How To Develop Grit: The Hard Thing Rule

2020 5/20
How To Develop Grit: The Hard Thing Rule

Learn How To Develop Grip:

I want to share with you how to develop grit, and integrate something called, ‘the hard thing rule’ into your daily life.

Do you know someone who views challenges as opportunities for growth? Do you know someone that always appears to be successful in the face of adversity?

In her book, “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance”, Angela Duckworth has a theory for why these people exist. The answer is that they possess “grit”.

In her book, Angela shares her decade of research on the topic, and determines that grit is what separates those that are successful from those who fail. She shares a great technique, called, “the hard thing rule”, that can help you cultivate grit, and that you can incorporate into your daily routine.


Project Life Mastery
How To Develop Grit: The Hard Thing Rule
How To Develop Grit: The Hard Thing RuleDo you want to know how to develop grit and integrate 'the hard thing rule' into your daily life? Click here to learn more!


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  • David Simon says:

    thank u!

  • Miki Melo says:

    Does trolling counts? It is a very hard thing for me ..I am not naturally good

  • Nigel Watt says:

    Damn Stefan! Back at it with the extreme value. You inspire me so much bro 👌🏾

  • Adventures In Wet Shaving says:

    Excellent video, well said! We all need to here this, and challenge yourselves everyday. Thank you for what you do! 🙂

  • Artem Kovera says:

    long-distance running is a great option to build grit

  • BREN says:

    I love how much you’ve stepped up on your youtube channel, i’ve been watching you for 2 years.

  • Alfredo Garcia says:

    thanks Stefan

  • DaRealShai says:

    What actually is grit please?

    • Dream Travel says:

      what differentiates you from me :3

    • DaRealShai says:

      very helpful 😀

  • senjecko says:

    sometimes I eat grits for breakfast

  • Sonya Wilson says:

    This was a good video. I’m a mom and you spoke to me. Thanks!

    • Darya Winters says:

      Completely agree! This video is so on point for me as a young mama. I feel like I’m pushing that hard thing over and over every day, several times a day. Most recent one was going to the gym and building all those muscles from scratch literally, as they were all gone with the wind during prig times:)

  • The Garlic Farm says:

    When I plan my day I schedule the most dreaded task first. Notice I did not say most difficult. It’s not always the same thing. With that out of the way the rest of the day seems like a breeze.

  • kimy D says:

    amazing video, the hard thing rule has always been my rule everyday

  • Gloria Yu says:

    Very informative and helpful. Thank youuuu!!