Convalescent Plasma Appears Safe As COVID-19 Treatment, Study Shows | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/17
Convalescent Plasma Appears Safe As COVID-19 Treatment, Study Shows | NBC Nightly News

A new report from a nationwide team of more than 5,000 doctors shows promising results for using convalescent plasma, an experimental treatment that uses antibody-rich blood serum of recovered COVID-19 patients to help the sick.
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Convalescent Plasma Appears Safe As COVID-19 Treatment, Study Shows | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (72件)

  • Rami Mirou says:

    i hope all of you are okay stay safe

    • Carole Carole says:

      You do the same and your family stay safe.

  • Ernie Estrada says:


  • Haris Bosnjak says:

    Im not member of Jehova Witness but i know some people from work! They explain me basic about their religion! I agrre with them about blood transfusion😵, that is unacceptable!

    • Anessia MARTIN says:

      It’s plasma, not blood

    • Haris Bosnjak says:

      @Anessia MARTIN it is not saliva from mouth it is ” water” from nose..

  • MC KO says:

    It’s probably time to move on

  • Jean Talon says:

    the cure for the coronavirus is to not care

    • Beyond Confusion says:

      Jean Talon you should care. Honestly if you care about any loved one who my be compromised immune system . A grand parent, people with sever asthma, everyone is different, pay attention to scientists and Doctors on this not a Clown Orange, you call President. Thank you

    • Jean Talon says:

      @Beyond Confusion do you boo boo

    • Ebony Filly says:

      @Beyond Confusion He is the ONLY one I pay attention to. Who wants you locked up?

  • Ghana Man Germany says:

    Im really happy that, most doctors and scientists in America are fighting hard to destroyed this coronavirus—— TRUMP–did not get it

    • Valerie Jones says:

      does trump get anything,how many times has he gone bankrupt

    • Ebony Filly says:

      Oh yes he does ……. and we have not heard from ALL of the doctors and scientists in America YET!! That will be a great day!

    • isang nallica says:

      Trump is optimist unfortunately the leftist liberals are viciously criticizing him

  • David Ellis says:

    Trump needs to start wearing a 😷 !

    • Jessica McNeill says:

      He’s far too stubborn to do it because he’s is concerned with his imgage.

    • Judah NYC says:

      David Ellis nope! He needs to get it the hoax.

    • Carole Carole says:

      No he does not need to wear a mask.

    • Ebony Filly says:


    • laz Watts says:

      You need to stop breathing

  • muuuuuud says:

    Those are welcome news, outstanding people! <3

  • Aw Chakula says:

    This might be a good thing, but let doctors figure it out and announce it out so we can be sure. Stop peddling anecdotal evidence as mirical cures. You are just as bad as trump tlling us to treat ourselves with chloroquine… 😕

    • December Agents says:

      Thank you. This whole “miracle” report has only concluded that it’s not harmful to transfuse plasma from people who have recovered. It says nothing about proving that it actually helps the disease, only that it’s safe to do and thus won’t make you worse. They said they’re still looking into whether it’s actually effective, and until they know that part, you might as well be saying that drinking water won’t make your infection worse. That’s true of course, but not really the thing we were mainly wanting to know.

  • Dani Faragi says:

    I wonder how long its gone take Trump to take credit for this treatment even though he never knew about it

    • Ebony Filly says:

      If Trump doesn’t recommend it no way will I be taking it!

    • Anessia MARTIN says:

      He knows

  • Soul Glow says:

    I think this is…. laying the groundwork for hr 6(x4). next we will hear, if only we knew where all the covid survivors were… ohh we need tracking to locate donors…

  • Haad Bajwa says:

    Some good news

  • TheRaiderra says:

    I’m happy to hear progress is being made in USA, i just hate that i have to listen to Trump try and explain these things in the news.

    • Gen C says:

      Blame China. I think the world should go to war with China. When China is destroyed the following should happen. Hong Kong will be under UK control, USA should take Shenzhen, Russia can have manchuria, Tibet and Xinjiang gets independence, inner Mongolia reunite with Mongolia, Germany should take back Qingdao, Japan can have Shanghai, Taiwan should take the rest of Han China, Korea can have the area border by north Korea. This time no 99 year lease. Take it forever

  • Peter Torbay says:

    Moment I saw Fauci in the media I thought ‘vampire’. And now we’re there, everyone trapped at home, in bed, lethargic, barely able to keep their eyes open after 12 hours of social media,…then Nosferatu Fauci comes creeping up the stairs for plasma. Used to work next to a blood bank, window on the quad between the blood bank and a big high school, and every lunchtime the kids would move like sheep to be sheared towards the blood bank, then the drug dealer cars would appear in the HS parking lot. Think how many teenagers died from that one drug-blood bank-HS operation. And there are 24,000 other high schools like that.

    • drivethrupoet says:

      LMAO! but… you aren’t totally wrong…

    • Ebony Filly says:

      STAY HOME Is Faucigate’s recommendation. Yeah rite great scientist. Not on your life or more importantly MINE!!

  • Angie Albania says:

    Health authorities here the philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 are doing that convalence plasma theraphy a month a go…here in the philippines..still on going…. on patient with mild to moderate covid19 conditions already…

  • Cameron Ragsdale says:

    Please figure this out drs. Thank you.

  • Daniel Gibbie says:

    THE clear rubber mask for best protection against Covid. The mask that we needed but didn’t have. The mask being created specifically for this pandemic is actively being developed. Your funding is helpful towards it.

  • MrFatcatscott says:

    S Korea already got this treatment and cured 4 people weeks ago, but I haven’t heard how it is progressed since then.

    • I don't like humans says:

      I don’t think they have enough Covid critical to compile effective data.

    • Elizabeth Peterson says:


  • Yu Zihao says:

    This has been done in China sincerely February and cannot believe they started doing it now

    • Ebony Filly says:

      Well that puts and end to that then.

    • Anessia MARTIN says:

      She isn’t the first person here. They started about six weeks ago and it was on the news than as well

  • Eco Geek says:


    • Ebony Filly says:

      It sure stopped a lot of cases becoming severe in Australia. Look at their death toll! But they arn’t Trump haters so they actually tried it!! Seems the Republican states must have too. They are surely getting on with things and re opening.

  • Slick Rick says:

    Tired of these false fake promises of cures, vaccines and treatments. If it’s a guarantee then it’s not news worthy.

    • Lorenzo Marini says:

      It works almost at 100%. By the way it’s not an experimental cure. It was already in use against Spanish Flu in 1918

    • julia alonzo says:

      me too, we are still on lockdown despite all these promising cures…

  • Tim Tufan says:

    A bottle of SCOTCH and an ounce of crack is more encourageing!

  • Viv Pace says:

    That was a remarkable recovery. I know she was elated. Covid19 is very scary. .. you undeniably & immediately know when you are better or worse. Good job auntie.

  • Ta'liyah Johnson says:

    Just watched a video about how doctors in New York are purposely killing African American and Mexican patients and was wondering if they have covered this story yet or at least are they going to

  • Phil J.L Fig says:

    This looks cool but I don’t trust this news station, so….

  • John Walck says:

    I’m not going to believe a doctor; I’m going to believe Donald and inject some disinfectant and shove a lightbulb up my keister.

  • Phil J.L Fig says:

    There’s more good data on hydroxycloriquin/Zpack then this …..

    • Ebony Filly says:

      Gotta smother the data on hydroxy because it works lol

  • Original says:

    Da technology has come to rise.

  • Shane Whitbread says:

    Good news but too bad your President , Republican party and at least 43% of the American people dont believe in science.

  • wiley schmitt says:

    The medical term for urine is ‘plasma ultra filtrate’ (watery plasma, 95% water) but millions of people practice a therapy that can utilize it in several ways to help recover or heal just about anything internally, but especially externally for cuts, burns, blisters, scars, and overall skin health (a lot of super models have been known to splash pee on their face daily to keep the skin tighter and healthier looking). As far as healing goes there’s absolutely no money to be made in this and is why no one’s ever told you about it before, plus you likely wouldn’t have taken it seriously anyways so it’s an easy secret to keep because people don’t want to even think about drinking their own perfect water.

    • Dr Phot says:

      R. Kelly has known about this for years bro!

  • Jamie Racki says:

    Great now here comes the 4th strain aidus corunas

  • Beef Beef says:

    I nicknamed Coronavirusanus2020. 👴🏾I kinda wanna defeats it,.. The planet 🌍 is getting heavy. We might drift out of our planetary orbit system towards the sun or to the cosmos. 👴🏾I love you.

  • Cathal Sheehan says:

    The only question is how much money can be made from this? That will determine if Fauci will give it any light.


    Sign this petition and inform others!
    Petition Title: Oppose HR 6666 the TRES Act
    Please Act Immediately
    HR 6666 The TRES Act was just proposed in Congress. This Act will allow government officials to enter ANYONE’S HOME and force Test them for COVID-19/ and or antibodies. Then the government officials would have the right to remove children from the home/ remove anyone testing positive from the home, etc. I can’t imagine how removing someone from their home is going to protect anyone. I have a husband with Alzheimer’s Disease. I don’t have Covid19 but if I tested positive who would take care of my husband if I were removed from my home? We must be living in NAZI Germany for such an Act like this to be brought forth in Congress. Please STOP this ASAP.

  • Mike F says:

    This should be dominating headlines. Not dr bright testimony or political dramas.

  • Ian N. says:

    Dr. Fraudci is not convince, he needs more trial… By the way use Remdesivir instead…

  • carmelo quiles says:

    Thank you

  • Colleen McWhan says:

    Why isn’t the CDC or President or
    Dr. Fauci or someone announcing this, instead of some random person on a news cast.

    If they have found a Miracle

    Actually, I definitely wouldn’t believe it if it came from any of the above.

  • john wick says:

    pls no more fake new guys…

  • Smarternu says:

    The COVID-FEARDEMIC is much worse than the PANDEMIC

  • Butter_King says:

    trump is doing a bad way to find vaccines

  • Lorenzo Marini says:

    Experimental therapy that was used in 1918 during Spanish Flu!