China Has A Secret $50 Billion Dollar Click Farm Problem

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When clicks are for sale — everyone buys. And millions of phones are utilized.
Click farms are illegal in China and have always been but that’s not deterring millions of people. Here’s how they work: Click farms use an automated process hacks into the normal App Store Optimization (ASO) practice, which requires developers to use certain keywords in descriptions and attract users by being a useful product, and are programmed to promote apps by imitating as a real user, who searches for certain keywords, clicks on the app, downloads them, and even write positive reviews.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar uckBay Nguyen says:

    When you play without morals, you win

    • Avatar they live says:

      The chinese way, the brazilian way too.

  2. Avatar rob andone says:

    What don’t the Chinese steal. Theft is in their blood.

    • Avatar M A says:

      @Bill Au I was asking the original commenter about what he meant by stealing on a video about click farming. I didn’t mean to argue about your statement.

    • Avatar The Ball says:

      Replace ‘steal’ to ‘commit fraud’ at you’re 100% right

    • Avatar Bill Au says:

      The Ball talk about 2008 right?

    • Avatar they live says:

      Mao injected them with amorality and godlessness, rope he’s CRISPING down there!

    • Avatar they live says:

      @Bill Au the CCP has been creeping on Africa for like 10 years now and no one seemed to notice…

      They colonized almost the whole continent by now, there’s no turning back.

  3. Avatar Anomalous AP says:

    Murphy’s law.

  4. Avatar G says:

    Even Chinese government are sponsoring it, called “50 cent army” so to promote positive communist values by spread of disinformation on all major web platforms to sway public opinions around the world.

    Even though it is publicly banned in China to access FB, TY, Twitter & etc.

  5. Avatar Fijian Fala says:

    The guy said she can also speak chineese. Yo Man!! Shes looks chineese.😂 U sure shes knws chinese language.😂

  6. Avatar Boring Manager says:

    Why americans call it a china’s problem?))

  7. Avatar Boring Manager says:

    can anyone please explain why would Thai police hit a click farm? I understand facebook might call it a fraud, but is it actually illegal? When I play a mobile game and watch a commercial without any intention to buy that stuff, the only difference between what I do and they do is scale

  8. Avatar hotchilli grower says:

    These farm forget to pay for geoblocking their locations! Maybe they can’t afford that kind of expense.

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