NYC Subways Test Powerful UV Lights To Kill Virus | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/22
NYC Subways Test Powerful UV Lights To Kill Virus | NBC Nightly News

New safety measures for public transportation and air travel. Experts say assuring passengers that public transportation is safe is critical to reopening the economy.
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NYC Subways Test Powerful UV Lights To Kill Virus | NBC Nightly News



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  • Amy Amy says:

    Michigan residents eat lots of Apples. Pig meat for quick collagen, so Pork. If you lost your Lipase because of drinking too much Sodium Bicarbonate or taking Taurine, it is fixable through food. We just need to find what works for our body…It might be that that enzyme is sitting there, waiting for the right ingredient to pump it up. #Apples#Grapes#Dried Fruits#Peanuts

  • Flamming Seagull says:


  • Walker Family says:

    If the herbal covid medicine discovered by madagascar and now being supplied to other African nations was in western countries or Asia,these major broadcasts would have reported it .

  • Stinky Slinky says:

    I’ll tell you what tool told me. “Learn to swim”

  • re2dance says:

    The plastic companies are cleaning up right now.

  • re2dance says:

    Why are the gov’t doing nothing after getting “dangerous hazard” status for bridges/dams etc.??

  • Sheri Gilmore says:

    Why do people put thumbs down on a News video? I guess they must be trumper’s who think all nightly evening News shows are fake news. We have some really sick demented people in this country. Maybe they didn’t like the part where the Dams failed in Michigan and flooded out everyone around them. Maybe they just hated all the bad stuff happening all over the world. I got a feeling we are in for a lot more of these disasters as we probably are living in the Great Tribulation. I mean just think we already have Antichrist Trumpy on the scene.

  • Anthony Nicholson says:

    Wtf is up with “DNA” treatment

  • mbross says:

    I just don’t care about America anymore…because of trump….

  • Agatha Beach says:


  • David Brown says:

    The Governor failed to prepare the state. This js all her fault, right?

    The dams had been labeled as garbage and she ignored it.

  • Members of RBTS says:

    check out #WUHAN at ​​@t​

  • May Rubio says:


  • Kenny Burke says:

    I bet shortly they will get a hack attempt from China . Be. Careful from thos thieves

  • Rosalba hamer says:

    As a Sandy survivor your all in my prayers you will be ok its just time consuming slow if u have family somewhere else go there now.

  • dbassir87 says:

    1:30 omg poor Grandma, I wish I could help her :(…so sad

  • vincent gizdich says:

    100 year what?

  • Abe Zilla says:

    Balsonaro is number one fan of the orange turd.Look at his country now , LOL

  • Kato Miler says:

    Vote. We need real change in November. And so does Brazil.

  • Drea the Bandalore says:

    Why is there chemical plants right next to water …. oh

  • JAM MAKAVELI says:

    Always hit states that most racist now u dnt have stay home get ask fr

  • JAM MAKAVELI says:

    God work mysteriously 1 most racist state everybody had their day but som ppl day make u lol even though everyone got day coming

  • First Last says:

    Also causes blindness

  • Gremy Saint says:

    First it was rats over running new York , and now this . Trust me , the virus won’t mean a thing to anyone soon enough . You guys will be wishing you treated the virus like the flu . Today the cdc just announced it doesn’t spread by touch like they said it did . Look it up . The reason new York suffered is because thousands of people are still dying and have lung complications from breathing in debris from 9/11 , don’t believe me look up the amount of people that were still dying or messed up from 9/11 before this virus . Also majority of deaths were nursing homes , which now the news has started to say . 200 million predicted deaths in america and not even 5% of that came true . But 33 million jobs and everything falling apart and people leaving nursing homes unattended ……and nursing homes got hit the worse …….

  • Raj Papineni says:

    And clueless Americans are protesting lockdowns

  • Déjà Siku says:

    We are witnessing the book of Revelation happen right in front of us. Trump is _literally_ the Antichrist. All of these natural disasters, plagues, murder wasps, earthquakes, and other catastrophes are all part of God’s judgment on this sinful world. Seek Him with all your heart and He will make Himself irrevocably known to you and through Jesus, you can be completely peaceful and free from the fears and anxieties of this world.

    God is great. Taste and see for yourself. This is awesome to see all of this going on!

  • sunni skie says:

    Oh well another sign that state and all these govt. dems, leftists, and their supporters wasted time, money, and resources on illegals, foreigners and other bs, instead of taking care of the legal citizens welfare, lives, and saftey for many decades.

  • Jay Es says:

    Does anyone know Morris code wtf was up with dudes eye

  • Angel k says:

    Fake news about Brazil. This images was proof to be fake. Local gov are faking coffins in a partnership with TV globo. The mayor called Doria is a dictator and Brazilian people are doing protest to remove him from government. The mayor Doria is under investigation for corruption and illegal use of funds supposed to be redirected to treatment of covid.

  • thebluesman says:

    um … German researchers have proven that the virus CANNOT survive 72 hours on surfaces. It can be DETECTED on surfaces over this period of time by testing. But what you can prove there are quasi “body parts” of the virus. They are not replicable viruses. The virus disintegrates very quickly on surfaces.
    A person dies in his apartment. Then his remains can be traced for a very long time. But that he will ever father a son again … very unlikely.
    greetings from Germany
    *This comment was brought to you by Google translator

  • Unknown User says:


  • vsboy 25 says:

    The subway is dirty because trump is not in charge in New York

  • Albert Litts says:

    Gods punishing trump supporters

  • Mai Glöckchen says:

    The Tourism Ministers of the 27 the European Union Member States meet on Monday through a video conference, in a bid to find a way to restore the tourism in the block, which has been one of the most affected sectors by the Coronavirus pandemic.

    During the video conference, the Ministers discussed the need to protect tens of millions of travellers, and restore tourism, in particular for Italy, GREECE, Croatia and Portugal, who all rely on a thriving tourism sector.

    Among other ideas, the EU diplomats discussed the option of creating a certificate of security in the sphere of tourism under the provisional name “COVID-19 passport”, which would refer to the health status of the owner of the document, and enable him/her to travel to the EU and Schengen States.

  • Mountain Man says:

    TRUMP is Right AGAIN!

    OBAMAGATE: Obozo Spied, MSM Lied and Hillary Cried.  😂🤣

  • We will not fear you. says:

    Nobody thay can think for themselves wants contact tracing. Covid19 is being used as a tool for Agenda 21.

  • Cathleen Luce says:


  • Stephanie Citizen says:

    Hoping for the best for USA 🇺🇸

  • Pixel Tits says:

    Even with all of humanity’s amazing accomplishments, we’re still incredibly stupid.

  • The Outabodies says:

    One minute they saying no partying but your going to open a New York subway system. You cannot social distance on the subway. Your going to force people to go to work but it’s not ok to socialize. To many conflicting information and it seems that when it comes to the establishment making money the rules seemed to change. All of a sudden as businesses open it’s ok to touch surfaces.

  • Patricia Williams says:

    Lord let our president Mr. Trump help these people

  • Apple Pie says:

    Will damage your eyes if look direct

  • Apple Pie says:

    There should have been much more accurate early warning before property like cars are damaged. Suspect many don’t have insurance?

  • Daniel Emerich says:

    Another good thing coming out of this pandemic, the reduction of pollution, now airlines cleaning the disgusting airplanes.

  • T.J. says:

    We have not invested in our infrastructure, so we can’t handle natural disasters and pandemics. But hey those endless wars continued to get funded.

  • May Be says:

    God help us! We are an oppressed people. We are victims of psychological warfare, and our Democrat leaders hate us!! May God hear our cries for help 😭🙏🙏

  • William Villagomez says:

    We need all the prayers in the entire world right now.

  • JT T says:


  • zangardo says:

    Very successful UV lights very proud greatest country in the world very proud of all of those UV lights

  • Jakob Kennedy says:

    That’s crazy

  • Julia Giles says:

    Lester Holt said that it’s so important to make people FEEL safe on public transportation so they can use it to go to work. Uh, how about making people ACTUALLY SAFE on public transportation? Public confidence would follow naturally.

  • Milithant Endleshhh Calls Correction says:

    Just an unmatched 9 in 10 possibility of backing off from any costly comparisons, and not just between us – between every crap of a level that ever exists for its blip of just being a visible cost.

  • Alonzo Castoire says:

    I can hear trump now…..
    “Fake flood” “Democrat hoax” “Obama did it” “The water is wet”
    You get the picture.
    Because what he actually said was he’s going to pull federal money from Michigan if they vote by mail while this tragedy happened.

  • Larry Smith says:

    Virus isn’t real.

  • Farhan Chowdury says:

    Hope for the best!

  • Jazz 7 Zedd says:

    How Many Will Die From The Ultraviolet Light And Be Told It Is A Virus?.
    Wait For It*

  • Carlos Carrillo says:


  • Rick Aeria says:

    Infrastructure – – needed in America. Stop building bridges in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • Carlos Carrillo says:

    The lady speaking Spanish said she would like to give thanks to the Lord 🙏 almighty and these lying media fools said something complete opposite..they don’t mention she said giving glory to Jesus America is so wicked just like wen God flooded the earth 🌎 with mosses was cuz all the filth of world at that time Houston we have arrived to that moment in history once again

  • Mike West says:

    Don’t spend money on infrastructure.

  • James Job says:

    Lmfao I call bull shcnizzssz

  • Jorge Santos says:

    Porque america no destroy chana anda

  • Levi 1 says:

    Weren’t these people protesting against lockdown a few weeks ago? Well, I guess they got their freedom now, no home to be quarantined. The flood answered their demands. Maybe harsh but, some people must learn the hard way.

  • Naruto Uzumaki says:

    2020 is the worst year ever

  • Naruto Uzumaki says:

    Soon brazil will become a epicenter

  • Jess Aimra says:

    Omg 😱 the world is going to be end.

  • Lord Vader says:

    Robot dogs with CV-19 sniffing sense comes next.

  • Boss Cat says:

    Mass Shooting in Texas, but he was NOT WHITE. Why didnt you do a story on this yet??? Doesnt go against your clearly RACIST agenda to seperate the country. Democrats HATE America.

    • Ed Everret says:

      Divide & conquer is working well for the NWO.

  • Yvette Renee says:

    A man in Maryland recent died after getting the virus again, so this immunity news means very little to me. It probably depends on various factors of health.

  • SuperStud 9000 says:

    WHY TF are American dams still failing after Katrina? Two?! Both pre-warned for failure?!? Wtf??

  • James Jennings says:

    Scrutiny won’t do it.

  • Andy Scott says:

    yeah lady you not safe and ugly! go drink some lysol your Prez aprroves it….

  • Don Hosteen says:

    We got a flu vaccine but still ppls get sick this virus gonna be with us even with a vaccine I think

  • Don Hosteen says:

    Brazil mass graveyard is so unreal look from a horror movie

  • Luxuryhomes888 says:

    HAOLE GO HOME!!!:)

  • Boyd Gilbreath says:

    Waste of time. No one touches anything anymore. Masks, at least six foot distancing, staying home as much as possible. trump is the most hated man on earth. trump lies, and lies, and lies some more. trump tries to blame all his failing on anyone else no matter how weak his reasoning is. trump treated Covid-19 like it was something he was writing in a reality show. For six weeks trump let Covid-19 spread unchecked in the USA. When he did act to limit the spread it was way too late and too little. We barely got a flattening of the curve for all the lost jobs and income. Test, track, and quarantine is how many so-called third world countries saved countless lives and continue to battle Covid-19. None of that for trump! The whole world hates trump.

  • the larch says:

    God is breaking his promise.

  • McCoy Robinhood says:

    DAMS are completely unnecessary old technology. We the people are forced to use technologies that are designed to enrich solely the elite.
    We get to pay the consequences the technologies fail.

  • Francivaldo Valdecir says:


  • Francivaldo Valdecir says:


  • SoCal Drifter says:

    Is this guy the bringer of Bad News? I swear every time I hear that theme song I could hear the bad news guy in my head.

  • Mike Lopez says:

    CDC says… Coronavirus ‘does not spread easily’ by touching surfaces or objects, CDC now says. But it still ‘may be possible’. More lies!!!

  • jamie lunes says:

    It could have been avoided! No one at the helm!

  • erg says:

    100% those lights will malfunction and go off on rush hour crowds inciting lawsuits.

  • Jason jason says:

    How and why excactlly did thé dam fail?

  • LilithRainn says:

    Flint still doesn’t have proper drinking water

  • Graham Lim says:

    Now we know that America has a lot infrastructure to repair, stop military spending and save American lives providing more health insurance to the people.

  • Nichala Laramy says:

    Not obedient. So there will be more deaths in Brazil

  • Raymond Brown says:


  • isaiah Clark says:

    Y’all dumb lmao

  • Lisa Klein says:

    So can we freeze our own COVID-19 antibodies in an antibody bank and re-infuse them later?

  • hussain4train says:

    always keep new york healthy!

  • wolf blitzer says:

    Are they also giving out free shots of bleach 😂

  • pete valdes says:

    That’s what happens when all the money goes to the top instead of infrastructure and dirty politicians.

  • Ivan Alvarez says:

    2021 Is going to be our year

  • godblesschild808 says:

    And bill gate is funding all this research 😂😂😂 dont take the vaccine unless your a dummy

  • Shafali Akter says:

    Oh no, Natural Disasters comes back to life.

  • Grey Star says:

    Theirs hope I’m so happy and excited 😊

  • Carlos Danger says:

    the flood could have been prevented with proper maintenance. whitmer is way over her head you can hear it in her voice.

  • jesus saves says: