Life Stories: Buzzfeed’s Eugene Lee Yang | NBC Asian America

2020 6/19
Life Stories: Buzzfeed's Eugene Lee Yang | NBC Asian America

BuzzFeed’s Eugene Lee Yang discusses the importance of inspiring fellow Asian-American artists and influencers to create content and take risks in their career paths.
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Life Stories: Buzzfeed’s Eugene Lee Yang | NBC Asian America



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  • Baby Eater says:

    me see try boi, I clik

  • Aliejha says:


  • IAmVickie ._ says:

    I’m not even Asian, yet I feel so inspired😭 I love Him So Much. He’s my Idol ❤

  • Kamea Newland says:


  • Cienna’s Weird says:

    Hello Eugene, I’m that young child who gets 2 hours of sleep.

  • Cienna’s Weird says:

    EUGENE FINE AS HELL!1!1!11!!!!!1!!

  • Lauren Piontkowski says:

    Eugene ❤️❤️❤️

  • Amy Sutton says:

    Eugene 😀

  • Frank Martinez says:

    I am proud that your generation is breaking the mold , as a Mexican America it’s your turn. Downey Ca

  • scarlett says:

    “i d o n t s e e m y s e l f a s s e x y”
    *entire try guys fandom goes crazy

  • user 000 says:

    *is he chinese or korean?*

  • cubic dust says:

    Does Eugene do his own hair? He could be a really good hair stylist haha.

  • Jim E says:

    but would you get naked on camera?

  • Lena Ana says:

    He’s soo good looking. Dream guy

  • Wesley Jones says:

    Nice to see more of the personal side of Eugene.

  • Zainab says:

    Eugene’s story reminds me of mine.

    I never seen an english mulism actor or model with a scarf

  • Eliza Hazell says:


  • Eisha Zahid says:

    I feel like he looks like Magnus bane

  • Sibs restaurant says:

    And by the way thankyou for sharing this with us every story matters especially yours.

  • 3 3 says:

    I can’t wait for Eugene to blow up and become one of the biggest celebrities because he is just so awesome and I love him and I can’t wait to tell my kids how we all watched him grow and become this awesome and amazing person, you deserve so much Eugene 😍😍😍😘😘

  • Josiie says:

    Eugene I love youuuuuuuu!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 👏👏👏👏👏👌❤

  • Josiie says:

    Eugene your so amazing ❤👌

  • Josiie says:

    Give a shoutout to our native americans who want to be on YouTube and share our culture too..

  • Josiie says:

    You should do a video where the try guys are playing native hand games in Saskatchewan ❤❤❤

  • e c says:


  • Emilie Miranda says:

    Yassss eugene

  • Pan!c on says:

    i really hope to see eugene write some type of series that displays a genuine depiction of asain Americans

  • eric says:

    this was a day after my birthday

  • Namjoon’s Cocoa says:

    I don’t get it.. I want Eugene to talk more about the Asian discrimination. I had no clue this should be known more of how they are being treated.. I always thought they were treated with royalty because they are always seen as the smartest. I never knew this and it hurts knowing nowzz

  • Stranger ? says:


  • Kpopasian girl893 says:

    Eugene your a god in the Asian world 🗺 ❤️

  • Kpopasian girl893 says:

    And in all world 🗺 ❤️

  • Dai Drawings and Animation says:

    Eugene is a snacc

  • Valerie Hagenaars says:

    346 missed the like button, are they really that blinded after seeing him voor 7 min?

  • Tandile Vuyo says:

    Hearing him speak about subconsciously writing white characters really got to me, because as a writer, I remember writing something. Then later realising that a majoroty of my characters are white. Then I would wonder why…
    Its mostly because of the media Im consuming as well.

    Now I’ve acknowledged my faults, and Im diversifying my characters

  • KatieMay says:

    He doent think he’s hot? Wow I’m shook

  • Silverstorm 3010 says:

    Is he half american half chinese?

  • nathan cha says:

    Gosh, this was beautiful to watch ♡♡♡ what a talented beautiful human being indeed. Eugene is such a massive inspiration not just in doing what he does but also phrasing it so elaborately & being so fierce and fantastic about representation. ♡ so much hope for the future thanks to this.

  • Luciana Borba says:

    Eugene should have a podcast

  • MIDOGALI says:

    Terrible hair

  • ice cream says:

    i literally just typed ‘eugene lgbt’ to see what sexuality he is

    • XxShippingMyTearsxX says:

      ice cream what sexuality is be

    • XxShippingMyTearsxX says:


    • ice cream says:

      @XxShippingMyTearsxX he always avoids giving a straight answer but we do know he isn’t straight. ♡

  • Ramparat says:

    this was not his life story, this was his views on representation of minorities in the media; good video but clickbait bro- I wanted to see Eugene cry

  • Daddy AF says:

    There is definitely a problem in our culture if someone with Eugene’s looks, body, style, charm and voice isn’t a Hollywood box office leading man.

  • Stephanie C. says:

    Eugene is admirable from brain to butt

  • hehe nice says:

    this video is even sweeter every time i remember to watch this

  • Kamva says:

    My fav Try guy

  • Kamva says:


  • Hale Wasson says:

    He is just so gorgeous

  • Beth L says:

    2018 anyone????

  • Vanni V. says:

    I feel high….

    • Keilisa White says:

      Vanni V. Hahha I am.


  • Shinnosuke Nauhara says:

    But can I propose him???

  • louiethemouseful says:


  • David Kelly says:

    He’s incredibly handsome and smart. I just wish he wasn’t so obsessed with identity politics. Hopefully one day we won’t “identify” as anything and realize we are all just people.

  • Oliver Matelske says:

    E U G E N E

    Y O U

    A R E

    S E X Y.

  • Dominique McQueen says:

    I need to find a way to quit Eugene… I’m converging on obsessing. More than his beauty, it’s his open candor and explorative spirit. Ugh I just can’t…

  • LivingDew says:

    You’re Amazing Eugene!

  • KK_ROBLOX 15 says:


  • Peyton Nast says:

    3:11 I do

  • brxead says:

    As a fellow asian,who has grown up with little to no asian representation in the media,I am simply here to say REPRESENTATION MATTERS (oh,and I’m very proud of Eugene for representing the asian community!)

  • okana says:

    Eugene is Fine asf 😂❤️🔥

  • Ultimate death says:


  • ChimChim of BTY says:

    Eugene reminds me a lot of Min Yoongi… he has that determination to succeed and he’s very, I don’t know how to say it, perhaps rude? But not exactly. More closed up and rebellious kind of personality? If you know who Yoongi is I hope you get what I mean 😂

  • Brittany Peek says:

    Woah, what.

  • Shelby Grace says:

    So I found the answer to my question, I think….. so is Eugene Pansexual??? Or the worlds best straight ally??? I don’t care! He is a part of the lgbtq+ community!

  • Satsuki Nakamura says:

    Asian power right there👍👍

  • EmmyPopSVlog s says:


  • Emma Cook says:

    wow I love him

  • Emma Cook says:


  • Emma Cook says:

    he’s such an inspiration and I’m so glad he’s using his platform so positively

  • Grace K says:

    Lies. Eugene Yang you are one of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen.

  • Lazy Lesbian says:


  • Mia 56 says:

    Eugine is my fave out of BuzzFeed aahh xx

  • Jenni Park says:

    Whos watching this when Eugene already has quit buzzfeed

  • This person is a potato says:

    Other than the fact that Eugene is a *snack* , he is very funny and actually really kind…


    Eugene, you need to go and collect your son, Fredric Chen, for he is having a crisis

  • Yoshi Playz says:

    How does Eugene not have a girlfriend because i am single 😉 ;)😘😘😎😎

  • blackcurrantpop says:

    Thank you Eugene. We need more Asians like you to speak for us. So proud of you and proud to be Asian.

  • ThatBisexualArtist says:

    And look how far he’s come 😊

  • Xya says:


  • emmaevictoria says:

    you are the most sexiest man alive eugine stfu omg

  • Kashalakasha says:

    God I love Eugene

  • InsideTheHeadOfMe says:

    Physical attractiveness aside, I think it’s Eugene’s confidence that accelerates his charisma, as if though it were his glamour or “sexyness” that captivate people.

  • GracefulDanny says:

    He gives dom top vibes I’m here for it.

  • Dolls Around The World says:

    When Eugene said the other guys were his best friends I almost cried because he FINALLY admitted it

  • Sub PewDiePie says:

    He was the hottest guy at buzzfeed what how could eugene not see himself like that btw is it just me who doesn’t watch buzzfeed no more

  • molly finney says:

    where is that on clip of him and ned from 2:15

  • Sydney Van says:

    Glad to see not just an Asian American, but an Asian American from a small town represent!!
    It’s a different experience being Asian in middle America vs being Asian in San Jose or Monterey Park…
    So happy we got a man in the game, and Eugene Lee Yang at that.

  • - maja says:

    He’s? Amazing?

  • Ben smith says:

    He’s like a Korean Ryan Reynolds.

  • Namita says:

    I’m so happy for him! Happy pride month!

  • Gambit says:

    who’s here after watching trending??

  • Kat says:

    Anyone else watching this after his coming out video? 💜💙💚💛

  • Kanie Ky says:

    So he came out last week…
    And I came back to this…

  • Heidi Wei says:

    May I know where is the clip at 3:27 from?? Thanks!

    • Kathryn says:

      Try guys try magic Mike Stripping

  • Douglas Landry says:

    So hot ,I am WHITE Old fart . love his look because good looking and intelligence true on ( Eugene can carry on a conversation )


    Wow beautiful and extraordinary

  • online sphere says:

    This specific strategy saved me. I tried others before but none of them did wonders like this one.

    • Nkuna Nhlamulo says:

      it worked for me nice

    • bodol neregch says:

      Your method is too good and legit . Thanks

  • Valentina Cedeño says:

    This specific method ended up saving me. I tried others before but none of them performed.

  • Harry Smith says:

    Asians have no balls or testosterone…just joking

  • Regina says:

    Y’all need to stop fetishizing Asians in the comments