Chad declares emergency in east after ethnic killings

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President Idriss Deby has declared a state of emergency in two eastern provinces after dozens of people were killed in intercommunal clashes earlier this month.
The state of emergency will run for three months in Sila and Ouaddai regions where 50 people have died since August 9 in fighting between cattle herders and settled farmers, the president’s office said on Sunday.
The government of Chad is deploying the military to these provinces.
Al Jazeera’s Alexi O’Brien reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Aura says:


  2. Avatar EDEN ETIENNE says:


  3. Avatar Next up says:

    Create conflict steal the gold. typical follow the ones who fund it

    • Avatar working2Bselfsufficient says:

      Islamic fundamentalists. Follow the money.

    • Avatar RGM-89D Jegan D Type says:

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    • Avatar working2Bselfsufficient says:

      @RGM-89D Jegan D Type Where the Islamic fundamentalists go the 👃🏼 won’t be far behind if not already involved one way or another.

    • Avatar Ananda of Sanyasi says:

      I think absolutely the same.

    • Avatar Peter Hedlöf says:

      THE Zionist found that conflict and voila he and His elit went were &solved nothing. THE Zionist has Always High opinion of himself & His crew as Long as His opponents are unarmed .

  4. Avatar shadab dadkhan says:

    CIA & MI6 is working in under cover
    The business of weapons


      any evidence for this? if china had full control, over your country you get north korea. if the usa get control over your country it becomes south Korea. i know where i would rather live.

    • Avatar Papyrus Okagbue says:

      mark haynes . Silly comment. China is not selling ideology in Africa. They are building infrastructures and doing trade. In fact, most Chinese are not interested in politics. I know this because I lived in China for many years.

    • Avatar Dark of the knight says:

      Papyrus Okagbue most human population doesn’t involve in politics. Lol I’ve been to China 5 times and from SEA. China = US 2.0 face it

    • Avatar Lovecraft says:

      Could you be a more obvious troll?

    • Avatar Watching the Hawks says:

      @Papyrus Okagbue Africa needs to brace up,the west can’t just let go without a fight; What’s western world problems with China? China is doing business with Africa and China misbehaves Africans handle their business so why the west don’t want Africa to trade with China?

  5. Avatar Joe Blow says:

    No mention that Muslins are butchering Christians. But the propagandist did blame it on climate change. More fake news!

    • Avatar Ibrahim Alkoum says:

      where this happened?

    • Avatar Md harun says:

      You idiot, where did you find Christians in Chad . This region is hundred percent muslim dominating area where they fight for your CIA .

    • Avatar Marisol G says:

      Where please tell!! You lier

    • Avatar Mohammad Aziz Wazir says:

      It’s other way around and in central African Republic.

  6. Avatar Zhao Lijiian 铁拳 says:

    Let us help you with Chinese weapons communism is the way to rule a country.

    • Avatar Papyrus Okagbue says:

      Iron Fist . Communism is already dead in China since 1987 since they introduced capitalism. Most Chinese are not interested in Communism.

    • Avatar Isa Mohammed says:

      Time Read they were fighting the Germans and the Japanese. Britain and USA lost 400,000 each in ww2. It tells you who actually did most of the fighting

    • Avatar InfinitaSalo says:

      @Twiistz Exactly, I make this point pretty often

    • Avatar Lovecraft says:


    • Avatar Watching the Hawks says:

      Chinese weapons are welcome.

  7. Avatar luke wilson says:

    isn’t islam great?

    • Avatar Mohammad Aziz Wazir says:

      Indeed it is

    • Avatar nvm nvm says:

      luke wilson well at least truth is touch you in one way or the other.

    • Avatar EZ Travel says:

      hhhhhh look at who’s talking abbout peace!!!!

    • Avatar Anton Nb says:

      @Rock Star india ,

    • Avatar Gollum says:

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  8. Avatar Devendra Waje says:

    Religion of peace 🖕

    • Avatar ironwolf says:

      mob lynching India is most peaceful places

    • Avatar Anton Nb says:

      @Kam Joe curry

    • Avatar Papyrus Okagbue says:

      Killing people in India because of cow show how peaceful is your Hindu religion.

    • Avatar Anton Nb says:

      @Papyrus Okagbue dunno why this dung diver is everywhere

    • Avatar SK VALI says:


  9. Avatar earth gl says:

    Same indian 🇮🇳 people

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      ReturnoftheBrotha no

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    • Avatar A Random Guy says:

      @ReturnoftheBrotha no

    • Avatar black panther says:

      then why indian misworld. and Mr. world

  10. Avatar First Last says:

    0:43 Chad already sold out same thing with Cameroon and both nations have ties with Israel and Uncle Sam

    • Avatar Bryan Ouellet says:

      @Watching the Hawks The problems Africa faces need to be dealt with through education, responsible medicine, and infrastructure. More propaganda, scapegoating, and simplifying complex concepts, will only exacerbate the perpetual civil wars of that continent.

    • Avatar Watching the Hawks says:

      @Bryan Ouellet Between Western countries and Africa who first has world proven educational system? Africa has the local educational system before the west came,Africa has their traditional medicine before western criminals came to Africa, Infrastructure was always a priority so what on earth that never happens in Africa?Just say You want Africa to abundant who they are,Africa will soon replace all the fake medicine imported from Western countries that profited on Africans.

    • Avatar Bryan Ouellet says:

      @Watching the Hawks your babble has no meaning, youre just angry at strangers, how original, so “educated”.

    • Avatar Watching the Hawks says:

      @Bryan Ouellet Not angry just explaining if you’re not aware of.

    • Avatar Bryan Ouellet says:

      @Watching the Hawks you aren’t very good at “explaining”.

  11. Avatar K Mccoy says:

    Give up your guns, we will take care of you……🙄

    • Avatar Constantin Valdor says:

      @Papyrus Okagbue 😂 Europe doesn’t have to pay anything. Its not like you’re weak nations can force us to pay. And if you did force us to pay we would just destroy you then a hundred years later you will be asking us to pay for destroying you again 😂

    • Avatar Watching the Hawks says:

      Western military bases are fully responsible Africa might not going to be peaceful unless all western military bases where close.

    • Avatar Bryan Gracia says:

      @Papyrus Okagbue you do that and might as well Europe makes colonies again

    • Avatar Sum Dum Gai (Rep5281) says:

      @Constantin Valdor Yawn.

    • Avatar Theo Nero says:

      You give up your arms you become a slave we should have learned that from our ancestors

  12. Avatar Cassidy bloodworth says:

    Guzzle pumping pumper nickel bastards

  13. Avatar Angel's Wings says:

    God bless Chad. 🙏🇷🇴

  14. Avatar Old Man says:


  15. Avatar Mike Miller says:

    the violence is caused by people coming from other regions, so the government must censor the media and take the guns away from the citizens? The logic of tyranny.

  16. Avatar Rachid Debbah says:

    If you have americains in your country then you have war.simple as that.

    • Avatar nvm nvm says:

      Rachid Debbah basically I mean why do you think the Venezuelans took to the street to prevent American intervention.

    • Avatar Bryan Ouellet says:

      Oh OK, wars started in the 1800s did they?

    • Avatar nvm nvm says:

      Bryan Ouellet ooow salty American. Lol they re delusional. That’s why they can’t see what the rest of the world sees of them. They don’t even realize that they are the ones brainwashed completely by propaganda. It’s so funny because it’s true. Someone’s triggered 😂

    • Avatar Lovecraft says:

      Good thing we ain’t there, then.

      BTW, that’s racist.

  17. Avatar asian art of living says:

    As far as I see…where there is Islam..there is is indeed religion of piece

    • Avatar nvm nvm says:

      asian art of living lmao. This too funny. What a delusional idiot.

    • Avatar Why Should You Care? says:

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    • Avatar Matias Velázquez says:

      _And since when Mexico,El Salvador, and Brasil are Islamic countries?_

  18. Avatar iONLY says:

    Good Lord these idiots are still figuring over a made up religion smh… Africans should be BEGGING Western Blacks to come and fix that mess..

    • Avatar Elephantstone says:

      Erm, most countries are predominantly religious.

  19. Avatar Nicholas Kimenyi says:

    Chad needs to start focusing on it’s immediate threats. They can’t fighting 2 wars at same time no more.

    • Avatar Arthur Heidt says:

      believe me wars are being fought for reasons, if the war is not being fought anymore the society gets into serious problems

  20. Avatar LipSmacker says:

    It’s 2019 and the only race of people STILL commiting ethnic cleansing are black people in Africa 👌

    • Avatar Bryan Ouellet says:

      That’s incorrect.

    • Avatar Humpback SquarePants says:


    • Avatar Isa Mohammed says:

      Let that not distract you from the fact that the biggest killer of white males is suicide and more and more white girls are having babies with african men. Not to mention the crazy amount of homosexuality in the white community. There are 700-800 million white people and 2 billion Africans. You do the math on who will be here longer. No wonder white supremacy is running rampant

    • Avatar GreaterThanGodLike says:

      Lol this guy clearly hasn’t heard of the middle east…specifically Syria..

  21. Avatar D Flash says:

    Not sure if people caught it in the 1:42 It is the Europeans that are training the military…then the Europeans flood the country with weapons..They like the conflict to keep going all while they benefit. Africans don’t make where are all the guns and ammunition coming from?? Who are the suppliers and why? For these countries to be so poor and guns and ammunition is expensive…..

  22. Avatar ynderulets tyalikanky says:

    this cow statue is amazing

  23. Avatar Bang Bang says:

    France has been bombing Chad for months

    • Avatar imgamerful says:

      @Watching the Hawks You also have to account the influence China has on Africa now.

    • Avatar Watching the Hawks says:

      @imgamerful Positive influence is always welcome, Africans could have appreciate western countries if they respect African cultures and traditions but what did they do? stole our traditional artifact, destroy traditional structures destroy family, divide communities killed African traditional leaders to cut connectivity for continuation, they killed Africans leaders and force Francophone countries to save their money in France and dictated who becomes the president and how the country to develop;You’ll believe me that China wasn’t involved in all what I did mentioned above.

    • Avatar imgamerful says:

      @Watching the Hawks I’m not excluding the Americans. However you cant say China isnt without blame. China invested $175 billion in Africa within the last few years. China’s investments mainly take the form of loans for infrastructure development. The new infrastructure is designed to allow Chinese corporations to extract natural resources, such as minerals and oil. Many of these ventures fail to meet regulatory, environmental, and ethical standards. Chinese companies have been accused of illegal mining in Ghana; corruption in Angola, Guinea, and others; environmental degradation in Chad; and generally poor working conditions. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chinese companies were exposed for the use of child labor to extract cobalt for smartphones. In 1996, the African continent only had 16000 Chinese immigrants, whilst in 2012, there were over 1.1 million Chinese immigrants. Michael Sata, President of Zambia wrote a paper presented to Harvard University in 2007 that said “European colonial exploitation in comparison to Chinese exploitation appears benign, because even though the commercial exploitation was just as bad, the colonial agents also invested in social and economic infrastructure services Chinese investment, on the other hand, is focused on taking out of Africa as much as can be taken out, without any regard to the welfare of the local people.”

    • Avatar Watching the Hawks says:

      @imgamerful Says by who?Oh by western media and politicians, Africans can decides their friend, the Western world should stay away,Africa had of enough of Europe and people of this generation will not allow their continent to use as military zone,Africa will decides if China is guilty or not and with the present relationship with the Chinese it has been cordial,few misunderstandings,more of the pollution you claims was done by Chinese was untrue, recently Zambia government sack UK copper company for environment pollution, most of the companies in Africa whom prove stubborn are all Western countries.

    • Avatar imgamerful says:

      @Watching the Hawks I see your openly bias, looking at only one side of the coin.. and no matter what sources I provide you will always argue to the contrary. Regardless, I won’t engage further knowing we will be talking in circles.

  24. Avatar Mr kashmir says:

    shame for uno

  25. Avatar Ricco Hall says:

    Leaders of the world, especially leaders of the world with the most resources available to make positive change, should create ways in which appropriate accountability and positive change is achieved. Leader countries, businesses, etc. of the world should create ways in which even they will be held accountable for wrongs committed because often or most often they are not. Powerful leaders like the U.S., European countries of the Commonwealth, etc., attempt to hide or force acceptance of the negative they do while damaging and/or punishing their followers or the less powerful because they have the power to or because the less powerful have done similar wrongs. Most often the less socioeconomically powerful are black and brown skin people and/or women. Also, of course children.

    • Avatar tong long says:

      You cry baby victim mentality person

  26. Avatar Shamim Ali Ansari says:

    Pisslamic killing.

    • Avatar BC 123 says:

      Aren’t u a Muslim??

    • Avatar Anton Nb says:

      @BC 123’s quite common nowdays

  27. Avatar Bible Bus says:

    Have ya ever noticed the countries who disbelieve in Christ tend to be poor and suppressed?

    • Avatar Amina Irfan says:

      Yeah sure, that’s why those countries that do have majority followers of Christ don’t use his teachings as law, but follow secularism

    • Avatar Abdullahi Osman says:

      @Bad beast no haiti

    • Avatar Papyrus Okagbue says:

      Bible Bus . They are formerly Christians before the birth of Mohammad.

    • Avatar Yetunde Anbali says:

      Fool, what of Israel it’s obvious you don’t know your Bible well

    • Avatar Bible Bus says:

      Yetunde Anbali: why do u think I don’t know the Bible well? Let’s hear it.

  28. Avatar NIBIRUX TONI says:

    Africa for ever will be third world continent!….if all africans had the power to leave that continent,they will flood white nations!

    • Avatar Isa Mohammed says:

      ToniSmack 009 not true at all. I can see the white supremacy is strong with you. Especially when you’re taking weekly trips to the job centre cuz you like life on the doll but don’t forget that there are more Africans than there are white people in this world. And when your daughters and sons have babies with our people they take our traits mostly. People like you are going extinct. This is the whole point of the final solution when Europeans were at the gates of Africa

    • Avatar GreaterThanGodLike says:

      most of the people that flood into Europe are Eurasians..and the majority of Africans migrate within the African continent. how narrow minded can one be were your opinion of an entire continent is influenced by one video depicting one country. There are tons of other African nations doing far better than the “Country” known as Chad.

  29. Avatar Omar Green says:

    No worries here, this is French overseas territory. The president needs to stop spending the nation’s money on his private weddings. 😅😂🤣😭

    • Avatar Lovecraft says:

      That’s neither funny nor true

    • Avatar Ryan Coulson says:

      @Lovecraft But it is hilarious!! 🤣

    • Avatar Lovecraft says:

      @Ryan Coulson it’s just as hilarious as you getting pins in your eyes.
      See? No bueno

    • Avatar Ryan Coulson says:

      @Lovecraft 🤔👌😂

  30. Avatar Col. Gaddafi Malema says:

    Thanks for almighty America and Britain over the genocides of Libya.

  31. Avatar mrkjsmooth16 says:

    Same thing in Mali

    • Avatar Faruq Olatoyosi says:

      Same thing in Nigeria

  32. Avatar Sherry J says:

    French exploited Chad, Congo and many other African countries .British exploited undivided India ,Sri Lanka ,South East Asia and parts of Africa. Spain exploited Latin America and Africa.
    History of modern world is shaped by the atrocities of Whites on coloured, Brown and Blacks.These whites are the real plunderers and are the reason of all those miserable conditions in which more than one third of the mankind lives.But the greatest irony of our times is ,these white plunderers are giving the lectures on democracy , upholding of human rights and peace in the world.Technically , all these white Exploiters should be tried in International Court of Justice and must be made to pay heavy reparations .

  33. Avatar Papyrus Okagbue says:

    Another legacy of European colonization. When European divide and conquer mixed with religious and tribal strife, it is a powder keg ready to go off anytime. That’s why Europe need to pay colonial debts to Africans by absorbing as many migrants as possible from the Continent of Africa.

    • Avatar norton4692 says:

      Yes it’s Europeans fault for not Taking regard the ethnic diversity when drawing borders, but we should get over it and leave together instead of wars.

    • Avatar Papyrus Okagbue says:

      norton4692 . The past shaped the present. Europeans would love to get over their shameful legacy but not for the victims who are living under their legacy.

  34. Avatar Henry De paz says:

    Some progress, United Nations 🇺🇳 should try to employ and train more police 🚔 from both sides. The African government if there is one should try to provide non religious schools for there kids so that there mothers could work.

    • Avatar William Tukei14 says:

      The problem is created by European how do u need UN again here

  35. Avatar B G says:

    boko háram like isis should be wiped from the face of the earth like the abomination that they are!!!

  36. Avatar anny791 says:

    Overpopulation, climate change, battle for resources, ethnic tensions aaand… Religions of peace. Perfect mix for conflict.

  37. Avatar CANADIAN 416 says:

    30 degrees in Chad we be hitting 43 degrees over here in Canada i use to be white but now i em brass color but winters coming thank you god.

    • Avatar Akshay Dikundwar says:

      Were exactly in canada? City name?

    • Avatar Gollum says:

      Your not going for that Hulk Hogan tan ?

    • Avatar CANADIAN 416 says:

      @Akshay Dikundwar Toronto now it ‘s like 23- 27 degrees but in the start of the summer it was 40-43 degrees.

  38. Avatar MF Rex says:

    Get rid of the Army and see how fast Peace prevails..

    As long as Army exists in a Nation, Peace is just a Joke..

    • Avatar Denny Hiu says:

      Saaduddin Ansari huh ???? Do you mean how fast boko haram will overrun the country right?

    • Avatar Matias Velázquez says:

      _Somalia in the 1990’s_ *[cough cough]*

  39. Avatar Nancy Stengel says:

    Another example of an Islamic Country at work.

  40. Avatar Steve Soltysiak says:

    Time to give the average citizens the right to Arm and Protect themselves

  41. Avatar Didi Prangsak says:


  42. Avatar Kirk Wilson says:

    The land isnt turning to desert cause of the climate, it is cause of overpopulation and over grazing from the livestock. The people are the problem, nothing else.

  43. Avatar ISIS Made in ISRAEL. % says:


  44. Avatar Abdu Kibuuka says:

    We are tired of African problems

    • Avatar Abdu Kibuuka says:

      2dane Daan that will never happen again unless you want the end of the world.

    • Avatar Lovecraft says:

      Then why do you watch the video?

    • Avatar Lovecraft says:

      @Hoàng Nguyên only if you’re delusional

    • Avatar Hoàng Nguyên says:

      @Lovecraft or if i read some history. Well, i study history for decades.

    • Avatar MhummadsWingedHorse Allahhas2Hands says:

      it’s the work of france and islam

  45. Avatar AEW sMark says:


    • Avatar Gollum says:

      Capitalism is a crook systemDesigned to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. Capitalism is like playing monopoly, but now we’re playing and everything has been bought already so the working-class have no hopes of buying, they just go round the board, paying taxes to rich nobles, paying extortionate rent to millionaire landlords and working like a slave for cheap wages for millionaire employers. The game needs to either start from fresh or tip the board over and play a new game.

    • Avatar Lovecraft says:

      @Gollum so capitalism is your justification for shoplifting? Got it.

    • Avatar Gollum says:

      I don’t know what you got. We’re on different pages I’m sure!! Did I mention shoplifting at all?!! Errrr No! Thats just asinine comment because you can’t defend capitalism.

    • Avatar Lovecraft says:

      @Gollum you’re a liar, and a thief.

    • Avatar Gollum says:

      Thats your idea of a debate ? Name calling and accusations? What a weirdo!!

  46. Avatar kam a says:

    May the Almighty Creator of mankind and all help to bring peace and protect the people of Chad and all over the world. Ameen.

  47. Avatar little man1981 rich man says:

    Chad originally. came from Somalia.
    They are somalian ethnic some of them

    • Avatar The Republic says:

      Where is the evidence?

    • Avatar 1-Man-Mission says:

      @The Republic
      Former president of chad
      hissene habre said when he visited somalia in the 80s that he is of somali origin

  48. Avatar Brahim BMZO says:

    Tibesti is not in the West it is in the extreme North of Chad bordering Libya.

    • Avatar CLONE says:

      Brahim Mahamat Zene it’s showed Tibesti in North west area

    • Avatar Brahim BMZO says:

      @CLONE No Tibesti is beginning of the South of Sahara desert, it is bordering Libya and inhabited by Tubu tribe same tribe that inhabit Southern Libya. North East is Ennedi. Google the map, it is the same region of Tibesti that Moammar Qaddafi want to annex and what led to Chad-Libya civil war that lasted years after Libyan defeat.

    • Avatar CLONE says:

      Brahim Mahamat Zene I was saying that the video showed it in the North west

    • Avatar Watching the Hawks says:

      @Brahim BMZO It’s quite regrettable, but Libya and Chad have the same tribe and people at both side of the borders, who makes it happens and why?why would such a tribe be divided in such a manner? It’s seems you’re happy when Chad won the war against Libya but you fail to understand that Chad fought the war on behalf of France,why would Chad fight Libya haven know that this tribe shouldn’t have been separated from the onset?Now Chad is paying the price of that betrayal.

  49. Avatar Definitive Entertainment says:

    Typical Chad..
    Gets all the femoids,
    Still ain’t happy..

  50. Avatar Jeegu Nugger says:

    Chads are killing virgins wtf

  51. Avatar souptik jana says:


  52. Avatar John Rapp says:

    There really is no place called Chad. Most of its territory is controlled by others.

    • Avatar Lovecraft says:

      The word you’re looking for is failed state. Most power is in the hands of more local factions.

  53. Avatar Srikar Lingampally says:

    Those bajaj autos 😄

  54. Avatar Constantine Joseph says:

    What about Incels? And declaration of emergencies?

  55. Avatar Roger Flores says:


  56. Avatar Himanshu Bhatt says:

    Religion of peace being peaceful

  57. Avatar willbur 420 says:

    CIA mossad comes in kills people on both sides and starts making money. Look at the early reports of Syria it’s pretty obvious WHO ✡ really started that conflict.

  58. Avatar TYA ALBA l تـيـוآ says:

    Sending love and prayers to Chad 🇹🇩 from Oman 🇴🇲.

  59. Avatar Kris P. Bacon says:

    What happened to Wakanda? Sad times for a great civilization.

  60. Avatar Kris P. Bacon says:

    I am always reminded that Islam is peace. Indeed it is.

  61. Avatar You Know says:

    Chad helped western Zionist n they are now facing it in there country

    • Avatar Watching the Hawks says:

      Quite regrettable, Chad help France to toppled Al’bashir of Sudan now paying the price. Why on earth will an African country supported a foreign criminals to destroy their continent?

  62. Avatar Joshua B says:

    o, different chad, the chad i knew had a drinking problem,

    • Avatar Gabriel Thorn says:

      Lmao. That Chad also stole my girlfriend!

  63. Avatar Ain Herman says:

    Leave the ppl alone. The most high sees all. He coming for ull, with his angels and the ancestors.

  64. Avatar NEW AFRICA KEMET WOMAN says:

    French has to steal food for yellow vest…. If they dont loot …yellow vest will kill macron after G7.nothing new here….

  65. Avatar Jordan 369 says:

    Ban Islam…boom World Peace

    • Avatar black panther says:


    • Avatar Shamil Najar says:

      World peace like John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Jack The Ripper, Pol Pot, Tamil Ellam, John Gotti, huh??

    • Avatar Jordan 369 says:

      @Shamil Najar Don’t be so Gay

  66. Avatar yanni kbl213 says:

    Go set up the democracy

  67. Avatar A Twit in the Philippines says:

    Where’s Stacy? Where’s Chang?

  68. Avatar Muhammad Rameez says:

    May Allah bless Chad and all Muslim Countries with peace and prosperity. Ameen
    Love from Pakistan for brothern Country Chad.

  69. Avatar ** says:

    Hardcore man

  70. Avatar Constantin Valdor says:

    Chad actually has a good military for a black nation. Most black nations militaries are a joke.

  71. Avatar Watching the Hawks says:

    I knew it France and Western allies sponsoring terrorist and killing civilians.

    Western military bases most be remove in Africa before peace will return.

    • Avatar gloria samantha says:

      but even so are the people so stupid to kill each other??? are they forced???

    • Avatar Watching the Hawks says:

      @gloria samantha Yes,the boundary issues is one of the reasons, second lands and resources which the Western countries put division in Africa to curse confusion and refuses for many African leaders to solve and adjust the borders issues where many tribes are divided between two or three countries which bring tensions. Chad has people living in Libya divided by illegal boundaries setup.

  72. Avatar Aryan Singh says:

    Is that bajaj re rickshaw in the beginning?

  73. Avatar Vaishakh V says:

    U have named urself a propaganda media, really have to think twice to make sure that you are not leing around creating some fake news!

  74. Avatar Simple Indian says:

    This channel always support ISIS,Taliban…

  75. Avatar don't Denali says:

    Donald Trump must leave the white house playing this…vd

  76. Avatar Adambrown Hussein says:

    The sharp focus on wordings on the black flag: La ilaha ila Allah or No god but God, Muhammadan rasulullah and Mohamed is God’s or Allah’s(last or final) messenger. If only they knew that nothing is weightier in heaven and earth than La ilaha ila Allah or No god but God.

  77. Avatar proverbs 23:23 says:

    New guns

  78. Avatar DNM GEN says:

    Chad why?,why would you do this to me?

  79. Avatar Jaheda Akter says:

    I want independent Kashmir . modi is ugly and very bead man. I hayate modi.

  80. Avatar K Jhnsn says:

    Killing over “ethnicity”??? Don’t be fools. You are all the same. You let your enemy fool you into fighting amongst yourselves, killing each other, and putting yourself in debt to purchase the weapons (from your TRUE enemy) to do it. Oh, and while you all are busily killing each other, what are the imperialists doing? Robbing your resources. Like always. Stop being fools.

  81. Avatar vlun121 says:

    Guns need to be banned. Also they need border walls to keep Islamists away and other foreign entities. Wait .. is what I said islamophobic and racist?

  82. Avatar Lafras Becker says:

    1:39 when the chad army is better equipped then the French army🤣

  83. Avatar Scobee Doe says:

    Why do they have air soft scopes on their AK’s lol

  84. Avatar Sadiq Noori says:

    Pakistan zindabad Pakistan Army Zindabad Kashmir Zindabad.🇵🇰🇨🇳🇹🇷

  85. Avatar JJ says:

    These animals are killing themselves because they are not prejudice.

  86. Avatar Bernard says:

    This is what Chad gets when they serve a master like France that uses their children as Canon fodder for ISIS and steals their recourses they deserve it unless they take out Debby

  87. Avatar Pauli Paoli says:


  88. Avatar pammens miss says:

    One has to wonder, after the 53 African Nations gained their Independence approximately 50-60 YEARS ago, they have ALL regressed !
    Whilst others, like Malta have progressed, becoming EU Member States.
    Even The Eastern European Countries, once Behind The Iron Curtain, ONLY gaining independence less than 30 years ago, have become both EU Member States and of NATO in 2004.
    WHAT ??? the fck is wrong with these indigenous peoples ???
    WHY ??? have they still an 18th century mentality ???
    WHERE ??? have their backbones gone ???
    The whole African Continent Economy is 90% International Aid !!!
    I’m sick of educating, feeding, supporting, of proving healthcare for other parents kids 😬😠😬

  89. Avatar Antoine Johnson says:

    So Why ! Shouldn’t CHAD And SUDAN Agréé On Creating A ONE Shoreline Coastal Agenda Stretching From Égypt To SOUTH SUDAN ! Thé Problem Is No National Flagstaff Nations Wants Africa To Be CONTINENTAL Colonial Colonies Capitol Conjointe *

  90. Avatar i must lol says:

    At one hand the west gives them weapons and on the other hand asks for their resources. It’s only the poor that suffer while the rich get richer.

  91. Avatar Andreas Van Der Wal says:


  92. Avatar Jean says:

    here come the mercenary….

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