The economy is in ‘unbelievably rough’ shape… stock market isn’t reflecting that: AdvisorShares

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Noah Hamman, AdvisorShares CEO discusses the outlook for the economy and the stock market.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar S W says:

    Money printing keeping it going

    • Avatar Walden says:

      At this point, I’ll take the money printing as long as they give me some.

    • Avatar Raby Pich says:

      Walden go work at the central bank for free money

  2. Avatar Casey Burns Investing says:

    Time to invest in tulip bulbs

    • Avatar rock Onmyboi says:


    • Avatar SpeedOfDarknesss says:

      I’ve been holding my tulip bulbs for 400 years, they were overdo for a comeback 😎

  3. Avatar Black Vito - Moneyology says:

    Inflated prices can last for a long time, but eventually there’s usually a trend towards sanity

  4. Avatar golong son says:

    It ain’t news until the white media says so. I shorted and loaded up on puts from last Friday. Now I am up five times!

  5. Avatar Like Father Like Son says:

    Cry more. I’m hodling. Don’t fight the fed.

  6. Avatar M Brad says:

    I’d seriously recommend people look at this guys returns.

  7. Avatar lydia yuna says:

    whenever people has no clue about anything, they tell you to buy gold, same trick been used for thousands years…..

    • Avatar lydia yuna says:

      @Hector Castellanos JP Morgan also said Bitcoin was a scam a few years ago…look what bitcoin has become now

    • Avatar Captain Obvious says:

      @lydia yuna
      Bitcoin is a digital currency that can easily be nullified during a grid shutdown.

    • Avatar Utopia says:

      @Hector Castellanos what sucks is people with 401k’s usually do not have ability to invest in precious metals as a option

    • Avatar rock Onmyboi says:

      Yeah, 2018 was a better time for that. Why would I chase a speculative asset near an all time high?

    • Avatar terrence samps says:


  8. Avatar Michael D says:

    Fed will release a stimulus and DOW will go up 300 tomorrow. I expect DOW to hit 35,000 by December. There is no way that it wont happen. So much Fed $. Think about it. Trillions!!!!

  9. Avatar Henderson Waters says:

    I count myself to be successful in stock trading because of the amazing strategy of Mr Anthony Vincent, I made over $15,000 after 3 weeks of trading with him as my broker

    • Avatar Lawrence Rodrigo says:

      How can i contact this broker?

    • Avatar Morgan Rich says:

      Wow I’m just shocked you mentioned and recommended Anthony’s Trading Services, I thought people don’t know him… he is really awesome!

    • Avatar Henderson Waters says:

      @Lawrence Rodrigo Here’s his mail <>

    • Avatar Ema Kruz Tv says:

      Stock is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

    • Avatar Okpabi Elera says:

      Now i understand when it means to win in trading, i don’t struggle to pay my bills anymore, Thank’s Sir Anthony

  10. Avatar Ask Why says:

    It is time to seriously consider ending the Federal Reserve.

    • Avatar steve ducell says:

      I suspect that the FED is being pressured to keep the stock market up until the election is over. The idea is very scary.

    • Avatar Aaron says:

      yeah…. fire the federal reserve! lol. do you even know what you’re talking about

    • Avatar Brandon Reed says:

      @Aaron clearly not

  11. Avatar Utopia says:

    The FED in some ways makes things worse.

    • Avatar jay Bado says:

      Most ways*

    • Avatar jay Bado says:

      My future kids are gonna pay 20 bucks for a Big Mac, they destroy savings accounts, buy bitcoin, buy gold, save your saving from becoming useless paper

    • Avatar Wjpea J says:

      Worse comments ever seen…

    • Avatar Michel Bruns says:

      jay Bado they pay more and will get more..

  12. Avatar mark taylor says:

    The corporations are taking over with the technocracy all over this fake plandemic.

  13. Avatar Sean Paul says:

    Prices are dropping I’m going all in.

  14. Avatar abel perez says:

    The oil price down but gas price still high a lot thief’s

  15. Avatar abel perez says:

    We need new jobs and fight coronavirus but the richest people don’t care about us

  16. Avatar adam rowe says:

    🔥📈YVR🔥🔥. Check it out for yourself. Liquid media, I wish I didn’t sell GN US at $1.51, and now I found this next up-and-coming media group new to the market. Just letting you guys now do your own math your own research but check out 🔥🔥YVR🔥🤔 what do you think?

  17. Avatar Ron Windler says:

    mop mi by bvr

  18. Avatar A Little Bit of Everything With Sarge says:

    Well the stock market doesn’t always match the economy so….

  19. Avatar Jack Gewurtz says:

    If it is unbelievable, then I don’t believe it!

  20. Avatar Daniel Myers says:

    Time to invest in Jesus

  21. Avatar Tasfique K. says:

    Bitcoin is a giant wormhole, if you are thinking of investing in it for “long term” you will most likely loose a lot of money. Currency will go digital and that is inevitable! Although it won’t be bitcoin or the other form of digital crap that’s going around now, world governments and banks will most likely keep their own currencies with their rates and just use blockchain technologies to record and ease the exchange of money worldwide period. It will be something like sending someone money on the other side of the planet within a second with the click of a button which is awesome but the idea of “bitcoin” having 1 single currency of exchange with the same rate all around the world is impossible, so if you’re thinking of buying bitcoin do yourself and your kids and grand kids a favour, stay far away from it. If you think that “bitcoin” will prevail regardless… its you vs world governments, world banks and the richest most powerful people on earth who are against bitcoin because they can’t control it or put an infrastructure around it. Who do you think is going to win?
    JP Morgan said it’s a SCAM few years back because right now all it’s doing is making a FEW early owners of bitcoin very very very rich and A LOT of losers who are buying at these crazy valuations.

    • Avatar Greg Souza says:

      Hey smart guy Jp Morgan bought bitcoin. They switched up real quick

    • Avatar Tasfique K. says:

      Greg Souza
      It was short term play, the sole reason they bought it is because it trades @ a high volume and they know the demand is there for them to unload that crap onto retail investors for a huge profit. Just because they bought it doesnt mean they back it… proof? For the long run they created their own cryptocurrency called JPM coin which was accepted by FIAT and it represents the USD$ (same rate) exactly like I was saying earlier. If they would back “bitcoin” then they wouldn’t bother spending so much money coming up with their own cryptocurrency they would just start accepting bitcoin.

  22. Avatar Kevin Arnold says:

    I find it humorous that “Yahoo finance” exist.

    • Avatar terrence samps says:

      What’s funny about that?

  23. Avatar Tyranny Response Team says:

    Of course you like Verizon, their Contact Tracing on all our phones and teaming up with the spy tech savviness of the Deep State/military industrial complex is going to be a windfall. Spying on people is the new Renaissance in this C19 world.

  24. Avatar Martial Henry says:

    I have come to realize that making profits in stock trading is when you invest with a broker who has vast knowledge and working strategy that yields profits like Samuel Barth’s strategy

    • Avatar Daniel Walsh says:

      He is a true genius, ever since i started investing with him while i was in the UK, i have been making tremendous gains in the market, P.S: he has the best commission charge you could find among brokers

    • Avatar Martial Henry says:

      @Trevor Johnson you can go write him at <>

    • Avatar Jason Cole says:

      Started trading offshore when i was at work but i only see nothing but alerts ever since i was referred to him

    • Avatar Jessica Martel says:

      You could actually do business with him from virtually every country that trades the US, UK and China stock exchange, I trade all the way from Ireland.

    • Avatar Ds Ds says:

      what you guys are doing in YT comment section. With so much money you should be holidaying in Hawaii.

  25. Avatar Josh Walters says:

    I count my self to be successful in stock trading with the help of My broker, Mr Francis Martins, i continue to make huge profit every 7 days of trading with him…

    • Avatar Josh Walters says:

      @NC Priscilla I do contact him through <>

    • Avatar bit jark says:

      I must say I’m impressed with their services since Mr Francis deliver value priced trades, and useful analytical tools and a well designed software trading platform.

    • Avatar Jason Cole says:

      Now i understand what it means to win in stock trading, am really grateful to Mr Francis for his amazing strategy of making huge profit

    • Avatar ste103 says:

      This is the most obvious attempt at self promotion using multiple accounts I have ever seen on the internet. Up your game Mr francis.
      All of your replies are written in the same style of writing, if you’re going to lie, make it convincing.

    • Avatar SpeedOfDarknesss says:

      If it talks like scam, and walks like a scam…

  26. Avatar Rick dude says:

    Azul airlines !

  27. Avatar Anthony Reyes says:

    Markets rose up, don’t know about tomorrow tho. Anyone agree?

  28. Avatar Javier Ramos says:

    Last time we had a big stock market crash, the economy recovered and stocks outperformed most assets. This is when you buy stocks and Crypto, next year you’ll be very happy you did. $SPYG $BTC

  29. Avatar Brandon Reed says:

    A Bankruptcy or 2. Maybe x10 or x20 and you might get closer to the reality.

  30. Avatar AKEWSD says:

    Lol yahoo finance is pump news.
    Title is negative but speaker guest is “softening” the blow.

  31. Avatar Tib Syy says:

    I am expecting gold to fall big time because of the margin debt level in the he market. I expecting it to be bouncing back sharply as well.

  32. Avatar IM1THE2KING3 says:

    Polling. All in calls or puts this week?

  33. Avatar DSG says:

    Look at a 40 ot 50 year yield chart.
    There in lies the vast majority of the wealth creation the boomers have enjoyed.

    The market hasn’t had more risk but the FED is manipulating the market so that prices reflect that of an extremely low risk environment.

  34. Avatar terrence samps says:

    Of course. Covid 19 a nice little scape goat for the real trouble. Covid 19 is not a real problem

  35. Avatar terrence samps says:

    Host look like a fake az Prince William.

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