It’s going to be more severe than the global financial crisis…we need fiscal stimulus: Roubini

2020 5/18
It's going to be more severe than the global financial crisis...we need fiscal stimulus: Roubini

NYU Stern Professor of Economics Nouriel Roubini discusses the stress on the economy caused by coronavirus. He explains why there will be a recession that will be severe and the need for fiscal stimulus. Roubini also says there will debt crisis and not just a liquidity crisis.

#coronavirus #fiscalstimulus #Nouriel Roubini #recession

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コメント一覧 (124件)

  • Barry Anderson says:

    I guess getting $15 an hour is out the window now, huh?

  • Barry Anderson says:

    This whole thing is mandated liberalism. No one is working.

  • Kevin Borge says:

    Rothschild likes all this.

    • Kevin Borge says:

      @Alex Giraldo Rothschild super likes your comment.

    • Kevin Borge says:

      @Alex Giraldo Boomer/Normie Alert!!!

    • Kevin Borge says:

      @Alex Giraldo 30 year boomer huh…those are the worst.

  • playlistjohnnybitter says:

    I’m sure none of the money will be scammed off. Tarp QE

  • Random Guy says:

    UBI – Inflationary snake oil

  • D- Money says:

    Is it just me? …or was it annoying as heck to hear someone typing on their laptop in the background during the whole interview?

  • Edward Miessner says:

    Coming soon: the Greatest Depression. Basically Venezuela without its socialism.

  • Earl Teigrob says:

    Sharp but short…remember that…more like sharp and long. BTW, people aren’t going to spend their stimulus check but save it for the pouring rain.

  • Brad Knight says:

    Anyone that’s been to the store is already aware of a big problem my friend!

  • m liu says:

    This guy is an idiot

  • CuSnPbZn says:

    When is Christopher Walken going to play this guy in a movie

  • Pan LVX says:

    Didn’t the Roman Empire erase all dept many times in its long history?

  • dar d says:

    this guy was bullish a year ago when PSchiff was calling it. Now hes calling it after the event when people are screwed…tosser

  • uawsux says:

    It is not going to work you don’t understand the underneath of helicopter money yes of course some people will buy food but many people who are prepared when we really paid on their debt….. if you pay down the debt the problem is worse not better

  • uawsux says:

    The oligarchs are making billions and billions of dollars off of every scam every crisis and the people who build the economy the people who work the people with the imagination creativity and labor get nothing get crumbs from the master’s table this is not going to end well it doesn’t matter what they do doesn’t matter how they bail out these bankers and their proselytes must be destroyed they have raped the world every piece of dirt they set their foot they have destroyed Ben Franklin told you who they are these bloodthirsty Asiatic Ben Franklin warned you about paper money destroying the morals and integrity of the people but we’re not allowed to write any longer we’re not allowed to read any longer… today our masters boast and brag about being the most intelligent the rich is the best genetically blah blah blah blah this is false the only reason they are so great is because we give them fifteen billion dollars a year to destroy us and the world they destroy all the education all over the world except except 4 Arab countries who had the best Olivia was the best and of course it had to be destroyed if this is not about terrorism this is about in order for me to succeed you must fail

  • uawsux says:

    Moses Jubilee it is unraveling it is coming Judaism must fail Moses law must be re-established

  • uawsux says:

    The American political system has lied to Americans for 100 years any politicians that tell the truth is ostracized and accused of being a child molester are murdered such as Larry McDonald McKinley Garfield Lincoln Kennedy all butchered Barbie oligarchs who control the bank and the government CIA Mossad the American government is not doing what they need to do because they want they want the disaster they want it

  • uawsux says:

    Members of Congress are too busy visiting the Epstein Island replacement and Jeff Duncan takes his team with him I imagine Joe Biden and Jeff Duncan are brothers in this debauchery

  • Damon Phillips says:

    The top 1% has most of the wealth – take it from their wallets!

  • Heidi Aguilar says:

    If anyone knows history, this is a 1942 Germany scenario.

  • Li Hoo says:


  • DigitalMadrigal says:

    The coronavirus will bankrupt all Western economies. The bankers couldn’t risk model a virus. So the world is unprepared for this. It’s that simple. That’s what’s wrong with the world. Too much looking at spreadsheets as if they could capture all reality. So dumb. Ironic.

  • Frithlethrend says:

    This is mostly hyperbole – “Oh, oh, look at Italy! We’re gonna be like that!” .Yeah, OK dude, Italy, which took a fraction of the precautions have. Now, let’s look at S. Korea – Doh!

    • Eduardo Pardo says:

      Lmao the S. Korea testing rates aren’t even comparable to ours.. that’s where the problem lies.

  • Dick Ritchie says:

    This is a bummer hearing about the end of the world from Dracula. 🤣

    • Q D says:

      actually Dracula is Vlad the impaler a direct blood line relative to the royal family this guy isn’t Dracula although I wouldnt be surprised if he’s drinking adrenochrome … & u can go on youtube and type in ” child escapes from Buckingham palace” if ur one of the people who don’t believe the 2 million kids missing a year with no trace isn’t part of our evil government the people pushing this fake virus

  • Max Minjet says:

    Why Wall Street engineers who robbed financial system do not go to the jail? It is clearly crime against nation and people of America.

  • nodaklojack says:

    You want economic stimulus? Get congress to pass the de minimis rule and crypto valuation goes into trillions overnight and holders begin spending.

    Crypto hodlers buy up markets and commodities. …..time for transfer of wealth. Death to fiat and support to crypto is what is needed. We wait till they accept this fact….end of the boomers. Our wealth is in crypto and we wait …..will will not play the fiat games anymore. Eventually only crypto can solve this.

  • D S says:

    Real estate crash is to follow

  • Higher Frequency says:

    Boohoo, the greedy are cropping, but it’s small people who pay the highest cost

  • Clint Sevilla says:

    2:15 there should be no restrictions on cash payouts. Contact your senators and representatives. If they give this money to the people, the U.S. will have a dramatically strong economy at the end of the year.

  • Jiayang Shao says:

    you don’t need fiscal stimulus, you need restriction of human freedom, and strict control by government, and strict monitoring of health, the world can go on without a proper economy for 3 month.

  • Kim says:

    My opinion, stop the coronavirus charade, immediately elliminate all income taxes for one year, then watch the work begin!

  • Pop Pop says:

    Paying 25$ for a roll of tissue paper cause “Depression” and that price I call “Hyper Inflation” Damn it!!

  • John D says:

    This depression will issue in Socialism faster than the Left ever imagined and the Right will help them do it.

  • John D says:

    A short recession. Hardly. World wide business like shutdown. Once things stop it’s hard to get them going again because people are broke financially and mentally.

  • randy t says:

    Why the F would you bring on Dr Doom and ask him about silver linings? Are you Fn stupid or something? That is exactly the opposite of what a person who clicks on this click bait title wants to hear from Dr Doom….you eeedeeeuht.

  • SaltedwithFire says:

    Very tempted to mimic his talking

  • Arash says:

    Why just not give a billion dollar to everyone so we all can be rich. You can’t beacuse its a stupid idea and will never work. You will inflate the currency. You can’t create growth by printing papper.


      The $1000 is not for growth, it’s a survival tactic until the outbreak ends when business can re-open.

  • Jess Yates says:

    Its not going to be a conversation, the market is going to rip up 25% and everyone in will party like its 2020 and the rest will wish they were in. Money is Power and truth and commonsense matters not where money is concerned.

  • Sam Hammel says:

    This crisis will create a tidal wave that may take years to revive the economy!

  • Noseefood says:

    So the commercial paper will become toilet paper soon?

  • marlonious76 says:

    These companies are cash strapped after a 10 plus year run ??? 08 they recieved the money, then paid it back with interest. All that time has passed and they have no money. Where did it go ??? Buy backs ??? Now they need more. Something not adding up.

  • Ismar Didic says:

    When Rotchild centrale banks give you free money GET READY FOR WAR.

    • TheTruth 7 says:

      Makes sense

    • A X says:

      Ismar Didic on god that’s the truth brother. They know it’s time to make israel world leading state politically and financially. The times are about to get fucked.

  • Chris says:

    It’s not the one percent that own the wealth lol 400 billionaires in America Own 40% of the wealth that’s 1/820000 of a percent . 😂😂😂 most of the one percent are considered to be your higher middle class .

  • Svet says:

    “We need to pump trillions of our worthless fiatbux out of thin air into the market! This will fix it!!”
    Hahahahahahahaha get ready for hyperinflation and Weimerica.

    • Al Brat says:

      Exactly. I can’t believe how relaxed people are about this.

  • White Knight says:

    End the fed. Problem solved.

  • Trellisoy Andre says:

    Giving everyone $1000 sounds great but they have to create that money, essentially “printing” it. When there is more money and the same amount of goods and services money is worth less.


      Such cause and effect are not immediate, however the trend-line has started.

  • philip mullins says:

    Because many people in the world , even if people who have money to spend , can’t spend it because they are isolated in the their homes ,
    Fashion , beauty , entertainment , travel , eating out and drinking out , weddings , out door sports and many other things that people spend their money will be reduced
    Why would people spend their money on investment properties when people can’t afford to pay the rent ?
    A lot of younger people who move out of home to get jobs , will be moving back into their parents homes as they lose their jobs causing rental returns to drop as more rental properties become vacant
    At the moment you will find that the stock market will go up and down as people think they are buying a bargain when there is drop , a day earlier , in the end it will end like 1929 in one big huge crash .
    A lot people will not in the short time waste money on unnecessary products and about 90% of products out of China ends up in landfill so I don’T see the Chinese economy improving in the short term and this will also affect countries that supply China with raw materials such as coal and minerals
    People are in for a big shock and only time will heal the economy

  • Mikko Kärkkäinen says:

    This guy is a walking disaster 🤣

  • Rolf Eliason says:

    Nope, I disagree. Fiscal stimulus may appease the bourgeoisie in the short run, but printing money is what got us in this mess in the first place.

  • Bull Bear says:

    Coronavirus is the End Game…US Government is doing a trillion bucks a day in credit default swaps….

  • Jimmy Cook says:

    No loan growth= no economic growth= no loan growth= no economic growth.

    Central Banks job= print money and buy up all the banks BAD ASSETS.

    Next step, Goldman Sachs, ADVISORS to the VULTURE funds.

    FREE cash to CARTELS who in turn REDUCE competition.

    Nextstep, IMF commands curbs on credit = bankruptcy to the average small Investor.

    Central bank deceives government into putting that debt on the government books and Consolidated revenue.
    = massive hike in taxes.

    What a ponzi system.

    The biggest Swindle of the general population in the history of modern economics.

    Those financial FRAUDSTERS  and economic VANDALS .
    They SHOULD be GOING to JAIL.

    We need public hangings of these frauds.

  • Amazing Life says:

    Every time a republican president gets in the Oval Office, we get crazy $hit like this. Trump’s economic collapse will be worse than Bush.

  • SI says:

    Hes predicted 8 out of the last 2 recessions…

  • Frank Blangeard says:

    How far would a one time payment of $1000 take you?

    • b1inbeing says:

      About 6 months of TP at current inflated prices…

  • Edward Paterson says:

    Dow will go down to 13,800, mainly because we’re gonna have to totally shut down like China did.

  • Lash LaRue says:

    Folks, Italy needs an immediate infusion of at least a half a trillion Euros to avoid being frozen out of the credit markets. Italy will be unable to roll over its debt if they don’t get this money NOW. If Italy defaults, the European Union as we know it is DONE.

  • The Truth Will Set You Free says:

    The jig is up everybody. Revolt before whoever is left of us are put in the camps. The virus is the scapegoat. The real problem is thay we have all been robbed. And the money is not worth anything. That is the real news story.

    • Joe Swanson says:

      I see you drank the Kool aid already

  • Cody Evans says:

    This guy is such a genius he is typing out answers to online questions while conducting a face time interview. Wow.

  • Robert Saxer says:


  • Robert M.-Certified Day Trader says:

    If markets are shutdown for days
    (we’re already seeing limit days in the equities market)and people can not
    liquidate into cash, they will seek alternatives instruments to
    liquidate, but if these alternative markets are frozen as well, the ONLY
    choice  people will have is to get cash from their bank. Could put a major
    strain on the banking system, don’t forget, according to the FDIC banks are
    only obligated to hold a percentage of their total assets liquid. If
    this scenario should happen, there will be a “run” on banks as
    there was during the depression! May be a good idea to keep 20-30K in CASH
    right NOW!!!!!!…Robert from daytradingwiththelight

  • Angel Driven says:

    MONEY IS WORTHLESS! ONLY THE LABOR and real physical assets are real THAT WE PROVIDE! WE need to band together instead trying to scratch each others eye’s out. They realize that they can’t keep us all working within their system that they constructed. I AM awake. Are you awake? I ask to see things that are hidden to be revealed to me. I see truth within all things. I fight for the oppressed and defend the weak. I care for the sick and I teach the open minded. I am forever a servent of Yahweh God.

  • hand registered says:

    This guy is always wrong. Always. Don’t listen to his ideas. His solutions are exactly what causes bubbles. All professors in this world are socialistic/keynesian fools. His solution to a collapsing credit system is always printing more. This idea of money management requires to create bigger bubbles and crashes each time. Next bubble will create dark age if they keep going. We simply need to imprison all money masters in this world, and never ever allow 1 group of people to manage money for others. All Banks add ZERO value to humanity. They only steal.

    This is the guy that advised Obama to print and stimulate, and explode the balance sheet of USA. USA does not need the FED. USA needs to officially bankrupt and reset, including it’s corrupt political system.

    • Ghost says:

      hand registered US is a corporation that bankrupted and was relived and funded by these European Bankers that control the world and the FED. It’s just history ! It’s never going to change

  • Philip Hew says:

    How about UBI 1K per month for every American earning below 10k per month based on tax returns, and those earning 10k or more can opt in no question asked. This way will not need expensive means testing or cheating on tax returns.

  • Mike Hunt says:

    We r all going to die. My kids and I haven’t eaten in 4 days. We are starving to death.

    • Olga Campbell says:

      Mike Hunt I’m so sorry have you gone to the food bank?

  • Piri Hern says:

    Put all your cash in the matress

  • Troy Brownrigg says:

    What a head line , which explains the whole problem in the USA today. All you failed people are dependant on the same group of people who created the mess in the first place. Fiscal stimulus , hell no they need thier asses kicked big time. Fiscal Stimulus did nothing in 2008 only to make the banks more dependant on the Fiscal stimulus today. A trillion a day is not enough for these leaches. The government made this problem giving thier big corperations welfare. Now they can’t survive without it. Fisical stimulus and the market still dropping 1,000 point a day. Soon it will stop when the DJIA is like 5,000. LMAO need more fiscal welfare. The dollar is about dead, worthless, A fiat money going to where it belongs , ZERO.

  • Troy Brownrigg says:

    Every one needs a thousand dollars a week just to keep up with the inflation the Government is making. Or we’re going into a depression, dumb fuxxs we’re in a depression. That’s right it’s a recession if your employed, a depression if your unemployed. Clowns in suits, can’t figure out you can not give away a trillion a day without a total collapse of the dollar. They will figure it out soon enough, what they did was totally destroy the dollar. Like these other countries are going to want US dollars, soon those countries will say pay in gold or silver , fuxx the paper garbage.

  • Troy Brownrigg says:

    The dollar will collapse the minute these other countries see a trillion a day printed and giving away, Soon they’ll reject the dollar totally.

  • Nigel says:

    Well done China, First sars then corona virus. Such a great exporter…..two strikes your out

  • Amber Walters says:

    Finally tell the truth about our economy . Ben telling people for years to prepare for this . Wen times are good prepare for when times are not so good . Do what you can give the rest to god . Phillipians but my God shall supply all your needs according to his Rich’s and glory in Christ Jesus not the government.

  • Web User says:

    next time leave out the market tracker.. go full screen with the guest of the show

  • Web User says:

    why is there a typing noise all throughout this video?

  • NBaimf says:

    Democrats just blocked a package to put checks directly into the hands of American families.

  • goldenraven20 says:

    Fiscal stimulus is what created this crisis. This is just asking to pour gasoline on the fire.

  • jin says:

    No wonder he’s a lecturer… Feels like I’m getting lectured more by the minute for something i did not do…

  • Dr. Evil says:

    I would suggest one hundred million dollars! 👍

  • Serge Zerkin says:

    How would giving one thousand to people who have no jobs help anything ? Even if they do that just will increase the prices ( inflation ) .. and it will do nothing to buying capacity

    • stephen michael says:

      At least they will have some money to spent. It will save thousands of shops & stores to stay alive. If they do not have money, they have nothing to spend and businesses will goes bankrup. No business, no tax collection.

      To make sure the economy is keep on running and do not collapse, the government need to make sure the money is circulated among its people.

  • Born In The U.S.A. says:

    Titanic have hit the iceberg, putting more fuel in it, will not solved the sinking problem.   The current US leadership will not neither.   SOS … SOS … SOS.   Hoping the Martian can safe us

  • john panos says:

    this cat needs to read ” ……..and forgive them their debts ” and ” j as in junk economics ” to start. watch ” money as debt ” while you’re at it.

  • Mr.James David Robert says:

    This is the end of our economic system.

  • Jason Alexander says:

    Roubini bottom. This guy is the worst prognosticator in the world.


    that keyboard typing sound is annoying.

  • 20 20 says:

    Corruption, betrayal and a traitor president ! We are doomed.

  • Z says:

    The U.S. will start to downfall when the U.S. invades Venezuela via Colombia. The war will encompass Russia, China, Cuba, N.Korea. Mark my words.

  • Z says:

    Zimbabwe 1 trillion dollar bill.

    U.S. hold my beer..

  • Bonbon z says:

    The solution is BERNIE SANDERS

  • stephen michael says:

    Thanks for sharing your expertise Dr Doom. Good advise and your prediction is so accurate reagarding of the US coronavirus inffection.

  • Karol Birmingham says:

    Buy guns. the only commodity that the US has to protect the green Bill is the military!!!!!!!!

  • JCisJD says:

    How can it be short if everything is collapsing. .and in such a debt crisis! .. This isn’t stimulus this is bailout, that only stimulates one thing , day to day survival … fed is just buying everything. …all debt … and with interest rates at 0 …..this is not about short or long recession this has to be a depression! !

    • JCisJD says:

      The repo market already had 500 billion pumped into it in January. .. why is he comparing this to 2008…. this is the back end of 2008… he said really when he said the banks had loaded with debt!!

  • annette lathan says:

    Some jobs and businesses will never come back 😱😓

  • Tas Sing says:

    Guy is right

  • Stanley Kubrick says:

    Seriously, Mr. Roubini, how long will $1000 last each person??
    This is 2020, not 1860 where SEARS were advertising homes for sale at $1,500. By the way Mr. Roubini, SEARS no longer exists.

  • TheTruth 7 says:

    People dont want to believe this. Things will not be smooth people. Ask God to give u wisdom and peace to overcome the chaos

  • Johnny R says:

    It’s not collapsing. It’s a bubble. It’s deflating. And predictably, the fed is trying and will continue to re-inflate which will cause hyperinflation.

  • President Gas says:

    this prof is a nutcase! the cure is worst than the virus….its like me going to the doctors with a stab wound and saying can you heal the gash in my back doc, and he turns around and starts stabbing me more while telling me I’ll be alright!?!?!?

  • Desai Hwang says:

    Taking advantage of stocks can be a smart move as we all know how rewarding it could be over time.

    • Ferries Wheel says:

      With everything going on in the world and the economic situation, this is definitely a buy signal for me.

    • Desai Hwang says:

      Raymón Alatorre hello there. It’s no secret that Wes Grafton is the man to go to when it comes to stocks. An expert in the field. He has helped me trade and I’ve watched my ROI grow. I’ll advise you reach out to him for assistance… *Wesgrafton (a) g ma il. com…* and avoid pitfalls as a beginner.

    • Samantha Gruber says:

      Ferries Wheel Stocks has always being the best bet for me.

    • Felix .C. Olofsson says:

      The man is an absolute genius when it comes to executing trades. I can tell from the brilliant results I’ve been getting since he started handling my portfolio.

    • Jay clark says:

      Ferries Wheel

      It will hit harder than expect. The virus has taken a toll on so many businesses. The more reason to earn while I’m the current lockdown.

  • Karen Sampson says:

    Guys we need a new system period we need new innovated job in America we need to Spread the wealth of currency that is worth something rising min wage to at least $20hr and cap the big business salary to min depending on how much a company/ individual make pertaining to anyone making over $500,000 a year

  • João Gustavo de Lima Teixeira says:

    When a country has a military payroll equivalent to $ 600 billion dollars a year, it is more than explained why the money does not reach the pocket of Americans, with coronavirus or without. We are going to diminish this army so that the money flows through the fire hydrants of the North American streets.

  • agent says:

    Supply chain is in serious crisis

  • TheBonnieMonroeShow says:

    This man is amazing.