How To Organize Your Drawers With Marie Kondo | Better | NBC News

2020 5/29
How To Organize Your Drawers With Marie Kondo | Better | NBC News

Organizational guru Marie Kondo shows you the better way.
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How To Organize Your Drawers With Marie Kondo | Better | NBC News



コメント一覧 (55件)

  • Mike Btrfld says:

    She can get into my drawers anytime!

  • Mw Lim says:

    Imagine to fold them taken up so much time. I prefer simple folding method by having few pants only. As for shirts and blouses – hanging is easier. Safe time and energy. Also all outfit in 1 wardrobe only (1 stop) instead to have 1 more chest drawer.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Alvalinda Bushmann says:

    I’m really digging this music, makes me want to fold something!

  • Kate S. says:

    Love Marii… such a humble little person❤

  • Happy Nurse says:

    great video for OCD people. I prefer to have minimum stuff.

  • John Power says:

    Where do those boxes come from?

    • joselle hope geron says:

      John Power my question exactly!!!

    • A Little Imagination says:

      I think she has a company. Maybe she sells them.


    • talk2minie says:

      She recommends using what you ha e around the house. Old shoe boxes, gift boxes etc. But yea, you can also purchase them as the comment above said 🙂

    • BK Kidd says:

      I know you can get some similar ones at Ikea

    • Bella Ayu Permata says:

      You can get similar stuffs on daiso, miniso, usupso, and yubiso too.

  • Tabs says:

    This video would’ve been good without all this visual effects. They’re cute when used SPARINGLY. Might want to tell your video editing group to tone it down. It felt like there was more focus on graphics and music than the actual point of the video.

    I love Marie Kondo and her tips for drawers are great when you can see them!

    • ThaliaEatsDonuts says:

      Took the words right out of my brain

    • ahrinin says:

      Absolutely. The graphics and muzak were really distracting. It was particularly annoying when they switched to a Brady Bunch level of split screen which means I couldn’t see what Ms. Kondo’s hands were doing.

    • No, not now Rebecca says:

      you spelled music wrong, just in case you wanted to fix it. If not I’ll delete this later.

  • Sonia Borgato says:

    prima di kondo c era Ilenia #simplynabiki .

  • mabarker72 says:

    Ok i feel so much better now

  • Galicias Gone says:

    why put different things in the same frame, makes no sense to watch like that. ridiculous

  • Galicias Gone says:

    bad editing

  • Modern Minimalist Mom says:

    I just love this lady! She seriously changed my life. 💕

  • Gy Bx says:

    There isn’t any reason for NBC journalists to organize drawers, because there is no need for NBC journalists.

  • Janet Lin says:

    I don’t know where to find those boxes

    • Audraelynne Grimmelhaussen says:

      You can use old shoe boxes 🙂

    • Anwen Shahim says:

      Malaren Ikea

  • Edgar Arenas says:

    wish they have no music, real time, in Japanese, AMSR style. American media is so over-sensationalized, they miss the magic of it.

  • rscully5 says:

    Where can you get the boxes?

    • Anwen Shahim says:

      Ikea – Malaren – set of 7 boxes £5

  • jesus c says:

    I love marie kondo

  • Yeasmin Zarina says:

    Marie Kondo is the positivity I need in my house

  • TheAuroraRed says:

    She is amazing

  • Charlies Pencil Art says:

    Ich brauch allein für meine Socken eine Schublade die doppelt so groß ist😂

  • Cristell Quispe says:

    Where do you buy the boxes?

    • Anwen Shahim says:

      they look like ikea Malaren boxes plus paper lining

  • Lana Peswani says:

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO! I think all the little effects make it really snappy and satisfying and add a little pop! Also the music is so fun! I’ve watched it at least five times already and I’m doing my drawers (finally) TODAY! 🙂

    • CobraDove says:

      Lana Peswani wow, looks like NBC paid for some comments. Lmao

  • isri indah wanti says:

    its so simple but the result is amazing

  • Totally Raven says:

    Can she come to my house lol

  • Marta Bustamante says:

    Maravilloso graciassss desde chile

  • MorgaineRiddlePrince says:

    There is absolutely no reason to clasp the bras. Will just annoy when grabbing a new one and the strings can easily be tucked into the cup.

  • Receitas Da Pedrina says:


  • Ирина Светлая says:

    Вот молодец!!!

  • Sneha sangekar says:

    What if we don’t have drawers? We have shelves which are immovable. I really need to know.

  • dizneyprincess92 G says:

    As if it wasn’t fast enough the first time who else got excited they were going to show it again only to be disappointed they showed it 20 x as fast.. 🙀

  • Beth Bilous says:

    music ewwwhhhhhh. folding very nice

  • Roshni Reddy says:

    Thanks for these great methods, although quite fast! Please see John 3:3 John John 3:16
    John 14:6 God bless

  • krunkle says:

    Garbage music.

  • Calista V.B-Peart says:

    HERES THE THINGl how do you take it out without ruining the other neat clothes when youre in a rush for work? jw!!!! lmk plase

  • Bazinga !!! says:

    I can never do this because I can’t find all these different shaped boxes that fit the drawer.

  • Becca L says:

    Took me 1 second to fold my clothes 🙂

  • RetroSpock says:

    That’s great for the 5 tops and 2 pairs of pants, not so great when you have more than that.

  • Sunita Rani says:

    I am a great fan of marie kondo

    • Sunita Rani says:

      I’m from India and I am a great fan of marie kondo

  • Maria Rita Motisi says:


  • Dulce Rocio Berreondo Valdes says:

    Buenísimo su método 🌟🎁🌟🎁🌟