Warren Buffett discusses missed investment opportunities

2020 5/24
Warren Buffett discusses missed investment opportunities

Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett discusses missing out on investment opportunities like Google and Amazon.
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コメント一覧 (23件)

  • Jared Thomas says:

    Stock market is a Ponzi scheme.. Why would it go up when the economy has an astroid hitting it? Probably because all the money printing

    • vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten says:

      Because it went down so much so quickly that there were some tremendous deals, and people who are smarter about stocks than you current are bought them. It wasn’t going to keep going down to zero, and the U.S. economy will be fine. You’re too focused on short term, which is why you’re missing out.

    • Giovanni Cadore says:

      @vincentrich – Banned But Not Forgotten Also because optimism is currrently driving the market. I did buy myself some stocks at very good prices in March but now the overvaluation of the market is worrying especially after the news on gdp and unemployement.

  • Bob McCall says:

    Did you know or figure out that AWS was really the money maker. Stick with Wells Fargo thief.

  • Jeff Bowerson says:

    Daddy Buffett talking about Altavista. Guy is clearly not clueless. He just found it difficult to pick winners and losers when companies were getting toppled left and right.

  • Susan Ananda says:

    How does Buffett keep himself safe from COVID19?

    • NIMESH55 says:

      Bill gates vacin

    • Tai Malik says:

      By not being a moron and keeping himself at home, not touching people’s hands

  • Jay says:

    Why did Warren get out of airlines?

    • coconutjuice7777777 says:

      Because their future cashflow is unpredictable.

    • vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten says:

      @Granit Lika Exactly. People jump to a dramatic conclusion and ignore the less exciting facts.

    • Quinton Davis says:

      coconutjuice7777777 he took his money out to drive the price down and he will buy when it’s almost about to bottom out to make a profit.

  • femaledeer says:

    And never owned Microsoft, even though he has known Bill Gates for decades. I have no idea how this guy got so rich.

    • Giovanni Cadore says:

      – He believes in “staying in your circle of competence”
      – He was never expert in Tech therefore he never bought any of these companies
      – He made a lot of money on all the other industries where he is an expert and sailed smoothly through the dotcom bubble and the 2008 crisis.

  • golong son says:

    This man manipulates white media to enhance his chances of making more profit. When he dies he is going to take his wealth with him.

    • vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten says:

      What’s “white media”?

  • Anupam Wadhwa says:

    Any Link to full video??

  • Dung Ho says:

    U know why he doesn’t buy because is over valvue. Wait till it drop 30-50% then he buy

    • Giovanni Cadore says:

      Correct. Also he was never an expert in technology in general so he was staying far away from those companies

  • Joel Bondurant says:

    Bitcoin pays a higher dividend than BerkshireHalfway.

  • Cars and Coffee TV says:

    Everyone criticizing Buffet should compare their bank account with his, and then apologize to him. BOOM!!

  • Becca Hollingsworth says:

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  • Becca Hollingsworth says:

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