants? The food will get stuck in my throat ! Learn how to cook at HOME for Goodness sake! Most Americans can’t EVEN cook :((((

  48. Avatar Lia Spring says:

    Americans are like children. The COMMON Sense is Mandatory for Survival. But Americans are waiting to be told what to do. Like in Kindergarten ( the situation with masks for instance)

  49. Avatar Lia Spring says:

    Simple solution ! Cook at Home ! I am NOT going to ANY Restaurants in the next several years !!

    • Avatar Mawmaw Sue says:

      I couldn’t agree more, restaurants are nasty dirty places in the best of them and worse in most of them.

  50. Avatar Lia Spring says:

    It is almost half year ! They are STILL talking about Developing a Strategy !??

  51. Avatar Lia Spring says:

    I’m afraid it will be TALKS, TALKS, TALKS for the next 3 years ! The US is INCAPABLE of DOING ANYTHING !! Total Failure !

  52. Avatar Mawmaw Sue says:

    We’re elderly and we’re staying inside. We want food from a restaurant we order delivery. We preorder our groceries and they put them in our car. We’ve not seen our grandchildren in over two months except by video chat. And we don’t care how many businesses they open up we’re not going out shopping. We walk in the sunshine within the confines of our fenced yard. We didn’t get to live this long by not being cautious and careful. We lived through one world PANDEMIC for the Kong Hong flu back in 1968/69 we were a lot younger then too. To each their own it’s their life but as for us we’ll be right here at home.

  53. Avatar Al Schmegelsky says:

    Super duper, May the farce be with you

  54. Avatar Pendragon says:

    I thought that a 4 year old and a 5 month old had Died from the Virus

  55. Avatar ed mountain horse says:

    Feed the virus with your stupidity, clueless trump will not save you just take your life. Covid is waiting for you to venture out to your death, only trump supporters feel there freedom of rights are being violated. Hint America on a day to day basis is being violated by your commander, ignorance is bliss. Good luck to all!

  56. Avatar Rebecca N says:

    These selfish dumbdumbs wanting their “freedom” to infect everyone with Covid-19 need to opt out of receiving medical care should they require hospitalization. People typically start shedding the virus two days before they start showing symptoms. Save the ventilators for those of us who are staying home as much as possible, disinfecting surfaces, wearing masks, and using hand sanitizer/hand-washing every time we touch anything that someone else has touched. This is a pandemic! Your medical providers are the experts, not your friends, salespeople, hair stylists, or politicians!

  57. Avatar Eliott Padilla says:

    “vaccine or no vaccine, we are back”
    Yeah back to where we first started.

  58. Avatar Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk says:

    Go out and don’t wear a mask – encourage natural selection. It will raise the nations average IQ.

  59. Avatar Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk says:

    Hey, You need to hurry, it will take about seven months to get an anti-virus vaccine so you only have that long to increase the death rate.

  60. Avatar Marlene Mounce says:

    🙏🌻sending love and best wishes to all the business owners. ♥️we all need to remember what matters most right now.

  61. Avatar Kevin Song says:

    Grantee you guys’re going to face the serious 2nd wave for sure!

  62. Avatar P Burch says:

    One vaccine won’t cover this chain. It is different all over. I’m not taking it. Take Zinc, d3, vitamin c

  63. Avatar Krispy CookiexD says:

    Operation warp speed ….Go!

  64. Avatar Krispy CookiexD says:

    An asymptomatic patient….how much virus load does a cough contain?

  65. Avatar carlitosh101 says:

    Well we are not running out of plasma

  66. Avatar JOE GEAI says:

    Trump is ? What can we say?

  67. Avatar Izzy Izzy says:

    Don’t worry lady pretty soon you won’t have to worry about being in house arrest as you’ll soon be under corona arrest.

  68. Avatar Krispy CookiexD says:

    It is not advisable to test asymptomatic patients…..if you undesrstand how these tests work

  69. Avatar Johnny McMerica says:

    Thousands more dead every few days, 36 Million filing for Unemployment, and an economic collapse – America is in the worst shape ever. Do we feel “Great Again” Thanks Trump!

  70. Avatar Oscar Orozco says:

    We will 100,000 in 6 days or 7 not until june 1.

  71. Avatar Meme Dog says:

    No one will know the truth about this virus till 40 years from now but it is a cover-up

  72. Avatar GRU dTT says:

    The moment I am watching this ithe death toll has risen to 90k … only after a few hours… it is scary and sad… and stupid to reopen too soon…

  73. Avatar Holly Baker says:

    Too late! We doin it without ya!😁

  74. Avatar Mc Cc says:

    Death Is Good

  75. Avatar Mc Cc says:

    Stop eating so much you pigs! Geeez!

  76. Avatar Mc Cc says:

    I will NEVER EVER EVER eat outside my tent.

  77. Avatar Dupa Essex says:

    1:10 – You’re not under house arrest – you fat ugly ignorant Pig…!!!

  78. Avatar Mary D says:

    This is disgusting. Yes. Let’s pretend this is ok and normal. La dee dah #BloodOnYourHands

  79. Avatar Dannunaki Fuque says:

    Governments are Corporations. You are Slaves. The CDC is a Corporation. This Broadcasting Corporation is a Corporation. They are selling you a product to exchange for your toilet paper money.

  80. Avatar S.D.C. says:

    Vaccine or no vaccine I’m plunging my country into a cloud of death whether we like it or not.

  81. Avatar Z Zhou says:

    Land of the free = virus travels freely

  82. Avatar ShayBabé Lyfe says:

    Anyone wants to lose 5 lbs in 5 days? Or make your own money during this pandemic? Become your own boss. Make your own hours and not experience this feeling of waiting on our leaders make a decision that affects our lives? @t or @t to change your life.

  83. Avatar T S says:

    Apologize to God for the evil you have done to innocent people around the world. Instead of being arrogant. Pray for mercy and forgiveness dumb Trump

  84. Avatar Daryl Leckt says:

    nothing to fear
    trump has announced the military will make sure we all get the trump injection
    or else

  85. Avatar Peace & Glory says:

    “The president not wearing a face mask during today’s Rose Garden news conference.” While showing the president standing in a sunny spot. And earlier you reported that THE VIRUS DIES IN THE SUN WITHIN MINUTES. Get it together CNBC. I’m starting to side with the the Trump people, all thanks to the petty nonsense reporting such as this. I still can’t stand Maria from Fox News & never will. But please get smarter about reporting JUST THE NEWS and not pushing an agenda that’s clearly over the top. You’re pushing me to the other side.

  86. Avatar Fat Albert says:

    Why were the models predicting 2 million CoVid19 deaths in America so wrong? Why is the US recovery rate (about 19%) so low? Why is the government refusing to publish seasonal influenza deaths?

  87. Avatar Shelly D says:

    Well so far in the world, in the year 2020 we have had 22 million deaths and counting worldwide. 57 million deaths is the average per year worldwide. We have about six and a half more months to go till the Year’s end…. I guess we’ll see if covid-19 caused more deaths in a year worldwide. The death count has to be over 57 million… the average deaths worldwide a year.🤔 Otherwise it’s no different than any other year of our lives where 57 million people died worldwide🤷‍♀️. And 150000 people die each day worldwide… if you do the math we’re pretty much on schedule…. not exceeding the average number of deaths in a
    normal year🤔. Just sayin’

  88. Avatar dj Curiosity says:

    Let’s go to the House of pancakes hundred thousand people died today let’s celebrate!

  89. Avatar Juan Miguel says:

    Open up to CLOSE AGAIN IDIOT’S!!!

  90. Avatar Jan truitt says:

    Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive…what in the world will that man do when he is so wrong?
    I hope that he is still alive in a couple three years!
    Maybe not…..

  91. Avatar akev says:

    Covid might be good for the restaurant industry. The good ones that care about hygiene and creating an enjoyable experience will survive, if customers are willing to pay what that service is honestly worth. Those that serve cheap, low nutrition food in a crowded and comfortless environments will disappear like dinosaurs (but shouldn’t they?) I won’t miss the fast food assembly lines and greasy spoons.

  92. Avatar Uniquely Me. says:

    All of us human puppets or being played right into the hands of death many ways than one. They say you can’t fight what you can’t see. Although those who are awake see right through Donald Trump conniving incompetent foolish ways of gullibility the trick certain people’s mentalities. And all it takes is one. Delete all of the sheeple writing to the lines of Slaughter. And it’s the same time still more other assets while they’re distracted. Wake up America is getting played by trump an administration an outsiders.

  93. Avatar butternuttt says:

    seriousy let these people die out. darwin was right. if you don’t have common sense, let them die. if they can’t control their impulses to get their hair and nails done, let them go out and do it, darwin was right. the most fit of us will survive

  94. Avatar Claude Boily says:

    When we will reach the 100 000 deaths, Donald Trump will say that that number has been exagerated and that it is less than that. In reality, it is more possible that we missed more than we added them.

  95. Avatar Michael Wehye says:

    So many people are going to needlessly die because stupid wypeepo are inconvenienced. Lord help us!

  96. Avatar John Buck says:

    This is going to be quite the experiment. Operation ludacris speed.

  97. Avatar John Buck says:

    The hospitals will have many nosocomial infection in 4-6wks

  98. Avatar D' Essay says:

    How will the Department of Education re-open schools?
    New cases of childhood related coronavirus disease are founded.
    Kids are not immune and kids do not have any freedom to choose as minors.
    If so ordered back to school the physical distancing of students is not likely to succeed in the old bell-driven, herd method of teaching kids in school environments.
    I doubt Betsy DeVoss has the imagination of presenting a total reform package of the educational system of the US that overcomes this problem of physical distancing in schools.
    A rollout to open and how the chips fall is the re-opening. This is the routine method that in the past involved things not the lives of our children!

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