Obama’s Virtual Commencement Speech To Class Of 2020: ‘This Is Your Generation’s World To Shape’

At the ‘Graduate Together’ special, former President Barack Obama tells graduating seniors to “set the world on a different path” while being “alive to one another’s struggles” as they navigate through the coronavirus pandemic.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Obama’s Virtual Commencement Speech To Class Of 2020: ‘This Is Your Generation’s World To Shape’

105 thoughts on “Obama’s Virtual Commencement Speech To Class Of 2020: ‘This Is Your Generation’s World To Shape’

  1. missnuknuk28 Reply

    All those thumbs down only mean you haven’t learned anything during this pandemic time in life. Congratulations to the Class of 2020 and thank you Obama you made my day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Brian Bianco Reply

      Or maybe people just don’t like Obama?

  2. Laporsche La Belle Reply

    I miss him so much 😔😢 he made sure we were safe and took things more serious!!! I’m so sad 😞

  3. Sue Nash Reply

    So appreciate this intelligent, gracious, kind man who gave so much of himself for our country. Thank you, Barack Obama! Such a fine example for our young grads, and such a very nice address for all! (I really miss having the opportunity to hear his shared wisdom!)

  4. Wang chi an Lam Reply

    We can all see who is the greater man. But no. We see what colour you are.

  5. AKIRA 408 Reply

    Man those guys need to stay away from the adrenochrome

  6. Nathaniel Ellingson Reply

    Obama hates America as long as he doesn’t emphatically support Medicare for All. GIVE A F*CK OBAMA

  7. MilBras Reply

    We miss having a president. We miss you, Mr. President.

  8. Carla M Reply

    Poor class of 2020 they have such depressing commencement speeches lol

    • TheLadyNamu Reply

      Over 90,000 dead in just 2 months & counting?? LOL

  9. Kid_Kash96 Reply

    Thanks Obama god I miss him 😭we all finna die because of an orange 🍊

  10. Patty DeBingo Reply

    Sorry, Hussein. The new way that you’re saying is going to work is Social Communism. Be aware folks. You’re right Hussein, you do not have the answers.

  11. pyanek Reply

    Such a refreshing contrast… Thank you for uploading. By the way, I feel if you edited out the channel’s bit at the end it would make the video more shareable.

  12. prod. Rome Reply

    i miss obama

  13. Procrastinate Reply

    2020 Squad where you guys at

  14. Northern Crusaders Reply

    Obama thinks his Presidential Reign was the second coming! Yeah of Muhammed maybe yes Trumps a orange clown we know but at least he has the USA at his heart. You my friend Barry Obama you and your Tra nny wife are terrorist lovers

  15. Jade Spades Reply

    I feel like I can relate to the class of 2020 cuz I was the class of 08. Both were/are uncertain times.

    We were also told it was not job to fix the adult’s problems. AOC and other millenials getting in office felt like we were finally starting to make a difference and fulfill that request. Stop. I already see you. If you hate the millenials so much you should have left us a better world. Don’t blame us for trying to clean up your mess.

  16. T Vo Reply

    Trump has already dismantled all of Obama’s terrible policies…Obama is now just sore

  17. Jared V Reply

    Love how he knowingly talks about all the deceptive propaganda like it’s real and not the deep state creating illusions

  18. David Finch Reply

    A tremendous message of encouragement, informed by empathy.

  19. Theo theo Reply

    iar , phony and ugly . he runs a foundation!! that is all he can do in life? Bill Gates has one, Rockefellers, Koch brothers, Clinton , you name it. all for the easy money from the rich who do not want to pay in full their duties to the American people so they “donate” to the “foundations” No wonder little prince Harry and his missus want to have their own. Watch Michael Moore documentary to see this guy’s real face

  20. steve hut Reply

    Has your house in the Hamptons been flooded by the rising seas yet ? Tell us with tears in your eyes, oh yes good commies are always good actors !!

  21. Love coco Reply

    Oboma the Devil

  22. willie kang Reply

    He is reading a script. Fraud

  23. Happie Reply

    The speech that this generation needs! Not those toxic adults that talk down on them!

  24. rpgrynn Reply

    Very strange – A classic commencement speech delivered with such dry wit and empathy – The genic dig at the old-guard could apply to just about any major institution.

  25. Lori Kling Reply

    Congratulations to all graduates of 2020. The best advice I can give you if you want something, work for it.

  26. N_ Games :v Reply

    I wasnt expecthing this lol, but is good to know all the good things out there besides the darkness that surround us. Sweetness wouldnt be that good if there wasnt that much of its opposite, same with life!

  27. Michael Arellano Reply

    Obama is a fake I bet these speeches were written for him

  28. Smurfette Did It Reply


  29. Fardeen Fida Reply

    theres no meme uhhh take off your clothes

  30. onkar athith Reply

    Here’s an interesting contrast: Obama after power looks like the great Mandela before power(that curdled up emotions/stiff long walk after his release) and Obama before power looked like Mandela after power ( That infectious, unbridled smile, dashing/relaxed swag).
    The great Mandela was a man with a sense of accomplishment/satisfaction after he left office. The drama around ‘Obamacare’ tells the other story!!

  31. Raymond Gutierrez II Reply


  32. Raymond Gutierrez II Reply

    May God bless you on the road to success. Even if the schools have taken him out. He’s still the one who created your magnificent self and made it possible to graduate
    . This is my country. And my people. You’ve done well

  33. Elfreda Kamara Reply

    This cannot be the graduation speech all this noise is about? I heard an inspirational speech, not criticism of the necked king.

  34. J T Reply

    I regret that I voted for Trump I don’t think he will stay our President come election! I never heard this kind of speech from Trump with the sincerety Obama speaks with.

  35. Michelle Leissler Reply

    OMG I miss him and listening to him speak! It’s like drinking a big glass of ice water when your dying of thirst. The Obama’s need to run this country forever🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  36. Albert Tropeano Reply

    I think Obama was referring to the MAN-BABY!

  37. Lakiesha Olden Reply

    Miss him sooooo much….i bet he would’ve had a plan for ALL of us during this time…..its so sad we have a clown in chief……#obamacomebk😭😭😭😭😭😭

  38. Christa ray 29 Reply

    What a lying, corrupt P.O.S.

  39. budz Reply

    Republican or Democrat you have to feel bad for the seniors and the people who were about to graduate..

  40. ezra hutabarat Reply

    Obama.. go to china and ask to stop this virus

  41. Frank Brunt-Sinapati Reply

    It’s called Wisdom people chasing good,
    You don’t get that from Obama and Micheal.
    Everything starts with Truth.
    YAHSHUA SAVIOUR knows his Children and brings Peace to our Heart

  42. Dissident Reply

    Is it just me or this speech wasn’t inspirational at all?

  43. Leslie Barker Reply

    President Trump is a greater President than Obama could ever dream of being. He was a lame duck while President Trump has done so much. Trump 2020🇺🇸

  44. Destiny Lagora Reply

    Awww the Obama propaganda, how pathetic. Sneaky traitor!

  45. Coffee Roast Reply

    Trump 2020

  46. Digital Soldiers 17 Reply

    Good Morning ☀️ picture this is what my trusty momma told me: Learn Gematria Sheeple, all sports, Media, shootings, Smollett, Dr.Blasey Ford, All fake scripted by 1% evilelites with Jeffery Dahmer mentality! They’ve been Satanically Ritually Abused like Dahmer was! Look at Podesta Art🤮. Fauci (means to Devour) is really a Carnegie illuminati family, who Clintons awarded for AIDS invention! And he’s over 100 years old. Bill Clinton Rockafeller is Nephilim like John Podesta! Tom Hanks Rockafeller, Killary Clinton Rothchilds, Adolph Hitler Rothchilds, Bill Gates Rothchilds and a woman by their Babylonian god false idol Ashtar, castration or Baphamet both sexes to be a high with Luciferian . Look they are fallen Angels, Nephilims, or Luciferian sock puppets egomaniacs who sold their soul sad. NonHumans media bs, 1% own to try to infiltrate Humanity. Look at the human/Reptillian statue behind the Pope on his stage, sitting on his Vatican STAGE, in the big auditorium shaped like a snake face and looks like one with fangs. Do your own research, our children need their Civil Rights, We Need Our Civil Rights. Turn this poop off. All Tel LIE vision is scripted by numbers! Sting’s song Murder by Numbers!” See Gematria Effect News! Take the red pill 💊.God Wins! Q -DO NOT TEST for COVD tests are tainted, Hydrochloroquine is just Tonic water and Sulfer soap! Detox from Flouride rat poison, Aspertame Mustard Gas! Chem trails sprayed over 1000 parasites on us, Barium, Aluminum. Aluminum Pots cause Alzheimer’s! Sam Mugzzi channel rocks too, EBH.Club ! Love & Light WWG1WGA!💪 see It’s a bug’s life too! Do not take vaccine rfid chip, Rothchilds Bitcoin chip, and rNA changers to change your DNA into a Borg. I read ingredients:Gas Geletin, transmission fluid, Aborted fetus, monkey and animal guts, Mercury, MSG… there is a form to sign to not take it! And 99% is what they are afraid of! God’s Powerful Children💜💫🌻

  47. sanket bharadwaj Reply

    Obamagate 😂😂😂

  48. Elier Romero Reply

    Lmaooo #Obungagate

  49. Jason Paul Jones Reply

    I feel ill

  50. Slime Queen Reply

    He still the president far as I’m concerned

  51. Ami Sama Reply

    News reports Obama creates a good graduation speech
    Than your Schools script

  52. Silmaril w Reply

    That was moving and inspirational, even for a non American!

  53. ALI JOI Kenjaey Reply

    You are dirty traitor only one way for you hanged

  54. Amira m. Reply

    Can you just run for president again!! We need you!!!

  55. Buddha Piyao Reply

    Dear Obama you are the kind of Father Figure the world needs for its younger generation right now !! God bless you. Love from India.

  56. Galih Rivky Reply

    Credit where credit is due, he managed to get trough this without bursting to laugh..

  57. Gustaf Paulson Reply

    I VOTE FOR THE ASSASSINATION OF OBAMA! …because TRAITORS should be shot dead.

  58. Grace and Truth Reply

    Barry Soetoro is the biggest scam in presidential history alongside HW and Bush and Clinton. He is a treasonous snake, and a fake!

  59. Goldi PH Reply

    Oh my God so Trump can make up Obama gate during a pandemic and they say nothing, but Obama can’t talk about the current president without it being called inappropriate ??

  60. Karpathos Love Reply

    Hussein a gutless racist simian-malcontent

  61. Steve Bollman Reply

    Trump in November 2020

  62. Peju Adebiyi Reply

    this is what presidential looks like

  63. Brain the Brian Reply

    Ok so, like Trump, hate Trump, what ever side you are on, it was ethically irresponsible for him to make political digs and push for a certain way to do things during a commencement speech…
    After the virus took this took away class 2020’s graduation ceremony, Obama had the chance to give it back but obviously chose to turn this speech into a political statement. You said it yourself Obama, they have the power let them do what the want with it. They’re “adults” now let them think for them selves.

  64. Edgar Akide Reply

    This is a True definition of a president,motivating

  65. Kelly Hupp Reply

    Why do you think you have the right to be disrespectful during a pandemic you look look ridiculous

  66. Tony Yu Reply

    Leads off with dispair, school shootings, climate change and pandemics then sporadically hints that the “adults” leading today should be ignored or set aside because they aren’t making the right decisions for you. Let’s be honest, this was nothing more than a political attack ad by a con man who rose to the highest seat in the land of freedom. This wasn’t inspiring. It was a call to arms of socialist ideas. Wow!

  67. Douglas Tunnell Reply


  68. Teeger Blasheck Reply

    As a proud member of the Class of 2020, I just want to say thank you so much President Obama! You’ve been a role model for me and so many others as we’ve grown up, and I’m so proud to be able to say that it is once again you who calls us to action to become the heroes of this new generation. Congratulations y’all! We made it!

  69. kurt call22 Reply

    I’m not even American but this speech made much more sense in this times than what you guys have been getting from your current leader.

  70. kurt call22 Reply

    leaders , especially a leader of America must inspire the whole world not just America. we getting less of these in these couple of years

  71. Okuhle Ntshweni Reply

    The dislikes are from republicans I assume

  72. D.N. Tripathi Reply

    If only this man could lead his country and the world! If only…….

  73. Jericho Galido Reply

    I thought this guy is still the president😂

  74. Zvmx Reply

    Obama the GOAT

  75. Lesa Etheredge Reply

    Obama trump done more then u

  76. James Fureyster Reply

    He only look good and talk good. But stupid. Trump is way smarter. Why this guy even talking. He destroyed America.

    • TheGraniteDuck Reply

      Both Barack and Michelle Obama are higher educated the Trump

  77. haghighat .g Reply

    گند زدی تو زندگی ما ایرانیا این همه ادمو بیچاره کردی بخاطر پول؟ روزگارت پر از روزگار ما

  78. maryam sanati Reply

    just shut up Ayatollah Obama

  79. Selina gray Reply

    Hit dogs will halla. He never mentioned any names. Great speech sir!

  80. maryam sanati Reply

    Long live President Trump
    Long live President Trump
    Long live President Trump

  81. Jamal Hashimi Reply

    This fa..kin dude looke like E.T and I voted for you , u r the most disappoint period. I don’t feel c..no need u r advice.
    , enjoy your good life. Please do not advice me please, and your power is done, no more Obama please, u should have preached this while u where in power.. stop it please u I voted for u lat time no more , u know why? I was more in equality and I was wrong. Now l love president Trump. He is the only man in history will be mentioned.

  82. Jack Black Reply

    Whay doss he play the race card

  83. Iris Torres Reply

    I love him come bck Obama please we need u lol…….😘

  84. Michael Stapleton Reply

    he needs to keep his dam mouth shut and crawl back under the dam rock he came from he one of the reason the usa is in the shape it in the sob

    • TheGraniteDuck Reply

      You really be living under a rock. What is it that Obama did that bugs you?

    • Michael Stapleton Reply

      @TheGraniteDuck he is one of the many that help destroy America and to me he is no good the sob

  85. Victor Magana Jr Reply

    these arent even his words, hes just reading off of a prompter smh

  86. Lexi Luthor3220 Reply

    The greatest

  87. Michael Gatti Reply

    No…racism is not an issue laid bare by the pandemic…no we have real problems..Unemployment…Dems destroying their states’ treasury… Growing economic inequality…..gee wonder why…If we just print more money will spend our way out of a depressions!!! Yay the Obama way!! Meaningless drivel

  88. Rodney Kwia Reply

    anti christ

  89. Know ok Клоун клоун Reply

    Da ti pravelino zdelal sto ubral levii balast iz ucraini v islo i ribcu s el i na hrej sel toesti pomog pragim disati polnoi grudiu no u nih esti zeetv po atomu esli comunisti iobnut po cremliu zee iobnet po pravim .

  90. Noah Bright Reply

    How about double his presidency

  91. Noah Bright Reply

    No make it 24 years of him

  92. Noah Bright Reply


  93. Da Sisters Reply

    My older children are in college. My younger children are in high and middle schools but i made time to watch this speech so i could hear the caring voice of a president speak to his nation and a class graduating at the most uncertain times. Thank you President Obama. Congratulations class of 2020!

  94. Lukas M Reply

    Obama sucks

  95. Helen Schroeder Reply

    Why can’t he just go away

  96. Charlotte Blanchard Reply

    I love me some Obama if they call that a drive-by shooting didn’t Trump is dead but I love him cuz he spoke the truth all young people are taking over black kids do not stop do not stop young black people

  97. Greatoutdoors Reply

    Climate change really. Why is it always a Democrat doing speeches. Oh yeah the covid 19 was caused by Obama administration 2.3 mil of tax payers money.

  98. William Mallory Reply

    He should have said ,go out and do something for the country,since I did nothing!

  99. jose's leather jacket Reply

    Thanks for the Benghazi cover up, corruption of the Congo and your poor attempt to improve on healthcare Obama.

    Thank you sir…

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