Kenyan scientists harvest eggs to save northern white rhinos

2020 5/22
Kenyan scientists harvest eggs to save northern white rhinos

Scientists in Kenya say the northern white rhino is one step away from being saved from extinction.
On Thursday they successfully carried out a ground-breaking procedure of harvesting eggs from the world’s only two surviving female northern white rhinos.
Sperm saved from the last living male northern white rhino called Sudan and a few others will be used to inseminate the eggs in an attempt to save the species.

Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat reports.

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  • Layput says:

    Thanks God. Alhamdulillah.

  • Majin Gojira says:

    I pray that the liberals don’t find out the location of those two Rhinos, if they do they’ll send a drone strike.
    The Bible and Koran tell them that they must wipe out all life on earth so that Jesus and Muhammad will return

  • Z Park says:

    why humans interfere nature’s destiny? Is extinction a bad thing? Why save them when millions of species went extinct throughout the history?

  • Prashant Pacific says:

    Sometimes i feel humans are a plague on earth, eating away every other species , forests, on earth.

  • WhatsUp says:

    Everything in china is a medicine for them goddammit

  • Kumari Karandawala says:


  • claudermiller says:

    I didn’t know rhinos hatched from eggs. Like sea turtles I guess?

  • Wendy Marshall says:

    The beginnings Jurassic Park for real!

  • Ayush Tripathi says:

    I will pray to god for the northern white rhino to be back from extinction

  • Kori Hoornstra says:

    I didn’t know they laid eggs

  • Extreme Enigma says:

    Hunt the Chinese

  • cardude1992 says:

    Humans drive hundreds of species to extinction and then try to save a few to make themselves feel better. Pathetic.

  • michelle rosemarie flynn says:


  • Otto Von Bismarck says:

    For a second i though they were using actual eggs to breed rhinos.

  • Nadir Mohammed says:

    Wish Thanos will come like a superhero destroy human and save planet earth.

  • Himnd Gith says:

    Go kenya 🇰🇪

  • Shrek2OnDVD says:

    aka rape

  • Bahaar Husain says:

    Imagine not having anyone alive in your family and being the only one left to survive in this cruel devoid world……It’s pretty heartbreaking!😢😢

  • The BRIDGE 54 says:

    Our continent has been under constant attack from outsiders they killed all of our wildlife and our people africa how much longer are you going to let this continue. Can we just ban these foreigner from our land

    • Toad 1 says:

      Fool, most poachers live on the same land they poach off of. They only poach because of poverty, if you ban outsiders or immigrants from ones land, they wont have a better life. Thats like saying pioneers cant discover/live in America, they have a purpose. They only want to have a better life.

  • Johnny Kilroy says:

    Hopefully humanity can do something right and save these rhinos

  • Johnny Kilroy says:

    At this rate we mind as well put all animals on the moon to stop humans from keeps hunting them to extinction

  • peter muturi says:

    Y take the eggs to italy

  • Futaloli says:

    I thought they were gonna grow them using eggs

  • MAX POWER says:

    Wow it only took them like a million years to think about this?

  • Bryan Hilleary says:

    Best news we can hear

  • Aerostar93 says:

    Why don’t they care about full blooded European white people? they are almost extinct this is hypocrisy at its finest

  • KL Sawlt says:

    chinese blackmarket couse of rhino lost there population, we blame the fuvk chinese, china have a issue not about animal also bully other country spicialy in asia

  • KL Sawlt says:

    click here who hate chinese gov

  • sonic baseball says:

    That’s great! The northern white 🦏 is gonna be saved 😃

  • Osama Bin Laden says:

    Rhinos come from eggs?

  • Michael E says:

    I wish poaching was illegal

  • FromRussiaWithLove says:

    lol white scientists. Only scientists Kenya has..

  • Arjun Varadharajan says:

    I’m really sad and ashamed of what us humans have brought this beautiful Planet to. Prayer for the scientists to succeed.

  • ZED3226 says:

    Cut noses on the poachers with the chain sow

  • LB Metei says:

    Chinese has an insatiable love for horns and tiger skin.

  • Barbara Gibson says:

    I hope all these poachers and hunters killing animals on the endangered species list watch this video and makes them think twice before killing a animal! God watches all just saying!

  • solidaz80 says:

    Saw these 2 and the male rhino back in 2016… hopefully this process will be a success!

  • Dawn Anderson says:

    Isn’t it strange that the Chinese go around the world killing every animal in countries they gain access to. Oh apart from the Giant Panda because it belongs to them and no one is allowed to kill them, no one absolutely no one. 🙄 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

  • Rcky Rick says:

    Chinese thankss for killing the planet

  • David Mendoza says:

    One day it’s rhinos the next day is people…

  • Diana Chino says:

    My concern about “saving the species” like this is inbreeding due to lack of gene pool

  • Jaime Caamano says:

    Idiota quien te dijo que los rino nacen de huevos estupido

  • Josiah Anderson says:

    Oh sure they can just clone them like everything else they clone!

  • Freud Ba says:

    Good thing pubic hair was not used in chinease medicine or no teenage boy survive

  • Dragon Heart says:

    if it weren’t for man and their greed for money this wouldn’t of been necessary, sadly it is .
    hope the white rhino can be saved .
    believe the black rhino has either went extinct or is about to .
    just hope another species doesn’t have to face the same fate.

  • Ks Rammy says:

    Soon Chinese will be eating human being

  • Sharp Edge says:

    Americans killing people and saving animals?

  • Dragonfly16450 says:

    The biggest parasite on the face of the Earth his mankind….

  • Rod Powers says:

    They are very beautiful

  • Owen McCafferty says:

    I wasat the Cleveland’s Zoo I saw some rhinos!!!

  • Eagles Fan Keepingitreal says:

    The Chinese and their backwater sudo-science on mystical benefits of animal parts are fueling and excelling the extinction of numerous African species. Why isn’t UN driving this point home? It is the Chinese who incentives the poachers in Africa.

  • Snowman Rainmaker says:

    I didn’t know they laid eggs

  • Atticus Finch says:

    They found sorotoro eggs.

  • jdoe says:

    China won’t stop until they destroy every living thing in the world

  • Gary Mercer says:

    So glad to see this. I hope they can restore the population!!

  • Pranit Tamang says:

    Thank god they kept Sperm from a last late Male Rhino.

  • Saim Afridi says:

    Great! Just last week i was watching earlier YouTube video about last northern white rhino. There is a hope now!!

  • Thermal care says:

    Good news

  • Kingston says:

    Shoot the poachers that try to harm the babies (if successful)

  • Kas says:

    So whens the big day

  • JRR31984 says:

    Hm, is the rhino just about the last of the dinosaurs..

  • kris natividad says:

    Perfect news. Let science help save the northern white rhinos from extinction. To all the fvckin poachers out there get a life, ya’ll shpuld be punished death.

  • Big Trips Keepin it real says:

    Rhinos lay eggs ?

  • RedBunny says:

    one day there will be nothing left to poach, and what then will humans hunt for their idiotic superstitions?

  • KingDavid TV says:

    Why am I not surprised. With the state of the world today, no wonder these amazing animals grow extinct. Instead of nurturing the earth we suffocate it with buildings, shopping malls, subdivisions and other luxurious useless shits nobody can afford. I’m so disappointed of us humans. Such a shame because God fought for us to be here

  • Kyle Choy says:

    Breed them back into the wild!

  • Onix Jude says:

    There is only 2 female left. Why are poachers doing this to our ecosystem. Killing a species can also have a huge change in that area.

  • Watching the Hawks says:

    I hope the process is safe?I Hope its successful;Western countries had to bear the responsibility for the disappearance of Africa Rhinos and many unrivals Elephants around Africa.

  • OG Fight night says:

    Rhinos lay eggs?

  • nola ya heard me says:

    New Orleans have white rhinos

  • Carlos Maron says:

    We do not deserve these incredible creatures.

  • SillyTube says:

    Why didn’t they do artificial insemination when the last male was alive?

  • vinit j says:

    All big beautiful animals getting extinct have one thing common. .. .. . The market is always china

  • Martijn Keulen says:

    We need to save nature on every front

  • god says:

    we humans are our own destruction

  • Apurva Kandpal says:


  • Ahmad Ahmed says:

    Just don’t let the Chinese, arabs, Russians ,Europeans, Americans get their hands on these.

  • K says:

    “Kenyan” scientists

  • AAA Cauliflower says:

    No saving is needed if not for man’s greed.

  • BitchYouThought says:

    Finally something good

  • Lillel says:

    Humans are pigs. Unreal that these are the only two left.

  • Marian Pizeno says:

    God I pray this works!!!

  • Dracodracarys 233 says:

    Lisa Simpson: “Wait, rhinos don’t come from eggs!”

    Homer: “What did you just see, Lisa?”

  • M. C. C says:

    Knowing they are the last two is very depressing, thanks those scientists for bringing our hope.

  • Just a Random Guy says:

    Everything is medicine from Chinese!

  • Hawkeye1off1 Hawk says:

    They are called Wide lipped rhino’s, english got lost in translation. The word WIDE in south Afrikaans is misinterpreted to english as white. The rhino is not white but grey, so why is it still called white rhino. Mandella effect.

  • Prinzessin Nature says:

    Very good job👏👏.

  • Strawberry Blast says:

    They should have saved them before getting instinct now why they are pretending to be god

  • jurassicborn carno says:

    Hopefully it works because if it doesn’t 😢I don’t want to see another rhino species go extinct

  • Nixauu joseph says:

    Iam Kenyan and proud of all this

  • Vermont Jeff says:

    Which came first the rhino or the egg 🤔

  • Danny Benhur says:

    Best news I have heard…

  • Mir Khan says:

    Honestly, they look pre-historic creatures. Beautiful.

  • Toad 1 says:

    Wow I thought white rhinos were already extinct.

  • B Iss says:


  • The Paki Lad says:

    Humans trying to find life in Space, while destroying the life Earth already has.
    Hypocrisy at it’s finest!

  • Dalea Lugo says:

    These poachers need to realize that these animals are to be given relief. Give them a lifetime to rebound in numbers.

  • Sinister Fox says:

    I thought all the white rhinos were already extinct I’m glad they are still alive but endangered species

  • CCw says:


  • Planet Tyler says:

    This is a complete waste of time, even if they can successfully impregnate these IVF embryos into a surrogate the species is still extinct as they do not have the genetic diversity to keep on breeding. This is true of many species that conservationists waste money and resources trying to save when they could be focussing on animals that have the genetic diversity to be saved. People need to understand that a species is genetically extinct long before there are no actual animals of that species left alive.