Tesla price target raised to $808, street high by Argus

2020 6/20
Tesla price target raised to $808, street high by Argus

Argus raising its price target on the stock to $808 on the back of its strong earnings report. Yahoo Finance’s Heidi Chung joins Seana Smith on The Ticker to discuss.
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コメント一覧 (65件)

  • Ziggi Mon says:

    When a company makes no money and sells bullshit promises price can be anything depending on the stupidity of the buyers.

  • Jim Luu says:

    She wifey tho

  • michael oles says:


    • Duke tlam says:

      Tiger got you good.

  • pierrot SS says:

    Tesla to the moon. LETS go!!! which i had more money to buy more shares. couldnt afford it at 420 and now it’s out of my price point

    • Susan Ananda says:

      @Gaurav Maheshwar Allahu akbar

    • LONE WULF IN THE CUT says:

      Ha! 😂😂😂Ur buying shares?? Well I’m trading it in metatrader and made $800 in 1 day

    • Myron van Duyne says:

      @LONE WULF IN THE CUT nice!! I made 15k in 7 minutes…not even a “wannaB cool internet” lie. Been in this thing for a while now and never had so much in this of a short time.

    • LONE WULF IN THE CUT says:

      @Myron van Duyne yea man. it’s crazy how much you can make on a smartphone

    • marc curtis says:

      Fractional shares😉

  • Don Kanis says:

    Analyst is the Greek word for public fool. The only ones even close to predicting Tesla has been the retail investors here on Youtube.

    • Mark Plott says:

      Yahoo Finance only hires ANALysts.

    • Susan Ananda says:

      @Mark Plott Her name is Anna Lee isn’t it?

    • zbLoodlust087 says:

      Isn’t that hilarious? 😂

  • John Rand says:

    Well it’s at $780 now. Could hit target in after hours.

    • Susan Ananda says:

      I’ll just wait until 09.30 am ET

    • Conekillah says:

      880 now

  • Kyle Henderson says:

    Sounds like an important number

  • Justin Peterson says:

    Asked how Tesla stock could get to 7k by 2024. Answer – well stock price has gone up a lot recently… so basically you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Susan Ananda says:

      They should provide investors with the formula for that magic number.

    • Lu Fo says:

      @Susan Ananda ARK published the thesis on its website

  • Kyle Hubb says:

    Ark Invest just need to chill. lol

  • Bones Jones says:

    tryna be very modest i see. better raise the target to $1500 or go home

  • Callandor says:

    Going to $1000. Q1 profitable (worst Q), $1500+ due to SP 500 listing. Q2 profitable.

  • Marc Letourneau says:

    The stock analysts have been out of touch since the beginning of Tesla. Now they are all surprised. They do not understand because they do not get what Tesla is all about.

    • Susan Ananda says:

      Then they should be fired for not giving quality analysis!

  • Calvin Ryu says:

    Tesla coin

  • Ramon Zarat says:

    “Why do think that is” is telling us everything we need to know about Yahoo finance absolute ignorance about Tesla.

  • K Sinatra says:

    He just poked me with his laser device. He is a criminal.

  • TheOerdin says:

    Ford Motor has one of their guys trying to talk down Tesla today. I laughed at him.

    • Avengers: The Investing Initiative says:

      That was before today cause I read the online chat forum comments yesterday and those comments were before yesterday. You are behind in the news

  • MrCoffis says:

    “Analysts are playing ketchup” 1:14

  • Passive Income Tom says:

    *I predicted $1000 for Tesla this year and the pace they’re going, they’ll blow that number away. I am loving my shares, though.* 😉

    • Le0 says:

      how many do u have?

    • Pat Flynn says:

      Tom, seems like you and me are playing the same game here. You holding long here?

    • Nihilist says:

      You own a single share big boy?

  • Philip Ting says:

    TSLAQ cremated

  • Charles Yu says:

    Long the future

  • Susan Ananda says:

    How did analysts get that 808 number? What is the formula? They never taught me at uni.

  • kyle robinson says:

    What about Wuhan virus and Tesla Chinese factories? Doesn’t Tesla plan to build most of their cars in China not America?

    • Le0 says:

      Tesla is greater than the corona virus

  • Le0 says:

    über will be a beast along with Tesla

  • Dave says:

    Wow, really stepping out on a ledge there. Did they call 808 at 799. Great job there guys.

  • din mamma says:

    tesla isn’t ”normal” in any way shape of form no matter how you look at it, so why do we keep it under the same reference and rules as everything else?

  • Jorge Gomez says:

    parabolic move, time to sell. Always.

  • t lech says:

    How much for Ford, GM,and Chrysler combined LOL 😂???

  • Георги Борисов says:

    Tesla is a bubble.

  • ygg drasil says:

    Tesla basically has no competition. Only now the big investors twig what’s going on, and in comes the big money.

    • Nihilist says:

      Well, the disparity between tesla and big auto in terms of capital could mean the big players catching up in the next decade, but tesla also has billions of miles of autonomous driving and a diverse portfolio of assets, so it’s a tough call to make about the future of the company

  • dbdbking says:

    already topped 808 during PM. they need to raise it again

  • Victorina Perez says:

    They keep on harping on the difficulties encountered by Tesla in the past but it doesn’t seem to occur to them that one thing Elon is good at is learning from mistakes. All they need to look at is how spaceX is succeeding and progressing.

  • Ken Yup says:

    It’s crazy!it’s insane,Jesus

  • alan says:

    900 now

  • NZ Shares says:

    LOL Breaking News your too late what sort of Analyst are these do they send there recomendations by Message in a bottle LOL

  • Dil 123 says:

    Meanwhile at 900+$

  • AB says:

    Look at Amazon and understand they had much less of a model.

  • Mike will says:

    This proves the stupidity of idiots ! Tesla is Heavily funded by the US government, Without tax credits and funding for his space X problem, Musk would be another crazy guy. With the US government Bankrupt, and the US debt increasing to over $23 Trillion and growing, Tesla will go the way of Amaranth Advisors, Long-Term Capital Management, Lehman Brothers and a number of others, that these idiots “believed in” and said “they are great investments”, when the next crash comes.  ANYONE! that “believes” Tesla, that failed to deliver on orders, that lost it’s top engineers and laid off thousands, is worth $900 a share, is a proven idiot, Remember how they stated, “invest in Real Estate, it’s undervalued”, and “Cash is Trash”, until it hit the fan, during the Crash. Then they were begging for cash. These idiots are proven stupid, MANY! times. Stop “believing” idiots! If you invest $900 a share in Tesla, I have flying frogs that you can invest in, and Cow Fart gas, as an “energy source” because you are an IDIOT!

  • Chris says:

    These analysts don’t even know what they are doing.
    Just keep raising the target by another $100-200 every time it reaches a new high.
    Ark invest are the only ones that are real enough and have to balls to put out a $4k to 7k price target for the last couple of years and they rarely revise their price target because they actually do research and modelling.
    Argus are just a bunch of hacks

  • japrogramer says:

    at 900 now

  • Ben L says:

    Their phony reactionary price targets literally can’t keep up with how fast the stock is actually rising xD
    900 now, 1000+ by next week.

  • Edgar Arenas says:

    Is Tesla exuberantly high or was it being overly suppressed the last few years.

  • PitchForksAreComing says:

    And 900.00 by the 5 th.

  • Guy308 says:

    Is Elon Musk sick with CORONA VIRUS?

  • Roberr Platt says:

    Even if you don’t own stock, and I don’t, you benefit from Tesla. After all, they are forcing other companies to innovate, they are cutting the use of fossil fuels with their solar expansion, they are diversifying the economy and opening plants in places like Buffalo and rural Nevada, and they are doing public-domain technical research. Although I’m not a fan of private mobility, and Elon has done a couple of boneheaded things, the Tesla phenomenon cheers me up at a time when all the other news is dismal.