Mysterious Remains Found In Idaho Cave Identified After 40 Years | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/19
Mysterious Remains Found In Idaho Cave Identified After 40 Years | NBC Nightly News

A family found a man’s torso inside an Idaho cave in 1979, then more remains were found in 1991. The man has been identified as Joseph Henry Loveless — an outlaw born in 1870 who had many aliases, repeatedly escaped jail and was wanted for his wife’s murder.
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Mysterious Remains Found In Idaho Cave Identified After 40 Years | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (103件)

  • Damn Yankee’s Daughter says:

    Do not give up your dna people!

  • T.C. Thompson says:

    Fake news trying to make me believe CAVES are real, if they were real wouldn’t I have been in one at some time? SMH Trump 2020

  • godwantsplastic says:

    Anthony Redgrave needs some help with that beard

  • Mike Graves says:


  • Pai Mei At Heart says:

    Lol what was up with that first dude???

    • 2Legit 2BReal says:

      Inbreeding causes strange people!

  • Cuck ButtFurd says:

    *Say…If he was “Wanted Dead Or Alive”, then I claim dibs.* 👀🤫🐸👌

  • HardAnall Jr. says:

    Missing 411?

  • Æ N I Ǝ M A says:

    After 40 years we can find the identity of a dead man….yet no word on who killed Epstein smfh

  • Tony Conyers says:

    Most probably was killed by a relative of the wife. Revenge ………………………….

  • Raspy Bob says:

    Awesome last name!! Reminds me of loveless in the movie wild wild west

  • FearThe Karen's says:

    Wait, you mean to tell me all those ” anti semitic ” attacks in New York where committed by blacks!?”

  • TheFoolinthe rainn says:

    Solve his murder?how about convicting him? I’d excuse him from killing his wife if she was a modern feminist lib lawyer… Other than that, don’t waste our money on this

    – it’s only going to be a bunch of lawyers and judges getting off together cashing in.

    Justice is already sold in this country, by liberals. No more handing our tax $ to these con artists… stop wasting their profits.

    They need that blood money for their microbrews, pills and airfare to Epsteins Island

  • Big Dawg Entertainment says:

    They say it’s Epstein

  • Tina Shay says:

    What about the rest of his body?

  • G T says:

    Freddy Kruger?

  • Tina Shay says:

    Did they even investigate for any suspects in his murder? What’s the rest of the story?

  • David Cisneros says:

    Don’t use any DNA TESTING COMPANIES.

  • BrooklynGal says:

    He looks like the Outlaw of your nightmares.

  • Howard Davison says:

    First you feel sorry for him, then you see his face, then you hear what he did. 😂



    • Jake Roberts says:

      Mine changed when we found the remains of giants, the skeletons. They said they were just dinasour bones, what a relief.

  • cal30m1 says:

    Way to go NBC, you keep us informed about this 1916 murder, breaking news!

  • Lost Aquarian says:

    Agnes had it coming…

  • OneDeep says:

    0:30 The bearded lady?

  • The Hot Box says:

    Is it Tupac

  • With Witt says:

    This man was really wildin

  • Fat Man says:

    Outlaw to the end

  • Ninja k says:

    You all just woke up Jeepers Creepers.

  • C G says:

    that pic looks like an alien in a human suit.

  • greeneyez lite says:

    K what’s with bald girl dude with a beard….also WHO CARES it’s been decades and decades since dude dead. Let him RIP. Gdamn media bs

  • Sylvia Brooks Funchess says:

    Good News: HAPPY 2020

  • sheets0f metal says:

    That’s a weird looking outlaw, looks like Pinhead Larry

  • Shawn Cezanne says:

    He looked like Freddy Kruger.

  • Fortunate Son says:

    0:27 can we use DNA to identify this thing?

    • TheFreePantheist says:

      obviously part billy goat

  • A Wolff says:

    yes let’s spend more time and money on something that doesn’t benefit anyone. Global warming screw that we got a 100 year mystery to solve

  • suckmyvenom says:

    People says he looks like Freddy Krueger, I think he looks like Woody Harrelson.

  • Sho Ent says:

    There are bigger cases that need to be solved.. but here we are..

  • Justin Cady says:

    This is an ABSOLUTE GUESS. NO WAY they could confirm 100% with that phony process.

  • Desire La Belle says:

    Daaaaymn… I was going to pity him but turns out he killed someone.

  • IG: Gasunset29 says:

    An eye for an eye.

  • Tito Agosto says:

    That’s great ,
    So now you need to get some blood samples from TRUMP , THEN figure out where he came from so we can send him back .

  • TL R says:

    Waste of resources. Jesus people — don’t we have other, more important issues to solve?

  • steven 0sborn says:

    Why does Biden like 26 year olds. Because there are 20 of them. Biden/satan 2020

  • Evan Serrano says:

    His second wife Agnes lol just fits perfectly in the story….! 😁😁

  • Evan Serrano says:

    I think I killed this guy in Red Dead Redemption 2….! 🤔🙉🔫

  • Ronald Sinclair says:

    Public data base so the government is filing the public’s DNA and using it to track down fugitives. My question is how are the acquiring his DNA an from what source or sources are they getting it rhis DNA. Talk about Big Brother and collecting personal Information….

  • Antee Matter says:

    Live by the gun, die by the gun. Reap what you sow. Karma’s a muthrfkr. Get what ya deserve. What goes around comes around. There’s probably more…

  • Cody Shell says:

    man thats INTERESTING

  • Seals Rx says:

    Freddy Kruger’s grave

  • Wingate8 7zero says:

    3 7o 22 5

  • yay says:

    His beard noped off his face

  • Austin C says:

    It’s 2020, if you have a neck beard please cut it off. Grow a real beard, and stop looking like a tool.

  • chrisnwesson says:

    0:28 are you good bro? Lmao

  • Miles Brewer says:

    103 years come this one moment of roasting

  • Steve Mausehardt says:

    Nice clip . If you would stay out of. Biased political stories you be OK.

  • Commodore RuhRoh Raggy says:

    Pretty sure that dude was Alex Rogan’s co-pilot in The Last Starfighter. 😎💥👽

  • Sal V. says:

    this is such a recipe for a horror movie franchise lol Happy New Year 2020

  • just enough says:

    Mitch McConnell after plastic surgery.

  • Master Yoda says:

    I wonder if he changed his name to loveless after he killed his wife 😂

  • as g says:

    @0:29 wtf is that thing??? Lmao

  • Outlaw says:

    0:30 Such a fitting name for his face

  • THE AlienHunter says:

    The photo of his wife looked like lizzie borden

  • Jonathan 916 says:

    Reminds me of Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven. Murderous, cold-blooded outlaw.

  • dank donkerson says:

    never mind the Freddy Kruger guy, Anthony Redgrave is the real freak of this story, i mean WTF, I’ll bet he uses “inconceivable” a lot

  • ColoradoKen says:

    Was that a before or after death photo???

  • Zac Rettig says:

    loveless from www?

  • jonesy19691 says:

    That dude with the chin beard looked kinda strange!🤔😒😬

  • Mario Lopez says:

    Wtf. Was that creep

  • Manuel Escareno says:

    I did it.

  • William Kimmons says:

    Just seeing how the libs will blame Trump for this.

  • RaquellaLisa says:

    He’s already dead and was a murderer. Close that and work on something worth while that’s actually affecting people now. How can you say you won’t stop until the case is solved and in the SAME breath say it’ll never be solved because it’s so old 🙄. Fire this dude.

  • Clint Marshall says:

    Sick turtleneck tho.

  • The Shadow says:

    No time to solve today’s murders……..but plenty of time and tax money to solve this one. Go team.

  • Miles Davidson says:

    Oh, those are my remains. I’ll grab then next weekend.

  • Troy Stone says:

    Wonder if in outlaw days 1870 did he ever think he’d become legend in 2020 🤔

  • Bill Brown says:

    Loveless killed his wife & died loveless in a cave. Sounds about right.

  • E M says:

    From that picture, I thought it was a corpse.

  • 5thGen says:

    Dude escaped the law . Thuglife!

  • King James says:

    Coyote to others..hey I know where there’s some well aged human jerky..

  • Vejur9000 says:

    Yeah, he looks like a serial killer.

  • MaD707MaN says:

    The 1800 divorce process was rough…

  • Howdy Justice says:

    Her beard though.

  • William Ridgeway says:

    Leave it alone, it doesn’t matter anyway.

  • Joe Schlotthauer says:

    Huh, looks like a plastic button to me at :11 seconds…

  • Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs says:

    His killer sure was *ahead* of things

  • Blink Once on Sunday! says:

    Good luck solving a 100-year-old murder case.

  • bianda24 says:

    Sounds like instant karma to me SWEET!

  • Fireproof Crane says:

    They once found a torso inside of a cave. It belonged to the head of a ‘Loveless Joe’, he had no grave. Henry ‘old Joe’ murdered his wife with an axe, and was shortly dispatched by a man with no name. All that was found was down in the hole, wrapped all up in burlap, there was ‘old Joe’. The remains have been recovered, Joe’s head hid by his foe. The murderer unlikely to be discovered, because it was so long ago.

  • Rock Brentwood says:

    Hoffa, yet?! Hoffa, yet?! No? Awwww.

  • YoBoiGio says:

    Bruh cut your beard

  • Graham ********* says:

    Where did intelligence go.?? It’s been over 100 years, they’re all gone. Work on something that matters….

  • Carl P. says:

    Appropriate last name.

  • Northwest Racer says:

    West Coast: Am I a joke to you NBC?

  • calee4nyaboy says:

    0:26 Um, somebody had a brutal childhood.

  • calee4nyaboy says:

    0:51 Go read the wanted poster. If Agnes was his wife, then why does the person in the wanted poster have a completely different first and last name than who they say this person was in the cave? Also, if they were married, then the person in the wanted poster would have the same last name as Agnes Lovelace. Yet they don’t.

  • calee4nyaboy says:

    I wonder what Agnes did to get murdered? Sleeping around maybe?

  • Jai Norman says:


  • Señor Serious says:

    Now my nightmares will stop.. Thank you for finding his remains

  • timber_beast says:


  • Cold Fire says:

    So they found freddy krueger?

  • Kimberly Galanti says:

    Killed his WIFE? Somebody married that dude?