Warren Buffett discusses the coronavirus pandemic and progress of the United States

2020 5/18
Warren Buffett discusses the coronavirus pandemic and progress of the United States

Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett weighs in on the coronavirus pandemic and says the progress in the United States is, ‘incredible.’
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コメント一覧 (39件)

  • golong son says:

    This white man knows how to manipulate others for his own benefit with every advantage he has. Good for him. He will take his wealth with him when he dies.

    • User says:

      Why do you have so much hate in your heart for a man that has spent his life investing and sharing his philosophy?

    • Missy Franko says:

      I agree what profit a man if hes rich but does not know God.There will be many to follow.

  • Knight Rider says:

    Ask the NATIVE AMERICANS if there were any interruptions.

  • B. W. says:

    The markets reaction this past month is… interesting.

  • Touch Base says:


  • Calvin RedMoney says:

    He knows something

  • TheGujgli says:

    Old interview, 1 month ago

    • J Doe says:

      An Old man who’s next roommate s/b Bill Cosby.

    • Kopeesh says:

      Thank you, I was trying to figure that out

  • Morpheus ! says:

    Oh…HE KNOWS. He’s known for a while…which is why he has been sitting on 128 Billion in cash, much to the chagrin of his share holders…AND..he has been raising Billions more in the past month; by dumping stock like Delta and through issuing foreign bonds ( a first time ever for Berkshire)…The ultimate Perma-Bull just does not do these type of things unless he knows that; in the words of Charlie Munger last week…” A Super-Typhoon of unprecedented size and strength is about to hit us” So, he basically said nothing…but had to say something, because his silence has been deafening. By q3….we will be in a death spiral.

    • greennin says:

      You don’t need conspiracy theories to explain any of this: People like him and Gates knew a pandemic would come at some point (gates has been talking about it for years and buffet is his best friend). They just didn’t know when. However, I’ve been following the news since mid January very carefully, WAY before anything crashed or anyone was talking about it. But it was public knowledge that it was happening.

      This man has decades more experience than you or I, he follows the news and the stocks by the second, he’s been doing it for 70 years.
      There is no premonition there, no insider knowledge needed, and nothing dark and spooky: it’s just experience, knowledge, intelligence and quick moves.

      So basically conspiracy theories are not needed to explain his wealth in general (he always has bought when stocks are low in times of crisis for example) or his moves this year concerning corona.

  • The Teachable one says:

    Why don’t you drop full video, gosh!!! Annoying

  • 99Tawangmanggubueaty says:

    Admitting the power of economic and social disruptive uncertainties is the key lesson warren just remind me of.

  • Cool Down says:

    did he say “260 billion vehicles in the country” ?

  • Xander L. says:

    Weird man

  • Richard Kwon says:

    I always thought a pandemic would help? WTF. You know you are part of this evil. And why is this interview over a month old? Where are you Warren?

  • donald coppersmith says:

    Yes, America has made a lot of progress in Business, Industry, and Science and many people have been able to take advantage of this progress. However, there too are a lot of people that seem to be oppose to the industrial revolution and now the digita technologyl revolution and are opposed to fact evidence based science. We learned in the progress people were marginalized to make profits in real estate, transportation , and corporations. Today we continue to see profits over people’s life and well being. Here it is stated the economy will have interruptions but little is said about the disruptions of families, technologies replacing jobs and research to manage and heal disease. There are major leaders in the world now about in their countries to contain people. This is about the nicest way to say it. I had more faith in Warren B. and disappointed in his interview. I did not see a lot of hope or words of inspiration in the conversation.

  • Richard D.N.H says:

    Buy TOPS stocks now 👍

    • Isaac G. says:

      Okay I will do that now

  • Alan Casallas says:

    I laughed when I saw the cokes on the table.

  • Kristel Pujay says:

    Yahoo finance será preferible que lo traduceras es español por favor

  • Slickpete83 says:

    why not post the fcukin entire interview !!!!!

  • Liam van der Bij says:


  • Jolliebearfor Christ says:


    • Juan Ok says:

      Jolliebearfor Christ go away Christ is not real

  • HH says:

    empty content from another so called leader who has trouble connecting words into sentences.

    • User says:

      I would agree that Joe Biden is a senile.

  • Alvin Ong says:

    Old interview

  • King Kromulus says:

    1:00 But, 500 years ago there were many millions of natives. They died from disease like smallpox among others. Only after their numbers decreased by over 90% did the European’s start spreading through the land that eventually became the modern countries.

    • pat smith says:

      The “progress” Buffet speaks of is the result of conquest and genocide. He doesn’t seem to understand when he says “nothing” was here. There was plenty here, like Native American nations and a thriving ecosystem both of which were totally destroyed to make “progress”.

    • King Kromulus says:

      @pat smith yeah, he just let the world know how little he actually understands the world. Smart man.

  • Adnan Ali says:

    Can you name me some geniuses alive yeah warren buffet

  • skate3450 says:

    They’re drinking coke haha

  • Figo Peh says:

    Old!!! Stop publishing old stuff to gain views!!

  • BHÜDD says:

    They didnt release this until after the pandemic, yall suck

    • LX UAE's says:

      they reuploaded i think. I saw this interview on this channel a few months ago.

  • The Jaykes says:

    A pandemic could HELP US he said