High School Seniors Sing National Anthem At Virtual ‘Graduate Together’ Event | NBC News NOW

2020 5/19
High School Seniors Sing National Anthem At Virtual 'Graduate Together' Event | NBC News NOW

Graduating seniors across the country sing the national anthem while accompanied by piano for the ‘Graduate Together’ special.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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High School Seniors Sing National Anthem At Virtual ‘Graduate Together’ Event | NBC News NOW



コメント一覧 (131件)

  • Andrew Eule says:

    Absolutely lovely ❤️❤️❤️. Congratulations class of 2020.

  • Ladykat says:

    Totally awesome!!! CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2020!

    • Stevy Luv says:

      Yup Congratulations to all the Graduates who achieve what thay did

  • Aayden Stevens says:

    This is so good for the kids and family so they still have there graduatetion and everyone stay safe.

  • ed says:

    Well, at least they will learn that the world is not fair and we have to soldier on no matter what….

    • Stevy Luv says:

      Yup Congrats to all for the goals thay made

    • Anne Liesveld says:

      I don’t think thinking the world is 100% fair is even close to the definition of some high school seniors ive seen in my world before. Most are genuinely generious, loving, kind and caring and are hard working too! Leaders in schools, working at jobs, and maybe babysitting younger siblings.

  • St0rm Ranger says:

    These are the true Americans, not the domestic bio terrorist Trumpanzees.

    • Just listen says:

      That make zero sense.

    • Mike S says:


    • Beeg Ames says:

      If you were born in the United States, you are a true American. That’s an unwavering fact.

  • Dittzx says:

    We wish the best for all of you!

  • Just listen says:

    Meh. Don’t care. Just “new normal” propoganda.

    I’d like to know how any graduation is happening at all when schools been cancelled. How’s that work? Everyone gets a trophy isn’t good enough anymore, so now its everyone gets a diploma?

    • E Wat says:


    • vswick says:

      Oh, shut up. 🙄

    • seriously154 says:

      You do know you choose to be unhappy.

    • M.A.R.S. says:

      Hater man…propaganda?

    • Anne Liesveld says:

      School is cancelled but the kids still had responsibilities to homework and to getting tests done and have to somehow do finals. you must have no kids in your life if you think this was a three month sleep catch up time. and to lose the intimacy of friends and seniors watching job market crumble and schools on alert for fall. This isn’t a fun long srping break for kids. I have a nephew and a niece and even through them I see it. and Ive seen my nephew in middle school club ball. You don’t get a 19th place award in league sports. that idea of a participation trophy is a stereotype by adults. FYI if you don’t make it to the third place game in baseball like he did in middle school club baseball you walk past the winners and leave. maybe go to dinner or ice cream store for a consolation prize. They don’t even get a day to celebrate said diploma anyways as majority of restaurants aren’t open.

  • Mike S says:

    Great job singing a war song.

    • Autobot Diva says:

      i was confused myself.

    • Peggy King says:

      They bring music. You bring snark.

    • Anne Liesveld says:

      Its a song about celebrating that our country still stands in spite of those war times and pandemics and gun violence and… it is not about being in war

  • Suki Kom says:


  • Michaela says:

    Congratulations to the class of 2020!!! 🎓🎉 This was incredibly well done by some of the class of 2020!! Once again congratulations!!!

  • popcorn pop says:

    This some amazing WiFi they got.

  • Robert Ivers says:

    Singing the national anthem in a crises academic scamdemic and a Chinese playing piano virtual communism propaganda. If you can’t see it OPEN YOUR EYES. Schools are locked down no saying when students can return safer at home.

    • Marcus King says:

      Bethany Houng, pianist, is an America.

    • Orlando Vargas says:

      Robert Ivers she’s actually an American. Let me know when I should open my eyes again. Class of 2020 rocks!

    • gir0999 says:


    • Robert Ivers says:


    • Mark Gilbert Rudinas Tapalla says:




  • BETTERWORLD SGT0589 says:

    Nice, but let’s hope the Class graduating next year get to do it in the conventional way!

    • Anne Liesveld says:

      Well yes but we need to acknowledge this grade because they aren’t redoing there senior year to lose out on commencement activities and parties and being with teachers for the last time….. and leaving school in messy emotions land. let them have this fun bittersweet year. I agree on 2021 as well

  • BOSSMusic says:

    I remember when our anthem used to mean something. Now we praise corporations and the rich, im sick and disappointed. 😞

    • Deformation Age says:

      What’s a corperateration?

    • BOSSMusic says:

      @Deformation Age Typos Thanks fixed * 😂

  • Jeremy10036 says:

    One of the most beautiful versions of our anthem that I’ve ever heard ❤️🇺🇸

    • Lyn Sly says:

      who’s arrangement are they singing? quite nice & well done, editing & all!

    • Jeremy10036 says:

      @Lyn Sly I wish I knew, it’s lovely 🙂

  • Rosemary Daniel says:

    Great job kids, congratulations to the class of 2020!!!! Now is the time to walk on to your new life, I cried the day my son graduated, only because I didn’t have to hear from the principal anymore about him being the class clown!!

  • Ms Jules says:

    This was excellent. Obama was fantastic. The kids are amazing. Congrats to all.

    • Anne Liesveld says:

      i agree. Im 39 until 5-25-2020 and I learned from his speech. I agree with what he said for there times too. I think it was very sweet but also kind of telling them that they have a real ability to be leaders now.

  • Charlie May says:

    The girl on the piano is like 1é maybe but she is great too

  • Cheryl Coon says:

    How beautiful. Our fate is in their hands…and ours. VOTE LIKE THEIR LIVES DEPEND ON IT.

    • Anne Liesveld says:

      I would assume most will be able to vote by november. I would assume even young kids are 18 by fall. I was 19 as a grad because I was 6 in school.

  • vswick says:

    Congrats class of 2020!!!! 🙌🏽 🎓 Go forth and change the world! 🌎 🌟

  • Tammy Michael says:

    Stunning 🇺🇸🎓

  • quirky_bibliophile 19 says:


  • seriously154 says:

    Angels are singing.

  • Jacob 03 says:

    This is how the national anthem should be sung, not by some pop star putting their own inflection on it. Perfect 🇺🇸

  • Cindy Girl says:


  • Cynthia Szirmai says:

    These kids are going to be alright!

  • _Lauren_ says:


    Shout out to my son that graduates later this month. #classof2020

    • Katie Mac says:

      Congratulations Mom you did it !

    • seriously154 says:

      Congratulations to your son and hopes for a blessed future. And congratulations to you.

  • Jontheman says:

    very nice! the flag shows up even shorter than the green screen

  • Cathy Giles says:

    Congratulations class of 2020!

  • Keith Kristynik says:

    Seeing those beautiful young people singing our national anthem truly moved me and gave me hope. They reminded me brighter days are ahead. Congratulations to the class of 2020! The world is yours. Do better with your shot than we did with ours.

    • Anne Liesveld says:


    • JCMC ** says:

      Same here. It brought tears to my eyes.

  • king dsevillano says:

    Congratulations Graduates of 2020👏👏👏🎉🎊🏅🏅

  • Richard Tamayo says:

    Absolutely stunning, the future looks bright. ✨

    • Richard Tamayo says:

      Young people! Make sure you register to vote!

  • Roger - Butter’s human says:

    Congratulations. Now please vote.

    • Anne Liesveld says:

      I am assuming most kids will be by 2020 election. Some of them that were 5 in november or october or whatever may barely be 18 in November.

  • Ronald Peña says:

    This is what America looks like. Beautiful 👏🏽 congrats to the college and high school graduates!!!

  • BigBoogookie says:

    Adversity builds character. I cannot wait to see the wonderful things you will do with your adult lives after being molded in such a way. Well earned, 2020!

  • dean holman says:

    This is the start of home schooling in your house and teaching kids at home instead of a building,the future future,future,its am about to change ,the world,how we think,how we are,how we touch,and how we communicate ,we must go forward and have a teacher on line and jobs in line too,we are from earth,and we will have everything one day from a screen and computar and we shall overcome all problems,a team,a group,a family !!!!!!!

    • Zav Dab says:

      Do you know what a period is?

  • Linda Moffatt says:

    This instantly brought me to tears. Unbelievably beautiful! Congratulations Class of 2020!

    • Anne Liesveld says:

      Me too. Realizing I’m not alone. Quarantine is humbling me.

  • Karen C says:

    Congratulations Class of 2020! You are our future and we stand proudly behind you!!

  • Charles Kim says:

    This is so amazing.

  • lisa houk says:

    congrats to all seniors across the united states! you did it and were proud of you!!!

  • Orlando Vargas says:

    Who are the 12 people that dislike this video?

  • Orlando Vargas says:

    See how beautiful this country can be once we show unity? Thank you class of 2020!

  • C I says:


  • Carolina Leger says:

    That was pretty, but makes me sad .

    • Moe Snert says:

      It’s a conspiracy for ultimate control over the Masses

  • Erin Balazic says:

    Congratulations class of 2020 from Phoenix beautifully sung!!

  • Gloria Bazemore says:


  • Anna V says:

    Congratulation to all the graduates of Class of 2020!

  • Yoisy Salinas says:

    Did anyone that’s NOT graduating, STILL cry? Or is it just me? 😭

    • Nancy Everson says:

      I get tears everytime I hear the Anthem, but this— was so incredible! No ties to anyone graduating this year either 😊

    • 70mjc says:

      Sucker sheep

  • Deborah Jeanne says:

    This is the most amazing version of the anthem I have ever heard. I can’t say enough about it!! It brought tears to my eyes. Well done people – you should be proud of yourselves – I’m sure your school and parents are. 👍❤️

  • Chris Chapin says:

    Made me cry. Thanks, guys. Things will get better for you. Keep the faith.

  • Michelle Grant says:

    Absolutely beautiful and creative.

  • Brian Cluster says:

    Congrats Class of 2020! Congrats to my Hannah, my oldest who graduates this year!!

  • Kingscrib says:

    Bravo & Congratulations to those in the 2020 America Graduates ceremonies – and to every student who received their diploma across the country! Well done!
    For me, this was the heartwarming moment. The beautiful voices in harmony while social distancing. It brought tears.
    It was better than all the money spent on glitzy performers singing the National Anthem & performing the halftime show at any Superbowl!

  • Mansoor Kemal says:

    My cousin is graduating this year.

  • 70mjc says:

    Poor, indoctrinated kids

  • Sitting8ull says:

    Brought tears to my eyes. Does anyone know who the pianist is?

    • JCMC ** says:

      Mine too. Started instantly!

    • jungkooksbananamilk says:

      the pianist is bethany huang !!

    • Sitting8ull says:

      @jungkooksbananamilk Thank you.

  • Judy Brown says:

    Very touching. Goose bumps

  • Taga Uma LifeinUSA says:

    Wow Beautiful voice.

  • Wilda Mondestin says:


  • Moe Snert says:

    Meanwhile staying at home weakens immune systems

    • Anne Liesveld says:

      Then go outside and walk. People just said stay inside from crowded buildings. Never told to stay inside 24-7. Just to hang tight. Until we have wave past hitting hospitals.

  • Charles Rathbone says:

    Cheers for my Grand Daughter Jayne, a member of the Class of 2020, Southfield School, Boston, MA. I am so proud of you. Grandpa C.

  • Ms. Aaron says:

    I got a chills 🥰 what voices! Shine on class of 2020 shine on🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Ronny Reaves says:

    ‘WOW’…Bless you all!
    may you never ever lose hope and faith… and Let Love, Peace and Joy guides you all the way in shaping up the future. CONGRATS!

  • kellyattahoe says:

    That was TERRIFIC!!! Best Wishes class of 2020.

  • Maria DeFalco says:


  • Maria DeFalco says:

    Strong Students

  • JCMC ** says:

    So beautiful

  • Maria DeFalco says:


  • Anne Liesveld says:

    Are there any schools that have more than one person or state here? I wish I could like write these kids a you are awesome for dealing with crazy times note. Any way to tell where from? See lots of colors but not sure if noted colors mean similarity.

  • Edo Saragih says:

    Love it

  • stefan stoss says:

    send students to Fairfield iowa degree program in sustainable living MBA with deep green world class computer science PHd in Physiology Master degree in integrative medicine and maharishi ayur veda part of premed arts sports organic food

  • Roy Larsen says:

    Say no to Huawei this is a new way of thinking 🌟 be your strength Say no 🌟💖

  • Roy Larsen says:

    How’s the ankel bracelet Obama💀

  • brother code says:

    I bet you any amount of money the 21 negatives are Donald Trump supporters

  • Shadowthebear2 says:


  • Jennifer Turek says:

    Moved to tears. Congrats class of 2020.

  • B B says:

    Beautiful 💋Congrats, Class of 2020!

  • bartakin says:


  • Dorothy Williams says:

    So proud of you Shaylin the 🌟 Be Bless you’re going places congratulations 👍♥️🌹😘🙏💪🏼💯🙏 ing for all of us

  • HolySmokes says:

    How hypocritical of mainstream media to be the ones hyping the fear to act as if they care for the future generations.

  • Mr. Robles says:


  • Billy M. says:

    Imagine having to cast the kids for this and actually turn people down because it doesn’t make it look evenly diverse

  • Shanta’ Shanta’ says:


  • Lindsthestudent says:

    I am class of 2020 college.

  • Virtuous Women says:

    They could that song all they want to but everybody knows that our president is still lying 😒