Photojournalist Survived Close Call with South Tower Collapse on 9/11 | NBC News

2020 5/22
Photojournalist Survived Close Call with South Tower Collapse on 9/11 | NBC News

New York Daily News photojournalist David Handschuh was taking pictures near the South Tower when it collapsed, throwing him half a block and shattering his leg. One of his rescuers is still unidentified.
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Photojournalist Survived Close Call with South Tower Collapse on 9/11 | NBC News



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  • music lover mwah says:

    I was in the uk looking after my mums house when she was in barbados on holiday. I was 18. I watched it live on tv in tears feeling hopeless wanting to help but couldn’t. It didnt matter to me that it was in America and I was in the uk…to me we are all human beings and should help each other. To watch something like this and not be able to help was hard. I rang my mum in Barbados ..I honestly felt scared at the time like the world was under attack. I was totally heartbroken and have been since for all those that were there and lost their lives. I also felt proud of the firefighters and police who risked their lives to save others. For all those affected by this please know that we think of you and send our love xx

  • justbelen says:

    God, bless all those who died! 😢😪 and god bless all those who helped others! 😥😞😭

  • Ɱąժ-girlfriend says:

    Thank you David Handschuh

  • Big Juice says:

    2:25 alfred molina?

  • Crystal Reynolds says:

    There was so many people who died that did not need too

  • JulieBirTV says:

    Respect. Such a painful tragedy. Such a loss. Wish this never happened. Wish we could undo the events. Wish government was More prepared. Oh gosh…. RIP.

    • Grimmed Gamer says:

      JulieBirTV how can the government prepare for a hijacking terrorist that was uncalled for

  • Cash Alert says:

    The beginning part with Rescue 1 going to the scene is so sad. The were brave to go help and their lives in the process. So many innocent lives lost. I truly hate over government and powers to be for this evil act just to try to make a legitimate reason to invade Western Asia for oil. American government and Elite dont care for the ppl just their individual power of us and their profit. True evil minds

  • Tim Petty says:

    His name is David Handschuh. He has some of the best photos that captured that tragic day and i heard his story on an I Survived version of 9/11 that they removed from YouTube idk why

  • PseudoTiger says:

    This is a very emotional story I have to say. Hard to not fall into tears.

  • Freddie12freddo says:

    1.19 they man at front right is me

    • tea spilt says:

      FREDSTER liar. I know obvi you are.

    • Freddie12freddo says:

      @tea spilt what does that mean

    • Unsoundrook says:

      NERF VS NERF stfu liar

  • dezzyghoul Torres says:

    That was my dad’s birthday

  • Cindy Andresen says:


  • SwankyChubbyYT says:

    This is a very lucky man and hope he have a great rest of his life 🙏

  • Guy Ritchie says:

    This is what happens when *pranks* go to far

    • The Real Siblings says:

      [Content Blocked] what are you talking about

  • Bigrayjj 2 says:

    Oh my god this is so sad praising you 😥

  • Yeltz says:

    I’m happy the hijackers died too,

    • taesthetic says:

      Yeltz Videos just a death isnt enough to re pay the thousands of people who died that day.

  • I’veHYPE-BEASTev’I BapsterGodOg says:

    I was not born when that happened but when I turned 5 I write a story about something happening this in lifetime but less than I know that it already

    Don’t get mAd at me for writing evil story it’s just My imagination that lead to a plane crash at a building people rip and meanwhile another plane crashes and then building collapse

    I did not make this up this happens my family proof and I still have the story this day

  • J O R D A N says:

    1:32 if you look closely you can see a body being hurled with the explosion

  • Crystal RBLX says:

    Just imagine….being in one of those towers. It’s just a beautiful morning in New York, then the building your in…just gone. 8:48 A.M. gone.

    • RudeBOY says:

      coffee petals no doubt, but the building wasn’t gone at 8:48

    • superbunny5067 says:

      No, the first plane hit the tower at 8:48 am, it collapsed later

  • Oscar Karais says:

    i wonder where these people are now……

    • Kidd0Capp Sv says:

      Oscar Karais there maybe in heaven

  • P & A Martin says:

    1k liker I don’t know why I said this it’s not important compared to this video

  • Lawrence Tate says:

    I wonder if that unidentified rescuer has been identified yet? If not, I’m guessing the guy died in the second collapse. But still, how does no one know him? Maybe a new guy, perhaps a probee. I still can’t believe an employment photo can’t be matched. Look for an unmarried junior firefighter who perished.

    Otherwise, he’s an imposter (with REALLY convincing gear), an angel, or an alien.

    EDIT: Maybe it’s Sean Tallon?

  • Kels . says:

    I cannot imagine what it must have been like witnessing/being a survivor of this terrible barbaric act.

  • Maddy Soha says:


  • ToxicCola21 says:

    I want to see the camera which survived the rebel of the towers.

  • Dirtier Dan says:

    He ate the building

    • Bonnalina Fuzbunny says:

      Your profile is my reaction to this comment

    • QxeenToni says:

      Dirtier Dan that’s not even funny or cool to say that ! 🤦🏽‍♀️😪

  • American Born says:

    I still don’t see how two planes that hit near the top cause the whole thing to come down? 🤔

  • Helen Tully says:

    What an amazing person, so much respect for sharing his story xx

  • gmjack15 jack says:

    I swear I see a guy smiling in one of the pictures

    • Olivia Halman says:

      gmjack15 jack  where?!

    • Nick Howard says:

      Olivia Halman 2:10

  • Mr.Nate_YT says:

    *everyone said what i was gonna say so*
    BUT, the real question is…did his camera survive?

    • Tamx Gold says:

      Nate well obviously. Since he said he managed to hold on to the camera that was around his shoulder and captured 40mins of pictures. Someone wasn’t listening. Or just want likes that you get no prizes for from YouTube.

    • Mr.Nate_YT says:

      @Tamx Gold …it’s a joke

  • JL BREMER says:

    As a Photographer this is moving and sad but inspiring.

  • james fiaco says:

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  • Just Cade says:

    Cannot imagine seeing this in person with my own eyes. Lower Manhattan turned into a warzone on that day. After walking through those very streets for days on end, it’s horrible to think that a place so vibrant and beautiful could be attacked in such a way. New York City is so strong and resilient, I have such a respect for the people who died, and for the people who worked to clean up and rebuild not only the city, but their lives. 9/11 will never be forgotten.

  • Meelan Crick says:

    He also said back in 2001 that there werent any planes

  • Profe Mauro says:

    we need peace. I lived in NYC back then and that moment is one of the saddest. this must never happen again in the US or anywhere.

  • Christie Perry says:

    When he says about the firefighters…
    Driving their own hearse going to their own funeral….

  • Christie Perry says:

    FYI, the severely burned woman, guy in the white shirt yellow tie, is featured in the Marriott documentary about 9/11.

  • Sunnygirl911 Miranda911 says:

    First plane hit 8:46 am

  • Legit Holly-rose YT says:

    If I could go back in time… I wouldn’t do something selfish. Something that only affects my life. No. I would go back in time and take a plane to America before 9/11. I would tell them about this and convince them to not let any planes go on that morning or night. It would save so many lives

  • Melodia A says:

    Rip Capt P Ward

  • Waleed Higgins says:

    An airline pilot can instantly send a hijack alert by a number of methods, including a button on the joystick. On 9/11 four airliners went rogue yet none of the eight pilots sent an alert.

    Flight 11, Boston—LA, diverted N shortly after take-off and, at the edge of a large “radar corridor” (an area beyond FAA and NORAD mechanical radar coverage), the on-board transponder (which sends flight data such as identity, altitude, and GPS position to air-traffic control) was switched off.

    The plane then reappeared on radar, turned SE, and crossed paths with Flight 175, Boston—LA, before going on to hit the North Tower of the World Trade Centre at 8:46 (a flash of light glinted from the plane’s nose a split second before impact). Flight 175 continued SW until, at 8:47, it passed in close proximity to Flight 93, Newark—San Francisco, whose take-off had been delayed by 25 minutes. Just before the closest point of approach 175’s transponder was switched off, the plane then swung around and flew NE to hit the South Tower at 9:03 (another ray of light shone from the plane’s nose a split second before it hit its target). Flight 93, after diverting N to meet 175, proceeded W at cruising altitude and entered a large radar hole near Cleveland.

    Flight 77, Washington DC—LA, flew 300 W after take-off passing through a substantial N-S radar corridor over W Virginia. 77 turned, its transponder was switched off, and it re-entered radar darkness heading E.

    The plane then appeared on radar, flew all the way back to DC and looped to hit the newly renovated, reinforced west wedge of the Pentagon at 9:37 killing a number of accountants and destroying their paperwork (all CCTV footage of the impact was then seized by the FBI and has never been released).

    After flying W for 45 minutes Flight 95 was finally warned — by a United dispatcher acting on his own initiative — “Beware any cockpit intrusion” (9:23-24). Three minutes later the first spurious cellphone call (from 35,000 ft) was received, “Our plane has been hijacked … call the authorities” (the resultant 9-1-1 calls would help establish the 93 crash site as an FBI crime scene). At 9:27 the pilot replied, “Ed, confirm latest message please — Jason”. One minute later 93 dropped 700 ft and the pilot yelled over the radio “Mayday” and “Hey get out of here, get out of here — get out of here” (no formal hijack alert was sent). At 9:32 air-traffic control were informed, “We have a bomb on board”. The jetliner turned S. A flight attendant contacted UA by Airfone at 9:36 and notified them of the hijacking. At 9:39 air-traffic control were warned once again “We have a bomb aboard”. With its hijack status clearly established 93’s transponder was switched off and it re-entered radar darkness heading for Washington DC. Incredibly, the Defence Department claim that they were unaware of Flight 93 until 10:07 — one minute after the 9/11 attack.

    “An aircraft at Eglin AFB would be painted and numbered as an exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft belonging to a CIA proprietary organization in the Miami area. At a designated time the duplicate would be substituted for the actual civil aircraft … The actual registered aircraft would be converted to a drone…. From the rendezvous point the passenger-carrying aircraft will descend to minimum altitude and go directly into an auxiliary field at Eglin AFB … When over Cuba the drone will begin transmitting on the international distress frequency a ‘MAY DAY’ message stating he is under attack by Cuban MIG aircraft.” Department of Defence, Operation Northwoods, March 1962

    Drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and submitted to Defence Secretary Robert McNamara on 13 March 1962, the DOD’s Top Secret Operation Northwoods proposal — for false flag attacks on American civilian and military targets to be used as the pretext for a war on Cuba — was rejected by President John F Kennedy. Among the possible scenarios outlined in “brief but precise” detail was a fiendish plane-swap deception involving the replacement of a “chartered civil airliner” with an exact duplicate. Passengers would board the mock-up at a regular airport and the plane would take off as normal. The original registered aircraft would be converted to a drone at a secret-state facility. At a pre-planned position the two would rendezvous, the piloted aircraft — carrying a black-ops team “boarded under carefully prepared aliases” — would descend below radar and head to an “auxiliary field” at a nearby Air Force base. The original airliner, under remote control, would continue along the duplicate’s flight path until, at a suitable location, it would be blown out of the sky by “Cuban MIGs” (i.e. on-board explosives remotely detonated). Retrieved in 1997 under Freedom of Information laws by a federal agency dealing with documents related to the assassination of President Kennedy, the Defence Department’s preliminary Northwoods proposal — “suitable for planning purposes” — also recommended planting aircraft debris and phoney evidence at crash sites and called for the development of a “Communist Cuban terror campaign” within US cities to be blamed on Cuban agents and refugees.

    “three males appearing to be Iranian … dark-skinned with red bandanas on their heads … two in the cockpit and a third had a red belt with a box that constituted some kind of a bomb.” A synthesized cellphone call from Flight 93 (“Cellphones don’t work at five or six miles of altitude. That’s why airlines were only introducing pico-cell technology to enable them to do so in 2006/7”, Rowland Morgan, Flight 93 Revealed) 

    During a 2004 Christmas Eve address to US forces in Baghdad Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld actually said: “the people who attacked the United States in New York, shot down the plane over Pennsylvania.” The one eyewitness to 93’s ostensible “crash” was Lee Purbaugh, a scrap-metal worker hired only the day before: “I saw it rock from side to side then, suddenly, it dipped and dived, nose first, with a huge explosion, into the ground.” According to the 9/11 Commission Report — based on flight data supplied by the Pentagon and FBI — 93 supposedly rolled over at 580 mph and then “crashed” upside down. Three “loud bangs” were heard and 12 witnesses reported seeing an unmarked white fighter-jet circling overhead. A C-130 cargo plane was also seen and is officially acknowledged to have been in the area. Several boxes of “surprisingly intact mementos of lives lost” were recovered from the Shanksville crater site and main Indian Lake debris field some 3 miles to the east (a hijacker’s Lebanese passport and Cripps-style red bandana were also retrieved). Leading seismologists, using consolidated data from four seismic survey stations in the area, fixed the origin time of the Shanksville 9/11 shockwave to 10:06:05 +/- 5 seconds. According to the official story, however, the plane “crashed” at 10:03.

    “What? Up, down. Ahh. Ahh. Unintelligible. Ahh. Shut them off. Shut them off. Go. Go. Move. Move. Turn it up. Down, down. Pull it down. Pull it down. Down. Push, push, push, push, push. Hey. Hey. Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me. Unintelligible. Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest. No. Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest.” Flight 93 cockpit voice recorder (CVR) transcript, 10:01:41—10:03:09

    A different version of Flight 93’s CVR was played to bereaved relatives in August 2002. Apparently, the earlier version ended with the voice of a male passenger at the controls and Tom Burnett (the first synthesized cellphone caller) could be clearly heard: “When she heard her husband’s voice, Deena immediately locked eyes with her mother-in-law, Beverly Bernett, and they held hands and wept. ‘We had not heard his voice in eight months at that point and just immediately began to cry’, Deena says”, “The Burnetts”, USA Today, 9/11/2002. “Let’s Roll” — the Pentagon’s Muslim-killing war slogan — was supposedly uttered by evangelical Christian Todd Beamer as he rushed forward to battle Arab Islamists in an upside down plane with other American heroes while NORAD staged attacks and played war games in Canada. A Verizon Airfone operator reputedly overheard the recruitment catchphrase via a dangling receiver after a teary, unrecorded phone conversation with “Todd”. (Verizon Corporation signed a $1.4 billion telecoms deal with the Bush neocon criminals and their deranged Pentagon politicals soon after the 2000 election grab.) 

    “a number of regimes remain deeply hostile to America — North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Syria … a new Pearl Harbor … remove these regimes from power and conduct post-combat stability operations…. multiple, simultaneous theatre wars … service budgets must return to the [Cold War] level of approximately $90 to $95 billion … further NATO expansion … Raising U.S. military strength in East Asia is the key to coping with the rise of China to great-power status…. a new family of nuclear weapons designed to address new sets of military requirements … Over the long term, Iran may well prove as large a threat to U.S. interests in the Gulf as Iraq has….  advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes … budget levels to be increased to 3.5 to 3.8 percent of GDP…. a system of global missile defences … a galaxy of surveillance satellites … Control of space and cyberspace…. If defense budgets remain at projected levels, America’s global military preminence will be impossible to maintain, as will the world order that is secured by that pre-eminence.” The Project for a New American Century, Rebuilding America’s Defences, September 2000

  • TheAsian CRINGE says:

    How was he able to hold in his tears

  • Kuda Beroda says:

    Nice 👍🏼

  • SallyPurpleYT says:

    This isn’t easy to watch

  • non dan says:

    Recently went to the memorial. It’s unreal. To read all the names all of the engines and battalions, it was emotional.

  • Alexa Bueno says:

    OMG ITS 9/11 and i just cried idk what will happen all i know is pray for them

  • Pdubs 706 says:

    Thank you for your story….

  • Pdubs 706 says:

    Who is watching on 9/11/2019?😢

    • Roqu Crispy says:

      Pdubs 706 I’m watching it on the 15th

    • makda tesfaye says:

      I’m so sad

    • The Tower Falls says:

      11/9/2019 lol

    • *•Gamer gød GG•* says:

      You mean 2020 I am hear! 🙁

    • Max Is Epic says:


  • Ant Squad says:

    This story made my day🌷😊

  • Baddie Vibes says:

    im balling my eyes out 😭😭

    • Baddie Vibes says:

      Stephen J. Pietropaolo i dont need corrections🙄✌🏻

    • Stephen J. Pietropaolo says:

      @Baddie Vibes, when your grammar mistake is That bad and it’s fair game on the internet, yeah, expect corrections. Too bad you don’t need it, you got it.

    • Baddie Vibes says:

      Stephen J. Pietropaolo your acting like its the end of the world and can you stop replying!😤

    • Stephen J. Pietropaolo says:

      @Baddie Vibes no. You.

    • Stephen J. Pietropaolo says:

      Also, *you’re hahahahahahaha

  • Bella Hansen says:

    So sad

  • Laura Poitra says:

    Rip to evory one who died on septmber 11 2001

  • kamille M says:


  • Moeka _iinatz says:

    This was so horrible… So sorry to the family’s that lost someone💖😔

  • pro sign says:

    I watched this in my school
    It was so sad 🙁

  • Hi 61 says:

    What about world Trade Center building #7…nothing hit that and it still came down

    • Quake proof your home with a Pryda Wall Truss Brace says:

      bolts snapped off, get a life

  • Gacha logic audrey 123 says:

    God bless u if u have no damage to ur lungs or any brain damage god blessed u

  • Emily M says:

    2:08 why was that guy smiling ???

    • Brady Galetto says:

      Emily M ya wtf

    • Recktorph says:

      You don’t know what happened at that moment maybe he saw someobe he knew or it wasn’t a laugh its just his face when he is confused or whatever

    • Horse Lover says:

      He isn’t smiling
      Probably just grinding his teeth in fear of something hitting his head

  • wyVsauce Gukkie says:

    These videos give me anxiety

  • mechx420 mechx420 says:

    😭 the ppl who dislike this vid they were the hijackers

  • Oliver Pizza vlogs guy says:

    Remember 🇺🇲

  • THEDUCKTAPE14 says:

    Did they identify who the firefighter was?

  • 88feji says:

    Conspiracy theorists are saying they employed hundreds of actors to act for decades to put up a show for a fake national tragedy … facepalm big time.

  • Alexis Toxqui says:

    Why is the video of the last phone call in the south tower not up anymore?

  • Eliaz Ruis says:

    9/11 was an inside job. Physics proves that the official story is a lie. Unfortunately most people are to dumb to figure it out.

    • Moore, OK Tornado Sirens says:

      Be quiet. Physics doesn’t account for an aluminum plane flying at 400-500 mph with 24,000 gallons of jet fuel crashing into a 100+ story building. Take your conspiracies and be gone.

    • Metal 1974 says:

      The speed of the plane creates kenetic energy. Your conspiracies have been debunked.

  • Ray Rocher says:

    thanks for the true mournful story. i am very sorry, thanks for adding to the 9-11 memorial info and reverance. amen.

  • Lory A. says:


  • IAN DUCAO says:

    it’s was truly a beautiful morning.

    • Ava Gianna says:

      IAN DUCAO yes very “beautiful” 😭😭😭

  • Trey Timchal says:

    It’s sick that our own government could do this to us

    • eggroll says:

      what do you mean it was al quaeda

    • Trey Timchal says:

      wide dog haha and cancer cause building 7 to fall

    • eggroll says:

      @Trey Timchal

  • stephanie martinez says:

    Aw God bless that man and he is safe and he needs love so much love and I love old people cuz they look so nice and friendly and rest in peace the people died on that plane and we will miss you

  • Gamer panda says:

    I just learned about 9/11

  • PicuPiee1 says:

    being alive, with these many frames captured and stored until today it just heartbreaking to remember for him.

  • Junior JUSTE says:

    RIP CHIEF Gerard Barbara 1:47

  • TackerVideos says:

    that before and after shot at 1:00 is breathtaking. RIP Rescue 1

  • Cherub Cherub says:

    @2:29 Ron Clifford helping a burned woman named Jennianne Maffeo. Sadly Ron’s sister Ruth Clifford-McCourt and her 4 year old daughter Juliana were in United Flight 175 as he was in the Mariott hotel below helping Jennianne.

    In an awful twist, Ruth’s best friend Paige was on American flight 11 which slammed into the North tower, having taken that flight because she has air miles with the company.

    the three were on a trip to California for a retreat and to take Juliana to Disney World.

    Jennianne’s burns were so severe, some penetrating to her stomach. She died a few months later after her kidneys failed.

  • Mad Zaz says:

    I’m watching and showing my daughter, showing her how much evil there is in the world. Still pulls at the heart strings.

  • Patricia Gurwitz says:

    No words needed, all the thanks needed I reflected in your eyes. And for those that are no longer with us I’m sure they can see your face and know your heart. So glad you’re alive.

  • Jessica C says:

    I always wonder about the people who were never found. God Bless them

  • Suzzanne Stofko says:

    They were in their hearse going to their own funerals, they just didn’t know it yet. Wow the way he worded that was so haunting and so true! RIP to all victims.

  • iDejas says:

    Imagine running and seeing a big boulder of debris falling towards you, frightening.

  • Daly Lazare says:

    Rest easy

  • Cat Devereux says:

    The PTSD he must be suffering is immense and starkly apparent as you watch him go through his memories. I am so glad he survived.

    • I only wash my hands when I shit on them says:

      I remember it was called “shell shock” before it was called “post traumatic stress disorder.”

  • Toasty Dinosaur says:

    Fun fact:
    One guy was late to the bus to go to his work in that tower
    He survived the 911 attack
    RIP everyone who died, including my aunt ❤❤

    • gary austin says:

      Toasty Dinosaur •

      Was your Aunt a Dinosaur?

  • Lil Collin Boi says:

    That’s sad

  • VI0LET says:

    I can’t believe this was 19 years ago already…

  • pianorags says:

    I, with a little girl were also blocks from the 2nd impact.
    Her mother died in that 2nd impact..
    She is now 24 and when tucking her in at night I still see that 5yr old girl’s pain in her eyes, When she asks me why her mother died I can’t answer it..
    I was young and like many of my friends got drafted but in the end didn’t even know why we were there..
    I came home and have now devoted my life to her but her pain will never leave

  • I only wash my hands when I shit on them says:

    It was a beautiful morning until 8:46 a.m.

  • Cat Mercer says:

    I saw the story of the guy with the yellow tie helping the lady who was burnt. The poor lady didn’t make, sadly. He was at the trade centre for a job interview that morning. Another cruel twist fate is that unbeknownst to him, his sister and her 3 year old daughter were on one of the planes that flew into the towers. I’m glad he was there to record this so we do not ever forget.

  • Vince Maakt Video's says:

    You can’t train firefighters for things like this..

  • Max Is Epic says:

    Who is watching on 11/9

  • Max Is Epic says:

    Yooo 3:40

  • Alphonse Batelamio says:

    Who parent was in the USA that time ? 🤔

  • Dj Frank Brazil says:

    2:28 was that from the secondary explosions on ground level? Such a horrible day

    • El Guache says:

      I believe it was from the first impact. The man with the yellow tie coincidently had his sister and niece on flight 175 which hit the second tower.

  • Cora_ DC says:

    9/11 always gets me in tears 😞😭🥺, will never be forgotten.

  • Kimochi desu says:

    okay so im watching this and exactly where the building falls and earthquake comes

  • Wrighty_Boyy says:

    1:00 and 1:05 – The comparison

  • Link334 says:

    My mom was in her mid 20s during 911

  • R6 siege Nerd says:

    corona virus sucks more than this stupid tower

  • Ezekiel K. says:


  • Rexus Roblox says:

    I- I still don’t believe this is real. R.I.P. All victims of 9/11. May you live in our hearts forever. First responders, thank you for your service. Military that died that day, R.I.P. We will remember you.