New York Comic Con 2019: Are comic books a good investment

2020 5/18
New York Comic Con 2019: Are comic books a good investment

Yahoo Finance Reporter Reggie Wade was at New York Comic Con 2019, where he caught up with two comic dealers — Dan Gallo and Vincent Zurzolo — to learn about the billion-dollar comic book industry.

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コメント一覧 (55件)

  • Susan Ananda says:

    How about porn magazines? My brother has old Penthouse and Playboy magazines. I always want to throw them away!

    • TheFranksantana says:

      Don’t throw them away! Look them up to see how much they are worth, then if you want you can sell them or keep them.

    • Tommy D says:

      Susan i hate to be the burden of bad news: you dont want to touch those magazines

    • shane nice says:

      check the price on computer

    • L Champ says:

      Get them black lighted first! 😂😂😂

  • FromDepthsBeyond says:

    I did my undergraduate research on the profitability of Magic: The Gathering trading cards as an investment mechanism. Love collectibles!

    • dick clarke says:

      My friend, Liz, married, Richard Garfield, who invented Magic:The Gathering. He’s always been looking for the follow-up to that game but nothing has come close.

  • TheFranksantana says:

    They are great investment for the right person. I bought several comic book for .25 cents back in the days. Today they are worth hundreds of dollars. They outperformed the stock market, gold and any other blue chip company stocks.

    • Tommy D says:

      Perhaps, but its a small market of comic book collectors thatll buy them from you. Even sports cards, or action figures, same deal.

  • Darren says:

    I started seriously collecting back in 2015. Id say I have invested about 80-100k give or take into comics. My collection is currently worth well over 150k so thats a substantial rate of return. If you put in the effort and educate yourself and keep up to date on trends, you can definitely make a ton of money. 1 key book I bought in early 2016 for 2k is now worth over 10k.

    • The Coyote says:

      What book was it?

    • Darren says:

      @The Coyote It was an Amazing Spider-man #4 CGC 8.0. I had it pressed and regraded and it came back a 9.0.

    • The Coyote says:

      Darren well done! So you just resend it to cgc to press and regrade?

    • Max Kernfeld says:

      Darren ASM # 4 spiked from 2016 to 2020 ?

      How did the first app. of Sandman spiked without any current presence of him ? 🤔

    • hk hjg says:

      sell the books and then i’ll believe you’ve done well.

  • Jurassic Coast Comics says:

    Please visit my shop would be appreciated! Type into Google Jurassic coast comics- we only sell blue chip and long term investment/speculation esque comics.

  • Cool & Collected says:

    😱I saw “Yahoo” and almost didn’t watch it 😂 Actually a good quick video… I’ve bought books from Metropolis and other shops, but if you have collector friends, they are usually the best source of books and advice. I’m in real estate investment, but like any investment Comics have risks/rewards… I do prefer comics over real estate 😁 From all the Hobbies I ever had… toys, cars, statues, boats, etc… 😱 Comics is the one that held/increased in value the most 👍

    Yet, I’d have been happy with my comics EVEN if didn’t go up in value a $1. Just have fun too, and collect what you enjoy… modern, silve age, golden age, etc… and you’ll get return in investment and happiness 👍

  • BigDaddyCool42 says:

    That 9.4 Action 1 was restored. Don’t care about that.

    • Max Kernfeld says:

      AC # 1 is AC #1.

      Just a scrap of the cover would be worth more than any other key comic book out there 😂

    • pytha goras says:

      did he say it was worth 300k ????? does not look like an original to me . the Original costs about 3 million

    • gibic400 says:

      pytha goras even restored?

  • greywolf7583 says:

    Modern-day Comics aren’t going to be worth anything especially how bad the storytelling is with the sjw stories. Golden age is where the money’s at it’s Where it All Began.

    • NPC -30 says:


    • Max Kernfeld says:

      greywolf7583 Go Read some Donny Cates and Garth Ennis 😉

  • Craig Smith says:

    Most comics are worth almost nothing.

    • Max Kernfeld says:

      You look at it the wrong way, fella.

      It‘s about Key Issues, Rare variants, limited series and more.

      I recommend watching channels like Comics with Bueller, Regie Collects, Very Gary Comics and especially ComicTom101.

    • TheMrartistman says:

      @Max Kernfeld I’d say looking for key issues, rare editions, limited series and such instead of good comics is looking at it the wrong way

    • Max Kernfeld says:

      TheMrartistman well, you missed the point, fella.

      It‘s about the values of books and not just „good comics“ .

    • Sitharos says:

      Sadly you are correct. Practically everything from the 80’s and 90’s is completely worthless. 😔

    • JH Boob says:

      @Sitharos So, all those Spider-man variant covers and Image comics first issues are pretty much worthless?

  • NPC -30 says:

    Don’t invest in modern comics.

    • shane nice says:

      they well go up,if they say special ed

  • Chris Shank says:

    My brother bought a house in Everett Wa, when tearing down some wood shelves attatched to wall, on top shelf was a spider man comic. It was the first issue and after finding out…. Sent it in to be graded, came back a grade 2 out of 10. Still worth thousands… Before sending for grading he had actually put comic into toy box and only later on thought it might actually be old…. Worst part is instead of being displayed, it sits in his father n laws safe!!!! What a waste.

  • Fred Miller Jr says:

    Investment collectors looking to make a quick buck ruin everything. When I was a kid I collected sports cards for fun. Thanks to “collectors” the prices of complete box sets skyrocketed. I loved comic books. Thanks to Investment collectors, that very fine/good quality copy of Dennis the Menace number (take your pick) went from being a buck or two in a comic shop to seventy-five bucks. Want to buy an old Mego Green Goblin or Hulk for nostalgia sake and put him on a shelf? Hope you’ve got a couple hundred bucks because you can’t find them in thrift shops anymore. Just eBay.

  • Tom Nordlie Michele LeSure says:

    Some cranky old guy advice re: factors that would-be investors in comics need to consider:

    Printed comics have very little inherent value. They’re an entertainment item, and many of the highly valued comics have been reprinted in multiple forms — meaning that they’re available cheap to the people who simply want to be entertained, and the primary “value” of an original copy lies in the fact that it’s original rather than a reprint. Thus, there’s nothing holding up the price of an original copy of Amazing Fantasy 15 apart from collector demand. True, it’ll probably never drop down to $5, but it could very well drop by half if the market goes soft.

    The prices for collectable comics are sky-high these days, so the most reliable way to make money from comics is to purchase them at prices far below their current fair market value — typically, this means finding a seller who’s ignorant of their worth or finding a highly motivated seller who’ll offer fantastic deals. Both of these options are possible, neither are common, and either will require you to invest time searching.

    Building on the previous point, it takes time to become a savvy buyer. You have to educate yourself about collectable comics, spend time deciding what to focus on purchasing, searching for bargains, making deals and so forth. Unless you enjoy these activities for their own sake, the hours you devote to your purchasing endeavors need to be considered an expense because you might have otherwise devoted those hours to paid employment.

    Just because a comic or a collection is “worth” X amount of dollars means little until someone actually pays you that amount. It takes time to become a savvy seller, and it takes additional time (and probably some financial expense) to offer comics for sale and make a transaction. To obtain high prices you’ll probably need to sell to fellow collectors, not to dealers. The more comics you own, the more time and expense you’ll probably have to devote to sales efforts to obtain good prices — meaning that in the big picture, you’ll probably obtain a lot less money from selling 1,000 comics worth $10 each than you would by selling one comic worth $10,000, because your time and sales expenses on 1,000 comics will be much higher. Sure, there are dealers who’ll offer to purchase an entire collection in one fell swoop, but it’s very unlikely you’ll obtain anywhere near the fair market value on any single issue, because the dealer needs to consider his/her expenses and profit margin when making you an offer. It’s not unusual for dealers to offer 10% to 20% of their planned selling price, especially for comics that have only modest value.

    Comic collecting has been a popular hobby since the late 1960s/early 1970s, and consequently a higher percentage the comics published since that time have been retained and carefully stored, compared with comics from the early 1960s and before. Therefore, the number of high-grade copies of comics from the late ’60s/early ’70s is higher, compared with earlier eras.

    I think the best options for investment are high-grade copies of key issues from about 1965 on back, and original comic art that was created prior to 1980. Original art is a one-of-a-kind item (unlike published comics) and today there still seems to be room for big price increases. But, of course, original art is expensive, and the pieces with good investment potential may be completely out of reach of the average would-be investor.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Eric McCloud says:

    Comics still hold value u gotta watch the market

  • Alf P says:

    The answer is no

  • Vincent Mileto says:

    Like any market, you have to constantly keep up on that particular market!
    And if you intend to pass on your comics to relatives, you have to educate them
    on everything you learned! Other wise that great collection of valuable comics
    could wind up lost, destroyed, or sold for pennies on the dollar, by your son, wife, grandchild etc!

  • hustledude says:

    Are 1980s comics worth anything?

    • Homemadegameguru says:

      Some are, but you have to research. Indie comics like TMNT, Flaming Carot, Megaton Explosion (youngblood, savage dragon) plus the Whitman variants debut in the 80s. If you look beyond Marvel and DC, you can find some gems

    • pytha goras says:

      Depends..if super keys yes

  • Kevin Kelley says:

    I don’t collect them for investment. I collect them if they mean something to me or I like the character. If it’s worth money then that’s a bonus.

  • Homemadegameguru says:

    Like any Collectible, and even stocks, comics are worth it if you have the right issues and sell at the right time. You also have to be realistic. I sold my copy of Forever People #1 back when the first Wonder Woman movie came out and it was ‘rumored’ Darkseid was to cameo (which he didn’t because DC/Warner never learn). I originally bought the comic for $20 three years previous and then sold for $110. A 500%+ return. I’m happy with that! Too many collectors expect thousands of dollars for modern age books because of a movie. Any type of investment takes research, realism, some luck and patience. If you sell a book you bought at cover price for $20-$50, take that as a win and move on.

  • thomas says:

    The time to invest in comics was the 70s and 80s. In 1986 xmen 94 was worth $120. That was a lot of money for a 14 yr old back then but I’m kicking myself for not trying harder to buy it

  • Matt Borel says:

    Great. Spend your money on more crap.

  • pytha goras says:

    Comics..hahaha They don’t tell you how many comic stores have closed down. Your business relies on buying it from Old people’s attics and suckers …and then turning over for like 10 times the profit. Problem is , there are fewer of them and the people who collect to invest have grown considerably, making the market difficult .Should invest in a comic book…there is so much to say here but unless you can buy it today for 6 times less its value and sell it right away for a great profit, then yes.But the more expensive valued your comic is, the less people will buy.

  • pytha goras says:

    Guy who says he can sell a comic in 5 seconds……unless his price is like 10 times below market or he has something pretty rare…then no chance at all

  • pytha goras says:

    Those who are starting out…do your research first . You got to know the market, check your comic guide less( if only for reference), be aware of trends and avoid anything over 1980…unless it is a super key and you are getting it for a nearly gift price. Buying key comics at current market price is not sound investment.

  • plagued mind says:

    All comics are a crap investment only buy if you enjoy been doing it for over 30 years your most vAluable investment is somebody else’s butt wipe dont believe me rip out a page and try to eat it

  • cirphp says:

    Non of this makes any sense. See how the industry has been for the past year and tel me how recession proof it is. Also, comics as an investment… not the brightest idea

  • Soterion Coil says:

    For me it’s just about enjoying them. It’s neat to have an issue worth something from time to time but it likely isn’t going to flip the world. It’s like any other hobby – whatever pulls the trigger.

  • curt duggins says:

    #1- If youre buying comics, buy what ya like……

    #2- If your gonna spend bigger money educate yourself, and buy keys,….

    #3-any investment can crash: stocks, comics, cards, art, cars, etc.,….so know that going in.

    #4-why do people buy art form the 1400s? the 1880s? for the same reason that people will still buy finer key , select comics from the 40s-60s-and some 70s many years from now, fine art, quality work and more often than not supply doesnt outpace demand

    #5-lastly, see rule #1 again !

  • Sitharos says:

    I don’t know if they are recession proof, but it appears they are not Corona proof.

  • Chris Sanchez Rodriguez says:

    2:46 It´s the Human Spider