Virgin Galatic plans to build the first commercial spacecraft

2020 5/18
Virgin Galatic plans to build the first commercial spacecraft

Yahoo Finance’s Ines Ferre discusses Sir Richard Branson’s aerospace tourism company, Virgin Galatic, which was founded in 2004 and debuted as an IPO in 2019. The company had the goal of launching the world’s first commercial spacecraft.
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コメント一覧 (46件)

  • Isaac says:

    Let me first explore earth before I go to space

    • Joe Stitz says:

      Going to space, you will be exploring the earth, get off the ground and don’t be like the billions throughout history

    • Cannabis Farmer says:

      😃 “I concur”

  • Isaac says:

    Let me first explore earth before risking my life to space

    • Machiavelli2pc says:

      Isaac go for it man.

  • Philip Scherzinger says:

    WSB gang

    • ultradeadd says:

      stfu lmao

    • goodkat says:

      Spce to the moon!

    • Michael_6ivenchy says:

      I’ll be back once this stock hits $1,000

    • Jake DiFatta says:

      Autists unite

    • J Swartz says:

      Stonks 🌚🌚🌚🚀🚀🚀

  • 999 999 says:

    spce 🌑🚀

    • Master Digger says:


    • olive oil says:

      Already tripled my position hahaha

    • olive oil says:

      $200 by December

    • Master Digger says:


    • James Amorello says:

      200 by December I like that

  • A J says:

    Virgin Galactic is still a virgin at getting into orbit. My money is on a more seasoned “player”, SpaceX.

    • Olah Z51 says:

      Good job doing your DD! 🤦‍♂️

    • RechargeableLithium says:

      @ΙησούςisGod 1611 You do know they’ve been running back and forth to ISS for years, right? And have put a satellite into a solar orbit? And this year starts flying humans to ISS? Virgin isn’t even getting to orbit – it’s a suborbital ‘carnival ride’.

    • Trade Wolf says:

      @RechargeableLithium Who cares just invest!

    • Kalem St.Louis says:

      Trade Wolf “who cares just invest” ….

    • andrew l says:

      Soooooo, how’s your money doing with SpaceX?

  • Joe Stitz says:

    Wait till flights go Higher! And cheaper. Time.-.-.-.-

  • Keith Allver says:

    That assclown Branson has been saying that they are ready for tourist flights for over a decade now.

    • siragoylas says:

      Keith Allver assclown. big words from. someone who doesnt have a profile picture

    • JUICE SPILLER says:


  • JIMI JAMES says:

    No russia will be the first (period) I had it with scammers,seriously cant even revive the concorde!
    something about incest and money which in gods cursed can’t achieve any of such unless reversed!

  • Brandon Weaver says:

    Let’s go 🚀

  • Junaid Khan says:

    Very disruptive technology with pretty much no competitor at the moment. As I have been saying for a while now that they are almost there! Love the direction and leadership of this company!

    • Michael Ortega says:

      Junaid Khan I first came to realize this company 2 days ago. I invested and already made profits faster than any other stock ever. Except for a Tesla. This is my new Tesla and having both is amazing

  • Kenneth Elliott says:

    I’ve literally seen this headline recycled every year since 2005. Virgin Galactic has not delivered and I feel sorry for anyone who made a down payment to fly.

  • Kalem St.Louis says:

    Respect that he’ll be on the first one.
    I hope it becomes a successful business but I’m bearish on the stock.

  • J Flow says:

    Longing this stock

  • Trade Wolf says:

    This will be the Space Tesla, dont get left behind guys. This stock doesnt need fundamentals it will take off regardless. Dont say i didnt warn you 🤑🚀🚀

    • Sen Crypto says:

      Trade Wolf could be the Next TESLA.

  • Andrew Johnson says:

    This will probe flat earth even more!

  • Kemal Choudhury says:

    stock jumped to the moon.

  • Marcus Jordan says:

    Please don’t waste any of those beautiful views on a stupid flat earthier smh

  • Jeff Cann says:

    What’s happening with Tesla and Virgin Galactic is feeling a lot like 1999. Be careful out there.

    • Taval Dacres says:

      In 1999 people were buying website for millions and billions of dollars, there are tangible assets and concrete plans at play here, I dont quite see the correlation

    • Jeff Cann says:

      Taval Dacres Qualcomm was a real company in 1999 too. What is happening now is very similar. Solid companies with bright futures that are getting priced for perfection. Like I said. Be careful.

    • Taval Dacres says:

      @Jeff Cann okay I hear that

    • Marco HUERTAS says:

      You cant compare timelines ,back then technology was different ,now we have all the technological advancements rockets and fuels have become more inexpensive and data its stored much easier ,dont stay behind on this company ,I see a this stock hitting the $100 dollar mark by summer

  • Stonks says:


  • Columbus1152 says:

    A $250K flight to no where? He’s a very long way from ballistic travel, if ever.