Malia Obama Graduates From High School | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/29
Malia Obama Graduates From High School | NBC Nightly News

President Obama declined to speak at his eldest daughter’s graduation, joking earlier this year that he would be wearing sunglasses to hide his tears.
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Malia Obama Graduates From High School | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (133件)

  • nicola dollard says:

    lovely family he didn’t have enough support as president and he did a great job he was liked everywhere

    • Prince Bryan says:

      nicola dollard

    • paul thomas says:

      obama wasnt liked by half the country lol. but yes, a good father. credit where it is due.

    • Greg Gerst says:

      Not by me

    • Jacob says:

      No he was not, one of the worst presidents.

    • Evan Shiong says:

      paul thomas Exactly in states like Washington Oregon California New York And Hawaii he’s lived personally I love him and his achievements but it’s a different story in Texas Iowa Florida

  • Yolie Hines says:

    I love the Obamas, they are kind people !!! 💖💖💖

    • queen of hearts says:

      Yolie Hines. yes they are.

    • Prince Bryan says:

      Yolie Hines
      I propose to marry your daughter

    • Prince Bryan says:

      Will you allow me please,,,,

  • Sparkle 360 says:

    Not the first family first black family

    • queen of hearts says:

      Sparkle 25. just stop.Definitely was the 1st Family.

  • Kanya Khuw says:


  • Abraham Goldstein says:

    Send all of them to their origin place where there bloody father was born: Kenya.

    • Deb Libra says:

      As soon as you and every one of yours gets back on the boat to where you came from. Since his father was also a Harvard alumni. His contribution to this country far outways anything your entire littre ever gave to America. So maybe you should see your way out of here.

    • Deb Libra says:

      @Abraham Goldstein You’re nothing but a lowlife idiot. America doesn’t need stupid people. Crawl back and take that bloated buffoon with you. CLOWN!

    • cynthia harrell says:

      Lol!! So true. Deb is brain dead but i guess the dummy is entitled to her opinion. So glad Jug Ears is gone.🤣😅

  • DJ KAY TWO says:

    He should have one more child to play with… and he should make a son

    • queen of hearts says:

      DJ KAY TWO. stop!*

  • Daniel Fountain says:

    LOVE × Infinity

  • Stef with an F says:

    miss them already

    • queen of hearts says:

      ratherbenapping 10. yes

    • Prince Bryan says:


  • cowert10300 says:

    I might be against him politically, but there people to

    • queen of hearts says:

      cowert10300. love your comment. keeping it real without the negative,derogatory or racist comments.💗👍

    • cowert10300 says:

      queen of hearts Thing I hate about both sides of the political spectrum is that they automatically throw insults and have hate. He’s human. He has human moments like the rest of us

  • bekka and jemma says:

    obama is honestly amazing

  • Bryan 2023 says:


  • Javon Thomas says:

    meaila is all grown u up

  • Super Duper says:

    The Obamas are the perfect role models for kids and I look up to them

  • level Joe says:

    …and now she is doing drugs and pregnant.

    • Cosmic Crybaby says:

      Level Joe No she’s not.

  • Kristine Avendano says:

    Me too i love the obamas of what they do for the U.S and parents seeing their kids graduate in high school is just something they have to face sooner or later

  • Hydra NZ I B03 Glitches _ says:


  • Meghan Harkin says:

    What a great man

  • D43vlogs says:

    Such class, the Obama’s are amazing people. It’s hard to believe that some people actually praise the trumps while attempting to paint the Obama’s as bad people. It makes 0 sense lol.

  • Walter Duranty says:

    she’s smokin’ that weed now

  • Havoc says:

    what is soccer?

  • Janella Andrea says:

    1:41 😂 #sistergoals

  • Elle says:

    I miss President Obama 😞❤️

  • killersushi99 says:

    Obama showed me that no matter how much dope you smoke or communists you adore you can still become president of the United States.

    • cynthia harrell says:


    • Ron Ram says:

      Imagine thinking Centrist Obama is anywhere near socialism, much less communism.

  • Phillips Watson says:


  • Pat Gray says:

    we miss u obama!


    biased hypocrites who criticize everything Trump. Shame on you.

  • G Klash says:

    I wish her dad was still president :/

  • Aklilu Desta says:

    OK from Lewis bark Obama OK I order I told I get insurance family

  • Aklilu Desta says:

    Dear my father what about hit my body at hite my mother why did agree withos peoples is not true for me

  • Aklilu Desta says:

    What does word political s I see all mast hit your son I am not see other peoples hit

  • Aklilu Desta says:

    Dear my father how is my home place still Whit me the lion because after that did you think about me and my family place all I need meeting because I can remember after that happen I remember light place place one day all family meeting

  • bigpardner says:

    Spitting image of her father, Nesbitt.

  • Global Entertainment Channel says: You must see This…..

  • Habel Kalume says:

    Obama was liked everywhere idontknow y…he was indeed the president of all nations……long live OBAMA

  • holistic79 says:

    Obama was really good public speaker. I miss his talks as president.

  • ary Snaza says:

    Going to best or favourite university. Did current president kids going to university? Or just trump scams university lol

    • smnsdndn dhs says:

      Yes all Pres kids go to uni. Trump went to wharton

  • MaryAnn Brackman says:

    I believe if there is a good obama, this one is it. Or maybe she’s just not old enough to learn all the dirty tricks.

  • Justin Oiler says:

    baby son Justin pullin

    Daughter in law
    Jessica massey

  • MrSandzmanz says:

    She should be a president

  • Sandra Johnson says:

    GOD miss them so much, and Trump lies about ,he’s the best at everything and everyone loves him and all his leadership plans. America is falling apart just like Trump hair due.

    • cynthia harrell says:

      Learn to spell please. It is hairdo. You are a victim of the modern public school system that is run by The Left. Brainwashed:(

  • Sandra Johnson says:

    Obama’s come back. In James Brown words, PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!

  • Kevin Xalxo says:

    I want to marry Obama daughter malya

  • Rosie Boitnott says:

    Who cares?

  • Eunice Wacira says:

    Congratulations malia….God bless you!

  • SteelersPenguinsPirates says:

    I love the Obamas dearly but getting into Harvard is so easy if you belong to that family. Not the family’s fault, that’s the university’s fault. What a joke college admissions is in this country

    • smnsdndn dhs says:

      Eh besides the legacy’s, rich bois, recruited athletes and URMs the rest are child prodigy’s so you could say their gifted in another right

  • Kevin Charles says:

    So she graduates high school, so what? Just like the 100’s of others that have graduated high school.

    • smnsdndn dhs says:

      Yeah it’s kinda dumb. She got into Harvard because her dad’s president, I hate when ppl idolize ppl like this. Harvard and ivies are for the top 0.001 of America (not even lying, 4 million college Americans and like 15k spots. ). The people who get in are prodigys

  • queen Bitch Alvarez says:

    Ewwwww 🙊🙉🙈

  • Robert Brothers says:

    Too Bad They Are Not Their Girls ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • mostafa saadinasab says:

    #viele###danke Liebe und für Bildung programmiert werden können best Leistung von dich und Arbeit ist gut Gut .

  • KYM JACKSON says:

    Ooh! Wonderful

  • Denis Ngenzi says:

    Something good since she have ready move forward, congregations for her and whole family together

  • Abul kalam Azad says:

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  • LegendaryButt says:

    Is it just me who got obama twice alr on recommendations

  • Iniyan Velmurugan says:

    Directly to Harvard

  • muniraju bhole Living God's precious child says:

    Oh baby unconditional love high resprect from living god’s precious child soul in the creation

  • whyguitarguy1 says:

    Such a beautiful family

  • Lilly Black says:

    It’s funny because my dad said he wasn’t going to cry at my graduation when yet he was the first one to ball he’s eyes out

  • IQcontent says:

    My dad didn’t cry but he was angry… Oh wait thats because I didn’t graduate

  • Meriem Mezine says:

    Les ong ça existe

  • NPC#165882 3 says:

    Definitely adopted.

  • Big_DADDY_Bert says:

    We literally saw these kids grow up.

  • i love play rehearsal says:

    wait what i thought she was like 13

  • Felix Platt says:

    Malia for future president

  • g. kiss says:

    Upward Bound young Lady.
    You’ve made Mom Dad and Sis Proud. Life has many roads and milestones some good bad or indifferent that will give you insight
    to new and innovative ideas to gift our universe with guidance .
    Soar with wings of an Eagle because your space in this world was already made Holy and Majestic at Conception our CREATORS mercy and love for us is never void. The journey for you in this life is an Echo from your Parents as the foundation to build a strong future on , this compass is paved with all the technologies of the new to put your mark of intelligence their .Blessings ALL your days LOVELY. Blessings all your days . 👍👍👍👍👍💯

  • Nidhir Dambal says:

    It would be so weird seeing secret service on a graduation day

  • omarismail 179 says:

    America will not know how much this man meant to them until he’s gone. He’s a trillion times better than anything Trump can be.

  • ? says:

    I wonder how much Osama and his Husband Michael paid the college for them adopted kids to graduate

    • Poodle Puff says:

      I wonder if your internal misery eats away at your body. Cancer is coming for you, my friend.

  • Ambria-Justyne says:

    Who cares??????!!!!!

    • Aaron Rollins says:

      You apparently

  • Maddie Harr says:

    This is a real proud Dad

  • •Min Yoongi Army• says:

    Can Obama come back? We’re dying because of Trump.

    • Suneet choudhary says:

      What a joke nation

    • honey bunn says:

      An Army who also stands with Obama?? 😌💜 Because same.

    • Areg M says:

      I’m sorry I dont want another middle eastern country to get screwed up.

    • Renuka Tiwari says:

      @Small Chilli Pepper rampant the

    • Ash Soro says:

      Sadly he has let down us African American folks, he promised us HOPE, but delivered us nothing. As much as it sickens me to my very core, Donald Trump has been better for Black America in 3 years than Obama for 8.

  • Chuck Norris 2020 says:

    Of course she graduated…no child left behind lol

    • Paul Kmetko says:

      It will not be long of people telling the Truth of the Obama’s

  • Jan Haks says:

    Harvard… because she is smart or because her dad arranged it?

  • Skrt Skrt says:

    my ex goes to their high school…..

  • M. H. says:

    LOL how could a high school teacher give her a bad grade? i sure af wouldnt

  • Yxf3y says:

    Ayee, she plays Flute.

  • 柳岑焉 says:


  • Festim Kertusha says:


  • Paulo Engel says:

    Estamos brigados mais eu te amo tampinha beijos gatinha.

  • Nameless says:

    purple+ lilac

  • Icecreambun Bunny says:

    Meh was at collage with he

  • Beatrice Nkundwa says:

    A great contribution of Kenya and America.

  • Boungou Brice says:

    J’abandonne tout : la politique, la mode et autres . Il faut laisser ça et vivre en paix

  • quincey carpenter says:

    your childs look restrains you yiur child watching motivates you to behave

  • quincey carpenter says:

    you vote because its does matter and you are teaching your child civic responsiblity

  • quincey carpenter says:

    voting decides where the tax dollars go

  • Nope says:

    2020 and the obamas are still the first family

  • Falaisz Jules Robert says:

    Un père responsable

  • Data Warehouse says:

    Good video. Keep making great content.
    Here is some corona virus update

  • jason C says:

    What is this doing in my recommendation?2020

  • Marcus-Aerilius Maximus says:

    Looking good…..

  • Joseilton Pereira says:

    Obama foi um presente muito bom na América

  • Jerry Foo says:

    Barack Obama is the best president in the history

  • TK Baha says:


    • Maurizio Y says:

      Dear Donald,also if you use a different nick,we know it’s you. Why don’t you give fire to yourself so the USA may take a breath? Thanks.

  • Idéfixette says:

    As a family they really, really look like they’re straight out of a dream. And his little crying dad moment is so cute, OMG I melted!

    Reminds me of my father who’s always such a tall, serious, contained man and yet started sobbing and sniffing while giving a toast at my wedding. Cutest thing ever! Every single guest keeps telling me today how adorable it was :’)

  • Laxmi Kotwani says:

    Namaskar sar Pavitra Atma brothers aap sapariwar Swasth Rahen Hamari shubhkamnaen dhanyvad


    Congs dia

  • Katie Cook says:

    Malia for president

  • Sabrina Rader says:

    Fake family!!

  • Kela Kelz says:

    Malia looks old

  • Alyssa Pertand says:

    Can Obama be president again plz. I dont want Donald Trump. Plz Obama come back😭😭😭😭😭😭