Growing Tensions As Customers Clash With Stores Over Masks | NBC Nightly News

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A viral video inside a Costco shows a customer berating an employee over face coverings. The conflict underscores a new reality for retail workers, who now have to enforce health and safety policies on top of their normal responsibilities.
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Growing Tensions As Customers Clash With Stores Over Masks | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Axel Dread says:

    Good for Costco. Masks aren’t meant to protect you from getting the virus, they’re meant to protect others from you giving the virus. Wake up selfish people!

  2. Avatar Angel DM says:

    He is so ignorant!!! Good job Costco employee!
    That guy can’t spread what he have!!!
    I’m a nurse and know the pain and suffering of every individual that has Covid!!!!
    We need to protect each and everyone….
    Spread love not Virus….

  3. Avatar All Mighty Ass says:

    Making people wear masks is stupid since masks don’t actually protect the person wearing it

  4. Avatar Eric Holder says:

    I just won’t go in the store. screw these nut jobs. #NEVEREVERSHOPCOSTCO

  5. Avatar stephen betteridge says:

    Well! I’m speechless!!! People how dare that man refuse to wear a mask while shopping!!!! It’s terrible. But the question you have to ask yourself is, is it more terrible to have your freedom taken away from you? I support you mask free wearer. 👍

  6. Avatar Rudy Sanchez says:

    Yeah, Costco is private. Rules are rules. Get out.

  7. Avatar Maria Quinones says:


  8. Avatar PoorBoy 313 says:

    No shoes No shirt No mask NO SERVICE

  9. Avatar Steve Dennis says:

    Free country doesn’t mean you have the right to break laws you disagree with.

  10. Avatar Shelly Smith says:

    Remember when you thought Atlas Shrugged was fiction…… ?

  11. Avatar Roberto Curiel says:

    Yes throw the son-of-a-b**** outside because he’s putting risk it. The other person thank you get out

  12. Avatar Noir Fit says:

    Americans have really disappointed me

  13. Avatar tyler durden says:

    Ugh, you’d think it would be OBVIOUS, but if you want to be healthy, you need to breath FRESH air! Not the same spit covered mask all day! Also, when you sneeze you don’t want to do it into a mask. If you are infected with anything, you’ll keep re-infecting yourself over and over. There’s a reason why you sneeze: To get those particles OUT!
    Masks will only make people sicker. Oh, and they look DISGUSTING! Like under wear on your face! YUCK!

    • Avatar Jack Dalton says:

      I agree with Tyler Durden!

  14. Avatar Jazmyn Gould says:


  15. Avatar Jody Burke says:

    Dang wearing a mask to save lives, common sense ,oh wait alot of people dont have common sense,

  16. Avatar Jaime Torres says:

    It’s an excuse to kick people out. Same thing as criminal trespassing. I don’t like to wear it to be honest with you. And what if I forgot my mask at home. I’m going to go all the back home just to comply with the stupid store.

  17. Avatar Simon Stevenson says:

    Wear the mask or stay the f**k at home!

  18. Avatar Archangel Uriel says:

    N95 masks don’t stop the virus. Get that out of your head right now. The gaps between the mask and your face are amplified intakes. Masks are the biggest delusion. Cloth masks allow you to blow out a candle with them on. People aren’t dying from contact with the virus. They are dying from complications from the virus. Most people feel little to nothing. Most people live. The odds that you may have already had it are not low.

  19. Avatar WarriorOfWriters says:

    Conservatives in 2016: Companies have the right to refuse to serve gays
    Conservatives in 2020: What do you mean I gotta wear a mask to shop here?

  20. Avatar Edwin Rodriguez says:

    Yeah it’s a free country…but you’re not free to infect people because you want to be an a#@hole

  21. Avatar Fernando Perez says:

    They use the word Free only on the way it fits on them. It you don’t feel well treat or don’t like their policy, leave and go somewhere where you can feel welcome.

  22. Avatar Bruno Cardenas says:

    I’m with the customer this is America it’s your choice if you want to wear it and also we pay membership fees at these stores so why the !@#@! I’m going to be told what to do and wait in line to get groceries I think you ought to refund everybody’s yearly membership fee for the inconvenience and harassment by management.

  23. Avatar Deloris Cunningham says:

    No shoes, shirts, mask no service

  24. Avatar Anna Morris says:

    I’m watch my friends who first said, “…the pandemic is a hoax” are now just saying they have a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask! Rebellion provokes Karma! 🤙

  25. Avatar Mr. Fair says:

    Wear the mask, stop being the rebel for no reason. It’s for safety not just because.

  26. Avatar Mr. Fair says:

    Trumpers that’s all

  27. Avatar A says:

    There is always one fat cry baby

  28. Avatar Sherita Funchess says:

    Whats wrong with ppl not wanting to wear a mask!!!! Crazy

  29. Avatar Nestor Pelayo says:

    I guess conservatives don’t like it when the “Don’t like it, leave” talking point applies to them also.

  30. Avatar Tony Wright says:

    Masks do not work as they are a false sense of security.

  31. Avatar Antifekas A47.200 says:

    People that are not wearing masks at stores or shopping malls should be asked to get out com back wearing a mask.

  32. Avatar C M says:

    Its every where. These people protests for everything to open up. And now they got there wish, but they don’t wont to wear mask. Do they realize how many workers their germs killed doing lock down.

  33. Avatar FLOWER says:

    Beautiful. Let these dumbasses show their faces.

  34. Avatar S says:

    It’s idiots like this who elected trump!

  35. Avatar Sam Sitar says:

    when you visit a business you must do as they say.

  36. Avatar Travis Mann says:

    Fixed title: disappointment grows as idiots risk their own lives instead of following a single harmless rule

  37. Avatar Steve C says:

    If only employees wear masks, that means that customers are ‘free’ to spread Covid 19 everywhere they shop! Available masks are not as effective as the N95’s. They do offer some containment of viral spray from an infected person to others. They are much less effective in filtering that spray (with an inhalation) into someones lungs. It makes no sense to allow customers to shop without masks. This man has a right to his opinion…and he has the right to protest. He has no right to expect an exception to clearly stated policy. He has no right to willfully expose others to potential harm as an expression of his ‘freedom’.

  38. Avatar Victor A. says:

    I hate this hemisphere. People in Europe and Asia don’t act like this.

  39. Avatar lrreid says:

    If the company did not comment….why so many comments.

  40. Avatar lboneyardl says:

    Then dont shop there. Just like the no shirt no shoes..jesus people just want to cause problems

  41. Avatar hEAtOniK says:

    Trust the government, trust the CDC, trust the WHO. There’s no way they could ever be corrupt. And btw Trump is Hitler!!

  42. Avatar Shawna C says:

    How hard is it to cover your face?

  43. Avatar Just Passing Through says:

    He thought he was gonna have support from other customers 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 they were just standing in line trying not to make eye contact with that guy.

  44. Avatar Edi000 says:

    Wear a mask you entitled big baby!

  45. Avatar Stacia Rains says:

    We all know our rights but we can be selfish as well, besides this is a pandemic!! so If I need to put on a mask to keep from spreading my germs to others ….. it’s a no brainer I’m wearing the mask!!

  46. Avatar David Bradford says:

    What about people who have respiratory conditions
    IE asthma, people in the UK who have respiratory conditions are recommended not to wear mask’s as it can make peoples condition worse.

  47. Avatar John barfneck says:

    did it for you tube views/monies………..

  48. Avatar Icare says:

    you can tell who the people are that’s never been told no and rely on their race as a badge of honor, patriotism as a get out of jail free card all the while condemning anyone that don’t fit their criteria. I have never seen such spoiled all about me baby men in my life… these are the type of people you can’t rely in war, famine or outbreaks😬😡😤

  49. Avatar Just Call Me MOP says:

    Good for Costco! Freedom is not a good excuse to be careless during this pandemic. Your freedom shouldn’t affect the health and safety of others!

  50. Avatar bob avon says:

    A mask is not going to stop a virus. It is not. End of story. What is happening is that the government wants mask wearers to die. And they will be killed in confrontations. I just can’t believe how many people are still wearing the useless mask. You are all stupid.

  51. Avatar Icare says:

    joining Costco asap and will be the only store I shop until this virus is over… at least they show they care its not about politics but lives.

  52. Avatar D W says:

    Omg. People are freaking fragile! I would walk out if I worked there PUT A FREAKING MASK ON!! Selfish people with all their ISMS

  53. Avatar I💟crafting says:

    What a freaking jerk

  54. Avatar FJ C says:

    Wow. You people that are disrespecting people at their place of employment are vile disgusting human beings.

  55. Avatar Heidi Uridge says:

    How hard is it to put on a mask while shopping…some people care about no one

  56. Avatar John Gaudet says:

    Big sign on door ” NO MASK, NO SHOP”! SIMPLE

  57. Avatar Sarah Blancas says:

    This is so ridiculous! It isn’t just about you. It’s also about caring for the health of others. Thousands have died. Have some respect.

  58. Avatar ed4 all says:

    And a few days ago i came across a video about some walmart not allowing mask wearing customers inside their store. Am so confused 🤷‍♀️. Isnt there a nation wide policy on this matter or is every state / city doing as they please . Where i live its the same policy throughout the country …no one allowed into stores without masks and gloves

  59. Avatar Chrissy's Dream's says:

    It’s stupid the peoplebecause the people that wear the mask go from store to store the store contaminating everything so it’s dumb they even wear a mask. On top of that this virus is airborne so you can wear a mask and still catch it. People need to research and education theirselves.

  60. Avatar Fear Not says:

    Just put on the fing mask….

  61. Avatar William R Sport says:

    dont you know wearing masks is unhealthy .you depleting your body of oxygen.

  62. Avatar Archana’s Hub says:


  63. Avatar Eric S says:

    0:13 Is that toilet paper in his cart? LOL. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  64. Avatar MrC4L1F0RN1A says:

    I work at target and I wished we didnt have to wear masks . It causes mass hysteria

  65. Avatar NoahsRaider45 says:

    Why now? Corona been here for months and they didn’t care when it mattered months ago. Now that it’s mostly a political issue they now require a mask. Can’t wait until banks reopen, people will be wearing ski masks for withdrawals.

  66. Avatar Dom Jong says:

    That moronic customer was looking for a confrontation so that he could record it for his online fans. His plan backfired as it made the Costco worker even more famous. Good job you ignoramus! Costco, please cancel his membership!

  67. Avatar eblgraphics says:

    You woke up in a free country but you are not allowed to walk around without any pants. Wearing a mask protects the hi risk employes that ensure we are able to get the goods we need. In addition to that Costco, as a company can reserve the right of admission. That employee needs to get a promotion…

  68. Avatar J Diva says:

    There is always that one customer who has to test the workers, management and the company! Don’t want to abide by the rules, shop somewhere else.

  69. Avatar Coach Smith says:

    If they don’t want obey the law then they can’t shop. If they refuse to leave, lock them up! These shoppers are selfish morons.

  70. Avatar AUTONOMEN x says:

    Self absorbed creeps that endanger others. Please take a pair of scissors to yer seatbelt,too.

  71. Avatar Aaron David says:

    I say don’t shop anywhere that infringes on your rights! If the brain washed sheeple want to wear a mask let em it just points out the problems!

  72. Avatar Tony Feigel says:

    1 in 8.2 tests in the US that are administered are positive, 1 in 16.8 positive tests in the US do not survive this virus…..1 in 139 people tested in the US, positive or not, die. The sad truth is, without preventative measures, like social distancing and masks in public places, most of us will contract this virus…from the unbeknownst asymptomatic to the most extreme case that ends in loss of life. Some have already lead to the death of another without even knowing it…or them. Yet, the most common argument against preventative measures is about one’s “rights as an American”. What could be more patriotic (or Christian) than knowing you could have made a life-altering difference in a fellow human’s future? Seems like a lot of people should ask a veteran, or a widowed spouse of one, if their sacrifice was all for a pat on the back from a random South Korean or German Jew, and not just because it was the right thing to do, at that time in history, for all of mankind.

  73. Avatar Wanda Anthony says:

    Thank you costco for enforcing the mask rule. You rock!!!!

  74. Avatar Anthony C says:

    Just wear a fn’ mask lol

  75. Avatar Good Night says:

    I heard that a mask can suffocate an infant, what’s their policy on babies?

    I would never bring my daughters out the house during these times but what about unfortunate single mothers who have no babysitter?

    ((Bonus: wic should do deliveries because if that mom or someone in her family gets convid, she still has to go to a grocery store and infect people just to feed her children. My husband worked up until he got sick and my family said no on delivering the baby formula due to $$$$ so I had to go out, sadly, to keyfood. I was so furious. Definitely disgusting that nobody was willing to help and I was tapping low on my daughters food. Thank you wic for not being able to be used in deliveries!!! He’s recovered now and back to work but that was the most disgusting thing my rich in-laws made me do (they could’ve helped. I will never help them again after this.)

  76. Avatar Trip Trip says:

    “I woke up in a free country” LMFAO. You better wake your a** up sheep.

  77. Avatar John Shepard says:

    What can you expect from ignorant people when they follow the ignorant actions of our ignorant “President”?

  78. Avatar Haodong Chen says:

    Good job, Costco!

  79. Avatar LEENUH , says:

    Some people don’t have masks or couldn’t buy any due to out of stock but he should’ve shop somewhere else.

  80. Avatar Paula Atkins says:

    Why are people making it an issue, just put a bloody mask on, if they are trying to save the majority in some shape or form whether it is effective or not then ya’ll should listen! Otherwise take your cash somewhere else! You wouldn’t want someone coming into your home and not following your rules. I’m glad I’m Maori, born and raised in NZ, stuff having to go through what you guys are going through overseas.

  81. Avatar Pamela Bronson says:

    Good for Costco for keeping us safe from idiots infringing on our safety and yours!

  82. Avatar j J says:

    This disease is here to stay..😞

  83. Avatar C T says:

    This hee haw wanted a confrontation and started filming to get a reaction. Don’t go to the stores if you don’t want to wear a mask. Idiots.

  84. Avatar pepepistola xx says:

    rules are rules, it has nothing to do with being free!

  85. Avatar Mr.Mike Lewis says:

    Wearing a mask is pointless and it suppresses your breathing which causes other issues…i dont put 1 on and whenever i do if the stores requires me to… i have it hanging off my chin…im not going to cause stress and starve my body of fresh air that its meant to get period!

  86. Avatar Jin Starz says:

    Freedom is not without limitation, this is a mutual protection on all parties, if you don’t agree with Costco, redraw ur membership.

  87. Avatar Giuseppe Randazzo says:

    And how old is he? after all these yrs he woke up for the first a free Country

  88. Avatar Priska Wen says:

    Its happen everywhere, so i brough my mask along but only wear it when it needed😀

  89. Avatar Betsy H says:

    I think the nasty long finger nails should be gloved too.

  90. Avatar Speed Stacking Maniac says:

    Walmart doesn’t require a mask. Go there!

  91. Avatar Minh Hop says:

    Mr Trump doesn’t wear mask. He can not go anywhere!!!!

  92. Avatar raiders209norcal says:

    There’s no point wearing a mask because everything is opening up now

  93. Avatar Fan - man08 says:

    What’s the point of the mask now it’s like putting a condom on after your girl says she’s pregnant

  94. Avatar Maxy Kazuya says:

    Here the deal people are arrogant lol

  95. Avatar Tommy T says:

    I hope that fat slob catches covid and dies, then he realize how stupid he was. Frikkin ignorant people will always be ignorant I guess

  96. Avatar bearsagainstevil says:

    you can have the virus without knowing it , so you wear a mask to protect other people . Stop being selfish wear a mask the people your interacting with could be killed by this illness

  97. Avatar MakeWayForCJ says:

    So to be clear, this guy is standing WITH a woman WITH A MASK ON yet he’s telling anyone who will listen that he doesn’t agree with masks and that people who wear them are sheep? Uhmmmm… ok. So I hope that women has caught on that when he said that, he was talking about her too. Let’s also hope that this is a wake up call for her and she realizes that she really needs to start weighing her OTHER options and stop following his uneducated bumpkin @$$ around like a sheep!

  98. Avatar Maurice Martin says:

    Boy its getting wild

  99. Avatar Jose Rubiano says:

    One million times ignorant.

  100. Avatar Papigringo says:

    I woke up in a free country, that means I get to do whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want

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