Bannon: We’re at an economic war with China | Squawk Box Europe

2020 5/23
Bannon: We're at an economic war with China | Squawk Box Europe

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon speaks with CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera at the Delivering Alpha conference.

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コメント一覧 (103件)

  • John Barron says:

    just a another populist

  • Bill MacKinnon says:

    The female is interrupting on purpose, can’t let too much truth out, or good news about what Trump is doing.
    She will lose her job fast if she lets that go on too long. That’s American press now, anti American, pro Chinese.

  • Daniel Bonner says:

    China don’t give a shit about you…keep lying to your dumb arse supporters after all the believe a man was born of a virgin, walked on water then died and rose from 🤣🤣 you sound like the captain of the titanic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Christine Van essen says:

    I wish this woman would just shut her mouth and let this man speak. She keeps interrupting him and trying to interject her dumbed down views. I dont care what CBSs narrative is on this, I want to her from an intelligent man who obviously knows way more about this then the idiotic interviewer.

  • KhmerD0g says:

    China just signed with Argentina for their agriculture products. America exports of agriculture products to China will not be the same going forward.

  • John K says:

    Victory for the Chinese is if the Democrats take power. Let that sink in

  • Michael Noriega says:

    Nothing’s going to be done with all the criminals it’s going to rain like an old hole in a bucket and nobody’s going to pay attention to it that’s how they play the game but there’s people out there don’t know what’s going on it’s not even it’s a no-brainer you look at these retards that are in government having a great life and it’s very organized immoral and I trying to tell you how to live your little simple life horrible guess what God is going to come and destroy everything have a good day

  • pinch mesh says:

    Mr. Bannon certainly has insight. My hat is off to him. The CCP is cutting its own throat. Good. They are trying to save face, and in the process, are losing their ass. Bannon and Trump are both true USA, unlike some administrations TNTM.

  • Q Where we go one we go all says:

    Well CNBC hosts looks like a dumbass

  • iknowz thiz says:

    Wh!te SUPREMACY is in war with itself lol paranoia is a inferiority

  • mauriano baruso says:

    Race war then trade war then currency war then physical war…..every time

  • casestudy26 says:

    Bannon: “China has been in an economic war with us for 25 years”. Nonsense. It’s called outsourcing.

  • Ickstopher Q says:

    Why does she keep butting in? She has no intelligent input that will help this conversation.

  • Albert Moore says:

    PRC should humbly beseech the Republic of China to annex it.The Republic of China can run a country and get along with other nations. PRC can’t.
    If PRC won’t go along, pull the plug on its banks and watch its economy go straight to Hell.

  • Richard Gordon says:

    Bannon has ZERO credibility. On the one hand he’s saying that China is an existential threat to the United States, but on the other hand he’s saying the most dishonest, despicable, ignorant and unintelligent President ever elected is America’s salvation. And oh by the way the globalists and the elites are to blame. Fuck off Bannon, you are peddling snake oil to the ignorant white trash that believe your nonsense.

    By the way, I don’t disagree that there are enormous problems with China, but there are also enormous problems with the US. Half the population is so ignorant they couldn’t find their own country on a map of the world. If America truly wants to remain top dog, try educating your people first. Secondly get rid of a corrupt and venal Republican Party that uses racism as a rallying cry.

    The simplest thing is to ignore Bannon an his ilk. If America follows this man it will destroy America. That is guaranteed For sure.

  • mullah amin says:

    Brilliant man.

  • IronMike says:

    Who the fuck is this woman? Shut the fuck up and let the man talk

  • Michel Simard says:

    Bannon : and It will bring manufacture jobs to the country..
    HER: Is it good for the economy?,, You can not make this shit up,, those liberal are sink in dumness,, eeeuuuu NO,,, no jobs seem to be better for the economy,, right… Democrat thinking,,, I’m smart cause I have a nice voiceeee…

  • Russell Williams says:

    Fake news knows fuck all about anything with any real substance.

  • Wilkenson Torda says:

    LET HIM SPEAK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡

  • Gert Eriksen says:

    That woman is a fool, and annoying. Mr. Bannon is a brilliant and very smart guy

  • Julie Chu says:


  • LaserGuidedLoogie says:

    The woman host needs to shut the fuck up.

  • Joshua Paul says:

    Bannon is completely clueless about economy. It’s Fed’s crazy dollar printing that destroyed our manufacturing and competitiveness for good not bad trade deals. Our economy is one big, fat bubble and clueless Trump is enthusiastically throwing stones while inside a glass house.

  • Harold Hart says:


  • Jasper King says:

    CNBC poses treats to National Security

  • glenn neutrin says:

    What an idiot! America is just threatened by an vast emergence of an image of itself. The only difference is that China never invaded a country, mistreated the indigenous population or started a war to achieve its success. China should be the global power not the America military.

  • gwynhvar says:

    Too bad so few interviewers have the capacity to dialogue with Brannon at his level rather than interrupting him with inanity whilst scantily clad

  • Africa Plus says:

    China is a negative force that will soon bring a Chaos in the world.
    Trump is fighting the Right Fight not only for U.S. but extensively for many Region in the world.

    China must be taken down by all means and all ways with its allies (Russia, Iran…, authoritarian china backed regimes in Africa). If not the Chaos WWIII is at the corner

  • Tom Mathew says:

    No offense to Bannon. The Chinese are a loving people but they have a problem. They have no way to increase domestic consumption. It is a cultural issue that Mr. Xi is desperately trying to address. The country has genius capacity but limited ways to increase the net worth of small business. This last piece of the economic puzzle is even impossible for Europe. Just look at France. Small business and a culture’s need for petit bourgeois entrepreneurs is easily seen in France. Only IDIOTS go into business in France. Why? Because you will be bankrupted by nit picking fines as well as organized crime.

  • Dimitrije Nikolic says:

    they will reset us economy in a second

  • Derek Yu says:

    Steve Bannon is a real American hero. Salute!

  • Slo Mo says:

    I like this guy he’s telling the truth that Chinese communist hate America

  • Tom Ion says:

    This is the only thing Trump has right but is handling it completely wrong.

  • Mike McDaniels says:


  • David Roe says:


  • Michael Hunt says:

    Mr. Bannon is 100 percent correct. Unfortunately the elites profit greatly with globalization and the toady media always support the Elites.
    Thank you Mr. Bannon for educating the masses.

  • Tommy Sullivan says:

    All these geniuses running the country for the last 3 decades, guessing they weren’t as smart as they thought 🙄

  • Leon Lobos says:

    “Eaten alive!”

  • Stephen C Yang says:

    Has China ever interfered with any ship in the South China Sea? China’s rise had been helped by American companies doing business and profited hugely. Bannon is simply an US imperialist, who won’t stand a rising China that promises to over take America soon.

  • Lenny Online says:

    Bannon can’t even shave in the morning? Would anyone trust a guy who calls China a fake who can’t even look proper?

  • Kathleen Berger says:

    why is bannon even talking?

  • bob says:

    The USA spent $11T to revive their economy since Obama, $7T on wars. If u hv saved this money, u would hv little debt. Second, resist urge to spend the deficit and debt will reduce . This is within your control. Stop blaming others. Dont you hv a role to play? One finger points at others, 4 fingers are pointing at yourself.

  • Pao Lee says:

    No one wins a trade war dummy!

  • jim kuan says:

    How can you be in a war with China with such a close relationship? US and China are practically join by the hips. There will be arguments but the overall benefits for both countries are clear. In 20 years, all the displaced US workers will be in retirement. And the new generation will have enough education to get into high tech and high paying jobs. Guess where those jobs get the profits from? Trading with a vast global middle class, including China. That is the future. Stop thinking about back breaking, high polluting assembly line jobs. They are GONE GONE GONE. If not gone to China, it will be other countries like Vietnam or India.

    Bannon is member of cold war generation. He has long past his time. The next generation MUST think global. And that global market has China squarely sitting in the middle. Think!

  • Jerico Saydio says:

    If US will not try to block the manipulating strategies of china’s military and economic intervention who else?

  • William Stall says:

    Holy Crap!  Trump is going for it…  Weak China GDP REAL numbers…  Shadow Banking… HUGE housing bubble…  Trump will start in 2020 to bring China’s economy down…

  • soca randy says:

    let the man talk

  • John Bills says:

    She’s just stupid and ignorant by interrupting the man. Bannon is a true American

  • Gregarious Solitudinist says:

    hey lady, shut up.

  • Ger Xiong says:

    Asian are smarter. Don’t talk about fake shit . Yous are the fake over printing the fake dollar

  • Ger Xiong says:

    Your days of over printing to fix you debts are recognised

  • Ger Xiong says:

    Your fake 9/11 and more

  • Michel Bisson says:


  • Moon Five says:

    Agree 100% with Bannon that China is in an “economic war” with the US. And, it can never be “won” if the USA adopts the Isolationist approach that Trump is selling. Maybe Trump thinks Xi Jinping is a closet Isolationist?

  • Jackie Yeo says:

    There are many misunderstanding about China, I think Mr. Prof Kishore Mahbubani is the person enable to enlighten us and the world. I think he is the person can calm you down, you know Nobody can stop their people from growing ,learning and progress. While American have helped many countries resulting many foreigner graduates and professionals working in US so actually your Grand father have very good foresight and done a good job to allow foreigners to study in US. So the hatred speech don’t help you at all.

  • Nazib Bugiso says:

    Free tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Manchuria, Inner mongolia, Guandong, Fujian from the tyranny of Beijing. The Chinese thrives very well in democracy. CCP is the evil of all chinese people. First is to take out the spratly islands and see what a paper tiger the CCP is.

  • George Shop says:

    The Chinese know what to do. They invested 1.5 billions in the traitors of USA.

  • Truth Hunter says:

    She has no clue or what to ask him about he know it too. So he goes on and on. It the Steve Bannon show

  • kuroneko says:

    U are sore because u are falling behind. Dont just talk, white guys. Work hard. Behave and maybe others may respect u.

    • Shayantam Das says:

      Lol China is about to enter the greatest depression in the world but keep telling yourself of how great China while you don’t have any cash to pay for your food 😆😆

  • E Olson-Davenport says:

    Blackwater (Erik Prince), Cheney, Rumsfeld, Flynn, Petraeus, Steele, Bush Crime Family. Iran-“Contragate” scandal with Blackwater (Erik Prince). Same Blackwater shadow force controlling Trump, listed in the Mueller Report linking Bannon and Trump family to Russia and China back-channels.

  • Ashley Zzz says:


  • willy wonka says:

    Bashing the lady for finally holding this guy to an answer about the trade war with China and yet he never answers with hard numbers and facts. It’s A disaster , thanks Trump .

  • Cheef Smokealot says:

    Steve Bannon has one of the most intelligent mind I’ve ever heard. When Steve talks I listen. It’s sad that the bias liberal reporter doesn’t want to listen to Steve’s remarks but keeps trying to push her liberal agenda. If she shuts her mouth she would learn from Steve’s vast knowledge. Advise to most women, shut the fuck up and listen for once and you’ll learn something. MAGA!! 🇺🇸

  • Epluribusunum says:

    Would someone please shut that stupid self-important Affirmative Action twat up!

  • Voranart Sirisubsoontorn says:

    Communist china party is a threat to all free nations.

  • stephen mcdonnell says:

    This boy is so so smart👍

  • Zbra718 says:

    We’re the bully who the world is fed up with.

    • Pat Anony says:

      No, the NWO globalist elites are the bullies we all are fed up with.

  • orthodox caucasian says:

    Tribute Bannon he is a Genius

  • stock lee says:

    Bannon is a stupid war criminal!

  • Thomas S says:

    Wish this feminist would shut the hell up and let Steve talk.

  • Rob Happe says:

    Hunter Biden should learn to code!

  • Arthur Heidt says:

    american liberalism and hedonism is backfireing soon usd will be worthless

  • Maria Dacosta says:

    The journalist has her own agenda: to frame Steve Bannon.

  • Kevin Odom says:

    Maybe I’m wrong but I dont think another super power, country, kingdom or whatever you want to call it has ever purposely tried to handicap itself while giving its enemies everything they need to grow stronger & more powerful than themselves.

    Its insanity & if we’re not #1 someone will be & if you think we’re bad you obviously know nothing about the history of the world. No country has ever had the power we have & used it as sparingly as we have.
    $7 trillion later & nothing to show for it. So much for taking the oil & then paying for it. If anyone else like say China or Russia were in same position militarily, etc they would have taken it & told the world they were taking it.

  • Tony Yao says:

    Heck, I’m in China and all he said is lies one after another

  • Tony Yao says:

    His prediction has already failed- today, phase one trade agreementwas signed, Bannon is taking shit but got nothing

  • Epluribusunum says:

    Would someone please punch that low-info moderator in the face!!!

  • William Kiene says:

    Communist China will be taken down from within…..their people will not have any more Communism.Trump, Bannon an Social Media have started a destruction of China……they are finish.

  • Simon Tian says:

    5 months later, I have to say how wrong Bannon was however strong he was delivering his message in history.

  • Samuel Lee says:


  • StoptheNWO2012 says:


  • Alexandra Alexandra says:

    Steve Bannon is right! But unfortunately it was our own Zionist US govt that made China rich.

  • Seldom Seen says:

    Bannon Said: “Trump’s greatest ‘Profile in Presidential Moment’ was when babies were being taken from their mothers at the US border.”
    Seldom Seen Says: “Trump’s Leadership in his first ‘National Crises’ is a TOTA, L FAILURE!” Trump’s instincts ARE KILLING AMERICANS!”
    Trump’s Economy was Obama’s Legacy and Trump has been taking credit for it. Now, Trump could step up and show LEADERSHIP during a crises that is he did not start. UNFORTUNATELY, Trump’s lack of leadership and ineptness, and blaming everyone else, has made things worse. I have been saying it for several years: “Do you want Trump in charge WWII? D-Day? The Great Depression?
    Conclusion: Trump will continue to lay blame on everyone else and take NO responsibility for ANYTHING! Result, more Americans will die, and Bannon might get his wish: “The destruction of civil society”… his words, not mine.

  • Virendra Agrawal says:

    Where is this hawk, Epstein buddy hiding – social distancing 😉 want to shutdown Huawei ? Watch total shutdown of life !!

  • Thirteen class says:

    You delay it your cannot stop it.

  • Jay Cayuca says:

    Steve Bannon. Genius Strategist

  • Draconis Dragonheart says:

    Bannon has it right, and the American people know it. She doesn’t because she lives in a glass bubble.

  • Brian Happaney says:

    Should be CCPNBC She’s a DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) Shill like most in the media.

  • Jennifer Clarke says:

    Brilliant Steve Bannon.

  • Tom Clark says:

    Spoiler Alert: New World Order is a global theme…everyone’s on board including China. We’re not in an economic war…the global elite are scurrying like rats on a sinking ship to keep the global theft of the world’s wealth, covered up with a plandemic. The economy was sunk before COVID-19 and now the people who sunk it are going to get away with it just by using the power of fake news and a weaponized flu.

  • says:

    Excellent presentation of the most important topic of our day.

  • Neil Funk says:

    That interviewer thinks we care about what she thinks. She is a disaster.

  • Buddy Floyd says:

    The Democrats are just as willing to Murder Americans as the Chinese are willing to Kill their own people.

  • Be Human says:

    Currently, all businesses are beat up, equities are way down.
    China shouldn’t be allowed to purchase equities by every country. Each country should review and check it for approval or disapprove or limit it.
    May be after 2 years open markets for other countries; mainly China.
    This was the plan of China! Beware! Beat the dragon beast!

  • Richard Young says:

    is there a mental health issue here, or the inability to cope?

    • optionout says:

      If youre having a hard time believing this, see a doctor and get back to us. moron..

  • optionout says:

    THIS is why China allowed the WUHAN VIRUS to escape to western nationas, and NOT to their own cities!!!

  • Tim Dixon says:

    Bannon,is that why they sent the virus???…because us was doing so well economically.???

  • Nat May says:

    You are so Right Bring Factorys home give jib to our people Fuck the Elite copration We must do this to day no Tomarrow HY Bill Gate weak up give money to bring Factorys to Our home pay our owen people Weak up American This Time We must stand up for our Economy our country Elite must bring all factories home

  • Gerry McDonnell says:

    It’s really bad here in Australia, they’ve stopped buying our beef, but worst of all, they’re now refusing to buying our politicians off.